Seemingly Endless Time - Death Angel (2) - Sonic German Beatdown - Live In Germany (CD, Album)

Building from the musical structure of thrash metal and early black metaldeath metal emerged during the mids. Blackened death metal is a style that combines death metal and black metal. Examples of blackened death metal bands are BelphegorBehemothAkercockeDissection and Sacramentum. The term is a blend of death metal and rock 'n' roll. The achieved effect is that of death metal's trademark combination of growled vocals and highly distorted detuned guitar riffing with elements reminiscent of s hard rock and heavy metal.

Melodic death metal, also referred to as melodeath or MDM, is a heavy metal music style that combines elements from the new wave of British heavy metal NWOBHM with elements of death metal. The style was developed during the early and mids, primarily in England and Scandinavia. The Swedish death metal scene in particular did much to popularize the style, which soon centered in the "Gothenburg metal" scene in GothenburgSweden.

Technical death metal, often abbreviated to tech death, is characterized by fast, technically complex guitar and drum work, often including sweeping guitar solos. Vocals often adopt the guttural sound of death metal. The music is often dark in nature. Doom metal is an extreme form of heavy metal music that typically uses slower temposlow-tuned guitars and a much "thicker" or "heavier" sound than other metal genres.

Both the music and the lyrics intend to evoke a sense of despair, dread, and impending doom. It combines the slow tempos and pessimistic or depressive mood of doom metal with the deep growling vocals and double kick drumming of death metal. Drone metal, also known as drone doom, began as a derivative of doom metal and it is largely defined by drones ; notes or chords that are sustained and repeated throughout a piece of music. Typically, the electric guitar is performed with large amounts of reverb and feedback[95] while vocals, if present, are usually growled or screamed.

Songs are often very long and lack beat or rhythm in the traditional sense. Drone doom is generally influenced by drone music[95] noise music [95] and minimalist music. Funeral doom is a style of doom metal that crosses death-doom with funeral dirge music. It is played at a very slow tempo, and places an emphasis on evoking a sense of emptiness and despair.

Typically, electric guitars are heavily distorted and dark ambient aspects such as keyboards Seemingly Endless Time - Death Angel (2) - Sonic German Beatdown - Live In Germany (CD synthesizers are often used to create a "dreamlike" atmosphere.

Vocals consist of mournful chants or growls and are often in the background. Sludge metal began as a derivative of doom metalincorporating hardcore punk and elements of Southern rock. Many sludge bands compose slow and heavy songs that contain brief hardcore passages. Drumming is often performed in typical doom metal fashion, but drummers may employ hardcore d-beat or double-kick drumming during faster passages. Vocals are usually shouted or screamed, and lyrics are generally pessimistic in nature.

Suffering, drug abuse, politics and anger towards society are common lyrical themes. New Orleans with its metal scene is often considered as its birthplace. Stoner rock or stoner metal is typically slow-to-mid tempo, low-tuned, and bass-heavy.

Extreme metal consists of a number of related heavy metal music subgenres that have developed since the early s, usually characterized by a more abrasive, harsher, underground, non-commercialized style or sound nearly always associated with genres like black metaldeath metaldoom metalthrash metaland sometimes speed metal. Extreme metal is by definition a counterculture.

Though many extreme sub-styles are not very well known to mainstream music fans, extreme metal has influenced an array of musical performers inside and outside of heavy metal.

Folk metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that developed in Europe during the s. As the name suggests, the genre is a fusion of heavy metal with traditional folk music. This includes the widespread use of folk instruments and, to a lesser extent, traditional singing styles for example, Dutch HeidevolkDanish Sylvatica and Spanish Stone of Erech. The earliest example of folk metal was the English band Golgotha, whose EP Dangerous Games contained a mixture of new wave of British heavy metal and folk styles.

The genre was not further developed, however, until the emergence of another English band, Skyclad. It was not until and that other early contributors in the genre began to emerge from different regions of Europe as well as in Israel.

