Welcome To My World - Exiled Genesis - The End Of All Things (CDr, Album)

In his first album there are various praises of Islam and indications of his passion for the religion. Despite this recognition, the album achieved little success. Twista dropped the "Tung" off of his name for his second album, Resurrection, which was never released outside of some parts of Chicago. On the album he disses Treach of Naughty By Nature, who had stated that Twista's style was all show and no content.

Twista's local notoriety grew in the underground mixtape circuit, as he was featured on several Chicago rap mixtapes, notably Chibangin, alongside unsigned artists like Psychodrama, Triple Darkness and DA Smart. Inhe teamed with fellow Chicago act Do or Die on the track "Po' Pimp;" the track became a hit single, leading to a contract with Atlantic Records.

He released Adrenaline Rush to critical acclaim, gaining some recognition in other parts of the midwest. Around this time, he and Do or Die began a bout of diss tracks against Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, who accused Chicago acts of stealing their fast-rapping style.

This was followed by Mobstability in Twista then formed his own Legit Ballin' label, which has released two compilation albums: Legit Ballin' in and Legit Ballin' Vol.

The label later released Respect The Game, Vol. Twista's reputation in rap circles led to work with some other midwestern acts, such as Royce da 5'9" and Da Brat, and southern acts like Timbaland and Ludacris as well as an appearance on P. His album, Kamikaze, went platinum on the strength of two singles produced by the Roc's Kanye West.

Though Atlantic would not release him from his contract, Dame tried to negotiate a joint venture and made Twista an honorary member of the Roc-A-Fella roster. Twista's next album, The Day After, was not as commercially or critically successful and showed a notable lack of Kanye West production. He recently reunited with Kanye for the Mission Impossible III soundtrack, and plans to release his next album titled Adrenaline Rush sometime in He and Christina Milian wrote a song titled "Lose Your Love" for her third album So Amazin', but in the end, it was cut before the release.

However, it is heavily rumored to be on Adrenaline Rush Twista will be featured on Mikie Da Poet's new album. He is best known as a pioneer of the sub-genre of hip hop known as "crunk" a combination of elements of Bounce Music, Southern hip hop and bass music. Lil Jon also hosted a radio show on BET. He worked for So So Def between and He has been married since November 4th He has one son, who plays hockey. The group had an enormous impact on the development of hip hop through the s and is credited with breaking hip hop into mainstream music.

The three members of Run-D. Early history "Run" Simmons is the brother of hip-hop legend Russell "Rush" Simmons, and entered the hip-hop scene by DJing for his brother's first big act, Kurtis Blow. He shared his experiences on stage with Darryl McDaniels, one of his best childhood friends. The pair began performing at an underage club in Hollis, and remained in contact as they went off to college - Run to LaGuardia Community College and Darryl to St.

John's University. The group soon found its way onto MTV. They became the first rap act to have a music video played on MTV and their self-titled debut album was the first rap album to go gold. On their first major U. Their mainstream success continued as the group performed at the famous US Live Aid concert inand their album Raising Hell became the highest-selling rap album in history this record was later broken as rap gained more popularity with artists like Notorious B.

G and scrunkreaching number 3 on the Billboard album charts and selling over 3 million copies. The song was the first hip-hop track to make the Top 10 on Billboard's singles charts. Run-DMC was renowned for breaking new ground in rap music. Run-DMC became the first rap act with a platinum album and multi-platinum album, as well as the first rappers to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and to receive a Grammy nomination. They were also only the 2nd rap act to appear on American Bandstand, the first being The Sugarhill Gang in Contrary to popular belief, they were not the first rap act to appear on Saturday Night Live.

That distinction belongs to the rap group Funky Four Plus One, who appeared on February 14, and performed their biggest hit "That's the Joint. The group's three members began pursuing separate careers after the comeback, but continued to perform and tour together, including a summer tour co-headlining with Aerosmith.

Jam Master Jay was shot and killed by a fellow musician in a recording studio in Queens, New York on October 30,and the group officially retired from performing shortly thereafter.

Aerosmith was one of many bands to pay their respects and contribute to a fund to help find the killer. When the commercial aired in the winter ofa dedication to Jam Master Jay was appended to the initial airings of the commercial. After his grandmother Matt Lou's death, he remained in Atlanta, particularly in west Atlanta's old 4th Ward. Jenkins dropped out of school in the 8th grade and began dealing drugs despite opposition from his mother.

He admits not having a good relationship with her when he was younger; however the two are now on good terms. Jenkins spent a lot of time with his friends Mel Man and Gold Mouth while growing up. Both Mel Man and Gold Mouth are now imprisoned and serving federal time. Jenkins mentions the two in several songs and how their imprisonment has affected him deeply. Jenkins started off as just a background player in the music industry. He began running his own independent label Corporate Thugz Entertainment and doing promotional work for Cash Money Records.

