Я думаю о вас - Various - Время Наших Песен 3 (CD)

Aphonic Threnody - "First Funeral". The fourth full-album of Imbaru soon will be released in the Russia! Now it is the actual time to report joyful news for fans of the melancholic works Imbaru Я думаю о вас - Various - Время Наших Песен 3 (CD) for other judges of beautiful and distinguished music with authentic motives of the Latin American folk - a premiere of the fourth full-album of this interesting one-man project from Chile!

The album "Eternos en la Pradera" as well as all other creations of Ca minante Silencioso is available now and to free downloading! Well and of cour se, friends if you liked this release, you can soon get it through the Russian label of GS Production. Date of an exit of an album is still unknown so watch news! Download "Eternos en la Pradera". We should discuss many questions concerning rich creative life of these musicians, friends and simply good guys, and also the near-term outlooks of collectives on which both have a direct bearing.

This interview is mainly dated for a new release of Arcana Coelestia that is a group which was personaly collected Marco - one from heroes of our evening and I want to hope for possibility of further conversations withand so far we move forward!

Hi, Marko, today are you the central figure in the our talking or still someone from your companions on a scene too wishes to join in conversation? M: Yes, me and Roberto be will ready to answer on your questions.

Well, then we will begin from a quotient and gradually we will come to the common. Where will bring our conversation still it isn't Я думаю о вас - Various - Время Наших Песен 3 (CD) but actually it is faced by enough questions to which it should answer Roberto Mura - your workmate in many projects.

How your roads were crossed? After few years of rehearsals and then line up changes we formed Urna our another project as a duo, where i compose all the music and with Roberto in the role of singer and lyrics writer. You light up my days And fill my nights with song. I've seen million faces And I've been around million places I've seen a lot of good, and I've seen a lot of bad things, But something, i know, is watching me.

I have never learn for fears, And i never ever need for tears, Love is in my heart and get highs me from a darkness. Something watches over me.

I've seen million ages, And I've seen a World go for changes, Hurt a lot of good, and heart a lot of bad But something over is watching me. I've never walk to seer, And i never asked truth to be, Lite is in my heart and get save me for darkness, Something watches over me. Vorbei feat.

Dann hab ich gezielt Und viel zu scharf getroffen. Wir haben uns besetzt, eingesperrt, bekriegt und viel zu oft verletzt, niemand hat gesiegt. Vorbei, wir sind frei, alle Worter ziehn vorbei, ein letzter Schrei reist unser Herz entzwei.

Unser Krieg ist vorbei. Die Hoffnung ist verbrannt, nur noch Ruinen, wir haben uns verrannt, uberall Minen, wo alle unsere Ziele in Trummern liegen, auf dem Schlachtfeld der Gefuhle, ruhen wir in Frieden. Vorbei ich bau die Liebe neu Vorbei Ich hab nichts zu verliern, ein neuer Tag wird mich fuhrn und bewegt mich langsam in einen neuen Anfang.

Meine Seele schreit auf, doch ich lauf durch den Rauch. Ich will keine Я думаю о вас - Various - Время Наших Песен 3 (CD) mehr, denn ich fuhle mich nur schwach und leer!!! Gib mir mein Herz zuruck - ohman, ich werd verruckt, du wirst mich nie verstehn, ich will dich nie mehr sehn.

Wir hatten schone Zeiten, wir waren schon so weit, und plotzlich brach alles zusammen, und wir waren nur noch am Streiten. Die letzte Zeit mit dir, das war ein Fight mit dir, das war kein Streit mehr - das war Krieg! Und was uns bleibt, am Ende ist das Schlachtfeld der Gefuhle. Keiner hat gesiegt. Wir sind frei, alle Worter ziehn vorbei, Unser Krieg ist vorbei Ich bleib dem Morgen treu Und bau die Liebe neu Explain the Universe Hauss We gonna talking Buy 'Transition State'.

Listen Online. Sylvan Circle on LastFM. The Cold View. Stigmhate - New song is available for streaming! Check out for the latest updates. Good music has such surprising feature to penetrate in the most unknown thickets of a soul and to bewitch by the incredible power which is unique if to adopt its actual value from the point of view of assistance to spiritual growth of the personality. But for Lynn Stokes and Sol Surfers that phase came long ago marking disclosure not only their creative opportunities, but also that spiritual maturity that comes under the influence of desire to create sincere and deep artifacts of the art.

About this collective from Texas don't go legends, but music which they performe Я думаю о вас - Various - Время Наших Песен 3 (CD) stand on one pedestal near with heroes of classics rock like Pink Floyd and Bob Dillan. I was pleased sincerely with that today we will have a good opportunity to know much better about these not well-known, but talented and skilled musicians. Good day, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed I have absolute confidence in that our dialogue will be very interesting for everybody who knows your music or for those who wants to get acquainted with it.

Despite that about your band so little information you seem very solid. There were different musicians on each recording project. I live in Texas so there are a lot of very talented Я думаю о вас - Various - Время Наших Песен 3 (CD) if many genres to work with. All of my CD's have been personal projects that I conceive and then collaborate where needed. This was in and with the advent of the internet I was able to research and find incredible historical songs, old sea chanteys of which only the lyrics survived to modern times.

This allowed me the freedom to create melodies and music for these lyrics. I listened to existing recordings of modern artists who perform sea chantey music to get a feel for the genre. The lyrics are very emotional and the themes are potent and sometimes crude or harsh and brutally honest. Now explain to us one interesting thing from Я думаю о вас - Various - Время Наших Песен 3 (CD) biography.

Lynn Stokes and the Sol Surfers is a single, indivisible whole? Sol Surfers was a band I formed in after I began writing my own songs, music and lyrics.

I had a burst of creativity in and so I recorded my first, all original CD titled "Sol Surfers" and began performing them in live settings, clubs, etc. So, no, Lynn Stokes and Sol Surfers is not an unchanging entity. I have had many musicians play in Sol Surfers over the years. Everyone who heard your music, notes the similarity of the legendary Pink Floyd. What do you think? Well, I have to admit that when discussing the project with Roland Perez who did all of the keyboard work, we discovered that we were both Pink Floyd fans and we decided that was a good vibe to shoot for.

So a lot of the keyboard stuff is definitely Pink Floyd inspired. Having said that, I really don't see it as sounding that much like Pink Floyd myself so I was kind of surprised and the comparisons in the reviews.

I enjoyed it to a certain extent, being such a fan of Pink Floyd. I have been criticized by some for sounding too much like Pink Floyd, but in general most of the reviews have been positive. On the your official website presented your music awards.

Tell please more about it? Once I had recorded "Terra Nocturne" I thought I had a pretty good piece of artistic music so I began marketing by simply sending the CD to various music organizations. If I am not mistaken, one fine day you happened to get acquainted with Bob Dylan? Tell about this curious episode of the your musical career? In I was in a country rock band called Creed Taylor and the Travellers. That was really a highlight of my career. We got to meet Bob back stage before the show.

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