The Day Of My Escape - Dazzled Kid - Fire Needs Air (CD, Album)

There is, as some of you are probably aware, what we in the newspaper business call a "hook" to the story of the Cliks. I won't belabour it, because doing so might diminish the Toronto quartet's real and very gritty rock 'n' roll chops and lend its recent, cross-border breakout with the album Snakehouse the air of an easy rise when it has been anything but.

I'm going to bring the hook up again, though, for two reasons: One, because it is cool that a fine cat like Lucas Silveira is on the verge of becoming the first transgendered pop heartthrob ever to register on mainstream radar take that, South Carolina!

And, two, imagine how much it must suck to go through the year Silveira just had, come out of it with an album that's earned fond critical comparisons to peak-period Pretenders, the White Stripes and David Bowie, and then have to deal with people who don't take his band seriously because whatever hells he's gone through on the road to properly, contentedly becoming Lucas Silveira are suddenly just a "gimmick" to sell records.

That's "hells," plural, by the way. But that original, all-grrrl trio was also long gone by the time the disc started turning heads. It was just really disappointing. But you know, it's like that old saying: everything happens for a reason. It was kind of strange, too, because Morgan Doctor, who's the drummer now, happened to be at the last show that I did with the two of them.

So at about the same time, fate beset Silveira with as many concurrent life trials as possible to impede the Cliks' future. This was all set against the backdrop of his decision less than a year ago to realize his true identity through medical means, giving birth to the nascent rock star we hear coming into his own and venting some serious spleen on Snakehouse.

Then another week later, I had a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. Then my grandmother Album). Then my band members quit, all around this time. I'm trans. This is great. But I started writing really intense music and something good came out of it. Neither bit at first, but when the Cliks were returned to their attention a matter of months later with the superior Snakehouse in hand and the managing might of Canadian Idol judge Jake Gold at their backs.

Clearly, fine and lasting first impressions had been made. Silveira's tough-as-nails rebound from a mid-set asthma attack onstage at Austin's agenda-setting South by Southwest festival this past March only sweetened the deal. Snakehouse bassist Jordan B. Wright has since departed the band, but respected local drummer gadabout Doctor she did four years with the Toronto Tabla Ensemble has stuck around with new bass player Jen Benton and temp-turned-permanent second guitarist Nina Martinez "She just rocked so hard we had to keep her to solidify the Cliks into the rock-solid unit Silveira wanted from the beginning.

Which is for the best, given the summer of touring with the "True Color - Toronto Star. It's all kinda raw but sweetly melodic, with a ballsy cabaret swagger. He previewed a few tracks from The Cliks' then-forthcoming album, Dirty King.

Silveira revelled in the intimate setting, cracking jokes about pictures popping up on Facebook of him playing against the backdrop of a wall of dildos. Naturally, a slew of photos did appear.

The toy rainbow made for a rather docile back-up band, standing in for Cliks bassist Jen Benton and drummer Morgan Doctor. I don't know where my head is from my ass. You don't. I was on tour with the True Colors tour with Cyndi Lauper, and she was complaining about packing and unpacking," he says. She said, in an accent, 'Kid, you never get used to it.

Keep getting used to not getting used to it. The album cover of Dirty King portrays Silveira as a snarled-face boxer in the ring, bloody and covered in bruises, with a crooked crown resting on his head. His rather posh bandmates are gussied up in s attireslim-fitting long dresses, hats with veils and pearls. I'm not losing my mind. I don't think the human body and psyche is supposed to be in motion all the time," he says.

There is no ability to reflect on tour. Then you are told, 'Go reflect, go write songs. Silveira says it could, in part, be due to the recession, though their performances at Halifax Pride and Calgary's Virgin Fest with Pearl Jam will see them through the summer. There has been talk of touring come September but nothing's confirmed. There are so many right now," Silveira says.

The whole Michael Jackson thing doesn't just represent Michael Jackson as a human being or as a diddler, whatever. It's the death of the pop star. It shocks me, like how long is this going to last? It doesn't seem to last the way it used to.

He wants to make music, that's his purpose in life. The Cliks have weathered various line-up changes and saw Silveira through his transition female to male.

