Black Fella/White Fella - Jimmy Little - Messenger (CD, Album)

This story looks at how communities are retrieving their dormant languages from historic books and journals and early lm and audio recordings, and maintaining those languages through promoting and teaching not only Aboriginal youth but all Australians. She has become one of the predominant gures involved in the NSW stolen wages claim.

A group of old Warlpiri men transport us back to a time of rarely heard history and we follow their journey into the present. Songs, stories and dance relate the importance of the past to the present. Old meets new, youth meets the elderly, traditional hunting meets the modern world. The father and daughter team demonstrate their special relationship as Frank guides his daughter into the world of adulthood and the music industry while holding rmly to traditional and cultural values.

Shes fabulous, shes glamorous and she knows how to match her wit and intellect with her designer shoes. When shes not too busy putting together groundbreaking works such as the Macquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature and churning out best-selling novels, Anita likes to head back home to Matraville, in Sydneys South, with her family and friends.

Born on Sunday Island Iwany inPatsy has recently been drawn by a strong desire to go home and say goodbye to the island that was home to many Bardi and Jawi people like her. Patsy relives poignant moments as she walks over places with sounds and smells of a time long ago.

Many members of the Aboriginal community felt that the portrayal by the mainstream of Aboriginal men and their communities was sensational, and not entirely truthful. Aboriginal men from throughout NSW were invited to attend and participate in this important event, which considered many of the issues and challenges confronting Aboriginal men today.

Narrated by Marrfurra, a local Aboriginal woman, this documentary takes a simple but strong look into the future of Indigenous arts and culture.

His material is now stored in the South Australian Museum. The question is: whose story is it? Using the Kimberley peoples traditions of storytelling, painting, dancing and taking into account Aboriginal law and culture, the lm records a cultural revival from within.

This series shows how we Indigenous people live our lives, historically and in contemporary times. Through sharing of personal stories: art, cultural festivals, books, achievements in sport, education and industry, Indigenous people can share with Australia their histories, hopes, dreams and aspirations for a better tomorrow with a voice that has a right to be heard.

This lm is a groundbreaking re-enactment of the story made by the traditional custodians. The lm illuminates the special malpa working relationship in Pitjantjatjara between Indigenous and non-Indigenous women, as they deal with complex social problems in a time of immense cultural change for Anangu Indigenous people. The lm looks at the inux of youth suicide amongst Aboriginal youth, petrol snifng and alcoholism, and the heartbreaking work of the communitys Aboriginal youth workers.

Using interviews, landscape, documentary and animation, we learn about the creation dreamings and their place in modern Australia. Arrente people have been recognised as Mparntwes Alice Springs rst inhabitants. The proof of continued occupation rested with their sacred sites, which are still under threat. This documentary explores the continuous struggle by Central Australias Arrente people to maintain the sacred sites and stop the expansion of Alice Springs from swallowing them up.

Working with the Aboriginal community at Papunya, he encouraged the people to paint their traditional dot designs using Western materials. Bardon also encouraged the artists to value their work commercially as well as spiritually, believing that by selling paintings the people could become independent of welfare as well as bring Indigenous art to the attention of the wider community.

He believes it is his. He wont give it back. A documentary about the impact of the Kalgoorlie gold rush on the Aboriginal people in the region. Aboriginal fringe dwellers of the goldelds of Western Australia tell their own story of what happened to their people when they were invaded by tens of thousands of miners in the great Kalgoorlie gold rush of the s.

The lm shows the conditions of the survivors living in horric poverty next to ourishing gold and nickel mines and uranium developments, and of the Maralinga tests and those who died there, as the victims to British bombs and ofcial neglect.

Australian Aboriginal artists and curators have travelled to Paris to collaborate in the design of the museum. Aaron has established a successful career as an actor, all the while being responsible for the care of Vinnie, who has mild intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy.

The characters will touch you with their wit and honesty. Both sides have been asked for a measure of agreement and harmony not achieved since Britain raised her ag on this continent years ago. The program proposes a story that examines black and white, close at hand, unfolding on the great cattle stations of the world in and around Alice Springs and on the beautiful lands of Alcheringa, the Aboriginal Lands of Eternity.

It will be an afrmation and celebration of the daily lives of a variety of Indigenous Australians from all over our vast country. It incorporates some of the footage and characters from the earlier lm, showing how life has changed for the Aboriginal community of Brewarrina, in far north-west NSW.

The story travels between cultures and two continents as she comes to understand the different heritages she has inherited through her matriarchal forebears; her Indian Biji and her Australian grandmother.

Many of the issues remain important today: land, dispossession, identity and pride. An international award-winning and historically signicant lm, it was the rst documentary directed by an Indigenous woman and one of the rst independent documentaries to be broadcast by the ABC. The documentary looks at the circumstances of the Kennell family who had left their island during the mids after a collapse in the local Trochus Shell industry.

Now that Native Title is being established in the Torres Strait, they have rallied their family, spanning four generations, to reclaim their land on the island and fullling the wishes of their elders to return to their island home before they die.

Most of us have a natural curiosity which drives us to examine how strangers live, even if we dont have a particular interest in architecture or interior design. We are also capable of vicariously enjoying other peoples excesses or mistakes, or the sheer daring and lunacy of their nests.

This program reveals how people from various walks of life feather their nests. See credits at right for those that we have been able to identify. Nganampa Anwernekenhe means ours in the Pitjantjatjara and Arrernte languages.

This is an Aboriginal produced series of programs helping to maintain Aboriginal language and culture through the art, music, stories and dances of the original inhabitants of this land. It is a stark contrast to the Western worlds approach to medicine and the Ngangkari Way certainly shines through. This lm will highlight that from the beginning, through Aboriginal law and culture, Ngangkari Way is determined and sustained. NIGHT captures the mystery, mood and magic of the night and weaves these images into a lush and dramatic symphonic score.

