Hold Me - P.J.Proby* - The Legendary P.J.Proby At His Very Best Vol.2 (CD, Album)

This held back his career. This DVD is full of lovely clips from his younger days ending with his "Barrymore" appearance in Copyright The Garden Room.

All Rights Reserved. All prices are in GBP. Compare Now. Please wait Sign in or Create an account. Currency Displayed in. Wish Lists. View Cart 0. Toggle Top Menu. The Garden Room. Main Navigation. Also, Chime happens to be one of the played on April 23, A was born in October in whole morning was spent on Vijfhuizen near Haarlem. The recording 3 bands among which first line-up included Rob also For Absent Friends. When the band entered guitarist. It took until spring the stage songs had been chosen before the first was found in in advance they were told to play singer Emmy van Tamelen.

This and the nearly complete absence of In July guitarist Cor Beemster joined the band. Due to occasional live-appearances not much happened. Progrock no doubt about that, but hard to pinpoint. A band with much thanks to the pretty sophisticated and excellent. In January of the next year, Beemster left again and was After Chime had dissolved, the members went partly replaced by Otto Oussoren in May Only two weeks separate ways.

Martin Nijdam had already done solo-work after he joined, the band performed on a festival in Haarlem before and he had entered the MIDI-awards, where he before a large audience. In this audience was also Martin became second behind Michel Ristenpatt. Despite the national television. Later Martin after only two months in the band, declared to Nijdam joined the Amsterdam explore the flamenco-style and quit. In the jazzrockband Moving Connection.

With them a Hold Me - P.J.Proby* - The Legendary P.J.Proby At His Very Best Vol.2 (CD demo was highlight some dangers of traffic, that recorded in April, but the end was near: short was started in the province of after the recordings, Marion Giesberts left the Gelderland and will be expanded band and a long line of auditions started. The first nationwide in In only one week time, single was distributed in an edition of Thanks to her professional.

Influences included filled by Don Feltges, an experienced singer who had played progressive rockbands like Rush, Saga, Camel and Marillion, in several hardrock coverbands. Anneke Willemsen-Cox, they are capable to do so NL TEL: - 23 Together they worked hard on creating a style of Uridium a name inspired by the chemical element iridium their own.

From March on the band performed regularly without any special meaning - except for the sound of the live as a headliner and participated in many festivals like word They found some fellow musicians in Jhon van der Boschkilde festival in Den Bosch. Also their unofficial Linden drumsMarijn Luning bass and vocalist Edwin demotape drew a lot of attention and airplay from local Baayens.

All were good friends of each other and still are radiostations. Even some recordcompanies showed interest, after the disbanding of this line-up. After playing it live February in a limited edition of copies.

The CD was received very well. Daan had songstructures. Still, the quality sung in various Oss-based bands of what the band does is before.

Arno had been the bassist in reasonably high. It is audible some Oss-based cover-band and Jack that the band has done some had been known for changing bands thorough thinking about sounds every half year with Earl Grey being the best known of his and arrangements and the production is good. In the same month boring. Daan quit after Of course there was also some minor criticism like in his final gig at Bommelpop He joined Oss-based A. He was replaced by Remis Riegel bassist of complex patterns follow in a high speed and sometimes the Purple Picture and keyboarder Simone.

With them an results of this work better than at other times To pinpoint unofficial demo was recorded. But half a year later the line- highlights is difficult, since within one song very strong up had changed once more with Simone and Arno being parts are alternated with weaker parts.

With her yet another demo was and also a small double headliner tour through Europe with recorded. Half a year later a final? Also the band appeared when Remis was replaced by vocalist Eric Smits is writing new songs as well as experimenting with midi and.

That same month also a new at the end of the year. There has already been some serious drummer joined: Tommy White ex-M-Bush and Gooize interest from some recordcompanies. He received several thing with their music - by themselves proudly called reactions and the first edition of Cliffhanger started in "plutoniumprog" - strongly influenced by many progressive January in the line-up Heijboer, Merel van Spankeren rock bands from the seventies, like VDGG, UK, Genesis and vocalsHenk Zijlmans guitarsNico van Opstal bass and Yes.

The seventies-sound of the band was enhanced by the Peter van Middelkoop drums. Van Opstal only stayed for. After only two While looking for another recordcompany, they released months he was replaced by Missing Link bassist Olaf van another live-demo, that - again - gave a preview of the Dongen.

