Foxy Dan - Hi Voltage (3) - Four To The Floor E.P. (Vinyl)

As night fell on Nebulandia, a seawater fog rose into the air, causing Luffy and Foxy to become weak, as they were both Devil Fruit eaters. Komei later told Luffy about his next challenge, as his crewmates had been left outside. Luffy struggled to move himself and reach his crewmates, and Foxy was shocked at how low the pirate had been brought to. However, Kansho suddenly picked up Foxy and carried him on his shoulders as he ran after Luffy, saying they could not leave Luffy to fight Komei alone.

Luffy and Nami later arrived Foxy Dan - Hi Voltage (3) - Four To The Floor E.P. (Vinyl) the clearing where their crewmates were being held, but Komei trapped Luffy in seawater, forcing Nami to rescue him. As Komei prepared to attack the two of them, however, Foxy arrived on Kansho's back and held the Vice Admiral at gunpoint, allowing Nami to rescue Luffy. Foxy left Kansho to keep watch on Komei as he helped pull Nami and Luffy out of the pitfall. However, Luffy was not breathing, and Foxy desperately beat the pirate's chest to resuscitate him.

He succeeded in reviving Luffy, but the Straw Hat was shot immediately afterward. Foxy realized with a shock that Kansho shot Luffy, and Komei revealed that Kansho was working for him in order to backstab them and kill Luffy at the right moment. Nami attacked Komei with a bolt of lightning, Foxy Dan - Hi Voltage (3) - Four To The Floor E.P.

(Vinyl) Komei redirected it toward her and Foxy, sending the two to the ground. Foxy and Nami were then handcuffed, and the Marines celebrated their victory over the Straw Hats. Foxy was given the antidotes for Porche and Hamburg, and helped tend to Luffy, who was still not getting up. However, it was revealed Luffy is fine due to the Foxy trinket blocking the bullet.

A shocked Kansho shot another bullet, but it was deflected. Foxy then angrily leaped toward his former crewmate and barraged him with punches, sending him flying into a crowd of Marines.

Foxy pointed to Komei and challenged him, but Komei blew him into the pitfall with his fan. Foxy broke into the complex, shooting Noro Noro beams at any Marines he saw. He then arrived at Porche and Hamburg's cell and returned them to their former selves, being overjoyed to see them again.

Foxy and the rest of his crew prepared to escape, but Porche and Hamburg told him that there was something they must take back. Foxy prepared to head after them while the rest of his crew went on, but his crew swore to stay with him until the end. Foxy and his crew later reunited with the Straw Hats, and Foxy got an idea to help Luffy in his battle against Komei. Foxy used Noro Noro beams to slow down a cannonball Komei was firing as well as Komei himself, and told Luffy to hit the ball as many times as he could.

Luffy did so and Foxy Dan - Hi Voltage (3) - Four To The Floor E.P. (Vinyl) the ball into the ground, causing a hole in the ground that drained the flooding seawater. However, Foxy ended the ceasefire between them as he fired a Noro Noro beam at Luffy, but to his shock Luffy was not affected by it.

It was revealed that Nami created a mirage of Luffy, having known Foxy would do that. Nami then electrocuted Foxy, Porche, and Hamburg with lightning bolts. As the Straw Hats departed, Foxy waved goodbye to them, but was left depressed after Luffy called him by the wrong name again.

However, Foxy rose up and talked to his crew, telling them it was time for them to continue their own adventures, and was cheered on by them.

He is one of the attendees at the Pirates Festival. He appears along with his crew sailing to search for Gold Roger 's treasure while Donald Moderate names some of the participants, getting angry at not having named him too.

Later, when the Marines attack the islandhe ends up begging for help to the Straw Hats. During the battle, he tries to stop the Marines with his abilities, but is quickly defeated by Bastille and shortly after electrocuted by Zeus. First off, when Foxy wanted to get Luffy's attention, he shot Tonjit's horse, Shelly. In the manga originally, Foxy literally shot Shelly with a gun.