Voices from all walks of life tell stories of their affair with the night; the pleasure and the pain, reality and fantasy, at work and at leisure, past and present and shows how the darkness of the night affects us all. Altercations between youth and police have been reported as well as incidents of youth rioting and hurling bricks at passing vehicles.

Tougher law and order were recommended for the area, however, what was left unexamined was the predicament that most of these children are coming from. Today, over half the soldiers are Aboriginal and their communities consider them as protectors of Aboriginal land. Always hosted by the previous years winner, teams gather in a rugby league competition which sees teams knocked out one by one until it comes down to two teams.

However, a split has occurred in the organisation of The Knockout, and this year will see the running of two competitions. On the way it reveals the extent of Indigenous broadcasting throughout the region and the use of local media by remote communities to tell their stories and keep their culture strong.

He is now pursuing a career in the private sector and has no idea what the future holds for him. Each of the women reects various perspectives of themselves as Aborigines and as women, according to their family backgrounds and political inuences that surround other Aboriginal women in their peer group.

In the process, they travel from their country - the rugged and ancient beauty of the Kimberley region, one of the few remaining wildernesses on the planet to the once pristine, now industrialised Pilbara to the south. When the teenagers are encouraged into performance lessons by enthusiastic art workers a surprising story of dreams and talents unfold, but not without its drama.

This documentary gives an insightful look at what can be achieved with a little help from friends. This documentary records the events of that remarkable day, when the silent march began at Redfern Park and ended in Hyde Park in the centre of Sydney.

Now in their early sixties, this documentary follows the creative and eccentric pair in the lead-up to their bush wedding. The journey reveals that despite the cultural diversity and the imperfections of these challenging communities, resilience, pride and an empowering and inexorable spirit of belonging prevails.

Along the way, misconceptions are claried and benevolent bonds are celebrated. After years of touring and recording, Sammy now lives in Papunya, km west of Alice Springs. This documentary focuses on his work today within the community and a heartrending journey to Sammys homeland, Pikilyi, for the rst time. But for NSW Magistrate Pat OShane, achieving success in a male- dominated eld and doing it at a time when women werent easily accepted in the legal profession, has been a huge feat.

Of her many projects, perhaps none are as close to her heart as her current endeavour - Artistic Director of the opera, Pecan Summer. But, not only is Deborah writing the operas score and libretto - shes also been scouring the country looking for emerging classically trained Indigenous singers to take on the challenge of performing what will be Australias rst Indigenous opera.

Inshe joined the member Indigenous womens advisory group which advises the federal government on the needs of Indigenous women. Peena works tirelessly for her community to ensure that it continues to grow in positive afrming ways. But for the community of Hopevale, the future is looking a little brighter thanks to a Melbourne man and his catamaran. After receiving an SOS letter that highlighted a spate of suicides on Hopevale, Peter Malcolm decided to embark on a journey north to help troubled youth.

It was also the rst ever by Aboriginal pastoral workers. The story follows the family and the history of Australian race relations in the 20th century. The South Sydney Leagues Clubs success with Indigenous players has inspired other national Rugby League clubs to look at ways of mirroring their recruitment programs for Indigenous players and ways of working closely with the Indigenous community in other social ventures. This program explores the past and present interaction the club has in South Sydney and the recognition in of their Indigenous heritage through the use of the black bunny for away games.

She is known for her work in several academic elds and as an advocate for Indigenous rights, social justice, and Indigenous artistic expression.

The Professor is a frequent media commentator, and serves on various high-level committees on Indigenous issues. This story explores Marcias life and career and examines the inuences and experiences that have shaped her. Is this the birth of Australias next brewing empire or the biggest mistake the boys have ever made?

The place is abandoned except for some dilapidated buildings and old car wrecks. However, the old mission settlement still holds some good memories for these two men. During this time, Richard focused on challenging non- Indigenous artists who appropriated Indigenous imagery in their work and the perceived notions of traditional and modern Indigenous art.

His work also addresses contemporary issues such as religion, art and politics. Richards works examine the historical treatment of Aboriginal people after European settlement and express his response to issues of oppression, frustration and discrimination. His experiences were later manifested into lm and plays. The strike went on for eight years and eventually became Australias rst successful land rights campaign.

It was an against all odds struggle that reshaped our nation. As Australia wrestles again with questions of Indigenous land ownership, this lm recalls the ght started 40 years ago by the Gurindji people of the Northern Territory. Like many young girls, Frances dreamed of being a movie star, a dream that came true when Rolf de Heer cast her in the lead female role of Nowalingu in Ten Canoes.

Her journey from traditional tribal life to red carpets and awards ceremonies is unlike any other. It is a fascinating and unique story as Frances learns to overcome huge personal and cultural challenges.

At Kinchela Boys Home he was subjected to the horrors of institutionalised life. Now 49 years later, he returns to face the demons of his past and reconnect with the family he never knew he had. Rosemary Wanganeen is a healer. A Nunga woman from Adelaide, South Australia, Rosemary has overcome the odds to run a successful business helping both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in crisis.

However, her journey to success was not an easy one. Olympic Dam Mine in South Australia is no exception. Set up near the town of Roxby Downs, it is the largest uranium mine in the country.

Opposition to the mine comes from environmental groups concerned about the impact operations may have on the environment, and from various Aboriginal community members, worried about the potential loss of cultural heritage and the destruction of sacred sites.

Australias leading dance companies came together to perform in his memory at the Sydney Theatre in November Theyre in this country but not of it Mary Graham. This documentary portrays the strength and continuity of Aboriginal people and our culture, despite the changes occurring as a result of colonialism. The strength of our culture is manifested in song, dance, ceremony, the ag, Aboriginal identity and in the land itself.