The trio is still learning to navigate the high seas of the tumultuous music industry. It's really tough trying to tough to balance the soul and the sale," he continues. As an artist, you have a vision, then there are the people who try and sell what - The Coast. Music, writing, and philanthropy all in one event! It's a good metaphor for the song's lyrics dealing with giving away one's love for free, but in practice it's a rather odd and disquieting image.

Happy Tuesday! There's nothing better than new music to brighten up the day especially an epically rainy oneand Chicago band Dastardly has just released their latest musical work Ballads in Blue yesterday via their bandcamp page. Each of Dastardly's recordings has impressed me, and it's captivated me to see how much their music has evolved stylistically over time as they honed in on their unique sound. Ballads in Blue showcases Dastardly at their very best: beautifully layered harmonies, frenetic, eccentric rhythmic arrangements, and that old time Americana feel at its core, introspective and timeless.

Take a listen to Ballads in Blue below, which is available for download and purchase here by naming your price. You can also catch Dastardly playing these new tunes live at their next hometown concert, August 30 at Schubaswhich will be their official record release show.

Ballads in Blue by Dastardly. Dirty Beaches by Sara Pieper. Last weekend we had the chance to chat with a few of the acts playing Pitchfork Music Festival. We ended our Sunday chatting with Dirty Beaches after his thankfully rainless set about how he first heard of Pitchfork Festival and the first CD he ever purchased.

Keep checking back for more conversations with artists from Pitchfork Music Festival here on Gapers Block. A Lull and Friend by Sara Pieper. The guys from A Lull told us about finding out they were playing the festival, enjoying Godspeed You! Black Emperor's set the night before, and turn the tables on me and ask about my favorite sets of the weekend. The Men by Sara Pieper. Rich and Nick from the band The Men chatted with us about their reasons for playing Pitchfork Festival, their show at the Empty Bottle during Pitchfork Festival weekend, and some early music memories.

Milk Music by Sara Pieper. The guys from Milk Music brightened up our day by turning down our festival questions and requesting that we ask about their favorite motorcycles and weed. Find out their answers below. Outer Minds by Sara Pieper. First up was Zach from the Chicago band Outer Minds. We talked to him about playing the festival, the Chicago garage rock scene, and acts he was looking forward to checking out that weekend. Here's some sweet video of Kelly Hogan's performance on Sound Opinions.

Nice toes, lady! Kelly Hogan plays two Sold Out shows at the Hideout this Sunday, July 22, but you can grab her new album and pretend like you're there, right?

There's something magical about music that references styles from all around the globe. Even if we don't speak the language that forms the song or are unfamiliar with its rhythms, the unexpected and refreshing quality of global music's spontaneity is something to be cherished for its sacred purity and precise musicianship.

He'll be making a few stops in the Chicagoland area this weekend for shows, during which he will no doubt stun listeners with his eccentric and intricate African folk numbers. His musical popularity is beginning to reverberate throughout the U. Take a listen to one of his songs, "Mon Pays," here:. Amongst all of the indie bands out there today, it seems Liars is continually setting the standard for a intensely memorable set. They've defined their sound and honed in on creating what almost seem like dance hits that made lead singer Angus Andrew so angry he attempted to destroy them.

They are still catchy but, just like their lead singer, they often threaten to spin out of control with inner turmoil. Chicago is a bustling city all year round, but it seems that this city feels most alive during the summertime.

Everyone steps outside to greet the sunshine's warmth post-intense winter doldrums, and the options for sightseeing and free attractions especially music abound. Monday's Downtown Sound installment at Millennium Park unfortunately was featured on one of those summer days that most Chicagoans would want to remain inside for; the sticky, thick heat was unbearable, and the oppressive sun beat down on concertgoers flanking all ends of the Pritzker Pavilion.

However, the unpleasant weather didn't stop these swarms of individuals from staking their claim for a front row seat to see both Abigail Washburn and Charles Bradley. Arriving mighty early for a pm show, excitement buzzed in the air to see the screaming eagle of soul himself, with many a devoted fan awaiting Abigail Washburn's unique set.

