Say You Dont Mind - Orange Bicycle - Orange Bicycle (Vinyl, LP, Album)

It doesn't come much cooler than that. He was towards the bottom of the bill, but he wouldn't be there for long as this album, and the accompanying cover - arguably the world's first tangible image of a rock 'n' roll star - propelled him to immortality.

Artist: The Ramones Album: Ramones Photographer: R oberta Bayley Bayley remarked that getting The Ramones to pose for a photo was 'like pullig teeth', but the world would like to thank her for persisting, as the results formed one of the most enduring and cool rock 'n' roll images of all time.

The monochrome image of the ultimate punk pioneers would be replicated by countless young hopefuls over the coming years, and immortalise Johnny, Tommy, Joey and Dee Dee forever.

A cover where less is more, and is all the cooler for it. A casual photograph of Dylan with his then-muse Suze Rotolo, taken in the West Village, New York City, it was unusual at the time for being unstaged and unposed. Critic Janet Maslin described it perfectly as "a photograph that inspired countless young men to hunch their shoulders, look distant, and let the girl do the clinging".

The defining image of the German electronic pioneers - this perfectly captures the essence of Kraftwerk. Inspired by the s Modernist movement, particularly El Lissitzky, the strict red and black colour scheme, arrangement of the band members in quasi-robotic fashion and translation of the title into various languages all adds up to a seriously cool album cover.

Sehr guht, sehr cool. All five of the covers for Johnny Cash's last era of recordings, the American series are fantastic, with the big, simple typeface utilising the strength of the legend's name. However, the coolest is for IV: The Man Comes Around, as it juxtaposes that strength with the visible weakness of the Man In Black himself: nearing death and reflecting on his life he looks downward and prepares to fade to black himself.

The quintessential American image for the quintessential American artist, the cover for Born in the USA did exactly what it said on the tin. The American flag as the backdrop and the uniform of blue jeans, white shirt and red cap of the American blue-collar worker which The Boss celebrated in his lyrics. Shots were taken of Springsteen facing the camera but this one made the cut; Springsteen remarking, "The picture of my ass looked better than the picture of my face, so that's what went on the cover".

Brian Cannon, as head designer at Microdot, was responsible for a series of superb designs over the course of Oasis' first three albums, never dropping below sheer brilliance.

For a band that used the musical primary colours of drums, bass, guitar and vocals and chords that any learner could play, their artwork was allowed to be more avant-garde, with the covers of Wonderwall and Live Forever, in particular being daringly stark but hugely effective. The cover for Definitely Maybe was an instant classic with various pieces of symbolism artfully placed in shot and the new five coolest guys on the planet poised to take over for the next decade.

Grace Jones has created a series of truly incredible cover images in her career, but this one just about takes it for us. Created by her then-partner Jean-Paul Goude, the arabesque is, in fact, a montage of separate images.

Such is the incredible power, beauty and, well, Grace of Jones' body that it's eminently believable that it is a real body position - but it is in fact anatomically impossible. Seriously cool. The photo, taken by Francis Wolff, certainly captures the sax legend in a pensive, thoughtful and, well, blue mood; basically looking like the super-cool legend he was. No gallery of cool album covers would be complete without an appearance from Eddie, Iron Maiden's mascot and constant companion.

Everything Riggs has ever done has been incredible, but we've opted for Number of the Beast. Originally the cover was designed for a single called Purgatory so Riggs opted for a heaven and hell design, which the band liked so much that they used it for the album.

Amazingly, the call for the artwork came on a Friday and Riggs submitted it the following Monday in time for their deadline - he now claims "I wish I had more time to paint it, I could have done a better job", but it still looks pretty great to us.

A very naughty baby angel, with a mischievous look and cig in hand. Proof that Rock 'n' roll can corrupt anyone or anything. Power, Corruption and Lies was the 'keystone', with the decoder for the colour-based code found in the top-right corner, representing the title and band name, being found on the back cover of the album. The same code then appeared on the iconic floppy-disc cover for Blue Monday and also Confusion.

The cover is a reproduction of the painting "A Basket of Roses" by French artist Henri Fantin-Latour with Saville explaining that they "suggested the means by which power, corruption and lies infiltrate our lives.

They're seductive. Artist: N. The cover to their landmark album perfectly encapsulated what they were about, the group encircling the listener, as you stare down the barrel of a gun held by Eazy-E. The idyllic blue Californian sky provides the unlikely backdrop - all may have seemed sunny, but trouble was brewing in Compton. The hair alone weighed 10 kilos - sometimes one has to literally suffer for their art.

A record of ferocious power, attitude and force and, truly, a cover to match, a metallic howl of anger addressing the Jilted Generation which Prodigy so successfully reached. A brilliant and iconic cover. But this superb cover image captures the man behind the music simply, and starkly. Unbelievably cool. One of the very first album covers to think outside the box - literally - this record was originally released on vinyl in a giant tobacco tin, modelled on the Victorian-style containers such as Ogdens' Nut-Brown Flake, a brand of tobacco that had been produced in Liverpool since The tin opened to reveal the record along with a poster consisting of five interconnected paper circles, each one bearing the image of a band member.