It is also expressed in the importance of relatedness between land and people, between generations, groups, families and cousins. An Indigenous expression and style is emerging in video and lm production to relate the issues that concern us. This program is one example of the current developments in Indigenous methods of video and lm production in Australia. In her younger years she learnt the ute, piano and organ, and as a young adult was trained in opera. In the late s she moved to Darwin to learn more about her Indigenous family, and it was there that she found her purpose in life as a singer, which later led her to hone her craft at the Northern Territory University.

We intimately learn their dreams, their lives and most importantly hear their voices. These four unique people live in a world of constant inuence, where the shelter which surrounds them is constantly shifting.

The lm gives a voice to four young survivors of assimilation and offers a penetrating insight into the lives of Australias indigenous youth, as they search for a sense of purpose in a forever shifting shelter. The portraits painted are deeply poignant, totally vulnerable and all of their dreams are on a knife-edge. Their lives are documented from to Ivan introduced us to Cindy, Danielle, Ben and Willie; watch as their lives unfold.

Over his year career he created an impressive body of work ranging from black and white portraiture to lm, video and large-scale digital photography. This two-part special is an intimate account of Michaels short but prolic life. Riley not only looked at the world through a different lens, he wanted the world to view what he saw.

His lms and photographs challenge perceptions of Indigenous life, particularly in eastern Australia. Its a journey that takes us along the Nullabor and up into the Great Victorian Desert. It involves elements of a major Australian tragedy - the atomic testing at Maralinga. This documentary talks to the women who were a part of the movement leading up to the referendum about their experiences at that time.

The strength of the re in the belly is still in these women today, as we bring them together to talk about their experiences of over 30 years ago. This is the advice that Nana has instilled in her two starstruck granddaughters, Nakkiah Lui and Lowanna Gibson.

It explores the most recent Indigenous music being produced in Australia such as hip hop, techno, house, dance and turn tables. Stylistically, the series is raw and fast mixing black and white with vibrant colours and grainy imagery. With no presenter, its audience is guided by the Indigenous people who make the music and those who listen to it. Trevor is a charismatic and experienced theatre and lm actor, as well as a talented didgeridoo player, guitarist, singer, dancer and storyteller.

The stones fell for hours, days and weeks, in numerous locations in the s and s. They came through roofs, tents, walls and tables without leaving holes. Sometimes warm or hot, stones travelled in peculiar directions. Even today there is no single explanation. It tells of the breakdown when the white man came, it questions Christian ethics and how the Christian doctrine destroyed the performing culture, but not the spiritual culture. He took his ght all the way to the United Nations.

This prole looks at his turbulent life, what happened in his past to motivate him and what effect his controversial campaign has had on his family. Laura Knowles was taken from her mother who lived at Daly River. Sidney, Laura, Clara and Avis were removed from their families, communities and culture and forced to grow up on Christian missions hundreds of kilometres from their homes.

Their crime was that they had white fathers and Aboriginal mothers, and they were taken in order to lead a better life. Reporter Barbara McCarthy travels to the sites of the missions and hears from the inmates the pain of separation from their families and the ups and downs of life on the mission. This lm examines the cult surrounding Stone and the times in which it was made. This series is designed to help develop childrens awareness of how books are conceived and created and to encourage a love of books and reading.

These programs look at the reafrmation of native culture amongst Indigenous people, land rights issues, survival and regrowth of Indigenous culture, and overcoming the damage done to personal and group identity by colonisation.

Through the eyes of Peter Prior, then one of the islands Aboriginal residents, and now a year-old, the lm revisits the life and times of the old mission and the extraordinary events that surrounded the death of its Administrator, Robert Curry.

Growing up in a European culture, he thought of himself as white. Then at the age of eight, Ray was removed from his adoptive family and after living in a series of institutions, placed in foster care. By the time he was in his teens, confusion about his identity was taking a devastating toll. This is a portrait of a young man on a journey of self-discovery, searching for his origins.

Now an active member of an Indigenous community with a family of his own, he has found a sense of belonging. His journey is far from over but Ray Cotti is nally at home in his own skin.

And inan all Aboriginal group of models and designers showcased their designs in Paris. In part one, we travel to the remote Northern Territory town of Yuendumu and to western NSW to take a look at communities trying to overcome the problems of petrol snifng amongst their youth. Part two examines the harrowing impact heroin has on young Indigenous men and women in our urban communities. A unique Australian approach to addressing the problems of Indigenous alcohol abuse through the power of story.

It culminates in the telling of the story of Dionysus, presented in the form of a spectacular traditional corroboree at night, in the Central Desert, km west of Alice Springs. Since then, its been held every year to celebrate the spiritual and cultural survival of Indigenous Australians and in doing this, showcasing a wealth of Indigenous talent.

One of the ways Indigenous boxers were discovered was through a series of tent boxing circuses that once travelled the country.

It combines rst person accounts of tent boxing life with rich archival material of the time. It all began in with the establishment of a number of tents on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra. In effect, it was an Aboriginal Tent Embassy and so began the metaphor for this black- white political engagement.

The program analyses the original political claims which sparked off the early determination to face the government head-on. It also considers the outcome of those claims. That, in turn, has affected contemporary Aboriginal politics which when compared with the early s has taken on a far more passive and personal stance. But it is the strength of her country, Weipa, that grounds her. As the rst preschool teacher from that area in the late s, she has stepped back into education to teach the youth of her homelands.

When he left that position inhe focused on Aboriginal health and helped to establish the Koori Kollij in Melbourne. He was a well-respected man, with great community vision who still continues to inspire and motivate others. This is Bruce McGuinness. The conference focused on action orientated and practical steps to eradicate racism, including measures of prevention, education, protection and the provision of effective remedies.

