Darkness Queen - Hitten (2) - Shake The World (File)

Hermelin who rarely shows up for class. He blames his Half-brother Takahisa Kandori for how his life has Darkness Queen - Hitten (2) - Shake The World (File) out and believes that the latter must die.

Despite his brusque tendencies, many girls of St. Hermelin take quite a shine to him. Reiji's Persona awakening was also triggered during the SEBEC incident, but he is less than willing to join the party unless certain conditions have been met early in the game.

Reiji is adept Darkness Queen - Hitten (2) - Shake The World (File) boxingand an assault rifle. Though rumored to be a gang leader, Reiji has no actual subordinates to speak of. The fevered pursuit of his half-brother Takahisa Kandori is the only thing on his mind. Reiji was the product of an affair between Takahisa's father and a mistressand wants revenge for his mother being abandoned as a result of his birth.

It's for this reason alone that Reiji believes Takahisa should pay with his life. It's a little-known fact that Reiji dabbles in magic tricks on the side, specifically with playing cards. He uses this skill in demon contacts. He is the hardest to get out of all of them, needing several events and NPC conversations to be able to get him to join. Hidehiko "Brown" Uesugi is the resident class clown of St.

Hermelin, relying on puns and outdated jokes to get attention this is also used in his negotiation skills. Hidehiko pesters his classmates to perform the "Persona" ritual in order to impress them, but Masao Inaba doesn't believe that it will actually work. They both hold a bet, with the loser having to treat everyone who was dragged into it at the Peace Diner. Masao thinks that he won at first, because nothing happened after the ritual. Hidehiko complains, saying that Masao didn't try hard enough when it was his turn to perform.

But then a crying young girl appears, and they are all hit by flashes of lightning that send them to the border of consciousness and unconsciousness.

When Mikage-cho changes, the main protagonist finds Brown imprisoned inside the Police Station along with Masao; both were captured after going out through the hole in the school wall to procure guns there with Kei Nanjo Nanjo barely managed to escape with the equipment. After freeing them both and fighting off some demons causing Hidehiko's "forced" awakening from being attacked. Brown fights using a spearsquarterstavesand a TMP machine gun as his sidearm. Like Reiji and Eriko, Darkness Queen - Hitten (2) - Shake The World (File) is an optional party member that can be used in both quests.

Like Yukino, Hidehiko's features weren't changed much for the original North American release. His kanji puns were altered, fitted with easy-to-digest local jokes. His name was also changed to Brad.

Eriko "Elly" Kirishima belongs to a wealthy family and has been studying overseas for most of her life. She later decides to finish her schooling in Japan to later pursue a career in modeling and fashion design. She is among the popular girls in St. Hermelin High School because of her beauty and amiable personality. She is smart; however, she tends to fail to realize serious life and death situations.

She wields a rapier, and like Kei is armed with a rifle for long-range fighting. A warm, magnificent texture and a fusion of savagery and graces. An ordinary life needs a bit of passion every once in a while. Citizen of Athens. Season 6 Essence 1 Memory Spheres. Season 13 Essence 2 Memory Spheres. Season 2 Essence 3 Memory Spheres. Whenever the chants "Encore! Season 12 Essence 1 Memory Spheres. The gatekeeper of a private passage between hell and the world of the living.

Her hands will be scorched by hell's burning flames every time she opens the passage. Yet she won't stop searching for new power in the hopes of spurring hell's old-fashioned stubbornness. Season 11 Essence 1 Memory Spheres.

She is as nimble and graceful as a gazelle, but no one knows how she is able to move in and out of the park so gracefully. Songkran Festival Event. If you only wish to see things that you want to see, then you'll see the world just as you imagined. Season 10 Essence 3 Memory Spheres. Season 5 Logic Path Block The witch held captive by the White Wizards in the Forbidden Forest is beautiful and good at deceiving the mind.

This war may be her only chance to escape her old master. She needs to be prepared. Season 5 Essence 1 Memory Spheres. Only the Abyss can confront the Abyss - when the dispute from the far away snow land came over, she finally realised this is all but another pipe dream.

A crystal originating from the Holy Key. It protects Fiona from nightmares, yet it's slowly being eroded. If the crystal completely decays, no one knows what kind of horror will entail. Physical distance holds no meaning to this staff, and even the farthest distance is but a step away for the one who possesses it. Figure Skater Sculpture. Season 18 Logic Path. On their quest to find the holy grail they found countless counterfeits, and there is one which the Grail Maid is especially fond of.