Soon after, he began rapping and releasing underground mixtapes that were very popular in Atlanta. The popularity of his mixtapes like Tha Streetz is Watchin set off a fan frenzy. With the release of possibly his most popular mixtape ever Trap or Die, success was inevitable. He played himself in the episode Coolio Runnings of the animated comedy Duckman. In fact, according to the DVD commentary, the producers of Futurama were so impressed by his range of voices, that they said he could do voice-over work professionally.

Coolio starred in the made-for-TV movie Draculain which he played a space-faring stoner named He made another television movie appearance as a military officer in the horror film Pterodactyl.

He performed the themesong for the TV show Kenan and Kel, where he was featured in most of the song. Those memories, indeed! So you in were like Thilony, My 8-year old schoolmate of Marekrek Coy, Who in competition against a platoon of same eating brads, Bent over and found himself among the beans in the simmering bottom of the cooking drum taller than him. With his feet almost cooking, he cried out for reinforcement, Malangdie!

My spoon! Which in the struggle had shot the other side over the drum. My History Teacher, tell me any bitter fun of the sort. Ah, youre a traumatizer! While on sentry, he smelt it from his enemy counterpart. Tempted, he crawled to him and begged, raising his gun butt, Ya Kui, kuplei lugma bas mn khashmek! Lah, mushkilatna de mn siyasiin!

Meaning Hi Bro, just puff at me one of your cheekfuls, Nay, this war of ours is from politicians. He got it and came back breathing bhangi. Those are heroes of our peace. Comrade Col. O, tell what happened then? I heard you defected, why? Ah, Jesh Ahmr, mind your words, And your business Welcome To My World - Exiled Genesis - The End Of All Things (CDr well.

You said defected? Congratulations, Gen. Do you know? As your birthday clocks ninety On a death day of a nine-year-old among ninety In Sudan, where your AK47 was fatally mine when I was 11, That your invention complicated our convention: both of ? Have been issued with this permit, To pass through any territory Without delay or hindrance.

They have also been armed With all types of guns and ammos, To shield off any aggression, While executing their mission. Any reinforcement offered to them, Shall not be interfered with. And if done so, it shall be regrettable.

This orders come From Above. John Locke - English philosopher. Second Treatise on Civil Government. Your Ex-cellency, mind you, This letter is the last in our series of complaint, And this marks the beginning of the end of warning, Not forgetting the news that our forces are warming, Warming up against any proxy war with zero restraint.

However, for Your Ex-cellency's info, this isn't that time You used your Commander-in-Thief to administer a dime, To partition our nation into Chiefdom of Militialand against Civiland. Finally, restrain your marauding stooges Before they undergo the wrath of this Land in stages. Their revolution is the greatest in human history. They seek an end to injustice, tyranny, and exploitation.

More than an end, they seek a beginning. John Fitzgerald Kennedy - U. Out of Egypt at last! To those in the north forcefully camped, Are you aware of the boomerang? If you in the north live in despair, Here is your last chance for repair. For your endless suffering's reparation Is the ongoing drive for separation. Why then are you now desperate When you are able to be separate? Now we have all the findings.

Just for your last glad tidings From the very mouth of Gabriel, To pack your bags back to modern Israel! Or are you no longer able to accept That you are at last out of Egypt?

Time, time up for treason To be committed without prison. Here, hear we're free to shout Poem 22 Without being told "shut up before you are locked up"!

We're in the bush no longer monkeys; son. We're in the town no longer donkeys, For we own the door keys for eternity, S ea. And modernity and prosperity of our posterity. By voting for secession in succession, We are putting to an end our oppression, The end of suppression by the beginning of separation.

We are doing this in the season, The season now ripe for our reason. We, the auto-government of the Republic of Ruralia, Voicing the will of the democratic public of Ruralia, Are writing to your Theocratic Union of Urbania. Our grievances are on the following discontentment: Firstly, your purely autocratic Government of Urbania, Has solely dishonoured and condemned the document That we all signed and codenamed "Bible of Peace".

You've violated its gospel, the cause of our fatal disagreement; Wealth: You're feeding our autonomous nation with ration apiece. In your annual tour, compare our city Metropollutant of Ruralia With its posh sister city of Urbania, proudly dubbed Metropolitania. All our resources, on our watching, are consumed up in Urbania.