It provided a unique and important opportunity to create a new world vision for the ght against racism in the 21st century. Today he is an elder of his community with a serious sickness, diabetes. By using 21st century technology, Frank willingly shares his story. Frank tells of his community childhood, his radical work as an Aboriginal mens health educator and his own experiences of a serious illness. Bassist Tim Drummond followed suit and reportedly made a similar demand. Subject: and cassettes in stereo Joan: here, apparently, the cassette never died.

I hope they still have some Repulsive Bile and Art Muscle tapes left. PBS aired a very informative documentary last week wrapping the food industry in the US up in a neat little package that exposed the corruption just below the surface, including the control gargantuan companies such as Monsanto have on the gov't up to and including their judges on the supreme court.

One mid sized soybean grower in Iowa described the way the US justice system works when you take on an opponent with the reach and deep pockets such as Monsanto. He said, Lady Justice, holds out her scales and both sides start putting money on. Whichever side can put the most money on tips the scales of justice in their favour. One important bit of info for one particular poster here was the fact that the US beef industry will not tolerate anyone badmouthing the beef business in any public media.

They will sue anyone who speaks badly of their industry if it comes to their attention. When the US had their first case of Mad Cow, Oprah said she didn't think she would be eating beef again.

A Texas cattleman's group sued her. According to the program it's now a felony in 6 states to disparage the beef industry in the media, Colorado, being the most recent state to make it a felony, with more states lining up to join them.

Such is the power of industry when it grows too large. I don't know the answer to your first question, but I believe Levon doesn't sing UoCC or TNTDODD because he doesnt' feel his voice is ready I've read this - probably here - I don't know it to be true, but suspect it's at least partly true : having said that, I think he may have done at least part of it on a Letterman performance, where on the fadeout, the unmistakable Alain Toussaint horn opening played on the fadeout, and when they returned, Letterman made some crack about how the television audience was just unlucky So far this is the only clip They sang about 12 songs.

They sounded fantastic! I agree about The Well. A great arrangement even if some of the lyrics are a bit naff. Pity there wasn't a whole albums worth.

Subject: the legacy of the Band I play in a 7 piece cover band for our enjoyment. A medium whose time has past? Jeff, for your viewing pleasure. BEG, note the guests. Completely out of touch with what is going on here, so no idea if anyone has posted anything about this. I missed this, as I just got back to the city today and did n't know about it. Had I known.

I;d have dropped everythinggn and been there. First time in 40 years??? It's a mono mix of the studio outtake from the Brown Album sessions, which is misidentified on the label as the live "Rock of Ages" version. This same mono version was also included as a bonus cut on the recent magnificent Audio Fidelity gold-CD version of the eponymous album. A stereo remix of the studio version was previously included as one Album) the bonus cuts on the Capitol reissue.

Too many magazines! Anyway, along the way the long article describes the tour that spawned it, and recounts how Kenny Buttrey was sacked halfway through because as a studio session drummer, his touch was just too light for live shows. We agreed they suffered from tentative drumming, even though this was the first great drummer I saw, and one whose credits include Georgie Fame and Bob Dylan albeit for Real Live.

It made me recall how powerful D. Fontana still was in his 70s. There IS a different requirement for session work and live work, however amplified it might be. Kenny Buttrey? One of the greatest drummers of the era, and Neil Young dropped him! I think the driver's comment should double her sentence. I'm sorry to hear about your daughters accident. My wishes for a speedy recovery. It also makes me angry that a person under the influence was driving a car.

We had a tragedy here on Long Island 2 days ago. A stoned 18 year old's van went out of control and ran down a woman mowing her down and proceeded to come to a stop in the poor woman's living room.

Right on man. My youngest daughter got rear ended this afternoon by some bitch who was high on pot. That's cool, but don't drive your fucking car. My kid will be ok but it's gonna take some time.

Your words are so true. And that book, along with watching Easy Rider, got me Black Fella/White Fella - Jimmy Little - Messenger (CD in The Band. Greil Marcus is another big fan of the Bearsville version.

As was Dave Marsh, who can be and usually is irritating in the extreme. A little Marcus goes a long way, but I think he's right on that. It is a tremendous version, I think it would've worked better than the live single. Now I think I recall Bowman's report about why Bearsville DDI didn't make it, but frankly, I don't hear much similarity at all, and even if there was, I don't think that was a good enough reason.

But it doesn't matter much anymore, I suppose. No wonder Levon and Roger D. That would be a hell of a fantasy version--Rick, Levon, Roger trading vocals. Maybe the next Band song that's worth an extended exploration for various nuances should be "The Well. Underrated, in my opinion and sounds marvelous on TLW set And one more big thing, I think Pat B.

I want the whole thing, not just Forbidden Fruit, which I've been playing the hell out of on my iPod. Robbie knows. Subject: Some of you will appreciate this I think you all might have seen some of these before Levon Helm documentary. We got in to a screening here at SXSW.

The film is an honest, candid, account of Levon Helm then and now. So real. Tears ran down my face more than once watching this. Levon and The Band are true treasures of American music. It was a staple in their live act during ''65 and later included during their concerts in ' A previously unreleased outtake version from the Lifehouse sessions, featuring Leslie West on lead guitar, was included on the expanded edition CD reissue of "Who's Next".

Anyone still needing tickets I saw on Craigs List Or taken out of context? Language advisory particularly in the user comments, but also in article The Who also recorded this at some point. See Rob Bowman's liner notes to the remaster. Not only was Black Fella/White Fella - Jimmy Little - Messenger (CD RoA cut released as a single, I've got one. Bowman says the studio cut was rejected for Cahoots as too similar to Life is A Carnival. I can think of seven straight off that it would have been an improvement on.

