Substance B Feat. Monik88*, Synoxys - Marasm 21 (Vinyl)

Reply 7 on: May 18,am. Last Edit: May 18,am. I understand. Thank you for your reply. Reply 8 on: May 19,Synoxys - Marasm 21 (Vinyl). Quote from: Cyrille Damez on May 18,am. Reply 9 on: May 20,pm. Being slower may not be Synoxys - Marasm 21 (Vinyl) problem for you. It is for others. For those we want to keep loading time reasonable when there are several substances in the scene, and changes of parameters possible at somewhat interactive rates. As for explaining why size is limited at all on the CPU engines, I'm sorry but I'll have to be technical Contrarily to the GPU engines, the current size limitation at 2K in CPU engines comes not from memory limitation but from optimisations we chose to do.

We do some computations on image coordinates when rasterizing using fixed point arithmetics rather than floating point and in order to have enough subpixel precision we had a choice between : limiting the max texture size to 2K using 64 bits integers instead of 32b for storing fixed point coordinates, which in effect would make computation about twice slower doing both and having different code for big and small textures, which would make the engine twice as big this is possibly a problem when integrating in other software, particularly game engines Synoxys - Marasm 21 (Vinyl) mobile platforms and the amount of code twice as big which increases the likeliness of bugs, and make it even longer to make changes later on The first option was the obvious choice at the time we designed the CPU engine since there weren't much use for 4K textures back then.

We may revisit this choice one day but it won't happen overnight, because it's not as simple as changing a value somewhere and recompiling. Reply 10 on: May 20,pm. Last Edit: May 20,pm. Thanks for the response Cyrille. I can understand the technical restrictions. I do hope in the future you can find a way to offer an option for increasing the max size. All my life prod Know it Fuck You Talmbout Chop Suey Ft.

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