Washburn opened the show, and stepped onstage in a flouncy floral dress, positively beaming at the audience. Her light and playful appearance was juxtaposed by the intense jazz style that emanated from her voice, as she sang her version of "Keys to the Kingdom. Slowly her hauntingly stunning pitches were backed by the light pizzicato from a violin and the hushed whisper of a trumpet, gradually increasing the ballad's intensity.

Beyond playing a range of genres, she dotted her set with quirky anecdotes that exposed extremely raw and personal aspects of her life, from spending time in China, to details of her family history, who actually owned a roller rink in nearby Evanston. Luckily the sun was out all day and the ground was surprisingly dry enough to lay on without the worry of ruining your clothes.

This track marks the first solo material we've heard from Iha since 's Let It Come Down that is, if we're not counting his soundtrack score for 's Linda Linda Linda. The album is already available for pre-order here and the first pre-orders come with a Polaroid and button hand-made by Iha himself.

Pitchfork by Sara Pieper. Well, it's still not as bad as Lollapalooza last year, but after another early afternoon round of heavy showers, Union Park is starting to resemble a giant mud pit. Thankfully Pitchfork Music Festival has come well prepared, as they've continually tried to dry out the grounds all weekend and installed plastic pathways in high traffic areas to keep people out of the muddy mess.

It seems like the weather might be dampening spirits, as I witnessed more people hiding in the shade and napping today. But some acts still rallied the masses to salvage the day with some spirited sets. I arrived at Pitchfork early Saturday afternoon only to be greeted with torrential downpour. After immediately seeking shelter underneath some trees in front of the festival's entrance, I remembered that I'd once again left my umbrella at home.

Luckily the sun came out shortly afterward and the skies stayed clear for the rest of the day. I don't mind a little festival rain -- it can be refreshing on a hot summer day and the creative ways fellow festival-goers MacGyver trash bags, festival programs and trash lids into makeshift rain gear can make for some choice people watching.

My Pitchfork Music Festival weekend began as I sat in Big Star in Wicker Park, grabbing some celebratory margaritas with some other writers, as the mood changed when we noticed the monsoon downpour outside. Yes, Pitchfork is destined to be a wet one. But a little rain never hurt anyone too bad, so onward we march to a now wet weekend full of indie rock, record fairs, and plenty of bad fashion.

Being a veteran of outdoor music festivals, you'd think at some point I would learn to prepare for any and all weather conditions. But as Pitchfork Music Festival kicked off on Friday in the pouring rain, I realized that I didn't have an umbrella, or a poncho, or a ziploc bag to store my electronics this last one is the largest offense, considering both my iPod and my iPhone were sacrificed to the Lollapalooza rain gods last year.

Edward Keyes and His Aura. If you've attended the Pitchfork Music Festival since the event started back inyou are probably familiar with eMusic. The online music subscription site has been a supporter and sponsor of the festival since the beginning. When you're as powerful as the Obama family, one would assume the price tag of the kids' wardrobes would be the equivalent of a year's worth of rent.

Well, think again. The first daughters have routinely proved that you don't need to spend a lot to look like a million bucks. Sasha and Malia donned affordable and chic ensembles by U. Sasha and Malia had everyone asking, "Where does the time go? Gone were the doll-like pink dresses of their first inauguration. Sasha solidified her standing as the most fashionable year-old in the world in a printed dress by Anthropologie, paired with a studded yellow belt and silver flats.

At the start of President Obama's second term in office, it was remarkable to witness just how much the first daughters had grown up in four short years.

Entering the inaugural ceremony in complementary coatsMalia wore J. Crew while Sasha opted for Kate Spade. The two looked incredibly mature, but when they pulled out a cell phone for obligatory selfiesthese two proved that no matter how grown up they looked, they were still just kids. Need more proof that Sasha and Malia are trendsetters? Now, that's what the fashion industry would call a slam dunk. Twelve-year-old Sasha's crimson dress was cute and flattering next to her mother's outfit, but year-old Malia's pick snagged all the headlines.

InSasha and Malia once again stole the show at the annual Christmas in Washington event, each donning age-appropriate holiday dresses that walked the fine line between fun and tradition; girls and women.

Malia, 16, wore a little black dress with floral tights and Sasha,13, choose a burgundy velvet piece as they met with former patients of the Children's National Health System.