They could probably have got it on there anyway without compromising the LP length unduly. Both versions are great covers. I can see them NOT putting it on as a studio take. It doesn't fit the feel apart from the opening Life Is A Carnival. The Band did it brilliantly, but the original Marvin Gaye lightness of touch is sublime and I'd take his if I could only have one version. Rod Stewart did it with Steampacket live, which is on very lo-fi budget CDs, but I saw it live and he could certainly belt it out with Long John Baldry, and that's apparent even in the lo-fi versions.

Maybe a live show and live album was best for the way the Band took the song. Subject: best song you'll hear all day Definitive version of 'The Band Played Wasn't DDI on Cahoots? It wasn't released as a single and that's a crying shame. Subject: more fun with Greg Kot I just finished writing questions for a multiple choice test for about students in my big lecture class.

I quote: "and Helm is sometimes downright hostile, his blue eyes like knives piercing the camera lens. Those things are pricey. And it must have been one special camera, because Levon's eyes are brown, not blue. I've got to stop now, even though this is fun, Kot is just too easy a target. It's about damn time I wrote a book proposal for a real book on the Band. I get to do the chapter on Cahoots. I don't think I'll have a lot of competition there.

Will be hard to top Jon Landau's review, though. Now there is a writer. That review has been what's kept me going back to that record.

Another chapter idea: Roll call of hacks, lightweights, and smart mouth pinheads who try to juice up their careers by recycling recycled dirty laundry anecdotes about the Band, reminding people that Neil Young had coke on his nostrils at TLW, and showing that their phallic power emanates from snark attacks on the Last Waltz. Main exhibit, Jim DeRogatis. Back to Cahoots. Compared to these depressing fools, the record sounds like the Beach Boys in the early 60s.

Subject: why on earth didn't they do it?? The question about the Band's hidden history I most want answered is Who robbed the cradle? Who robbed the grave? No answer came Seriously, this was one of the great missed opportunities in rock history. Maybe a case of Studio Fright to match Stage Fright. I just listened to the song again from A Musical History and even if DDI wouldn't have transformed the Band's career with a hit single, it certainly would have been well worth trying.

Just goes to show you--better to regret something you did do rather than something you didn't. In most cases at least. Celine might have snick in as well I never would have guessed Buble's father was a fisherman Steve: Regarding the Bulwer Open, didn't you state the local rules about three years ago - that it's front nine right-handed, but then we play the back fourty wrong-handed? With of course a stop at the clubhouse in between for a pint of homemade stout and a bovine burger.

Subject: addendum. Subject: you can call me Ray New York State sure has a lot of area codes. They're threatening to impose a second in a year or two, some of us are a little miffed about all the extra fingerwork that's gonna involve. Could be worse, India has more telephones than toilets. I hope they have so much fun they will do a tour. I caught their semi-reunion tour at Wolf Trap in and it was wonderful to see three of the four members onstage together again. It was a great evening and Felix Calaliere came out after the show to greet fans at the edge of the stage something I've never seen another performer do at that venue.

He's one of the best in the business in so many way--and the legacy of The Rascals is one of the richest. He owns a big salmon gillnetter called the "Winning Edge". But anyway, David Foster is responsible for the huge success of Michael You're gonna just have to forget Mulroeny It looks like the area code in the pic is If so it's upstate New York.

If it's it's in Belarus. This link is for you Norm I think that is one of Carol Caffin's photos of Rick. Not sure where though. Whispering Pines: Very good book, particularly for a non Canadian me. Subject: Vocal???????? Michael Buble. I'm not a great fan of Bryan Adams. Have known him many years, when he used to play with Sweeney Todd. He got to be an OK guitar player. But wether you like him or not a lot of people sure in hell do and you can't deny his accomplishments.

And wether you like her or not, writing a score for a movie and singing it with Barbra Stiesand is not a small thing. But it's all different than the music that the run of the mill riff-raff acknowledge here.

So the rest of the world is all wrong. Young Michael Buble, tho' is a voice, as well as being exceptionally good at phrasing, and having rythmn. Like to listen to him, buy can't stand to watch him.

His foot work and spaztick kicks look rediculous. Dlew it don't make no difference what he says. He's a criminal anyways fer chris sake. They all are down there, that's how come they got sent there in the first place Entered at Fri Apr 23 CEST from bas4-toronto The Band, Joni Mitchell, L. Nickleback and Glass Tiger I am proud of my country but no worse feeling than standing at a bar in Berlin and having a bartender say "Ah Nickleback is from there yah?

They did perform several songs together when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inbut outside of that, this is the first time that all of them have played together in 40 years. And he remains deeply respected for his activism on issues from native rights and land mines to the environment and Third World debt, working for organizations such as Oxfam, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Friends of the Earth, and USC Canada.

Funny, I've never associated the sounds Bruce makes with a guitar as picking. It just doesn't adequately describe what's going on. NB: on your scale, around here, mr adams would rate about a 6 alanis morrisette doing you ought know or an 8 rush's Personally to me, he's about a three Alanis morrisette's next album - you know, the prozac one.

But when norm weighs in, I state that merely as an opinion, which carries no weight Excuse Me Mr.! Subject: Oh WOW!! Like we got to be in touch with the universe Everything doesn't need to have a protest or deeper meaning behind it. Some times it actually is, just for the fun. It's not all going to be the, "Eve of Destruction", or the history lesson of "Acadian Driftwood" because, "Robbie" didn't get all the facts straight, and so the song was a total blunder.

But of course now "Bruce" is the master lyricist. Well he's a desent picker, his singing has never done a thing for me You think he sings better than Bryan, well that's your choice. You're in a smaller club. When you see Bryan on the stage, by himself with his acoustic guitar and the crowds he has drawn.