Merel came up with it. Several recordings in the Background Magazine's reviewer called Cliffhanger " Olaf van Dongen would play for larger audiences. Peter van " This line-up did two in famous French label Musea for public appearances in March and April Bassist Gijs which they recorded their second album in July of that year.

Only playing with them one week later. The others were Dick Heijboer decided to continue with Gijs Koopman. They recorded their first Background Magazine.

Positive response came from Musea more or less equally music. The CD will probably be the last one to feature In September of the next year, a second demo followed, this Dick Heijboer, since he decided to leave the band in late time recorded live. Short after the band entered the studio to The CD was again so he prefers to call it pseudo-solo. Dick played his farewell- received very well. One positive remark by German gig with the band at the Progfarm festival in November.

Also sales of "Cold steel" were pretty good. Unfortunately things weren't going very well at SI Music and. But after some working, the album well. This put an enormous pressure on the final rehearsing and recording demos with session-musicians, mix during which they tried to fix some partsthat had to be Erik found Mark Eshuis, Jack Witjes and Jacky van done in only three days time. That was around It was there, sufficient time and fundings. It took until before this that they decided to go on as a band.

By accident he came across systematic destruction of the environment. There was interest from several companies understand what the album was all about.

Dutch Transmission Records. For marketing-reasons, the Also the band encountered some trouble and this meant a album was shortened down to an 70 minute plus CD instead long period of silence after the release and the re- of a 2 x 45 minute double-CD. The Japanese pressing featured two bonustracks, whole piece.

First because he was very unsatisfied with the that were not on the Dutch pressing. Guitarist Corrie van Binsbergen is a wellknown name in the including theatrical pieces between the music. Dutch jazzscene with her band Corrie En De Brokken, which But also earlier work presents jazzrock-oriented music, like she founded in This group was received with great the CD with a band including - besides Corrie of course enthusiasm in the Dutch jazz rock scene.

Around this time he also started playing in local jazzdrummer Pierre Courbois. Thanks to this he grew up with bands like Fitzkin, U-gene and Treason. In he started to play the bass. WCW lasted untilwhen series of Heineken-commercials.

During these tours he also Barend quit for musical and personal reasons. At that time dedicated to a friend who had died. Between August and May Barend toured with Bert Heerink formerly vocalist of Vandenbergwho was very successful in Holland thanks to his vocal appearance in a. Both recorded an album in Critical Hype from Deventer was founded in late With this change in Reijnen. They started playing a mixture of guitarrock and musical direction, Critical Hype also went through the funkmetal.

In this new line-up the first selftitled demo was Magazine judged Butterfly, a guitarist that likes both Metallica and funk, a In his place came Jelle Markink. With him Critical Hype bassist that seems to like to listen to Primus and a sax that released another demo, funny packed like a tobacco-bag, plays more than well with the rest Two years later another demo followed.

Candlelight re-released good received but in they to change their name and the demo as a mini-CD later in as a teaser for the also the vocalist left all of a sudden. But Rein always wanted to make a real CD again. After he met concert-pianist Camino who used to be a great Ekseption had ceased to exist, Rein van den Broek joined Ekseption-fan in in Italy, it was decided they would Spin, did some solo-work with Ekseption-colleague Rick work together somewhen Hold Me - P.J.Proby* - The Legendary P.J.Proby At His Very Best Vol.2 (CD the future, which resulted in van der Linden and with his friend Paul Natte he wrote many Dalsegno in The beginnings of DaManual go way back.

Joost van Iersel, Album). Harry Westerwaal and Jorg van der Jagt knew each other When Anatoli wanted to return to his country at the end of from highschool, where they played in various coverbands the next year, they placed another ad and found - after some and later in Rotterdam-based instrumental progressive auditions - Roland Oldenburg.

Nothing was ever released Tightrope, vocalist of Zinatra and for a very short time officially by Gateway. Later Joost and Jorg were part of an Arabesque and student on a conservatory. In their own things started for DaManual under the name Wild Disney. In a funny mood, they talked about writing a Frank Wesselingh, they recorded a demo in August This combination of "dam" and "manual" The singer and keyboarder they had at that moment weren't became the band's name to avoid legal conflicts with a large exactly a great success, so they started looking for wellknown company Through an advertisement they found Early DaManual recorded in two days time their first keyboarder Luke d'Araceno in November Stylistic the music was in the progressive metal-vein.

