Crucifixion - Mobcharge - Apocalyptic Horror (Vinyl, Album)

Now never let us speak of this again. Good luck to them. Dear Mr Gouldthorpe, Actifed were wondering if you were. This will be a short entry I suspect, given the almost complete dearth of information available on line.

Materialising out of YorkshireIpso Facto had an ever-changing line-up revolving around their one constant member and vocalist Eb. Apparently only copies of the original were pressed. Somewhat oddly, and despite sheer weight of opinion being against them, the usually reliable Discogs.

Still more confusingly, they appear to have the track listing in the wrong order despite it being printed very clearly on the front cover art. If only one had an original pressing to work out how on Earth they arrived at this conclusion. The flip-side of Give It To Her. Eb didn't. If you like Bauhausyou'll like this. I Suggest you pick it up. Give it to Her. The real mystery here though comes with the enigmatic third pressing.

Most interesting though, it comes from a band curiously titled In Formation note the initials. Fenn drumsSteven Masters saxophone. What one might not expect is the odd, and indeed cute, media samples in between songs.

Curiously, Ritual seem to have unleashed Songs for a Dead King on an unsuspecting world twice. The cassette cover of the version. And happily, some helpful little soul has put the entire thing on Youtube for us. As noted, Songs for a Dead King was never formally released on any label.

Seemingly it resides in a strange grey area of being more than a demo yet less than an album. I hate to use the same band pic twice, but there just isn't that.

For a band who managed to knock out no less than five full-length albums and had sufficiently decent distribution to see their CDs make it all the way to isolated little Perth, finding hard information online concerning these kids is surprisingly difficult.

Sleeping Dogs Wake were initially a two piece consisting of Robert Wilcocks and Karin Sharret, who seems to have had a thing for playing drums sans shirt, although judging from band promo pics they seem to have acquired an extra or two as time went on members that is — how many shirts Karin eventually owned remains a matter of speculation.

Toys for Alice! I suspect most of us have been there at some stage or another and know that empty feeling of wondering what the aftermath will be like and what will remain. Two full length albums followed. If art-rock is your thing, it comes highly recommended. They popped up again a few years later with Up! Following this, SDW would undergo a complete change in direction on the utterly brilliant Sugar Kisses Hyperium, A much more laid back approach than SDW had displayed previously, beautifully dreamlike and whimsical that remains a firm personal favourite Crucifixion - Mobcharge - Apocalyptic Horror (Vinyl this day.

They made their final full length album with Under the Stars Hyperium, The sound quality here is awfully muddy, but I think it makes for interesting viewing nevertheless. Robert Wilcocks guitar, sampler, vocalsKarin Sharret vocals, drumsother participants including Haggis and Jens Lankniv seem to have been added from the Up! Much of it did consist Album) very sub-par Sisters and Nephilim clones. Rosetta Stone.

To all intents and purposes, the band that launched the second wave. Seemingly unapologetic, the Mighty Mick has since gone on to produce at least another three volumes on said topic. These days, main man Porl King has moved on to a new project called Misery Lab.

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Follow us Facebook YouTube Instagram. Movin' On 6. Way Past Midnight 7. Home Again 8. The Sound Of Your Voice 9. Turn This Thing Around Dreamer Gotta Get Back Blow Wind Blow Hawkwind - Spacebrock Life Form 2. Some People Never Die 3. Dreamers 4. Earth Breath 5. You Burn Me Up 6. The Right Away 7. Sex Dreams 8. To Be Or Not 9. Kauai Earth Calling The Starkness Of The Capsule Behind The Face Space Brock Space Pilots The Journey Do You Want This Body Carpathian Forest 2'28 2.

When Thousand Moon Have Circled 4'00 5. Newman - Discography - Sinner - Wild 'n' Evil Loser Of Love No Speed Limit Murder Ridin' The White Horses Lost In A Dream Heat Of The Nite Silly Thing Shakin' The Devil's Hand The Sin Delineate 2.

Palisade 3. Holon 4. Leewards 5. Valence 6. Salience 7. Rock Candy Good Times Bad Times Poundcake I Can't Drive 55 Mikey Bass Solo When It's Love Whole Lotta Love Little White Lie Why Can't This Be Love Finish What Ya Started Heavy Metal Vic Guitar Solo Best of Both Worlds Right Now Rock and Roll Scaevola's Fire - Conflagrations Kindling Intro Burn On, Hand of Glory!