Pets for survivors are non-exclusive and can be used by any character. A full list of Pets can be found here. Priestess - Deduction Star. Graffiti - Personality. Thanksgiving Event Priestess - Reflective Mirror. Priestess - Gray Shadow. Standby Motions that almost every survivor can use can be found here. The following only contains exclusive or rare Standby Motions, which Priestess currently does not have. Lucky Guy - Lucky. Doctor - Emily Dyer.

And in the same way that two streams converge into a river, Kyle's disappearance may have a more sinister meaning than anyone realizes. With no allies, no support, and only her own wits to rely on, Cassie must take down a killer who is as Box bit. When Quinn finds herself falling for him, she has to decide what she wants more: to get even, or to Jennifer Honeybourn bit.

See more Ruby and Ethan were perfect for each other. Until the day they suddenly weren't. Ten years later, Ruby's single, having spent the last decade focusing on her demanding career and hectic life in Manhattan.

There's barely time for a trip to England for her little sister's wedding. And there's certainly not time to think about seeing Ethan there for the first time in years.

But as the family frantically prepare for the big day, Ruby can't help but wonder if she made the right choice all those years ago? Because there's nothing like a Melissa Pimentel bit. See more But soon the soldiers followed and under this new order Cara makes a discovery that will change James S. Corey bit. Seaside, Oregon isn't big enough for the both of us. She hates me. I loathe her. It's torture.

The Darkness Queen - Hitten (2) - Shake The World (File) she looks at me. The way I try to look through her. Words left unsaid. During the ensuing battle, Warchief Vol'jin was mortally wounded. He asked Sylvanas not to allow the Horde to perish there, and she made the tough decision to abandon the Alliance forces, calling for a retreat. Back in Orgrimmar, Vol'jin, on his deathbed, asked to see Sylvanas.

He told her that he had never trusted her, but that the spirits had given him clarity. With his dying breath he told her that she would succeed him as Warchief of the Horde. She accepted his will and rallied the Horde forces at Orgrimmar, who swore an oath of allegience to her. Now Warchief, she rules over the Horde from the Undercity. In the lull between the Legion's downfall and the eruption of hostilities between the factions, two very important things happened: some of her Forsaken kinsmen expressing a yearning for contact with their living relatives, and the discovery of azerite in Silithus.

The former came about during her absence from the Undercity while performing her role as Warchief. Her people began to voice both their questions as to why their Dark Queen rarely visited them and their desire to attempt reconciliation with their loved ones. To this end, a council was formed in the absence of Sylvanas, not with the intention of overthrowing her, but to keep the peace and bring together like-minded people. Alonsus Faol and Calia Menethil served as emissaries to Anduin Wrynnreaching out in the hopes that he would bless such an attempt.

It took much convincing, with Turalyon almost coming to blows with his long-lost friend, Alonsus, before seeing him for what he truly was: namely, a Forsaken capable of both free will and honor. Even Genn Greymane warmed to the idea, but remained deeply suspicious of Sylvanas.

Sylvanas, meantime, viewed the council and their desires as undermining her rule, no matter their intentions. She also held no trust for Anduin. Though she allowed the meeting to take place between the Forsaken and their human relatives in Arathi Highlandsshe had a more devious plan in the works. This plan was unleashed after Calia inadvertently revealed herself and the Forsaken began to defect to the Alliance. Rather than strike down any under Anduin's protection, she set her rangers loose on her own people, killing all that tried to cross the field to the Alliance side.

Then, riding into battle herself, she killed Calia Menethil. When Anduin retrieved her body, Sylvanas had the chance to strike him down, yet chose to stay her hand for fear of starting a faction war.

This article concerns content exclusive to Battle for Azeroth. After these events, news came to Sylvanas about the discovery of azerite in Silithus. Recognizing its power, she grew concerned as to the safety of the Horde should the Alliance get their hands on it as well. Recognizing Teldrassil as the main shipping route for the Alliance in Kalimdorshe resolved to end a potential war before it could begin. Thus, she conferred with Varok Saurfang and Nathanos Blightcallerweaving together a feint that would make the Alliance think she was taking the bulk of her forces to Silithus to safeguard the azerite.

