Cleaning Berkeley - Three Wheel Motion - Three Wheel Motion (Cassette)

Cassettes intended for both auto transport usage as well as general usage may be accommodated. Adjustable cassette support assembly and tilt mechanism are illustrated in FIGS. In operation, tilt mechanism is rigidly secured to a platform or other flat surface associated with a CMP machine or other device that the tilt mechanism is being used in conjunction with.

Cassette support assemblyin turn, is pivotally attached to the top of tilt assembly The wafer cassette to be unloaded or loaded is fixed on top of support assembly Support assembly comprises a cassette support platform secured to a substantially parallel leveling plate by a plurality of leveling assemblies Leveling assemblies may comprise a fixed nut into which a screw is threaded, a fixed screw over which a nut is threaded, or any other suitable mechanism for positioning platform with respect to plate Biasing springs interposed between platform and plate surround assemblies to bias platform away from plate and to perform a shock-absorption function.

A wing adjustment screw not shown may also be threaded through leveling plate to engage the undersurface of platform The spacing between platform and plate could thereby be set and maintained through manipulation of the wing screw.

Such a screw, if utilized, would preferably be located in the center of gravity of a triangle defined by three leveling assemblies Cassette adjustment guide and cassette alignment posts are adjustably secured to the top surface of platform Guide is located at the front center portion of platformand posts are positioned at the rear corners of platform Adjustment guide and alignment posts permit accommodation of a variety of cassettes having differing dimensions and design configurations.

Adjustment guide is formed with beveled guide surfaces and to assist in positioning of the front portion of a cassette to be secured on platform When a cassette is loaded onto platformbeveled surfaces and engage leading edge of flange Cleaning Berkeley - Three Wheel Motion - Three Wheel Motion (Cassette) on cassette bottom surface and urge cassette into proper position as it is lowered onto platform This is particularly helpful when a cassette filled with wafers is being placed on the platform since the presence of the wafers may block the operator's view of guide Guide is also movable or adjustable on platform in the direction of arrow FIG.

When repositioning of guide is required, adjustment screws attached to guide are loosened so that they slide within oval recesses and permit guide to be manually positioned. Alignment posts each include a central slot within which elongated wings projecting from cassette rear wall are received.

Posts also include beveled surfaces and to assist in the guidance of wings into slots Posts are movable or adjustable on platform in the direction of arrow to permit optimum accommodation of the wing configuration or spacing of the particular cassette being used.

Repositioning of posts is accomplished through the use of adjustment screws A cassette presence switch extends through platform from a switch housing mounted underneath platform Switch is best seen in FIG. Switch housing houses electronics associated with switch and is connected by cable or another suitable communication conduit to an operator display screen.

When a cassette is placed on platformridge on cassette bottom surface contacts switch and presses it downward. In particular, region of ridge contacts switch Tilt mechanism is mounted underneath cassette support assembly Tilt mechanism comprises a circular cam mounted within a housing Housing is rigidly attached to a flat surface or platform of, for example, a CMP machine by disposing suitable fasteners e.

Cam is illustrated in more detail in FIGS. It is a disk-like member having a base portion and a body portion Base portion is formed with a recess to permit attachment of cam to an actuator or motor FIG. Body portion is formed with a spiral groove The path from the outermost portion A of groove to the innermost portion B of groove is an inwardly directed spiral traversing approximately 1. As best seen in FIG. Preferably, actuator is a Berkeley motor incorporated into a Berkeley control system.

Shaft may be secured to cam through the use of a screw or an equivalent fastener. In this manner, operation of actuator effects rotary motion of cam The linkage between tilt mechanism and cassette support assembly is provided by tilt arm see FIG.

Tilt arm extends from a lower end disposed inside of tilt mechanism housing to an upper end which terminates adjacent leveling plate of cassette support assembly Circular cam follower is attached to the lower end of tilt arm and protrudes into spiral groove of cam An upper portion of tilt arm is pivotally attached to tilt housing by a shaft fixed to housing and extending through circular bore formed in the upper end of arm The top of tilt arm is rigidly fixed to leveling plate by pins or other suitable fasteners extending through plate and into the top of arm Operation of tilt mechanism is as follows.