Piskeys on Selena Moor Queen of Evil Blemmyae There They Pick Nightshade Lady of the Sea The Baron Green A Specter Has Taken Shape Query for the Apothecary Firebreathers Woodwose Cinders Outro Greater Number - Linked Dimensions Linked Dimensions Fragment Chamber Of Somberness Intro 2.

Diseased Mountain 3. Sleep - The Reflection Of Death 4. Enter The Sepulchre 5. Prophecy Of Nothing 6. Onslaught Of Pestilence 7. Nearing Final Moments Outro. Tripatronix - The Escape So Inclined From Before Amidst Controversy Call It Patiently Belial - The Gods of the Pit pt. The Invocation 2. Voices Beyond 3. Deceased 4. For Them 5. Eddie Mottau - No Moulding Morning Dancer Jimmy Clark She And I A2. All Night Radio A3. You Know What's Real A4. Howdy Stranger B1.

Later Day Saint B2. I Won't Forget You B3. Red Sky At Night B4. I Wanna Let You Know The Mist - Phantasmagoria Digipack, Remastered, Flying Saucers In Crucifixion - Mobcharge - Apocalyptic Horror (Vinyl Sky Smiles, Tears And Chaos A Step Into The Dark The Enemy Hate Barbed Wire Land At War Phantasmagoria Lightning In The Dark Like A Bad Song Faces Of Glass Delicious Light Iron Age Creation Door To Tomorrow Diagram Girl Black Crow Tomorrow, Forever The Soft Bounce Finally First Triumph Third Mynd Local Natives - Sunlit Youth Villainy 2.

Past Lives 3. Dark Days 4. Fountain of Youth 5. Masters 6. Jellyfish 7. Coins 8. Mother Emanuel 9. Ellie Alice Psycho Lovers Everything All at Once Sea of Years. The Apple Of Discord 2. Choose Your Weapon Sikario 3. Cannibal 4. Judgement In The Purgatory 5. Destroy The Messiah 6.

Invoked Decadence 7. Festering Anal Vomit Head In A Crock Pot Engorging The Vaginal Cavity Erased From Existence Draped In White Bloodart Absence Of Light Stricken With Disease Mutilation Tool Infesting The Exhumed Pure Hate Demo Mindkill Demo Holy Crucifixion - Mobcharge - Apocalyptic Horror (Vinyl Demo Insane Anger Demo Unearthed Demo Forget - Left Behind Artist: Hi!

Broken And Cursed A Victim Flames Eyes Wide Shut Too Late The Call Spirit Of The Earth You Will See Mother Nature Matches Let It Burn Karen Cooper Complex - Shinjuku Birdwalk We Saw Waves The Boy with the Red Guitar Heads In the Other Room Jerkin' Pretty Beeswax Flip-Kilter Ruckus Upstairs Petit Deja Vu Pallid Coffin Spirit 2.

Sermon - Threnody instrumental 3. Whom Shepherd Seeds of Discord 4. Sermon - Dirge instrumental 5. Dismal Veil of Nothingness 6. Sermon - End instrumental. Dementor - God Defamer [Vinyl 16 bit 48 kHz]. Abba - The Visitors The Visitors 5'45 2.

Head Over Heels 3'46 3. Soldiers 4'37 5. I Let The Music Speak 5'18 6. One Of Us 3'54 7. Slipping Through My Fingers 3'53 9. Threshold Of Perception Tyrants Of The Terrestrial Exodus Dyson Sphere The Phylogenesis Stretch Gravimetric Time Dilation Our Cosmic Casket Biomech II The Weeds Will Prosper Nex Of Terra Preaching The Machine Cower Before Me.

Blind Vengeance - Blind Vengeance Night Music Leave Me Tonight Manikan Gravemaker Metal Over Mind I Might You Will Give Me The Night A Taste Of Sin One Night To Live Free Meat Indianix - Keep In Mind Keep In Mind Cardiacs - The Seaside Jibber and Twitch A2.

Gena Lolla Brigida A3. Hello Mr Sparrow A4. Its a Lovely Day A5. A Wooden Fish on Wheels A6. Nurses Whispering Verses B1. Is This the Life B2. A Little Man and a House B3.

Hope Day B4. Dinner Time B5. Ice a Spot and a Dot on the Dog B6. To Go Off and Things. Triumph of Sisyphus 2. The Unspeakable 3. Labyrinth Of Melting Thoughts 4.

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