He's paid his dues, so now in his 50's the following he has serves him. Of course they are not all of the calibre of the high brow here Norm,just think how long it would take you to learn that line from Bruce that Sadavid posted, never mind a whole song.

Then you'd have to get someone to tell you what the song is about. Better stick with Bryan. Well I heard it on the street, Heard you might have found somebody new, yeah Well who is he baby, who is he And tell me what he means to you, oh yeah Entered at Fri Apr 23 CEST from vance But God's no fool, Norm -he "summers" in Muskoka.

I know cuz he used to rent a cottage on our lake and have all these thunderingly loud parties. Not sure who he thought he was, but for some reason you couldn't tell the guy anything. Sorry Steve, in no way does this similarity make you "God-like". Have you booked our tee off time yet at the beautiful Bowthayer Golf and Country Club?

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Needless to say, the 2xCD set also features a range of entrees that have been denied a visit to the digital format for far too long. Oh Why? But when you realise they were recorded over eleven years from for five different labels with five different producers, the achievement is even more noteworthy.

So whether your dreams are of world peace, racial integration or simply of finding the perfect lover, you will find something to satisfy you in our collection of dream-themed tracks. A selection of doo wop tunes to remind you how and why it started with doo wop. He excelled at the rockabilly, writing most of his own material.

As for country, he recorded a whole album of Hank Williams songs just for starters and also an album of gospel. A tall imposing figure he was also a bodybuilder with a deep voiceScott's records were often driven by his distinctive acoustic guitar strumming, enjoy them here on this superb 2 disc set.

This superb 3 disc compilation features guitar-based rock from the Shadows, rhythm and blues from Booker T. A perfect gift for that special someone that, like love itself, will endure far beyond Valentine's day. Appointment is subject to ARTC's medical fitness standards relative to the position. ARTC is a drug and alcohol free working environment.

Please forward your application to: Kara Hennessy, Human Resource Coordinator Hunter Valley, [email protected] by close of business on the 4th March For more information regarding ARTC please visit www. Aboriginal children and young people in Out of Home Care come from a variety of life experiences and circumstances and need carers who can support, nurture and care for them. All Carers are required to go through an assessment and training process. If you are interested in becoming a Carer please contact Myimbarr on and request an information pack.

Our next carer training sessions will be held on the 7th and 14th of March. Attendance on both days is compulsory. In this role, you will provide culturally appropriate guidance and counselling to offenders, assisting them to participate in programs and community work by developing strong links with Aboriginal agencies and preparing offender reports for the courts and Adult Parole Board.

This is an Aboriginal Identified Position. Applications are now invited from Aboriginal people interested in being appointed to the Board as Chairperson. Interviews and Checks Interviews will be held between March Time Considerations Board Members will be expected to give priority to the work of the Board and make the time commitment necessary.

Work hours will be negotiated with the successful applicant. Remuneration calculated on an annual basis and commensurate with the number of work hours, will be paid to eligible applicants.

Demonstrated understanding of and capacity to provide strategic advice in relation to the issues impacting on the provision, management and maintenance of Aboriginal housing in NSW. Demonstrated understanding of Black Fella/White Fella - Jimmy Little - Messenger (CD role and accountabilities of statutory advisory Boards and of the Chairperson of such Boards. Demonstrated capacity to communicate across a diverse range of stakeholders including tenants, the Aboriginal community, AHO administration, other agencies and Ministerial contacts, including high level presentation and negotiation skills.

Demonstrated capacity to promote a culture that supports ethical decision making. Koori Mail. We are looking for an experienced practitioner who has a passion for supporting Indigenous employment. You will develop and provide support to job seekers and newly employed people to maintain their employment. To seek a position description or to apply please email: [email protected] For enquiries, please contact Traci McCormick: [email protected] or 03 Please submit a resume and a letter outlining your experience against the selection criteria pg.

Applications close 6 March To apply for this position, please provide by Wednesday 11 March 1. Your current resume, and 2. A cover letter not exceeding two pages demonstrating how you meet the key criteria. We assist traditional owners in realising their aspirations through statutory services, capacity development and advocacy for system reform.

Directors are appointed on a volunteer basis for a one year term, with expenses reimbursed. For further information about this position, please contact: Cath Gracey on 07 or via email. A major component of the position is to plan, prepare, cook and serve meals ensuring appropriate nutritional requirements are met. The position occupant will be required to maintain records, generate reports as well as develop and deliver hospitality programs for young people.

Bimberi Residential Services is looking for a part-time Cook who has the ability to assist in the day to day operations of the kitchen in a youth detention facility. A major component of the position is to prepare, cook and serve meals ensuring appropriate nutritional requirements are met. The position occupant will also be required to deliver hospitality programs for young people.

Prior to commencing in this role, a current registration issued under the Working with Vulnerable People Background Checking Act and an Australian Federal Police check will be required for all applicants.

Note: This is a part-time position working hours per week. Contact Officer: Denise Morris 02 [email protected] Contact Officer: Denise Morris 02 [email protected] For further information, please visit www. These are temporary roles for up to 9 months.

Apply online at: nswhealth. Applications must be submitted online. Please go to www. Reporting to the Director, you will provide extensive administration and project support.

Applying a proven ability to exercise initiative and sound judgement in the delivery of Executive and business support through; effective diary and event management; preparing and collating meeting materials and adhoc project support. You will have a proven track record of planning and managing work in an environment with competing priorities and timeframes. On a day to day basis you will provide broad hands-on support, ensuring the efficient operation of a fast paced business unit.

To be successful in this role you will have effective collaboration and influencing skills at all levels to deliver executive administrative services. You will also be proficient in using the Microsoft suite of software and have excellent verbal and written communications skills Learn more For enquiries regarding this position, please contact Warren Grant, Please ensure your cover letter and resume are uploaded as attachments.