Among these early groups, the Irish band Cruachan and the German band Subway to Sally each spearheaded a different regional variation that over time became known as Celtic metal and medieval metal respectively. Despite their contributions, folk metal remained little known with few representatives during the s. It was not until the early s when the genre exploded into prominence, particularly in Finland with the efforts of such groups as FinntrollEnsiferumKorpiklaaniTurisasand Moonsorrow.

The music of folk metal is characterized by its diversity, with bands known to perform different styles of both heavy metal music and folk music. A large variety of folk instruments are used in the genre with many bands consequently featuring six or more members in their regular line-ups. A few bands are also known to rely on keyboards to simulate the sound of folk instruments.

Lyrics in the genre commonly deal with mythologyhistory, and nature. Celtic metal is a subgenre of folk metal that developed in the s in Ireland. As the name suggests, the genre is a fusion of heavy metal music and Celtic music. The early pioneers of the genre were the three Irish bands CruachanPrimordial and Waylander. The genre has since expanded beyond Irish shores and is known to be performed today by bands from numerous other countries.

Pirate metal is a subgenre of folk metal that blends heavy metalthrash metaland sometimes speed metal with pirate mythologyand, commonly, elements of sea shanties. The style was influenced heavily by German heavy metal band Running Wild and its third studio album, Under Jolly Roger. Popular Pirate metal bands include AlestormSwashbuckle and Lagerstein.

Pagan metal is heavy metal music that fuses extreme metal with "the pre-Christian traditions of a specific culture or region through thematic concept, rustic melodies, unusual instruments or archaic languages", [] [] usually referring to folk metal or black metal. The Norwegian band In the Woods Bands such as Moonsorrow and Kampfar have been identified as fitting within all three of those genres. Glam metal also known as hair metal or pop metal is the visual style of certain heavy metal bands that arose in the late s and early s in the United States, particularly on the Los Angeles Sunset Strip music scene.

The term Hair bands was popularized by MTV in the s and derives from the tendency among glam metal acts to style their long hair in a teased-up fashion. Many of the bands donned make-up to achieve an androgynous look, similar to that of some s glam rock acts. Gothic metal is characterized as a combination of the dark atmospheres of gothic rock and darkwave with the heaviness of doom metal. Grindcore is a fusion of crust punkhardcore punkand thrash metal or death metal. It is characterized by growling vocals, blast beats, and incredibly short songs with lyrics that are often focused on gore and violence, though sometimes the lyrics can be political.

Grindcore, in contrast to death metal, is often very chaotic, and lacks the standard use of time signatures. Seemingly Endless Time - Death Angel (2) - Sonic German Beatdown - Live In Germany (CD style was pioneered by the British band Napalm Death in the eighties. Deathgrind has been described as "grindcore and brutal death metal colliding head on. Goregrind is a subgenre of grindcore and death metal. Pornogrindalso known as porno grind, porno-grind or porn grind, is a musical subgenre of grindcore and death metalwhich lyrically deals with sexual themes.

Natalie Purcell's book Death Metal Music: The Passion and Politics of a Subculturesuggests that pornogrind is defined solely on the basis of its lyrical content and unique imagery, its focus on pornographic content. Purcell notes that bands like Gut include "simpler, slower, and more rock-like songs". The artwork for pornogrind bands' albums is noted for its extreme and potentially offensive nature, which "would keep them out of most stores". The 21st century also saw the development of "electrogrind" or "cybergrind"[] [] practiced by The BerzerkerBody HammerGigantic Brain and Genghis Tron which borrows from electronic music.

Grunge is a fusion genre of punk rockand heavy metal with elements of alternative rockgarage rocknoise rockhardcore punkhard rocksludge metal and thrash metal. Grunge grew out of the Pacific Northwest U. Industrial metal combines elements of industrial music and heavy metal. It is usually centered around repetitive metal guitar riffs, samplingsynthesizer or sequencer lines, and distorted vocals. Some musicians emerging from the death metal scene, such as Fear FactoryNailbombAutokrator and Meathook Seedalso began to experiment with industrial.

