Surf Addict - Various - Innocence Is Bliss (A Female Frenzy Of Sensational Sounds!) (Vinyl, LP)

A truly gorgeous album that I can't recommend highly enough! The original studio sessions were first presented as rough mixes to various people very close to the band at the time, and one of those people fortunate enough to have received one of the demo cassettes was living in Louisiana and was able to preserve that tape over the years. That cassette is the source for the studio sessions released on Spirit of Revelation in their final form herein, and provides a different perspective on the core songs of Heyoka as far as how they were mixed, the lead guitar takes, etc.

This live recording of the track is the only surviving example of it from the active period of the band. The other tracks are gathered from various sources and give you more of a clear picture as to what the band was about both in the studio and live— playing their top caliber originals mixed with select covers, usually cuts by artists such as Pink Floyd, Rush, or Jethro Tull among others.

Presented in a digipak with foldout mini poster-insert, limited to only copies, all songs and alternate studio versions, are for the first time released on CD. First one in the Texas Rock Dyamonds Series.

For fans of: Prism, Trillion, 70s Kansas, 70s Styx. Their Dead Man album is one of the greatest American Hard Rock albums of the early 70s and deserves all the cult status it has been given all these years. The band resurfaced in the late 70s and then again in the late 80s, recording sporadically never abandoning their Bluesy Hard Rock roots. In the new millennium when everyone was thought the band was history, Josefus hits the stages again and keeps to this day active.

This collection of rare material starts with 4 demo tracks fromplus selected live cuts mostly fromwhere we can see the power of the band revived and refreshed after 5 decades of existence. Presented in a 6-panel Digipak and limited to only copies! Second in the Texas Rock Dyamonds Series. They built a reputation for high energy performances and inthey recorded their lone album and one year later the "Bomb Iran" single.

Like so many great bands of the late 70s, they quickly vanished, leaving a short but impressive legacy. Presented in a revamped cover, on a 6-panel digipak with rare photos and band history, remixed and remastered from the original tapes. Includes the rare single "Bomb Iran" as bonus tracks. But those are just the building blocks. Along with the spot-on harmonies, you might Surf Addict - Various - Innocence Is Bliss (A Female Frenzy Of Sensational Sounds!) (Vinyl various echoes—but these are not pastiches.

This, their fourth album, is probably their strongest, as the lead vocals of Matt Rendon are more self-assured than ever. The set commences with two tracks by the Beefeaters, first with the gyrating and thumping intensity of 'Don't Hurt Me,' followed by 'Change My Mind.

Like all of the entries in the series, the highly colorful packaging is designed by Nicole Ruhl Fichera and on this occasion features a front cover photograph of Yesterday's Children, who are included in this set. The inner sleeve includes well-researched liner notes written by Steve Kaplan and Matt Wendelken which provide helpful biographical information about the bands and their songs.

Small drill hole near bar code. Despite the fact that at least half Surf Addict - Various - Innocence Is Bliss (A Female Frenzy Of Sensational Sounds!) (Vinyl this CD was never intended for public consumption, the music holds up startlingly well. The sound varies wildly, from crisp, professionally recorded source tapes to booming, out-of-balance demo tracks. The second disc consists of demos cut in andrespectively, by the Smokin' Bananas and the Intruders. The former try very hard to sound like the Beatles especially on their vocalswhile the latter have a more brittle, blues-based sound.

Strong melodies, great playing and sympathetic production, make for a must own collection of songs. But after the Dead Boys, Bators embarked on a musical journey that saw him touch upon new wave the Wanderersgoth rock the Lords of the New Churchand power pop during a brief solo careeras well as a fling with movie acting.

Born Steve Bator on October 22,in Youngstown, OH, Bators took a liking to garage rock and proto-punk early on -- a story he liked to tell is that it was he who handed Iggy Pop the jar of peanut butter that he smeared across his chest and threw around while walking on the audience during the Stooges' televised infamous rock festival in Ohio additionally, Bators befriended the Ramones during the quartet's first Ohio performance.

Includes never before heard bonus tracks!! What's He Done Lately? The result is considerably more fuzzed than their previous work with Detroit producer Jim Diamond but still pummels.

The main characteristic of this album is its heat. Analog from start to finish. Recorded to tape. Mixed to tape. And from tape the wax was cut. This record sounds hot! Their sole album dates from and was released only in an inner sleeve and no cover. But those who happen to be familiar with it, appreciate Surf Addict - Various - Innocence Is Bliss (A Female Frenzy Of Sensational Sounds!) (Vinyl for the fresh sound of the music and the clear production.

Perhaps so, if you feel powerless to make the world a better place. Luckily, most of us feel that we have a quantum of moral agency; for us, the pleasures of virtue may outweigh the pleasures of innocence. You could send us a message or fill in this form. If you like what we do, you can support us by buying us a coffee! I specialize in ethics, with a particular focus on the nature of normative reasons and the ethics of hypocrisy in its myriad forms.

My favorite philosopher is Henry Sidgwick, since I believe—to borrow a line from Alfred North Whitehead, speaking about Plato—that much of analytic ethics in the 20 th century is a series of footnotes to Sidgwick. It is possible that some autocorrection is at play here. Or perhaps some ignorance? Then again, there may be a punster at large. Yet ah! Since sorrow never comes too late, And happiness too swiftly flies.