Summer was a season packed with travel for the Obama ladies. Arriving in Milan, Italy in June with their mother, Sasha and Malia both sported a chic and effortless sundress style. Sasha, 14, who is almost as tall as her 5-footinch mother, picked a seersucker dress by American Apparel and a pair of leather gladiator sandals, while Malia, 16, flaunted a simple gray heathered dress.

It pays to read. Rizal himself had this culture of reading which some Filipinos failed to acquire. Ocampo for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. This is not to discount the fact that there are still those who advocate that reading starts at home and it makes a full man. Rizal read books written mostly by foreign authors.

However, we should also realize that our country has produced great writers worthy to be read including the works of Rizal. Whether it be in the vernacular or English, Filipino written works deal with search for the reality of human condition.

With reading comes great responsibility to transcend the society to a moral order. Sad thing is, very few Filipinos bother to read them and would prefer foreign authors. I hope that we get the chance to see the beauty of Philippine literature. This act will in turn inspire us towards excellence and greatness of the Filipino race. I first published this in my Multiply account. I thought of re-publishing it here in my blog to coincide with the th birth anniversary of Rizal, our The Day Of My Escape - Dazzled Kid - Fire Needs Air (CD hero, on June 19, May his love for country awaken our deepest recesses to do acts of heroism in the service of our fellowmen.

I was so excited because I was sure those would help me understand Rizal more. Rizal grew up in a home with a large library—a rarity in the nineteenth century Philippines. Thus, he developed a liking for books and learning. In Europe, though he was on a shoestring budget, with his allowance sometimes arriving late, he would still scrimp and save to buy books. Knowing Rizal, I think he probably read all the books in his library.

He listed cards, not knowing that the Lopez Museum had 99 more cards. Rizal owned a valuable collection of over 2, books, which he left with Jose Ma. Basa in Hong Kong. Most of his books were in Spanish translation, although he did read English, French, and German too. Being an artist, Rizal also owned a lot of picture books. He owned dictionaries and three different versions of the Bible-one in Spanish, one Catholic editions, and another translated from the Latin Vulgate.

I stumbled upon this bookstore from the movies Before Sunset and Julie and Julia. I know a place like that exists where literary gems can be found. Someday somehow, I would reach that place where surrealism meets realism. We are thrilled to welcome Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butlerwho will read from his latest book Hell. This is a deliciously witty novel of good, evil, and free will, set in a Hell populated by figures from history and contemporary culture William Randolph Hearst, Anne Boleyn, Humphrey Bogart, and George W.

I took a short nap after working on my curriculum guide, and I thought of browsing the Net for a while. I came across this article by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo on teaching and writing…and everything that comes in between.

Dimalanta for my thesis I am not done yet. This article also shed some light on me as an educator since the DepEd mandates teachers to revise the curriculum following the content and performance standards all in the name of Understanding by Design UbD.

I found some modules good, but it really needs experts in order to produce better ones. I do not have any idea who created those modules, but my orientation in language and literature is telling me to go beyond what the module dictates.

That is the beauty of teaching, being able to impart knowledge and values to young people and at the same time helping them to be responsible citizens through literature. This curriculum revision may take some time, but it does not matter at all. What is important is along the way, I have stop overs; I breathe; I learn more; and I explore the beauty of the word.

For educators who do not get tired of learning, who are willing to develop themselves for their students, and who love literature and writing, The Day Of My Escape - Dazzled Kid - Fire Needs Air (CD on. By the first, I mean those concepts, ideas, perceptions which readers grasp as a result of their encounter with a literary text.

The same impulse lies behind both my teaching and my writing. But I was a writer before I became a teacher, so I shall speak first about my writing. For me the impulse to write begins with my own need: I write because I need to make sense of things. Life is not orderly or meaningful—it is arbitrary, random, full of unsolved mysteries and dark secrets.

The very act of writing is a way of imposing order, creating meaning out of the chaos. When one writes, one has to detach from the experience and organize it; in short, to give it form. The experience might be a scene I witnessed as a child, when in the middle of the afternoon I stumbled into something in our living room that disturbed and confused me. Or it might be a problem I encountered while reading a book or an article in a magazine or on the Net, something which puzzled me because it undermined what I had previously taken for granted.