Our intellectuals and workforce are abundant but redundant. Henceforth, right here, we demarcate to be independent! You are busy strategizing to turn Ruralia into Somalia: Yourselves landlords, creating warlords, tribal militia, And bribing our politicians to speak out your voice, And turning our villages into large ghettos of slum, And our own towns into large cities of Islam. With these experiences, we've no choice, But t' ask, demand, fight for our voice. They oft' say the end justifies the means, We, Ruralians, must reform all our ruins; The first option: thru the ballot, Last action: bullet!

That's why I invite you now For an exodus to in masses exit. I know you do not know That you are the wall of the great Jericho, The human shield around that blazing snow, In which you do not hear any external echo. I know you do not know That the political geckos cram you into social ghettos, In tomb-shaped structures like terraces of potatoes, Easier for indoctrination with their Shari'a law.

I know you do not know That we have already resolved in the South, To part way with those turbaned cartoons of the North, Who force your women to dress like our war widow. How about those guys? How about those ones? How about those other guys I see with their heads wedged among aliens?

How will they be? Will they not have their testicles sliced off like the proverbial man who had wedged his head into the elephants carcass stomach? Better, better the elephant hunter, for he avenged himself with his sharp spear? How about you, what will you avenge yourselves with? Eh, count me out if! Akutkuei Music Group.

How About Those Ones? Translated from Dinka by the author. I tell you, Mr Wheat- ley, that if I had to live in conditions like that I would be a revolutionary myself. George V - British monarch. On being told Mr. Wheatleys life story. Another USA on Earth? From African readers To African leaders P. Box 1, Metrocity, Africountry. Your Ex-cellencies, Re: Reaction to the project United States of Africa We do not attend your chronic Africa summits With you in the conference halls, We do attend 'em in camera holes, And we know every idea each politician submits.

Well, will it put death to dearth? Maybe in America, But not here in Africa. Can a man, Dinka, marry a Mandinka? That unity which has not its origin in the multitude is tyranny. Dear Heavenly Father, Are You aware of deals going Album) That a man claiming to be your lawyer, A man famous as an acclaimed liar, Is condemning me to hell on earth, That I brought life out of wrong birth?

Are You aware of the Final Judgment going on here? Dear Almighty father, Are you aware of his all mighty feather, A crown with which he coerces the crowd, In the name of Your Law into a fire cloud, Of the early judgment into earthly hell, May you please check the powers of his spell? Dear Holy Father, Are you aware that he has gone further To bring all but me to book, While it's clear from my book and his look, That I blasphemed not against my God's, That I committed this sacrilege against his Guts, Are You aware of the Final Judgment going on here?

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By any sensible standard, this war should be stopped, Hamdi agreed. Band - Six Million Times B. Trike - B. Trike B. Express - Non Stop B. Express - Shout! Is Dead Long Live B. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell C. Catch - Catch The Catch C. Stone - Infinity 12" C.

Lord - C. Lord C. Banhart- Nino Rojo Deviants - Ptooff! Whitney Mode Modo Monster Warner Bros 2. Various Artists Walt Records 3. Dutch East 9. Warner Bros 6. Warner Bros 2. Surfin' M. Caroline 1. Season Of Mist 6. Capitol 2.

And luckily the Divi Community itself is something special, you said that, I think maybe before we went live, you said you love the Divi Community. It is something special, it just attracts good people.

But I have two thoughts on that. One is that everything rises and falls on leadership. So you as the leader of any sort of group, you have to Album) the precedents, which kind of goes back to the five points that we talked about. So people are going to see the leader and they generally kind of act like the leader a lot.

So as somebody who is running a community, people are going to have their own personalities and stuff, but you set the precedent, and that goes back to like staying involved. And I love that quote because it really resonated with me. It was showing up, it was being helpful… Even though the group has changed at a higher level now compared to what it was when we just had a few hundred members and it was a lot easier to be really engaged, the core is still there. Even when I jump in there occasionally and people see the owner of their group giving a free snippet of code or some free advice, it still looks really good and that really sets the precedent.

So, yeah [crosstalk ], yeah. And tell us about how you got into it and really grew it out. So I started doing that and then… I will say for anyone who wants to produce content, one thing that I did that really helped from the get go was I did a tutorial a week for 12 weeks. I gave myself some light at the end of the tunnel, so I was able to commit to 12 tutorials, take my time with those, and those first few months of doing tutorials blew up my brand.

So I was doing tutorials, building up my YouTube channel, building up my site with the blog. And then my whole goal after that… Because I was still running my web design business but I was scaling it so I did it on kind of a low level the first year, I was just doing it essentially part-time, maybe 10 to 15 hours a week I would invest in doing a tutorial in the Facebook group. But then it started getting bigger and bigger and then I started offering layouts that I did with Divi. So if I came up with a team page layout, I would package it up and offer it on my site as just a cheap product basically.