There are no selection criteria to be addressed. Job Status Ongoing Apply now at Jobs. NSW Should you encounter any technical problems, please contact Jobs. NSW helpdesk Job reference I Applicants invited for interview, will be required to complete Psychometric Testing. Please note there is an option to attend a session in our CBD office to assist you in applying for the role. For further information please contact Candice Bell from our Aboriginal Workforce Strategy team on We are able to offer exciting career opportunities to anyone with the skills and dedication to join our case management team.

We are a dynamic service in the process of significantly increasing our capacity to enable us to provide additional care placements for our children, families and communities.

Applications can be lodged online at liveandworkhnehealth. A generous remuneration package plus superannuation, leave loading and including a generous salary sacrificing arrangement will be negotiated.

In this position an applicants race is a genuine occupational qualification and is authorised by section 14 of the AntiDiscrimination act Location: Lismore. Preference will be given to applicants of Aboriginal descent. Exemption is claimed under S21 of the Anti-Discrimination Act Information Packages: Must be obtained prior to completion of the application and is available on request by contacting the office on 02 Previous applicants need not apply.

Salary and conditions in accordance with relevant award. Apply your secretariat expertise to work as part of a business unit team, providing consistent high quality executive and administrative support to ensure the effective operation of the business. Closing Date: 13 March Notice of an application for determination of native title in the state of Queensland Notification day: 11 March For the full application description, assistance or further information about this application, call Michelle Mann on freecall or visit www.

Shared country, shared future. The Voice of Indigenous Australia Z Waradah Aboriginal Centre in the blue mountains is looking for part time employment with possible full time employment opportunities. This is an important meeting for the Bidjara People. Your attendance and participation is strongly encouraged. If current applicants were to be removed, it would need to be determined by the meeting that those persons were no longer authorised by the claim group, or that they had exceeded the authority previously given to them by We regret that we are unable to assist with transport to and from the meeting however morning tea and lunch will be provided.

No Attendance monies or Sitting Fees are payable to Attendees. Grant of Special Prospecting Licences, which authorises the applicant to prospect for minerals for a term up to 4 years from the date of grant. Grant of exploration licences, which authorises the applicant to explore for minerals for a term of 5 years from the date of grant.

The 3 month period closes on 25 May Expedited procedure: The State of Western Australia considers that these acts are acts attracting the expedited procedure. For further information about the act including extracts of plans showing the boundaries of the applicationscontact the Department of Mines and Petroleum, Plain Street, East Perth WAor telephone 08 But the West Australian showcased his class and potential upon his return, highlighted by his four-goal effort against West Coast in the final round.

Burgoyne hopes the outfit will be much stronger when they are next in action — likely to be in two years. Kaylene Pointon, a trainee alcohol and other drugs worker from the Viney Morgan Aboriginal Medical Service VMAMS on the NSW side of the Murray River near Echuca Victoriawants to Notice of an application for determination of native title in the state of South Australia Notification day: 11 March This is an application by a native title claim group who are asking the Federal Court to determine that the group hold native title in the area described below.

Under the Native Title Act Cth there can be only one determination of native title for a particular area. If a person with native title rights and interests does not become a party to this application, there may be no other opportunity for the Federal Court, in making its determination, to take into account those native title rights and interests in relation to the area concerned.

Application name: Dieri No. Description: Application covers about sq km, abutting the eastern shoreline of Lake Eyre and approx. For assistance and further information about this application, call Dianne Drake on freecall or visit www. Notice of an application for determination of native title in the Northern Territory Notification day: 11 March This is an application by a native title claim group who are asking the Federal Court to determine that the group hold native title in the area described below.

Description: The application area covers about 2, sq km and is located approximately 60 km west of Borroloola, NT. For assistance and further information about this application, call Lisa Jowett on freecall or visit www. She said he was well respected within the Indigenous community and last year he developed an Indigenous bowls pilot program and contacted various Indigenous organisations.

Spokesman Gerald Ryan told the Shepparton News that Indigenous people traditionally had great involvement with sports like football and basketball, so his club thought it would try to get them involved in lawn bowls. Participant Shaun Hansen told the Shepparton News he enjoyed it more than he thought he would. Play will be from A practice round will be played on Friday, March The single-stroke hole tournament will be open to men in A, B and C grades, and women. Contact details: Clowry Kennell or the Golf Queensland website for registration forms.

For accommodation and program details, call Clowry Kennell. And it has nothing to do with the Cowboys celebrating their 20th anniversary. However, Thurston said it would depend on whether North Queensland could break a nasty habit and finally hit the ground running in Hayne emerged from the enforced break a better player at the business end of the season, almost guiding the Eels to their first finals appearance since losing the grand final. Hopefully I get that opportunity in the next couple of years.

With the tribunal yet to make its final decision, a number of these players still are on the Essendon list and under temporary suspension. With the findings not expected for another month, the Bombers were threatening to boycott the NAB Cup before this solution was found. At 25, Petrenko has kicked 50 goals from 76 senior games during a seven-year tenure at the top level between and last year with the Adelaide Crows.

Noted as a versatile small man, he has the ability to move up the field and is super hard at the contest. Petrenko is also a livewire around goal with the ability to convert when the opportunity presents. He has speed, played very well at senior level and is hungry. At cm and 81kg, he was originally drafted to the Crows with the 25th selection in the rookie draft after good performances with the South Australian under 18s, despite issues with shoulder injuries.

The match is seen by many people as the start of the football year, with recruiting staff from all 18 AFL franchises watching with a keen eye for the stars of the future. McKenzie was used in an intriguing lead-up marking forward role, and excelled despite his height, kicking a pair of goals for the winners and handing out a couple more. Milera produced a solid game, playing mainly from a wing, while Agius, who is known as a forward, played as a running half back.