At The reviewer in IO Pages divided the 4 songs in 2 strongly that time he could only appreciate classical music. The review was very positive: "Roland He started playing in bands, one of his first was genre, seemingly without any trouble, and gives it a touch progressive band Proxima Centauri, which was strongly totally of his own The influenced by Kansas and Happy The Man.

In confirming their class. The band was founded inwhen Amber Baartman was found with whom they started adding band N-Lite collapsed in which both Sjack Peeters and Ron vocals to the music for which the band lists King Crimson, Claassen had played. Several months the band influences. Performances and recordings will start in the was together in this instrumental trio-line-up before starting near future.

Members of the sextet and Bart Hylkema violin. Coenobite is guests, namely the hardrockguitarist Joost Cornelissen and the pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist he plays electric vocalist Nynke Kooistra.

This album met some more and acoustic guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, flute, criticism. Especially German never released. The music. A class album Don't talk, just listen is the best commercially.

The third attempt was successful and got advice. Cover, booklet and disk are beautiful, the sound is Soon after, the first album was recorded, which was almost crystal-clear and the music is enchanting Also abroad reactions were very "Pale blue lights" and the following live-appearances were positive. German Rock Hard-magazine wrote: "The Dutch pretty successful. Nevertheless, Remco Helbers all of a duo has improved itself significantly and decided on one sudden decided to leave the band in early The reasons musical direction on their new album Remco later appeared lights" and belongs in every collection.

Buy it! His position was filled by Fried Bruggink, The current line-up of The Dreamside includes besides Kemi who had already guested on "Pale blue lights" and was with Vita vocals and additional keyboardsFried Bruggink bass, the band right from the beginning. First as a roadie. Thanks to the band's success, they were asked to do a Both joined in early Cees was found after a long search dance maxi-CD, which became "Nuda Veritas".

This single- for a suitable guitarist. Reinier more or less accidentally CD contained three tracks. Two of them "The divine" and came into the band. Kemi thought he was good and asked "Dance godesses dance"based on tracks of "Pale blue him to join. Recent tours brought The Dreamside to Holland, lights" respectively "Divina" and "Godesses"the other was Belgium and especially Germany, where they played lots of a preview of the forthcoming album.

The Dreamside also contributed songs to several "Apaika" showed an impressive step forward in the band's compilations: "This quest" to "Heavenly voices" on development. Where in the past music followed darkness"-CD Nuclear Blast - Recent plans include the release of or artificial and you will know, that The Dreamside has grown a three-track live CD in May ofreported by OOR.

Also they decided to superlatives. I don't like to say it, but "Apaika" is too good to change the label. Other magazines agreed: "Splendid atmospheric. Wittevrongel started playing together. With him Music. The music was completely a demo was recorded. Funny art was changed a bit.

His leaving was no of the second demo which was an untitled surprise to the band Album) they knew this four track-demo. In the next year, another day had to come. A new vocalist was demo was released with songs that were found in Maurits Kalsbeek who had recorded for Radio Friesland. During the band started looking for a full-time singer - It would take three years before Egdon Heath came with a despite the fact that both Jaap and Wolf did leadvocals at follow-up.

When the date of recording the CD got closer and Indoors Festival. Wolf dropped their leadvocals - which was a very welcome relief especially for Jaap, who had written most of the basic. Malmsteen as well. At the end of all of a sudden Polydor cancelled the finals - without anyhe decided to leave Elegy. In he appeared in explanation. Also Gilbert In Elegy entered a talent contest, organized by German Pot decided to leave around that time.

The results of this were - due to replacement, several months later British vocalist Ian Parry lack of organization - disastrous. After this disillusion and ex-Vengeance was recruited to fill this vacancy. The band several changes in line-up partly because of the technical decided to leave the vacant position of second guitarist open demandsthe band more or less disbanded. Together an acoustic mini-CD.

This made the new material a bit less technical van Bussel and drummer Ed Warby around them. All of and complex, but probably even more mature. Elegy play music for musicians is no more! In Japan more than But the band managed to get more gigs than promotion in Japan was made. This video had to be made before.

This tour - with their new keyboarder video out of the window Chris Allister ex-1st Avenue - received very good reviews Towards the end ofElegy embarked for an extensive as well. Elements is a progressive hardrock band that was founded in and started playing live at the end of the year. Main man is project under the pseudonym Jeronymus. Besides the Elfferich Four, Jeroen also. Nippy Noya were at the tender age of eight, when he started with played percussions and co-wrote two tracks.