Parts of '60s inspired acid rock and more modern based riffs should keep long-term stoner rock fans fully entertained. Their one and only LP "Walpurgis" is legendary and hardly affordable. So, evidently, a lot of bootleg versions appeared on the market over the years, but all of them very poorly done. The limited LP on Garden of Delights in gatefold cover is sold out since years. So here is the picture disc edition, without bonus tracks, but with an LP-sized insert of eight pageThe cover artwork designed by H.

Giger was taken over unchanged. The picture disc is limited to numbered copies. This is a shame as the equally tough, Surf Addict - Various - Innocence Is Bliss (A Female Frenzy Of Sensational Sounds!) (Vinyl music that the Dutch punks made tends to get overlooked. Prey to many socio and economic forces, and often having to rely on its own ingenuity, Dutch punk was one of the most resilient and flexible of musical movements, spawning bands as brilliant as Ivy Green, Rondos, and as durable as Mecano Ltd.

Luckily Pseudonym Records have released 'I Don't Care', a comprehensive collection brimful of brilliant, spiky and often innovative music. Exclusively restored, courtesy of dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes, and benefitting from an audiophile pressing on high quality gram vinyl, this double LP compilation is a real "must-have" for collectors.

The 37 tracks both highlight key players, and give a comprehensive overview of Dutch punk's finest and most interesting moments. This double LP also boasts 4 previously unreleased tracks and versions, an entertaining overview of the musical history of Dutch punk, and a wealth of obscure photos and related memorabilia. Compiled more or less in release order, and spanning the years toit also serves as a brilliant starting point for the curious, or those punk historians who may have overlooked the music that these turbulent years in the Netherlands unleashed.

This compilation is housed in a deluxe gram carton gatefold sleeve, and the cover is drawn by legendary "punk" illustrator Joost Swarte, who designed a number of classic punk covers. Includes never before heard bonus tracks!! A few of these bands had limited Swedish vinyl releases back in the day, but none of them have ever been issued in the US and most of them have never seen official release anywhere. They danced wildly, they played instruments, they pounded toy hammers and tossed a baton.

Made up primarily of Jamie K. Sims and Nel Moore, the band also featured Mitch Easter on guitar. Featured on Florida Volume 1, their fuzzed-out song "Shades" appears here again in two other alternate versions. This was released on Uni in lateand gosh its a killer!!!! Flower power psychedelia, great all original songs, this is one of these albums you shouldnt miss under any circumstance.

Irresistible choruses, strong guitar chords, and melodic lead solos with simple but strong bass and drums. A monumental collection of "can't get 'em out of your head" pop anthems! Brendan Mullen, who is the den daddy of LA punk, was the proprietor of this now famous underground venue. Hard rocking and psychedelic music From !! The results are no proto punk museum piece, but rather vital new music entirely worthy of a place alongside RB's early gems.

By the time 'Radios Appear' was recorded inthe group was already legendary with a cult-like following and an ascetic devotion to the fierce s rock'n'roll Tek assimilated as a Michigan resident. Homage to these influences is one aspect of 'Radios Appear'. However, Radio Birdman's maverick performances and songwriting on this debut elevate them far beyond pure pastiche. Opener 'What Gives? Hyperactive riffs underpin vocalist Youngers assertive, clear delivery, and Pip Hoyle takes a brilliant keyboard solo.

Each instrument is separate in the mix and the production highlights Radio Birdman's technical proficiency honed for years in Sydney's few rock clubs with open doors to the uniformed sect of elitist rockers. Record labels were eager to place Radio Birdman in the new context of late-'70s punk-somewhat, inaccurately considering the band's long hair and technical skill, so WEA picked up 'Radios Appear' for distribution after its initial mail-order release on the Trafalgar imprint.

Then, legendary Sire boss Seymour Stein saw Radio Birdman while visiting Australia to sign The Saints, and resolved to re-release 'Radios Appear' internationally with a different track order and particular overdubs. This version is presented here, as heard by so many late-'70s youth before starting bands of their own and citing 'Radios Appear' as an influence in interviews to come. Radio One's self-titled debut album comes from veterans of the punk rock scene- formed by ex-members of the Pushers and the Bleeders and fronted by Ruben of the punk clothing company Dogpile on vocals.

This record is a lively, catchy, and rocking sound of rock a la early Clash-old school sound with high energy. This would be the sound if The Clash and say U. Bombs spawned offspring. These guys crank up the volume and put a kick back into the scene with a well crafted consistent sound. Comes with remastered sound and background liners. Armed with guitars, drums and with the trademark "1,2,3, Incidentally, Tommy Ramone would leave the band shortly after these shows to make way for ex-Voidoids drummer Marc Bell a.

Marky Ramone and to concentrate on producing. Out of print on vinyl for over 10 years, this reissue includes three tracks from rare singles!

Hard-edge pop from punk roots. Their first success with Redbone came in with 'Maggie' on Epic. It would also be the band's last hit, though they continued to record and perform on an intermittent LP). Six years later, 'Come and Get Your Love' was introduced to a new generation when it was featured in the superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy.

The material sadly never saw the light of day due to a manager who did nothing to advance their career. It's the occasional vocal chants and keyboards which give it a nice Krautrock flavor. Especially recommended for fans of spacey and psychedelic music, and essential to Krautrock enthusiasts. Happy listening Essential A. Available again with improved packaging. Die Rattles Kommenand subsequently entered the Bundeswehr i. Next he formed the experimental solo project A.

He was only

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