Varok himself was instrumental in the formation of this plan. The Darkness Queen - Hitten (2) - Shake The World (File) took the bait and sent their fleet toward Silithus while Saurfang and his troops assembled and then marched into Ashenvale. The night elves were caught completely unawares, the incursion exacerbated by a simultaneous strike from hidden Horde agents on all their outposts.

Though even Malfurion Stormrage intervened, the Horde managed to push through Ashenvale and into Darkshorepartly by means of Saurfang and a small contingent pushing their way from the north through a hidden trail from Felwood. Sylvanas faced off against Malfurion herself, their battle interrupted by Saurfang who, in the heat of the moment, attacked Malfurion from behind.

Sylvanas decided to depart the field and travel to their troops stationed at Lor'danelleaving Saurfang to finish Malfurion off. Little did she know, but Saurfang hesitated, feeling his actions were without honor, and in the moment, Tyrande Whisperwind arrived to spirit the archdruid away.

When Saurfang returned without Malfurion's head, Sylvanas felt as if their entire point of the mission had failed, for now the night elves had hope. In her mind, in order to strike a lasting and devastating blow that would drive the Alliance apart, she ordered her troops to set fire to Teldrassil, despite the number of innocents trapped within.

Sylvanas knew the response from the Alliance would be swift and likely targeted at the Undercity. Prior to their inevitable arrival, she formulated a trap, planning to destroy those Alliance leaders and soldiers who arrived with blight and raise them in undeath. Sure enough, her city was attacked, and when she let loose the blight on both the Alliance and Horde on the battlefield, Darkness Queen - Hitten (2) - Shake The World (File) seemed her victory was imminent.

At the last second, Jaina Proudmoore arrived via a flying ship, dissipating the blight and destroying the Undercity's front gates. Wily as ever, Sylvanas even had a plan for this, should her initial attempts fail. She waited in the throne room where Terenas Menethil II himself had been slain, seemingly unconcerned as Anduin, Genn, Jaina, and her own sister, Alleria Windrunnerpushed through her troops and even capturing Saurfang.

Once they were within her clutches, she had Nathanos unleash a massive wave of blight throughout the city, using her banshee ability to escape and board a zeppelin. Her victory was thwarted yet again by Jaina, who teleported everyone to safety aboard her own ship. Afterwards, sylvanas sends a champion of the horde to release an ally from the stormwind stockades accompanied by: Rokhan, and Thalyssra.

Battling the Dark Lady in the Royal Quarter can prove disastrous if certain steps are not taken by raid members. From Lament of the Highborne. WoWWiki Explore. WoW info. Gathering Production Secondary. Allied races. Useful macros What are addons? More WoW info. Events Ongoing Seasonal Micro-holidays World. Instances Raids Scenarios Sanctuaries Worlds. Movie info. Explore Wikis Community Central.

Register Don't have an account? Sylvanas Windrunner. Edit this page. History Talk With Patch 3. Some guardians still remain in the Sewers ; it's unknown if this is an error or not. After the death of Arthas, the Undercity was attacked by the Emerald Nightmare's mists and shadowy warriors of nightmares. Sylvanas, half of the Forsaken and all Horde representatives were having nightmares.

Sharlindra and some Forsaken witnessed Sylvanas' murmur and moments later, shadowy figures attacked Sharlindra and her followers - thus the whole Undercity was enveloped by the Nightmare.

This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm. In Cataclysmthe Undercity was "redesigned to accommodate flight. The city has been fleshed out from its original "cardboard cutout" setup and is now a complete edition of the broken Lordaeron. This section concerns content exclusive to Battle for Azeroth. Sylvanas, having expected such an attack, attempts to trap the Alliance leadership multiple times with blight, but this is thwarted each time by Jaina Proudmoore.

It is during this last blight explosion that the entirety of the Undercity is engulfed, leaving it uninhabitable even for the Forsaken.

The Undercity is an extension of the crypts and dungeons originally beneath Lordaeron's capital city. The Forsaken dredged out complex catacombs and caverns. The place is dark, smells of corpses and has an evil feel. Spiders, oozes and other subterranean creatures occupy the distant passages. Unlike Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmarwhich are at the surface and often the sites of multiple festivals, the Undercity is dark, dreary, and cold.

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