Also included pianolessons. American guitarist Scott Henderson of instruments. He got his first drumkit some years later as a jazzrockband Tribal Tech was asked to be the guitarist. First gift of his ten years older brother, Emile, who is now a pretty contacts were made through Gunia and Van Endert. When wellknown classical musician and conductor of Studio It Henderson heard a tape, he agreed to participate in the also was Emile who played jazzrockalbums for him - project.

Cobham would become one of his main terribly wrong. After finishing school, he changed frequently. One of his teachers there was the wellknown days before his recordings would start.

Engel freaked Cobham band and others. For a minute he Nippy Noya would become his mentor and through him he thought about asking Allan Holdsworth another favourite of made important experiences Album) contacts, which brought his to play on the album, but he feared to get in another sessionwork with people like Herman Brood, Hans Dulfer procedure and dropped this idea in favor of hiring Dutch and Candy Dulfer.

Also guitarist Leon Venderbosch played some parts. There were much troubles with the won the Yamaha Best Musician Award in as drummer recording and mixing-equipment. And when the recordings of Split Vision. After the conservatory where he teaches were finally finished, it took another 7 months before a drums himself now!

Gary Chaffee. Both but a fusionproduct with class, for which Engel wrote a had faith in him and supported the project.

With these musicians he also tracks are written for a band, have real depth and even rock prepared the recordings of his second album recording once in a while.

With tasteful contributions of Nippy Noya sessions planned for late summer of and played some and the guitarists Frank Burks and Leon Venderbosch. Engel try-outs. Alkmaar-based progressive metalformation - they prefer to depending on the financial results of the first one.

It Erik and Thomas. They were subsequently joined by Martin lasted until February for the album to be released in and Daniel. It took until early before they found a Germany. At that time it was also planned, that the CD would suitable vocalist and Casper Legdeur completed the line-up. To make things even worse, the contest, an annual event, which is meant to give starting CD wasn't what the band expected it to be.

During the mix in bands an opportunity to present themselves and their talent Germany without anyone of the band present! Needless to say that Entropy felt pretty bad about Inline and Additional to their own music, Entropy also played their contract. Things came to an end when a festival of coverversions of Savatage and Queensryche. Inline-bands was planned in Germany, where Entropy was In OctoberEntropy released their first demo, featuring going to play.

Right before the festival, Inline's managing only two songs. The demo was coproduced by some director was taken into psychiatric care and communication members of Defender, a Metal Church-like band from Noord with the company became impossible. Although they had a Holland, that disbanded After his departure a good yet aggressive, combining both acoustic and powerful parts.

Nevertheless most Records-label for a deal for 3 CD's. Most CD and he also wrote the intro for "Dreamrun" one of the criticism on the album are on the restricted vocal capacities CD's tracks. But he didn't join Entropy officially until April of vocalist Casper Legdeur The addition of keyboards added some color to their Entropy has potential with their wayward metal.

I hear on this CD too little suitable for Entropy. In April or year before. Entropy will continue the search for a good vocalist in Shortly after the release of the CD, a keyboarder, Stephen Stoop indeed Martin's brother was added to the band. Exises, from the province of Noord Holland, was Hold Me - P.J.Proby* - The Legendary P.J.Proby At His Very Best Vol.2 (CD in Around the contract with Megaton expired, but since the early eighties.

After and melodic rock in general grunge and deathmetal ruled this, the band was approached by various recordcompanies, the charts and clubcircuit Reactions the selftitled debut was released in It also saw an American release. Second, the regarding the good performance and production, strong company was pushing the band into a more commercial melodies These frustration even more a CD to let go.

To be more independent, they built up a studio of their own. The years - except for a few try-outs. One result of this combination of Someday inbrothers Erik and Hans decided to become band and orchestra was put on record on the LP more serious about this hobby. The next year, the two were joined by Hans commercial success although they kept a pretty strong Visser and Judy Schomper.

Flairck signed to to EMI. The and Hans Visser who left to pursue a music presented a wayward mixture solo-career. On this with her popular classical easy- album Van der Kleij and Van Gorp had listening repertoire as Berdien been replaced again by the returned Stenberg. Robert Vink had much. In February the band was live-album showed. The next year, Flairck made it into the charts again. Funny In January Peter Weekers, who started working on a enough into the singlecharts this time Also Ted de Jong tablas and sitar joined.

