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I was born in Molter. He was in the navy over there [Malta], and I lived there for my first three years, and then in Swindon. In a bizarre way, Swindon has produced a lot of people in show business. Such as? It's a very bizarre place. It has no soul whatsoever. What is it about Swindon that has kept you there? Initially it was the expression, 'Well, it's cheap. A lot of high-tech industries have now moved there so you have all of the new workers for that stuff, and they live these yuppie lifestyles.

Properties have soared through the roof. It's like yup-central now. When did you start playing the guitar? I really got into guitar, uh. I liked the Beatles and I liked the idea of being in a group. But the idea of learning the guitar scared me off. Then Come With Me - Translator (3) - Translator (Vinyl Monkees came along. I was a little bit older, and I started getting interested in playing guitar.

I thought this being LP a group thing looks great. You all get to live in one house, you get to come down on a fire pole in the morning, and you can just turn up anywhere with your guitar, plug in, and you sound great. This sounds highly romantic, I know, but I stole my first guitar from the afterschool youth club. For about two hours in the evening, there was a youth club there, and they had a guitar and an amplifier. A sort of made-in-Singapore-thing, a horrible thing.

So I stole it for a few months, played around with it for awhile, and tried to learn the intro to "Last Train to Clarksville," which I still haven't grasped! Striving to imitate Michael Nesmith.

No, I was the Peter Tork. I had the hair, I had the shirt. I bought a Monkees shirt from my mom's postal catalog. Were any of your family members musicians? Yeah, my dad tinkered about. He had a flirtation with guitar. Then he gave that up and took up drums, which was interesting. When did you first become interested in writing? Right away. I thought this can't be difficult. I don't think I could even make single chords at the time. I used to play single strings, like I'll do eight of these.

So you taught yourself? My dad taught me four chords or something like that. The rest I just picked up by mocking around music shops. I'd discover things. I'd get LP's and play them, and once every so many months I'd find a couple of notes that were the same as the person playing on the record, and that would set me off.

It was very painful and very slow. I didn't go for lessons. There were huge milestones where I had gotten quite proficient, and then I'd buy an LP by somebody and I thought, 'How can they play like that! In the early '70s I was into a lot of avant-garde jazz and a lot of technical stuff. I went from the Monkees to having a big binge on this Euro-avant-garde stuff. I got really in deep. Then all of that got blown away when I heard the New York Dolls. I suddenly just wanted to play three chords again and get out my mom's makeup and stuff.

Is it true that Alice Cooper was an early influence? Oh yeah. All of those glam metal bands. I was just that age. I must've been 18 or something like that. Well, "I'm Eighteen. I thought that was wonderful. I had all of these ludicrous clothes made up. When were they formed? They came out of the ashes of a jamming group called Star Park, which was myself, Terry Chambers, Colin Moulding, and anyone else we could grab that week.

We thought that we should be a serious group and formed the Helium Kidz in ' It lasted in name up until '75 when we had a reshuffling of ideology and designed ourselves to what we really wanted to play, which was three-minute pop songs that were fast and inventive. We needed a fast inventive name so we changed it to XTC. The other name we had at the top of the list was the Dukes of Stratosphear, but I thought that it was too flowery and people would think we were a psychedelic group.

So we invented our own future. Changing subjects a bit, earlier you mentioned how all of the English like to collect something. You yourself have a hobby of collecting toy soldiers. Oh yeah, I have thousands of them.

I started around ' I used to have a huge American comic collection. We started doing these very long tours, and the house I was living in at the time had a lot of mice, and they ate portions of very rare comic books. It would drive me nuts! I'd come back from tour and there'd be mouse shit all over and corners nibbled off 1 D. I didn't know how to keep these comics [ever tried plastic bags? Then I found some metal soldiers in a shop, and it just slammed home to me how I loved toy soldiers as a kid, and I got the collecting bug more strongly and even more permanently.

And mice can't chew them. Yeah, mice can't chew through them. Any other hobbies? Not really. Just art things. I like to draw and paint. Actually, there's a firm that makes these war game figures in North England. They're really big fans of the band, and they make a range of figures called the XTRange. What happened was I rang them up for a catalog and a card came with the catalog saying, 'Are you who we think we are? I'm more interested in the early 's. We've actually made a range of figures from the period and here's some free samples.

Every couple of weeks this box would come with these samples! I started designing other ranges for them, like World War I figures, and they would make them up from my drawings. So you're married and have a couple of children.

I've been married since ' I have a beautiful 3-year-old daughter and a equally beautiful, oh I'm sure you're not supposed to say that, but yeah, a beautiful boy. He's 1 and a bit. I should be seeing them tomorrow, hopefully. You must be a bit homesick. Oh, violently homesick. Awfully homesick. It's kinda mixed with. I've been really depressed lately because we're involved in this ludicrously expensive court case with our ex-manager.

It's been going on since ' He'd been a bit naughty. He misappropriated advances and earnings from shows and stuff to the tune of about a quarter of a million pounds. We're suing to get this back, and it has cost us nearly that much so far. The case hasn't gone to court yet, and we've been told that we don't look to stand to win any money back even if we do win. I've never been so broke in all of my life, and it's a very big worry. You know, with a family, ya gotta feed the kids, pay the mortgage on the house, and all of that shit.

It's really weird to be over here and to go out for the evening and have people recognize you on the street and places you go, and I'm starting to get wound up about the whole thing, the fact that I haven't got a fucking penny. What sort of effect has this had on your writing? It did have a heavy effect on both Colin and I because we couldn't write anything for ages. No matter how big a seller it might've been, we didn't look about to get any of it because we have such huge bills to pay.

For ages I couldn't write anything. I really thought that was it, that Skylarking would be the last one. I wrote a few things and I thought it was shit. Then suddenly loads of stuff started coming out, and it wasn't shit. It was OK. It was just a matter of getting this hard awful smelly bung out of the way and all of this gorgeous, soft, puffy stools of music came flooding out afterwards. It's just making me a bit crazy. I actually did have a bit of a nervous breakdown yesterday.

I was pacing around at in the morning just yelling and screaming and clawing at myself. For somebody who doesn't take drugs or do crazy things, my sanity is really highly prized. It's just all winding me up too much. I have to get home and try to stick my head in the sand for a while.

Do you usually write on inspiration or do you just sort of wake up in the morning and say, 'I'm going to write a song now? Usually it doesn't happen if I force something out.

I get something, but it will usually sound filtered and unnatural. I usually have an idea or a title or a feeling that I try to put into words. Sometimes just a little soap bubble goes pop in my head, and I have to rush to a pencil and paper or the answering machine. So despite the lack of writing for awhile, you were still able to come up with a double album's worth of material for Oranges and Lemons. Yeah, it came eventually. There was that horrible time when nothing would happen. It sort of gets worse with each album, and then it seems to cure itself in a grander fashion each time.

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A sacrifice gives me power Fill the recipient with brains I fuck christian assholes Album) Tu Madre [instrumental] The CD release included two songs from a LP as bonus tracks.

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