In the anime however, this scene was drastically toned down with the bullet being replaced instead with a net. In the manga originally, they taunted Nami because by doing this, the Straw Hats would have an automatic win since Foxy was a participant in the next game, Combat.

In the anime however, with the arc being extended to two sets of Davy Back Fight games and the next game after the Groggy Ring being an anime exclusive game, the reason they taunted Nami was because this meant the Straw Hats would take away from the Foxy Pirates their beloved leader who planned out everything for them. For the third round of Davy Back Fight which was changed to an anime exclusive game, Foxy participated in it as the coach of his team for the game called Run Roll Round.

Aside from coaching them, he also helped them out by using his Devil Fruit powers mostly in conjunction with an anime exclusive crewmember of his, Girarin.

Though he helped his team to the best he could, Foxy however was thwarted by Nami and Usopp who preyed on his feelings, and by Robin who interfered with his Devil Fruit powers with hers. After losing the game and Chopper back to the Straw Hats, Foxy tricks Luffy into another round of games which included the original third game from the manga, Combat.

For the second round of Davy Back Fight games, due to the rules being changed, Foxy participated in two of the three games. For the first game, Hit and Deadball, Foxy as participated one of the major players for his crew.

Despite the strict rules applied to the game, Foxy was still able to exploit a few loopholes to his advantage. The most prominent of these was the use of his dodgeball shooting mecha. Using the loopholes and the rules to his advantage, Foxy and his crew won the first game of the second round of Davy Back Fight.

Having experienced several significant disadvantages caused by Nico Robin with her Hana Hana powers in Run Roll Round and Hit and Dead ball, Foxy Foxy Dan - Hi Voltage (3) - Four To The Floor E.P.

(Vinyl) to take her instead of taking back Chopper as requested by Porche. Knowing or believing that with her on his crew, his victory over the Straw Hats in the next games would be assured. After winning the second anime exclusive game, Foxy took Chopper back to his crew.

Having taken Chopper, Foxy presented a dire situation for the Straw Hats in the anime. Even if they won the next game, Combat, they could only take one crewmember back. Also, since his crew was getting tired from all the Davy Back Fight games, Foxy told the Straw Hats that this game will be the last as he will not accept to play another round of games.

Faced with this, Nami in desperation makes a deal with Foxy that whoever wins would take people from the other captain's team. While the Straw Hats do not have nearly enough people, the deal allows Foxy to claim the Straw Hats' children and all their descendants as his crew until he has enough people.

During the Combat portion of the Davy Back Fight, a particular scene was changed in the anime. During the match, Foxy entered a spiked room in hopes of tricking Luffy into impaling himself. Unfortunately, Luffy used a cannon instead to blast the room that Foxy entered. In the manga originally, after being blasted by the cannonfire, Foxy unfortunately landed on the spikes he intended to impale Luffy with though he somehow managed to survive.

In the anime, this scene was changed to Foxy quickly getting on top of the cannonball that was fired on him before he landed on the spikes. After the Combat game was won by Luffy, due to the deal made by Nami with Foxy, the winnings that Luffy took from Foxy changed in the anime. However, as this was just three things taken from Foxy's crew out of the men promised, Luffy still had people to choose from. Luffy then randomly chose men from Foxy's crew in a very simple manner, leaving only Foxy, Porcheand Hamburg left behind.

Being no longer apart of the majority of his original crew, Foxy and his two remaining crewmembers Foxy Dan - Hi Voltage (3) - Four To The Floor E.P. (Vinyl) forced to take a dinghy as the crewmembers chosen by Luffy required the Sexy Foxy to sail on.

Today 3D floors do in shopping malls, large halls, office buildings, apartments; many people event trying to do it with their own hands but its only can be don by specialists and quality materials. This is explained not only external beauty of the floor, but also its performance. It's essentially a giant vinyl image that you can stick to your floor to give it the same unique illusion of being 3D that the epoxy floors give off. They use incredibly high picture image resolutions, and innovative Foxy Dan - Hi Voltage (3) - Four To The Floor E.P.

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