Stengle, who moved from Port Adelaide to Oval Avenue this year due to the restructure of the junior programs at Alberton, displayed the capacity to play in all areas of the ground. However, former Melbourne and West Coast rover, and current Gold Coast assistant coach Lovell appears on track to potentially be appointed a senior coach the next time a club has a vacant position.

Lovell played games with Melbourne between before finishing his playing career with the West Coast Eagles, adding another 43 matches until the end of He remained involved at West Coast after retiring as a player, moving into development and assistant coaching roles before taking over WAFL club East Perth in his own right as senior coach. Preliminary final Lovell was in charge of the Royals for the and seasons, making a preliminary final in his first year and then only narrowly missing out on a finals appearance in his last.

Lovell then moved on to Geelong, where he was assistant coach under Mark Thompson for the and seasons before joining St Kilda as development coach for the next three years while also coaching VFL club Sandringham. That was when he made the move to the Gold Coast to be an assistant coach under his former West Coast teammate Guy McKenna, and he has remained there since. Once McKenna was let go at the end of the season, the Suns board whittled down their two options to replace him to former Sydney and Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade, and Lovell.

On top of that, Lovell was appointed coach of the Indigenous All Stars team that played the West Coast Eagles last Friday night in Perth, showing that again he is right in line to become a senior AFL coach before too long.

For Lovell, it was a great honour to coach the Indigenous All Stars team and to be thought of highly enough to be given the honour.

Lovell is making no secret that he is determined to become an AFL senior coach and at 44, he has time on his side, but is happy doing his job with the Suns in the meantime. When living in the US, she never forgot her Australian heritage and while it was possible, she wanted to live in the country for a period to discover where her mother grew up Darwinand then to experience playing basketball in Australia on a full-time basis in the WNBL.

The year-old diminutive but quick, skilful and strong leading point guard then moved to the Sydney Uni Flames for the WNBL season and was able to lead them into fourth position and a finals appearance come the end of the regular season.

Her continued strong form for the Opals and then with the Rangers and now the Flames saw her again on the radar of WNBA clubs, and she has signed up with a Mercury team that is coming off winning the championship.

I was actually drafted by the Phoenix originally, but I was only there for a week. We did a scrimmage against New York and they ended up trading me. The win last week was great in itself, but it was the way the boys played and what the game represented and meant to them that was far more important. But to hear him proudly call out in his native Kamilaroi language to start the cry was the highlight of the week for me. It captured the essence of the week and why the game was created in the first place.

The All Stars game has always been a celebration of our culture. I understand my role in the community. Before the All Stars concept began inThurston was struggling with the captaincy of North Queensland and his standing in the game. Thurston was among the majority in the latter group. That is probably about as much as I knew about where Mum was from. Eventually, they embarked on a pilgrimage to Mitchell, km west of Toowoomba, and home to the Mandandanji and Gunggari peoples for 19, years before European settlement.

They showed us the actual place where they grew up and took us down to the river where they used to fish and swim. Some of my cousins do a fair bit of traditional dancing around Brisbane and also my brother does it in Melbourne, so they had that connection to it, whereas I had never really had that before.

The venue, the teams involved and the scheduling all came under discussion in the days leading up to the match, but as 23, turned up for the fifth edition of the All Stars match, a lot of that was forgotten. Thurston said the turnout made the win all that more special.

Justin Hodges and Inglis did their part for the team too, spending time in the scrum but it was all part of the duty they had to the side. Ben Barba is an Indigenous player who found a spring in his step in the point win and he always had faith the public would get behind the concept. Reuben is also sixth in the all-time list for the NYC with most career tries.

He was born and raised in Townsville and played his junior football with the Centrals Tigers. He returns to north Queensland after four years of playing rugby league in Canberra and Sydney. He is a brother of Townsville local league stalwart Sam Reuben, who still coaches junior rugby league.

He has been in the Roosters system for the past 12 months playing NSW Cup and prior to that was one of the leading players in the under 20s competition. We know he will hit the ground running. The soon-to-beyear-old already knows many of his teammates through his time in the under 20s system and is looking forward to making a statement in the Intrust Super Cup. Bindal chief Jenny Pryor has a big opinion of him.

It is a pride grounded in humility. Our captain, Shaun Burgoyne, epitomised this when the dual premiership player with Hawthorn and three-times premiership winner was named captain of the side. He was voted in as skipper by the Indigenous All Stars squad. I copped a bit of flak, a bit of lip from the boys. Indigenous All Stars after initially not caring which team he played for. The team travelled around Perth during the week for various activities, taking part in a ceremony at Kings Park and also making a trip to Rottnest Island, 20km off the coast of Perth.

They were mobbed by fans everywhere they went. The players were presented with their jumpers at a function on Wednesday night. Hill said the whole week had been a great experience. Some of the big issues facing the Indigenous players were put on the table.

For example, the short time in the game for former Hawks recruit Dayle Garlett was used as a warning of how quickly things could go wrong. Dr Gorman said the AFL clubs had worked hard in recent years to ensure that Indigenous players had the support required in order to succeed. He said the AFL Indigenous camp was about reminding players of the opportunity that they had, and not just to play football. And while some people may see the camp as tokenism, Indigenous players have always had and continue to have unique issues that do not face all AFL players.

But those great champs made the most of their opportunity. And then there is that immense surge of pride that comes with pulling on that jersey. Until Next Time… Keep Dreaming!

They were named at the Imparja Cup gala dinner. Last year they won the Community division and were promoted this year to the Major Centres division. They upset favourites Darwin in the final. The match pitted the inexperienced upstarts Victoria, in just their second Imparja Cup, against the might of seventimes champions NSW. Gardner was in a hurry.

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