Vox (5) - The Famous Four / One Ugly Child (Vinyl)

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Petersburg to start a new life. Who put Nowheria out and how was that album released? I put it out. I know you all are prepping for the release of a new album at this point. Did you all try anything radically new or different when it came to the songwriting or recording of this album? What can our readers expect from the new full-length? When and where was this material recorded? What mediums is this album going to be released on? Is it going to be a CD release or are you all hoping to do some wax?

The new thing is that we recorded songs I prepared for my solo project Squirting Heart, which is a one-man band. Other new influences you can hear are funk and western. Nowheria was an integral, conceptual album. We invited different musician to help us with instruments like banjo, organ, sax, harp, etcetera.

That was a cool new experience! It was recorded in as the soundtrack for short movie about Siberia that we tried to shoot. Other than the upcoming album obviously, does Bungalow Bums have any releases in the works or on the horizon at this point? Dear Americans, you can find everything on our Bandcamp or SoundCloud pages. As for copies… It may be available on vinyl on one good old German label specializing in psych, prog and stoner music; at least we hope so!

What about our international and overseas readers? I hope they exist, ha-ha. I talk with everyone who interested in our music. I will answer everyone who wants to talk. Are there any major goals that Bungalow Bums are looking to accomplish in ?

The main goal is the release of Lawless Days in Reservation. The tentative release date is September tenth. Do you all spend a lot of time out on the road touring? Do you enjoy touring?

We were active during to and it was the best time. Do you remember what the first song that Bungalow Bums ever played live was? When and where would that have been at? We performed it live for the first time at the Blow-Up Party Vol. It was in Omsk of course. Do you all give a lot of thought to the visual aspects that represent the band Vox (5) - The Famous Four / One Ugly Child (Vinyl) a large extent to people who might not have ever heard you all before, like flyers, posters, shirt designs and covers?

Do you all have anyone that you usually turn to in your times of need when it comes to those kinds of things? If so, who is that and how did you originally get hooked up with them? For example, both the photos for Nowheria were by me. But we also remember music is the main thing.

Some new garage and psychedelic bands concentrate too much on sub-cultural art or fashion, forgetting about the quality and originality of the music. Some of them are made by our friend Olya Dyer who now plays in the popular Manchester neo-psych band The Underground Youth Interview heresome of them are made by our alco-friend Eugene Mexxx Mikhalchenko of NakedDesign.

Do you have a preferred medium of release for your own music? If so why? I prefer SoundCloud or Bandcamp just because everyone uses those services. As for new music, I look for it on a popular Russian social network called Vkontatke.

By the way, we have a pretty strong community there, about members. Do you have a music collection at all? If so can you tell us about it? Of course, I have a little vinyl and cassette collection from my childhood, and lots of digital music. I grew up around what I would consider a pretty sizable collection of music and there was always something magical about being able to wander over to the shelves of music and pull something at random off the shelf, pop it into the player, stare at the artwork, read the liner notes and let it all transport me away to another world.

Do you have any such connection with physically released music? Music should continue to be released physically. Digital music has taken care of that problem almost overnight. I can carry as much music on my phone as I could have in said duffle bag at this point ha-ha!

As an Vox (5) - The Famous Four / One Ugly Child (Vinyl) during the reign of the digital era, how do you feel about digital music and distribution? The dark side is that listeners have become fed up with new music.

Overall I think that digital formats and the internet helps young and unknown musicians to share their art with other people. No matter how many listeners you have, one hundred or one thousand or one million, you just spread your art and find some people who like it. Which I think is the main thing for every artist. As for the symbiosis of digital and physical music, I think an ideal situation is when somebody picks their pearls from among digital downloads and then orders physical copies for thier own private collection.

I try to keep up with as much good music as I possibly can. I spend more time than I would like to admit listening to music online and looking for new cool music out at the local shop but a lot of the best tips that I get comes from musicians such as you. Is there anyone from your local scene or area that I should be listening to I might not have heard of yet? Cheers from the Russian North-West! What about nationally and internationally? You mean new bands? Thanks so much for taking the time to get through this monster of an interview.

I like all the people who try to help each other with their art and I try to do it myself. In short: live where you want to live, do the things you want to do, help carry each other and forget about all the borders between people! Our bungalow is always open for any people and any new ideas. Best wishes from these wild Nowherian bums! Klemen Breznikar October 2, Klemen Breznikar October 1, Up All Night.

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