The album was again produced by Erik but without success. Ted de Jong and Luluk Purwanto, who used to accompany was a busy year for fans of Flairck since several the band on their tours in the far east.

The first release Goosens on various flutes, windinstruments and backing of the album was sponsored by cognac-brand Martell. Also the album brought new faces into the band. Flamborough Head from the north-eastern part of the was together in this line-up.

Netherlands was formed in Edo Spanninga visited the SympHel, in March in Hellendoorn as a support for place during a vacation and liked both the place and the British band Jadis. As the band Galleon during a concert in Belgium, but Galleon had band stated themselves, it was only natural that they started to cancel the gig. The coverband and as a duo with a guitarist. Flamborough Head are a ideas. This proved to be a hard job, but finally he met Saga- promising new band in the progressive genre.

Since they found their presentation festival. Reactions on this unexpected appearance were too static, they started looking for other musicians, which pretty positive. Also at the end of composing. Sincethe band British Cyclops Records in early Thijs van Leer was born March 31, The album sort of was a commercial flop.

Also taught him how to play the flute. Thijs was very much artistically - even though there were some strong tracks - it influenced by classical music mainly Bach and Bartok and was a bit uneven and more showed a band in development later also by jazz.

During his schoolperiod, he participated in and a preview of things to come. Still, the album was various contests and won four completely different prizes in awarded with an Edison Dutch recordprize. This foreshadowed already his diverse career. Originally Shaffy occurred. Jan wanted to play with drummer already had a keyboardplayer, but Thijs Pierre van der Linden. He let Thijs know that he the Thijs van Leer Trio, with drummer Hans was welcome to join the group anytime and Cleuver ex-Ahora Mazda and bassist Jaap van Eyck ex- continue as Focus, but returning to the old line-up was out of Cuby And The Blizzardswho was replaced by Martijn the question.

Probably completists and two Leslies. The company simply insisted on this mainly worked as backing band for other artists like Hans combination! But he took the probably musically and released through CBS. He knew Linden former colleague of Jan Akkerman, since he was Akkerman in The Hunters active in promoting gigs on and Brainbox and bassist the Dutch college circuit.

Jan Cyriel Havermans formerly came over to jam with the of Led Zep-influenced band band, which worked out fine, Big Wheel, led by Peter Vink so by the end of the same of Q 65 and Finch. These sessions resulted in material for the next first recording on LP. Their performance also got them a album, which the band recorded, the highly successful recorddeal. This LP made it to 8 in the US. The LP made it to 23 in the UK- got enthusiastically at once. The album featured the hitsingle albumcharts.

He was very unsure a concert by Bartok and developing this idea by Thijs - with about his place in the band and about his performance, some help by Jan. Allen was July and charted a 9 once more in March The introduced to the band by Mike Vernon, who had worked single also did great abroad: in the USA 9. In fact, Focus with Allen before. Cyriel Havermans quit the same year again to start a band, So became a rather hectic year with a tour of Japan, the Cyril, on his own and recorded two albums in and departure of Allan in the middle of the sessions for the new before more or less dropping out of sight he resurfaced in album and rumours of Akkerman wanting to leave the band.

Akkerman, who disbanded in and had already had had some played in Angelflight serious differences with Van Railways. Leer, criticized the last With produced Mike Vernon output in public.

Now the band sound. Proby infamous for splitting his trousers on tv. This led to the final semi-Focus-reunion. Eef Albers returned Utrecht Vredenburg, but the audience not even sold out Pierre van der Linden both returned doing solowork, while their relationship grew went to work in the very uncommercial jazz- and worse. Original band of female singer Jic Helder. Fire, Circus Custers.

Both already had produced again InJan several solo-albums, while still in Focus. The classic-influenced music. The new line- for the first. A CD-release should follow soon. His music and composer Max Folmer was one of the pioneers of new contains influences from western and eastern music as well age music in Holland. Originally he was a sculpture artist and as jazz, pop, minimal, classical music and folk.

From his music which is build in layers like a painting. Sachdev and German legend Popol Vuh and compilation albums. Also on the follow-up. Their reputation This was one of the reasons to start looking grew and they gradually started for a recordcompany, which was found in SI playing in bigger clubs. They even did Music, a fairly new label then, grown out of a support for Pendragon and a live SI Magazine.