Sepultura singer Max Cavalera 's Nailbomba collaboration with Alex Newportalso practiced a combination of extreme metal and industrial production techniques. An industrial music fan, Obituary guitarist Trevor Peres suggested drum machines for The End Complete[] Obituary's most successful album.

In the early years of the 21st century, groups from the black metal scene began to incorporate elements of industrial music. Mysticumformed in[] was the first of these groups. At its core, Kawaii metal also known as idol metal [] or cute metal [] fuses aspects of heavy metal and J-pop[] [] [] [] however usually uses elements of power metal mixed with industrial metal keyboards and synthesizers, japanese idol aesthetic and vocals, [] shredding guitar solos and flashing drums [] with occasional usage of melodic death metal and post-hardcore unclean vocals and traditional Japanese musical instruments.

Latin metal is a genre of metal music with Latin origins, influences, and instrumentation, such as Spanish vocals, Latin percussion and rhythm such as Salsa rhythm. Prominent bands in this genre include A. Metalcore combines heavy metal and hardcore punk.

Generally, metalcore guitarists use heavy guitar riffs and solos, drummers frequently use hardcore blast beats and double bass drums, and vocalists use a vocal style which includes death growls and screaming. As with Melodic Metalcore, some later bands originating in the 21st century combine both harsh and clean vocals.

A distinguishing characteristic is the " breakdown ", whereby the song is slowed to half-time and the guitarists play open strings to achieve the lowest-pitched sound. Melodic Album) is a fusion genre which combines sounds and traits from melodic death metal with hardcore punkmetalcore and occasionally emo. Melodic metalcore bands have big influences, guitar riffsand writing styles from Swedish melodic death metal band such as At the GatesArch EnemyIn Flames and Soilwork. Many melodic metalcore can have clean singing as their vocals as well as growls and screaming.

It also can feature harmonic guitar riffstremolo pickingdouble bass drums and metalcore -stylized breakdowns. Deathcore combines elements of death metal with elements of metalcore or hardcore punkor both. Mathcore is a rhythmically complex and dissonant style of heavy metal and hardcore punk, though many groups draw mainly from metalcore. Both math rock and mathcore make use of unusual time signatures.

Prominent mathcore groups have been associated with grindcore. Electronicore [] also known as synthcore or trancecore is fusion genre of metalcore with elements of various electronic music genres, [] such as tranceelectronicaand dubstep. Nu metalcore sometimes referred to as nu metal revival or new nu metal [] [] is the fusion genre of nu metal and metalcore that began in the s and gained popularity in the s.

Progressive metalcore also called technical metalcore or ambient metalcore is a fusion of progressive metal and metalcore characterized by highly technical lead guitar" atmospheric " elements, and complex instrumentation. Neoclassical metal, also known as shred metal, is a subgenre that is heavily influenced by classical music in its style of composition.

It uses a very technical style of guitar soloing called shred guitarin which guitarists use cross-picking, sweep picking, and economy picking to play rapid scales and arpeggios. As well, it uses elements borrowed from classical music; including instruments, scales and melodies.

Yngwie J. NDH uses the basic setup of instruments for metal: electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals, along with keyboard, synthesizers, samples and occasionally additional percussion. Emphasis is on a demonstration of predominance, by over-pronouncing certain syllables and letters such as the uvular or alveolar trill. The vocals are thus dominantly presented in deep, male, and clean voice. NDH imagery is often strongly masculine and at times militaristic, depending on the group and the song.

Guitars are tuned low, usually to drop D or C, and are generally heavily distorted. This heavy metal movement takes influences from post-rock. While it is in many ways similar to post-rock, post-metal tends to include lower-tuned guitars, distorted guitar sheavy atmospherics, gradual evolution of song structure, and a minimal emphasis on vocals.

Post-metal stresses emotion, contrasting the ambiance of post-rock with the weight and bombast of metal. Vocals are deemphasized or non-existent, and lyrics tend to be equally abstract — often thematic or philosophical in nature. It is a largely American phenomenon, but also includes some Japanese bands.