But what I realized was I really enjoyed the teaching aspect, and then long story short, at this point, my first daughter was born and we spent 56 days in the NICU, the Newborn Intensive Care Unit with her, so I had to really reevaluate what I was doing. I basically put everything I was doing with JoshHall.

But funny enough, at that time, my YouTube channel got featured on the Elegant Themes blog by another contributor, and then I looked at my subscribers and they like doubled, they went from like 1, to like 3, And to answer your question, you wonder what the first course was? My first course was how to create a website maintenance plan for recurring income for web designers. And the reason I was so passionate about that was because our maintenance plan was one of the things that got us through the NICU.

Luckily I had the team at that point, but our maintenance plan was basically paying our bills through that time, the recurring income I had with my clients for hosting and maintenance. I built the course out and then I launched that in, I think, August of And it went really, really well, I think I had almost signups for the first pre-order and launch phase and I got such good feedback on the course that really, it was all downhill from there, man, I was a full blown course creator right then.

And then once the new year came around inI went on a tear, I did like four courses in a few months. So, at that point, my lead designer for my agency was really taking off and able to handle a lot of that, so I almost went like full blown course creation. Wow, that is such a cool story. So that was the big thing for me, I actually just always liked teaching too. Before all this happened, I was actually an advisor, I still am an advisor to a local high school media program.

And years ago, they would send me in like once a quarter for a full day and I would have a couple of students and I would just show them how to do websites and some basic design stuff, and that really got the itch for me to do that on a bigger level. Now then, it was like one to one or two students who were maybe halfway interested. Most students were just wanting to learn video game design and they would just kind of space out, whereas I had some students in there that were all about it. And when I found the students that were all about it, that just lit me up, it was like the favorite thing I had done to that point.

So when I started doing courses, I realized it was like those few students I had back then, but it was like hundreds of them. So yeah, that was the initial it, and then it just kind of grew from there. I wanted to dig in for the WordPress freelancers and agency people listening to this. Well, first off you need to think about your clients because you got to think about the benefit for the client. So you got to think about your client, you have to think of the benefit for them.

So you have to think about it for the client and really highlight the benefits. As far as the plan itself, I would say, trying to think of a good way to recap this, I would say limit the amount of tools that you use in your toolbox.

The next big thing is the extra platforms for the maintenance plan. So you want to have something that is going to be trusted, and that really handles all the main aspects for like updates, for plugins, basic optimization.

With ManageWP, you can do reporting, which is huge, keeping in touch with the clients is absolutely huge, and then you can do backups and stuff like that.

And then as far as kind of a fifth thing, I would really, really encourage everyone to be proactive in keeping in touch with their clients apart from just sending reports, like really nurture those relationships. And the really cool thing about maintenance plans is not only does it end the feast and famine, but it keeps you from having to sell every day or every week. It probably goes back to what I said earlier, which is consistency.

I just consistently pumped out Divi tutorials which really elevated my exposure on YouTube and my website. But consistency, consistency is a big one. And how did podcast enter the conversation? Because you started with blogging and guest blogging and YouTube, when did the podcasts roll on the scene and why?

Yeah, SoI had just went through releasing a bunch of courses together and at that point I had like six courses and I was working on my next course, which was going to be the biggie, which is my business course.

But also I knew as a podcast listener, there was something about podcasts that builds likeability, trust and just a lot of other aspects that are to get with videos, particularly like tutorial videos. So once I got my business course done, I knew I wanted to get going on the podcast. So I invested in that, it was a big investment, but I went through that course and it rocked my world, it really helped set me up.

So went through that course, it really helped set me in motion to have a successful podcast [inaudible ] start. Trustability, I just made up a word.

Howling Moon - Sabbatik Goat - Opus Satannica (CDr), Pride Of The Summer (Live) - Runrig - Beat The Drum (CD), Su Ta Gar - Su Ta Gar Zuzenean (DVD), Carry On (Vocal) - The Inspirational Stars - Marys Little Lamb (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rakset Wadad - Naif Agby & His Orchestra - El Debke: Music Of The Middle East (Vinyl, LP), Summer Of Drugs - Various - Sweet Relief (A Benefit For Victoria Williams) (Audio Profile) (CD, Albu, Lažu Oči Moje - Colonia - Lažu Oči Moje HRF 2009 (CD), Funking Song - Sugar Minott - Funking Song (Vinyl), Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin - Remasters (CD), Suara Hatiku - NIke Ardilla - 20 Best Slow Vol. 2 (Cassette), Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band* - Strictly Personal (Vinyl, LP, Album), Shut Up / And Sleep With Me/ - Various - Lady In Pink - A Collection Of Extravaganza Hits Vol.1 (CD), Me And You - One Way System - All Systems Go (CD, Album)