The first thing released on SI performance on Dutch radio. December Once more received very well. November featuring several members of Dutch underground In summer and autumn the third CD was recorded. With him, the band - still had plans to start a band in which they could create the ideal without a name - really started working on new material in mix of their favourite styles of music. Most of these May Everything they had written before, was dropped, influences came from progressive rock, like Rush and Dream since they weren't satisfied with it anymore.

As a temporary At the end ofthey started forming this band they had solution a drumcomputer was bought and despite the been thinking about and begun writing music and playing incomplete line-up, things were slowly but surely together.

Unfortunately, things didn't work too well developing good. Two drummers, one keyboarder and a second contribute a track to a compilation-CD. Of course the band guitarist joined and left again, until they found a kindred accepted this opportunity and found Robert Spaninks, who.

Also time had come to give a name to the band. Visser was found through an ad. Finally the recordings could After several months this became Forever Times and in be finished and "Skyang Klang-ri" became, together with November they recorded the track "Frozen" at Stichting "Frozen" the band's first demo.

After the recordings, Forever Times continued their quest to Afterwards, it turned out, that Irene Visser didn't quite live up find a drummer, which they found in March in Robert, to what Forever Times expected from their vocalist, so she who had found time to join the band as a member. With him was replaced by Laura van Driel.

Forever Times started working on material for a demo, that Most recent activities included rehearsals with Robert, who should be released in autumn. Unfortunately it soon turned somehow manages to fill the position of drummer during out, that Robert couldn't afford to spend enough time with concerts and the writing of new material for the second the band anymore and had to leave again, but he promised demo.

Recordings were scheduled for summer ofbut to play at the upcoming recordings and to rejoin as soon as the band managed to get a deal with Canadian label his time-schedule allowed him to do this.

Soundscape through which the debut-CD will be released in In summer Forever Times recorded the concept At first the recordings were purely instrumental, since they were still thinking about the right vocal solution.

A combination of. The line-up was Edwin van Liempd Brabant. In Wende keyboards, vocalsRoeland Stahlecker bass and SeptemberFrederique disappeared without giving a Frederique van der Wielen vocals.

In autumn LOGO reason and nothing was heard of her again well until now - split up because of musical differences. Roeland totally cb. Despite this drawback gigs had to be cancelled and the dropped out of sight. Lucien and Gerrit continued as the duo scheduled recording of the second demo had to be L. By the end of the guitars perform with drumcomputers and tapes. The first gig with an again complete line-up the band's name is derived from "framed" - by accident they was in Waalwijk in January This turned out to be a spelled it the way it is and it remained that way.

Some later, great success and signalized, that Fraemd was back. In April vocalist Frederique van der Wielen also ex-LOGO joined of the same year, the band recorded its second demo semi- them and Fraemd started performing live. At that time, live, produced by Dre van Logten and Raymond Meyer. Retrieved September 6, Proby biodata". Retrieved November 13, Retrieved April 4, Community heraldcourier. Bristol Herald Courier. The Independent. Retrieved August 24, Retrieved August 24, — via Rock's Backpages.

Archived from the original on July 28, Retrieved February 8, Retrieved April 16, Record Collector. The Daily Express. Retrieved May 13, Archived from the original on December 8, Proby: Where Is He Now? ISBN Retrieved December 23, Retrieved July 23, Retrieved December 5, BBC News.

March 17, Retrieved March 16, CD single ".

Arm In Arm - White Buffalo - Last Of The V8 Interceptors (CD, Album), Wicked Generation - Sacred Warrior - Classics (Cassette), Outro (Extended Edition) - Morphic Resonance (4) - Chromatic World (Revisited) (CDr), Bring Tha Noize, Millsmont - MMM Quartet - Oakland/Lisboa (CD, Album), Agnus Dei, Wide Boys - Ultravox!* - Ultravox! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Saturday Afternoon Inside - The Little Heroes* - Play By Numbers (Vinyl, LP, Album), Fantasía Sobre Paganini - Various - La Magia De Los Grandes Instrumentos - Violín Seductor (CD), Et Pourtant - Edith Piaf - O Talento De Edith Piaf (Vinyl, LP), Remind Me - Cleo Laine - The Unbelievable Miss Cleo Laine (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nightfall - I Am Jesus (CD, Album), Independence Day - The Comsat Angels - Waiting For A Miracle (Vinyl, LP, Album), Grow Wild - Hugo Largo - Drum (Cassette, Album), Cant Lose What You Aint Never Had - Muddy Waters - Muddy Waters (Vinyl, LP)