Ooh Baby - James Last - Non Stop Dancing 16 (Cassette, Album)

I did often like to pick up the soundtracks to random movies that had an interesting selection of artists on them. Anyway, I was a little off Album) by this point so I ended up getting it from the library, etc. Still not a high point in his catalogue, but I guess not completely embarrassing. And you know what? Public Image Ltd: Compact Disc a. Anyway, I got the album from the library, etc.

I mean, literally they were showcasing some of the new videos one week and I was getting a little disgusted at myself for liking everything. I mean, what a simp, Album) Suburbs: [self-titled] Songs Heard: 9 One song, a little juvenile in that it was basically just about wanting to have sex and not being able to manage it, but it was catchy. I tried out the album from the library, etc. And then my online friend Marie sent me the first two albums on a tape and I got to know them better.

And they would get better after this. I did eventually get this album on second-hand vinyl, and record it for myself, but it was mostly just that one song that stood out anyway. Unlike many of these later-acquired albums, I may even have gotten to know one or two of the previously-unfamiliar tracks on it. I stumbled across this album on eMusic, auditioned it, and decided to add it, but I confess that the songs coming up in my playlist have not always been appealing, so perhaps I have some regrets.

I had gotten their other albums from the library earlier, but I knew there must be another album because of those two tracks, so eventually I found it, probably on eMusic, and filled in the gap.

And then at some point well, in I discovered that her first few albums were available to download for free on last. I still mostly just know the songs that were on that mixtape I think half a dozen between the three albums.

But as a religious-skeptic, even biblical allusions have been known to repel me. Eventually I got over it and found this on eMusic or Freegal or something. But when Ooh Baby - James Last - Non Stop Dancing 16 (Cassette found it on iTunes I snapped it up. Solo George Michael was fine, but Wham!

Anyway, I had picked up a different BTFABG album by mistake thinking it was this one, and then decided to actually track this one down, and eventually discovered it was other the under name, and got it then. I stumbled across it on eMusic, auditioned it, and decided, why not.

Not sure how I feel about it yet, but it definitely does contrast with most of the other stuff on my playlist. Duane EddyParanoimia feat. Only those two tracks, which got attached to a later album release. Picked it up on cassette at some point. A little slight, very Prince-flavoured, a pleasant little listen. Because apparently it was a sort of hit compilation, as the name might imply, with some new tracks, some older ones, and then some weird extended mashups of other songs.

Gowan: Strange Animal I got this one on vinyl, perhaps as a present or something. The whole album is pretty good. Definitely had to pick up the album after that. Picked this one up on cassette and never looked back. The title track is a favourite. Not sure; anyway, it was a few years later that I did get it. My brother set me straight, and I think got me this album for Christmas. Lone Justice: [self-titled] I have always been a little dubious about country—there are people who are country music fans, and I was not one of those people.

Sort of like my attitude towards metal. But occasionally something would win me over anyway, and Maria McKee managed it with this album. Not bad, but not exceptional. The Power Station: The Power Station An early acquisition on vinyl, enough that I had it with me for my summer sojourn with my grandparents.

I knew little about Robert Palmer at the time so this was basically my introduction to him. Prefab Sprout: Two Wheels Good a.

Under the North American title, which still seems like the right one to me. I liked to support Canadian artists, so that may have helped. A few videos and I was ready to pick this one up; I got it on record, once again either as a gift or from Columbia House I generally bought only cassettes in record stores at the time.

Maybe not the best music ever, but not bad for late Canadian new wave. I never really looked much farther into them after that, though. There was a video for the title track, but I barely remember it from my MuchMusic days.

I actually watched it a couple of years ago on Youtube and I actually really liked it, and I think I would have remembered it. The Alarm: Strength Another later cassette, I think. Likely says more about me than it does about them. Anyway, those two songs are now favourites. Those two songs are now favourites, all is forgiven.

Pleasant enough 80s pop-rock, just in French. Paul Young: The Secret of Association I was definitely familiar with the singles from this album from MuchMusic, but never was really moved to get the whole album.

Oddly, I ended up borrowing and taping the cassette from a Chinese fellow named Yongyi with whom I was working at the university one summer. Normally I consider Style Council to be a decent singles band but not much for album tracks; this one is uneven but at least they seem to be passionate about the topics.

Not bad, some good instrumentals from Harold Faltermeyer, etc. Picked up the album at the library, etc. Sometimes, when I see a Canadian act, it seems likely they were signed for sounding a lot like some other popular band…though not always. Loreena McKennitt: Elemental I never heard this one at the time, but a few years later I became aware of her, and picked this one up from the library.

Maurice Jarre: Enemy Mine Soundtrack I saw the movie when it came out and had probably even read the book beforehand. The soundtrack was just something I picked up more or less at random. Later I relented somewhat, and picked this one up at the library, etc. I picked it up at the library, etc. Sadly, that one song is funnier than this entire album, really. In general I like female country singers better than male, after all.

The rest of the album is pretty slight, though, and apparently Duffy himself admitted this. It is a solid set. Elton John: Ice On Fire acquired I think my sister-in-law was weeding her tape collection and I got this one from her. Yello: Stella acquired Another belated purchase on second-hand cassette. Eventually picked up on second-hand cassette. The soundtrack itself is dominated by the Marvin Berry songs, with one other Huey Lewis, some score tracks, and what, unmemorable songs by Lindsey Buckingham and an Eric Clapton?

Could be better. Pigalle has an interesting sound, very French-accented, synth-strings kind of music. The Church: Heyday acquired Another Church album that showed up on eMusic or Freegal or something, auditioned it and added it. So I came to the conclusion that a bunch of people starving was a good thing because it would hold off overpopulation that much longer? Yeah, I was basically Thanos. What a dick. The other ones were fine, it was just that one. What a trainwreck. So I deliberately avoided MuchMusic the whole day of the broadcast.

