My Babys Gone - The Planet Rockers - Invasion Of The Planet Rockers (CD, Album)

Sony 3. Fleetwood Mac. King. NationalBobro Do-pera Bro-thers. LnLn. TSrp i0. Lynyrd Skynyrd,Lynyrd. Allman Brothers Band. Down South Ju. Things Goin On. White Dove '. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Tuesday's Gone, - L. Skynyrd,. Railroad Song, -- : '-,. Fabulous Fox Theatre,' Call Me The Breeze. SearchingSkynyrd, L.

Aint No Good Life,. LAST 1. Honky Tonk. Night Time Man, - - '. Whats Your Name -. That Smell- Lynyrd. Skynyrd, Skynyrd. All s A Chord. Concerto in. Surface Tension,! The Continental. RSO. My Favou- rite D. Yes, - Queen, Abba,'. Skynyrd Love In Motion. Play To The World,- -. ELO,Beatles, -- . Mocking ; Bird. Stone - L. Modern Jazz Quartet '. Down Beat. StereohedronTM - A L. Bulga 67CBS ria, With A Little Help From. Dogs. On The Border. The Dinner, -. Semi SuiteDepot, Depot. Spooky Tooth. Spooky Tooth Purple Haze.

Voodoo 12;, Chile. Spanish, - Castle Magic. Castles made of Sand. Chorale -. ELP. Camel -. Kayak"2. Magic Band, Don Van Vliet. Blue Thumb. Straight - -. LER,Diddy. Claire Sno. BEAMS 6. Claire Magic Band Jerry Homdley. Bee Gees No 1 -. Festival Records -r- L. MAIN. Bee Gees. Vince Melouney - -. Radiation Wild Boys.

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Chrysalis, 2-Tone, 2-Tone. Chrysalis LP. My Radio. Selecter Apple Pauline Dammers. Terry Dammers. Real ' Kenny Rogers, United Artists.

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HiFi FTC. Capture Ratio-Rapport de capture - Rapporto de cattura. Preamplifier - Preamplifi. RIAA. Sound Technology''. Album) In My Life Next You. Thank You Athens. Deathwish. Next-You. I Can't Stand Losing You. Visions Of The Night. Hi-Fi Rock. Dear HXE, '.

Graham Parker: Squeezing out. AthensT. Editorial Director: Theodore Spinoulas. Advertising, Director: Sofi Cavatha. Grado - '. Kar-. Tangerine-Dream Zeit Virgin.

Down On Broadway. Chameleon In the Shadow Of A. Room Hammil Eurovision Easybeats, Greatest Hits Vol. Lou Reed.

Ozzie Osbourne. Devo Ramones. Crazy Horse;. There Comes A Time. American Stars and Bars American Stars and Bars. Buffalo Springfield; Buffalo Springfield. David Russel Young, Georg Boilln. Howard G. Bellows - : '. John Smith:. Amorphis - Into Hiding Amorphis - The Castaway Amorphis - First Doom Amorphis - Black Winter Day Amorphis - Drowned Maid Amorphis - In the Beginning Amorphis - Forgotten Sunrise Amorphis - To Father's Cabin Amorphis - Magic and Mayhem Anathema - Pressure Anathema - Release Anathema - Looking Outside Inside Anathema - Leave No Trace Anathema - Underworld Anathema - Barriers Anathema - Panic Anathema - Temporary Peace Anathema - Harmonium Anathema - Balance Anathema - Closer Anathema - Are You There Anathema - Childhood Dream Anathema - Pulled Under at Meters a Anathema - A Natural Disaster Anathema - Flying Anathema - Electricity Anathema - Violence Anathema - Shroud of False Anathema - Fragile Dreams Anathema - Empty Anathema - Lost Control Anathema - Re-Connect Anathema - Inner Silence Anathema - Alternative 4 Anathema - Regret Anathema - Feel Anathema - Destiny Anathema And I Lust Anathema - The Sweet Suffering Anathema - Everwake Anathema - Crestfallen Anathema - They Die Anathema - Sentient Anathema - Angelica Anathema - The beloved Anathema - Eternity Part I Anathema - Eternity Part II Anathema - Hope Anathema - Suicide veil Anathema - Radiance Anathema - Far away Anathema - Cries on the wind Anathema - Ascension Anathema - Deep Anathema - Pitiless Anathema - Forgotten Hopes Anathema - Destiny is Dead Anathema - Make It Right F.