Or it might be an event over which I had no control, which forced me to change the direction of a life I thought was set in a calm and predictable course. Life has a way of catching us unawares and confounding us. Each of these experiences left me helpless and vulnerable. My reaction to this astonishment has always been art. My pen—these days, my laptop—is both talisman and tool. I write so that I might understand. And I write so that I might remember. Because there is that other mystery—memory.

Memory is notoriously unreliable; it is, in fact, treacherous. Even when there are actual records of a happening, those will differ widely. When there is no record, the happening will disappear. In effect, it will be as if it never was. I think that perhaps this is the reason why most writers write. We write to describe the experiment, the journey, the relationship, the dream and its fruition—to ourselves first, and then to the rest of the world.

We put it down in words that we might take its full measure, and that we might remember. Otherwise, when those who were witness to it are gone, the experience will fade into obscurity and eventually be lost.

But, art is more than self-expression. The best writers I know do not write from mere self-interest, i. They do so from a desire to share something they believe might be useful or helpful to their fellows. This is our goal as writers… to help others have this sense of… wonder, of seeing things anew, things that can catch us off guard, that break in on our small, bordered worlds. You do not have to have a complicated moral philosophy. But a writer tries, I think, to be part of the solution, to understand a little about life and to pass this on.

Theology, science and philosophy are no longer effective, he said. This led him to turn, once again, to poetry. A similar impulse must lie behind our own efforts to seek solace and salvation—from both global crises and bankrupt political leadership—in the arts.

And the more urgent the pressures, the more beleaguered the dreams, the greater is the need for art truly luminous. I think I became a teacher of literature for pretty much the same reason that I became a reader and a writer of literature.

I approach my students The Day Of My Escape - Dazzled Kid - Fire Needs Air (CD I do my readers—with what I can only describe as a kind of eagerness to start a conversation with them.

As I have said elsewhere, I was myself fortunate in having a remarkable set of teachers who entered into this sort of conversation with me and greatly affected my attitude towards books.

This began in high school and continued through my undergraduate years, and into graduate school. They were teachers of literature; there were no creative writing courses then. We aspiring writers were either Philosophy students or Journalism students, but we took our literature classes together. And our literature teachers were keenly aware that in all their classrooms were students who dreamed of becoming writers. They nurtured our initial interest in literature; deepened and enriched our appreciation and understanding of the stories we already loved; and introduced us to some we had not yet encountered.

I hope that I am doing the same for my students. When I teach literature, I try to interest them in the stories and poems which have fascinated me all these years. But I think my teachers had an easier time of it. To say that our students live in a completely different world from the world that was ours in our own day as students is to stress the obvious.

The world they inhabit is not only different, it is changing even as we speak. Their aim, as a tribute to one of the world's biggest bands, is to capture the feeling of a live Coldplay performance, the music, the visuals, the energy and the atmosphere. The band have extensive experience of all types of shows, from clubs to theatres, festivals to corporate functions and weddings to birthday parties. They have played for small and large crowds, from a handful of people to over 50, They are no strangers to main stages and headline spots at festivals and have played some of the largest tribute festivals in Europe such as Mathew Street Festival, Bospop NetherlandsGlastonbudget and the legendary Fake Festivals.

See you then. Rock 'n' Roll Paradise returns to the UK theatres in celebrating our 13th year on the road, bringing to the stage an amazing number of tributes to the legends of Rock and Roll at every venue. Each performance will be different as we fit in as many iconic songs as we can, bringing to life the music of the giants of rock 'n' roll. Backed by the dynamic brilliance of The Paradise Band, we pay tribute to the greats of that era.

We keep the music of the past alive in the present, and saved for the future. Come and join Paradise on our 13th UK Tour as we bring the magic from an era that changed the music world for ever on to the stage for you to enjoy.

The Dave Hankin Band was formed in November and began regularly meeting at rehearsals to work on Dave's library of personally-crafted arrangements. The full-size, 17 piece line-up, plus the captivating vocals of Bern Stewart, were soon branching out from the local venues and jazz clubs, and began performing at festivals and theatres in the South West. Along the way, the band have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in British music, with the likes of Gordon Campbell tromboneBruce Adams trumpet and Alan Barnes saxophone joining them for special concerts.