Bands like NeurosisIsisCult of Luna and Pelican write lengthy songs typically five or six per album that can range from light and guitar-driven to heavy, drum and bass-driven. Power metal takes influence from heavy metal and speed metal, and often emphasizes clean, melodic, high-pitched vocals, and fast pacing that is mostly driven by double bass drumming and melodic lead guitar.

The rhythm guitar is defined by straight power chord progressions. Sometimes, harsh vocals are used, but usually only as backing vocals. Power metal lyrics usually involve fantasy themes.

The songs often have a theatrical, epic, and emotionally "powerful" sound. The term was first used in the middle of the s [] and refers to two different but related styles: the first pioneered and largely practiced in North America with a harder sound similar to speed metal, and a later more widespread and popular style based in Europe especially Germany, Finland, Italy and ScandinaviaLatin America Argentina, Brazil and Japan, with a lighter, more melodic sound and frequent use of keyboards.

Progressive metal is a fusion between progressive rock and heavy metal. It is one of heavy metal's more complex genres, due to its use of unusual and dynamic time signatureslong compositions, complex compositional structures, and skilled instrumental playing, where instrumental solos are detailed and extended. However, the latest age of progressive metal has favored rougher lyrics and lower-pitched riff sequences with high amounts of strumming.

Vocals, if present, are melodic though there are a few that use unclean vocals Album), and lyrics are often philosophical, spiritualor political.

Many bands of the genre were influenced by the progressive rock bands Rush and King Crimsonwho would often incorporate elements of heavy metal into their music. Djent, also known as djent metal, [] is a musical subgenre that emerged as a spin-off from progressive metal. Typically, the word is used to refer to music that makes use of this sound, to the sound itself, or to the scene that revolves around it.

Space metal blends progressive metal with space rock. Progressive metalcore also called technical metalcore or ambient metalcore is a fusion of progressive metal and metalcore characterized by highly technical lead guitar, "atmospheric" elements, and complex instrumentation.

Speed metal originated in the late s and early s out of the new wave of British heavy metaland was the direct musical progenitor of thrash metal. Influenced by hardcore punkspeed metal is very fast, abrasive, and technically demanding. Symphonic metal most commonly refers to metal bands that use orchestral elements in their music, either through having an actual orchestra, a few classical instruments, or keyboards that simulate the sounds of classical instruments.

Thrash metal is often regarded as the first form of extreme metal. It is generally characterized by its fast tempos, complexity and aggression.

Thrash metal guitar playing is most notable for the "chugging" sound it creates through low-pitched palm muted riffs, and high-pitched shred guitar solos. Drummers often use double-kick and double-bass drumming. Vocals are most often shouted or sung in an aggressive manner. Crossover thrash, often abbreviated to "crossover," [] and sometimes called also "punk metal," is a form of thrash metal that contains more hardcore punk elements than standard thrash.

The genre lies on a continuum between heavy metal and punk rock. The genre is often confused with thrashcorewhich is essentially a faster hardcore punk rather than a more punk-oriented form of metal. Groove metal, also known as neo-thrash, post-thrash, or power groove, consists of slow or mid-tempo and down tuned thrash riffs, bluesy guitar solos, greatly emphasized drum work and harsh vocals that generally consist of screaming, shouting, and raspy singing.

Teutonic thrash metal, or just Teutonic metal, is a regional form of thrash metal that originated in Germany during the s and was heavily influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal.

Teutonic thrash is often considered to be "less thrashy" than regular thrash metal, and the style is known to incorporate raspy vocals, palm muted guitar riffs, and frantic double bass drumming. Traditional heavy metal, also known as classic metal [] or often simply heavy metal, is the group of bands and artists who play a metal music style similar to the style heard before the genre evolved and splintered into many different styles and subgenres.

It is not generally categorized as a subgenre of metal, but the main genre of it. More recently in the s, the term "new wave of traditional heavy metal" often abbreviated as NWOTHM has been used to describe a new wave of bands with a newly found interest in the style, particularly the late 70s and early 80s new wave of British heavy metal variant that has influenced speed metal and power metal ; some of these bands are indeed a mixture of these genres while combining more elements of the classical sound, or mimic the style at the time that would soon evolve into them.

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