S Anathema - One Last Goodbye Anathema - Parisienne Moonlight Anathema - Judgement Anathema - Don't Look Too Far Anathema - Emotional Winter Anathema - Wings of God Anathema - Anyone, Anywhere Anathema - Kingdom Anathema - Mine is yours to drown in ours in the new tribe Anathema - We, the gods Anathema - Pentecost III Anathema - Album) Mori Anathema - Alone Anathema - Far Away Acoustic Anathema - Eternity Part 2 Anathema - Eternity Part 3 Acoustic Anathema - Better Off Dead Anathema - One Of The Few Anathema - Goodbye Cruel World Anathema - The Silent Enigma Orchestral Anathema - Angelica Live Budapest Anathema - Horses Anathema - Dreaming: The Romance Anathema - J'ai Fait Une Promesse Anathema - Lovelorn Rhapsody Anathema - Sleep In Sanity Anathema - Sleepless Anathema - Sweet Tears Anathema - They Will Always Die Anathema - Where Shadows Dance Anathema - Restless Oblivion Album) - Shroud of Frost Alone Anathema - Sunset of The Age Anathema - Nocturnal Emission Anathema - Cerulean Twilight Anathema - The Silent Enigma Anathema - A Dying Wish Anathema - Black Orchid And Oceans - Intelligence Is Sexy And Oceans - White Synthetic Noise And Oceans - Esprit De Corps And Oceans - Odious And Devious And Oceans - Of Devilish Tongues And Oceans - Postfuturistika And Oceans - New Model World And Oceans - Trollfan And Oceans - Mechanic Hippie And Oceans - Solipsism And Oceans - Stained And Oceans - Injected With Silence And Oceans - Cacophonous Ballet And Oceans - Playground And Oceans - Mental Traffic And Oceans - Molecules And Oceans - Spasms And Oceans - Chess Angel Dust - Bleed Angel Dust - Black Rain Angel Dust - Never Angel Dust - Follow Me Part 1 Angel Dust - Follow Me Part 2 Angel Dust - Addicted To Serenity Angel Dust - Surrender Angel Dust - Sanity Angel Dust - Liquid Angel Angel Dust - Memories Angel Dust - Nightmare Extended Version Angel Dust - Temple of the King Angel Dust - Border Of Reality Angel Dust - No More Faith Angel Dust - Nightmare Angel Dust - Centuries Angel Dust - When I Die Angel Dust - Spotlight Kid Angel Dust - Behind The Mirror Angel Dust - Coming Home Angel Dust - Same Eyes Angel Dust - Easy Livin' Angel Dust - Let Me Live Angel Dust - Enjoy Angel Dust - Fly Away Angel Dust - Come Into Resistance Angel Dust - Beneath The Silence Please let me know if that assumption is off target at all.

Thanks, pafalafa-ga. Clarification of Question by gimarket-ga on 29 Jan PST Yes, that is correct, a combination of all artists and genres is fine, but i don't want only a list of Album) titles, it should include all the reasonably popular ones. The longer the list the better. If it is 10, long and includes obscure titles then that's ok. Now, let's see how long a list these text boxes can handle!!!

I found over 10, popular songs by searching for combinations of titles in various genres, and consolidating the results into a single list. There isn't a song I could think of that isn't on the list, but please feel free to test it yourself, to make sure it's what you need. If there's anything else I can do for you, just let me know by posting a Request for Clarification.

Lucky Mr. In The U. In reviewing what I posted, I see there's a number of duplicate titles, which surprised me, because these should have been eliminated by my text clean-up programs If the dups are a problem, let me know, and I'll see what I can do. Hi I thought I'd give this a go. Here is my logic: this list includes the US Top charting popular songs for the yearsto this I have added the US top charting songs of the s and then added the Q Magazine Best Songs Ever I cleaned this list up a bit as there were a number of spelling mistakes, probably not all found this added many older songs and a slightly different type mix due to it's more indie and British flavour.

The songs also included small genre sub-lists such as Hip Hop, Punk, Dance, Country, Electronica etc which makes for My Babys Gone - The Planet Rockers - Invasion Of The Planet Rockers (CD more eclectic mix. I then removed as many duplications as I could identify but not performances of the same song by different artistsleaving songs.

These are here sorted by arist to allow you to quickly remove artists you dislike and trim those you might feel are over represented. Hope it is of some use. Billie Ain? Listen To Your Heart D. But A? Criminals Fun Lovin?

Whaling Stories - Procol Harum - Startrack Vol. 10 (Vinyl, LP), Tiempos Violentos - Jesus Martyr - Sudamerican Porno (CD, Album), Who Stole My Last Piece Of Chicken? - Various - BASIC Sampler (Cassette), Gorilla Warfare (Clean Acapella), Mis Mejores Canciones - Manolo Escobar - Mis Mejores Canciones (Cassette), Fastlove - George Michael - Older (Cassette, Album), Have Nagilah - Various - 40 Golden Oldies Vol. II (Vinyl, LP), The Gorillas Are Coming, And Others - Rudy Ray Moore - The Second Rudy Ray Moore Album (This Pussy B, Fairweather Friend - ALL (2) And Descendents - Live Plus One (CD, Album), Night Time Drive - A.F. - Memorize (File, MP3, Album), Substance B Feat. Monik88*, Synoxys - Marasm 21 (Vinyl), No.1 In A - Alexander Scriabin* - Scriabin: The Complete Works (CD), Henrik Harmoni - Uglypack EP (File, MP3)