From the moment Paradise City confirmed Juliet Simms would be joining the all-star cast alongside her off-screen husband Biersack, we all collectively lost our minds.

Rapper Hopsin is also stepping up for the archangel Gabriel role from American Satanand his portrayal already looks awesome. Her troubled character is shown struggling to raise a baby surrounded by dangers lurking around every neon-bathed corner. Welcome Emmy winner dreadematteo and the icon rambodonkeykong to Paradise City!

Luckily for viewers, two of his SOA castmates are joining the team in Paradise City to bring even more dramatic chaos to the party. Sign in. Log into LP account. You should have kids. How terrible it must be for your husband. You should give your husband kids. You are a bad wife. How terrible it must be for your parents. You should give your parents grandkids. You are a bad daughter. Think Tatsuya Nakadai in Harakiri, unleashing his no fucks left to give, one man wrecking machine on an entire estate of samurai turned peacetime paper pushers.

Dying of boredom and Album) time. The r? On a pulse that stopped. The breathing stopped. He was warm, but the breathing stopped. Now he fliesto greet my ancestors, gloss of feathers dimmed in the orange quiescence of the sun there is no need now for sublingual drops of morphine, for the sleep that let him slip away from us. Sometimes you are broken. To make you tea.

To drive you home. Veloso has just modeled a sheer, embroidered sheath dress at Wirogunan Prison. On death row. Curlicues and up-do, perfect eyebrows and pearl manicure. Always a breath away from the firing squad. Tim Lincecum would still be our ace. I was still, it was still, it was waiting for me to unlace my fingers. This is how I said good-bye to my father — shouting his name at the sky.

I sometimes remember to floss. I always wear socks to bed, even in the summertime. I sometimes build a pillow fort. I always think about that day. That I could not sleep for a long time.

That I would not close my eyes. That every night noise might have been him visiting me. I should have studied their faces as they said goodbye, the way they smelled, the lines on their hands. What kind of exhibit on revolutionaries would it be without a living Palestinian?

The rub of course is there are so few of you. I turned around to check whether the llama was still there. There he was, as fluffy and clueless as before, lashes waving as he sat on a tattered red mat thrown on the aisle.

Men benefit from it, but it also hurts them. Another album deserving a 4 star rating though. The musicianship is top-notch on every track, even if the group does not seem to have any clear sense of what sort of band they want to be. The one thing I would say is they managed to put out a very solid album of well-played music in without being too dependent on either psych, folk or rocking blues; which is in itself a bit of a feat.

Hoyle would depart the band and the music business shortly after this album released, although she did first manage to crank out a solo record that included future Nucleus and Soft Machine member Karl Jenkins. Drummer Grant Serpell moved on to the 70s pop group Sailor, and Foster, like Naiff, would enjoy a lengthy career in studio and tour work. The music is excellent there, if you like cool,dreamy and melancholic sound. Songs are melodic and include mix of blues-rock, jazz-rock, soft psychedelia and early progressive.

Female voice Linda Hoyle are beautiful and Say You Dont Mind - Orange Bicycle - Orange Bicycle (Vinyl together with all music buid very pleasant sound dreamy pictures. And Linda Hoyle's voice is often similar to Julie Tippett's. There are strong bass lineplenty of brass and rich Hammond line in all songs. Original LP is great rarity, but there are some re-issues in the market. I absolutely enjoy this beautiful music and only pity is that the band released just Say You Dont Mind - Orange Bicycle - Orange Bicycle (Vinyl one album!

It is only a pity that this group did not stayed around longer. Their mix would prove to be a successful one some time later. And those guys and lady were indeed very talented. I just loved the tasteful arrangements with heavy use of Hammond organ, a versatile rhythm section and nice jazzy guitar lines. And, above all, the cool voice of Linda Hoyle. She had a style of her own that combines the soft and the strong side of the woman in music.

My copy has two short bonus tracks that sit well with the original ones. A hard album to rate. In a progressive site like this I think this CD is very good, but not really essential, as the progressive element is present, but in a very subtle way. So I guess 3,5 stars is quite fitting. The review is based on the two bonus-tracks vinyl reprint of the album. Affinity is one of the Say You Dont Mind - Orange Bicycle - Orange Bicycle (Vinyl famous infamous bands among vinyl collectors.

There is little reason for being an unknown group, for there only albums is quite good. All musicians are professional, the recording is good for the time being, the artwork is strong and the mixture of styles that are presented is original. At first I was blown away by the great vocals of female vocalist Linda Hoyl with a low-pitched voice for a woman.

Her jazzy vocal style gives the music a very 'classy' feel. The guitars of Mike Jupp are very good, he has a perfect hard rock sound and his solo's are good.

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