But I was happy to grab it on eMusic when it turned up there in a very expanded edition. Doug Cameron: Mona with the Children acquired This was kind of an obscure album, though there were two videos and the title track got a lot of airplay in Canada. A decade or two ago the title was used for a retrospective book about Canadian alternative rock and I got it from the tie-in CD. The actual album was another one I first heard when I borrowed the copy from the art gallery I worked at for a few months after I graduated.

I may have had a bit of a crush on Astrid Plane, too. Anyway, it was one of the first half-dozen cassettes I bought in this period, and certainly it was one of the few I took down for an extended stay with my grandparents in the Album) of so I got to know it quite well. It was a couple of years before I picked this one up; I tended to require at least two songs I liked from an album before I bought it, but this was probably discounted or something.

But there was this girl I had a crush on in high school, and she may have liked me too I was too insecure to actually find out, so there you goso she got a friend of hers to invite me to her birthday party.

This friend, upon discovering that my birthday had been a little while ago, felt compelled to get me something for mine. Laurie Anderson: United States Live My brother had the vinyl boxed set of this one, and at some point while I was still living at home I borrowed it off him and taped it for myself. If I could go back in time to see one concert, it would be this one, because obviously there would have been visual components to these too, and what were those like?

Admittedly, half the audience would probably be smoking, but still. Madonna: [self-titled] I guess I got this one too, around the time. It was ubiquitous. My brother recommended it to me, I bought it on cassette, and it has definitely held up well. Nobody had a lot of money and it really kind of rundown and squalid. Anyway, I got it on cassette. Still probably their best work, more mature than the first album but less watered-down than their next. I did eventually record it, though, and it does hold up.

Prince was another ubiquitous figure on video at the time, a new album every year for a while. According to my records I taped this off my friend Jody, which means it was probably already by that point. Thomas Dolby: The Flat Earth I recorded this from my brother, but I think it was back in pre-university days for some reason. Those two singles are favourites, as well as the title track. Somewhere in there I recorded this album from my brother, a live album which illustrates his trademark self-accompanying style, though without his later multi-tracking.

No especial favourites, but still a good listen. De Burgh was leaning hard into the pop by this point, and in general I like it, though no especial favourites here either. This is an interesting album, not particularly percussion-focused but a nice mix of synth and samples in there too. I was familiar with several tracks from MuchMusic, and while I was a little dubious about some others, it seems to have grown on me a little bit over the years. Crazy but true. Picked this up on second-hand vinyl, etc.

Iron Maiden: Powerslave I think I actually got this one from my friend Jeremy because he had an extra cassette of it for some reason. More sampling and less synth-based than earlier Jarre, but quite interesting, with Laurie Anderson guesting too.

Hey, did he still call out the chord changes when performing it live? My brother hates Julian Cope but more for his memoirs than for his music… Laura Branigan: Self Control According to my records I also recorded this one from my roommate Dave. Her voice sometimes seems a little thin and strained on this album, and some of the synth arrangements seem dated, but overall not too bad.

It…exists, I guess. Nik Kershaw: Human Racing According to my records, I secretly taped this off my downstairs neighbours while they were out and I was doing laundry we rented the upstairs of a house, but the laundry room was in the basement. Pat Benatar: Tropico I got this on vinyl, but possibly on sale from Columbia House rather than second-hand. Still, I think it was in this period. I like the album overall, and in general like this period the best.

It has held up quite well over the years. REM: Reckoning Another second-hand vinyl purchase. But I found a bunch of used REM records and filled them in.

Eventually I taped it from my brother. Green Onions gram audiophile vinyl LP. Amos LEE. Rapture gram vinyl LP. Menagerie gram vinyl LP. Played by: Juno ClassicsOriginals. Played by: Soul Music. Fresh gatefold gram vinyl LP. Played by: Mukatsuku Records Chart. Played by: Patchworks. Dan PENN. Do Right Man limited numbered gram audiophile gold vinyl LP. Sings Soul Ballads gram audiophile vinyl LP. Bestsellers: Soul. Switch genre.

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Labels: Herb Alpert. Orchestral adaptation of music composed for the motion picture by Vangelis. Labels: Esquivel. Whether he actually created the rhythm is somewhat disputed, but it's abundantly clear that Prado developed it into a bright, swinging style with massive appeal for dancers of all backgrounds and classes.

Prado's mambo was filled with piercing high-register trumpets, undulating saxophone counterpoint, atmospheric organ later onand harmonic ideas borrowed from jazz. While his tight percussion arrangements allowed for little improvisation, they were dense and sharply focused, keeping the underlying syncopations easy for dancers to follow. Prado played the piano, but was often more in his element as the focal point of the audience's excitement; he leaped, kicked, danced, shouted, grunted, and exhorted his musicians with a dynamic stage presence that put many more sedate conductors and bandleaders to shame.

With this blueprint, Prado brought mambo all the way into the pop mainstream, inspiring countless imitators and scoring two number one singles on the pop charts albeit in a smoother vein than the fare that first made his name as the fad snowballed.

He was a star throughout most of the Western Hemisphere during the '50s, and even after his popularity waned in the United States, he remained a widely respected figure in many Latin countries, especially his adopted home of Mexico.

Prado is often best remembered for his softer, more commercial work, which has an undeniable kitschiness that plays well with modern-day lounge-revival hipsters. Unfortunately, that has served to obscure his very real credentials in the realm of authentic, unadulterated Latin dance music, and to this day he remains somewhat under-appreciated.

Wings of Album). Labels: Francis Lai.

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