The success of this show, with standing ovations and rave reviews, propelled the band into the production of further themed shows in subsequent years: "The Magic of Michael Buble" and "The Magic of Glenn Miller", each meeting with similar results. Now developing quite a following, these shows have played to sold-out theatres across the region.

With press accolades such as "without any exaggeration The Dave Hankin Big Band is by far the finest large-scale big band unit that we have ever had in the South West" - "Superb instrumentation and orchestration Billy Joel is one of the best selling music artists of all time, having sold over million albums worldwide. His 12 studio albums include 33 Top 40 hits Album) have earned him 6 Grammy Awards, as well as induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. George Treadwell managed the group and laid the foundation of what would make The Drifters one of the greatest groups of all time.

Clyde McPhatter was the lead singer of the group that also saw numerous members over the years but two others stood out above the rest. Johnny Moore and Ben E King. In The Drifters were ranked at no. The History of Soul is a celebration of Soul music through the decades. A night transporting you through the greatest eras of Soul. Rediscover the songs that shaped the music industry as we know it, with these Motown and Stax hits never sounding better.

A must see for any fan of Soul! Experience this iconic music brought back to life by an exceptional nine piece band consisting of some of the finest musicians and performers from around the world. This hilarious underwater adventure is a laugh-a-minute musical pantomime with glittering scenery, sparkling costumes and a memorable score you can sing along to and is suitable for the entire family.

The familiar tale of rebellious Ariel, a mermaid who only wants to explore the world above the waves despite being forbidden by her father King Triton, has been adapted for the stage and will include some fabulous new characters as well as the infamous evil sea witch, Ursula plus a chorus of sea creatures, zombie pirates, sailors and various flotsam and jetsam!

We will be collecting for this amazing cause, after every show. Our aim is to raise 2. Escape the 9 to 5 and let your hair down with the Rock For Heroes Family!! The Nutcracker - a charming and kindly fairy tale is one of the jewels of Tchaikovsky's repertoire. Prepare to enter a magical new world — the nutcracker in this ballet may be a handsome prince in disguise.

It tells the story of Marie, a sad little girl, whose godfather, Drosselmeier, gives her a Nutcracker doll as a present on Christmas Eve. In her lively imagination it turns into a prince and the magic starts…. This eternal seasonal favourite will be an unforgettable journey in the run-up to Christmas and an ideal introduction to audiences of any age to the magic that is classical ballet.

Stunning choreography, sumptuous costumes and wonderful sets form the fantasy world in which the Lilac Fairy struggles against the evil Carabosse. Outline based on the fairy-tale by Charles Perrault, the Sleeping Beauty tells of the Princess Aurora, cursed at her christening by the evil Carabosse to prick her finger one day on a spindle and die.

Woken by a prince, who has battled through the Enchanted Forest to reach her, they marry at a ceremony attended by nursery rhyme characters like Puss in Boots and all the other forest creatures. There are no scores more successful in supporting the full range of ballet than those The Day Of My Escape - Dazzled Kid - Fire Needs Air (CD Tchaikovsky. A wonderful evening out and memories which you will cherish long after the final curtain falls. Email address Password. Not a member?

Join now ». Existing member?

Promenade Au Fond DUn Canal - Present - Triskaidékaphobie (Vinyl, LP, Album), From The Heart - Another Level - Love Songs (CD), Profit In Peace - Ocean Colour Scene - One From The Modern (CD, Album), Attenti Al Lupo (Black Box Remix) - Various - Italian Dance Graffiti - (I Ballabili Italiani) (Vinyl, Pete Way (2) - Amphetamine (CD, Album), Cue For You, Overhand (New Froggy Bottom) - Mary Lou Williams, Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy - Overhand / Littl, Proga-Europa, Spacewalker - Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe (CD, Album), Acid Craq (Unreal Mix) - Various - Formaldehyd -25- (Part 2) (Vinyl), Latinbitch - Syncope - Vision Of Delight (CD, Album), Call (DJ OMKT & MJ Remix) - AAA - Driving Mix (CD)