Actuator effects rotary motion of shaft which, in turn, effects rotary motion of circular cam Hence, cam begins to rotate in the direction of arrow counterclockwise in FIG.

Effectively, cam follower is forced to move in the direction of arrow leftward and up in FIG. This force is transferred to tilt armcausing the lower portion of tilt arm to also move in the direction of arrow Droplets or little drips will be fine don't stress too much.

Post by Fiery on Mon Jul 25, pm xena wrote: self lubricating chain Yban. Post by xena on Mon Jul 25, pm Fiery wrote: xena wrote: self lubricating chain Yban. Post by kode54 on Mon Jul 25, pm Juanmoretime wrote: Rock and Roll Gold for lube and I use the edge of a rag to "floss" the cassette.

If its really gunky I take it off and soak it in a container of degreaser, scrub it with an old tooth brush wipe it dry and let it air dry before reinstalling. I never spray degreaser on the chain, chainrings or cassette while installed on the bike. Two simple tools and you have the cassette removed completely for cleaning. It takes no time at all and you can also check the freehub while you are at it.

Post by nickf on Tue Jul 26, pm I remove the cassette if it needs a clean. A Cleaning Berkeley - Three Wheel Motion - Three Wheel Motion (Cassette) of a lot faster then "flossing" it.

I have been using Maxima Clean Up Degreaser. Picked it up at a motorcycle shop. Remove cassette, spray, lightly scrub, rinse, install, lube. It's harsh stuff, you don't have to use much. Effective and quick. Cleans both chain and cassette in a reasonable manner without soaking bearings in degreaser. Post by dmulligan on Wed Jul 27, pm Flossing with the wheel off the bike is very quick.

The freehub ratcheting makes flossing easy. Just put the wheel on your lap and floss back and forth. It usually only takes a couple of minutes. Eg, was it a front or rear spoke? What made it worse- going up a hill or on the flat? Did the creak relate with crank rotation or did it line up with wheel rotations? How many spokes in the wheel? Oh no. I just found a video which takes apart a cassette and shows the causes. I need to answer the problem was a faulty hub design.

So it is nothing common Can you explain a bit Cleaning Berkeley - Three Wheel Motion - Three Wheel Motion (Cassette) The hub bearings itself was faulty. Onza good work finding the cause and an answer for your question. That helps finalise questions. Charles Charles 1. Hi Charles Cleaning Berkeley - Three Wheel Motion - Three Wheel Motion (Cassette) welcome to StackExchange.

Please do take a moment to read the tour to learn how this site is set up. I am curious to know what OP found and what progress was made, so lets do that in a comment to the question, instead of an answer. WD isn't a good lubricant for bikes assuming you mean standard WD; they also do make some bike-specific lubricants under the "WD" brand. You should use a bike-specific lubricant. Having said that, I've never known a drivetrain creak because of low lubrication.

Horrible grinding noises, sure, but creaking is usually two components moving against each other that aren't supposed to move. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Check out the Stack Exchange sites that turned 10 years old in Q3. Featured on Meta. CM escalations - How we got the queue back down to zero. Grip a long length of the cloth with both hands and pull it tight so that you have a 6—8 in 15—20 Cleaning Berkeley - Three Wheel Motion - Three Wheel Motion (Cassette) length of fabric pulled taut.

Starting with the smallest cog on the front of the cassette, slide the length of cloth under the cassette and work it in between the first and second cog on the assembly. The cleaner these pieces are, the less resistance there will be when you pedal your bike. Pull the cloth up and to the right until your left hand is next to the cog. Use your right hand to drag the cloth up and away from the cog at a to degree angle. Let your left hand guide the cloth through the cog roughly 3—6 inches 7.

Stop moving the cloth once your left hand is 1—2 inches 2. The cassette rotates clockwise towards the front of the bike when pressure is applied in this direction. This is how your chain generates torque when you pedal your bike. Slide the cloth back to its original location under the cassette.

After pulling the cloth up and rotating the cog, drag the cloth to the left. Pull the fabric back to its original position with the cloth resting under the cog.

This is the movement that actually wipes the dust and residue off of the cogs, so keep the cloth as tight as possible to remove any debris resting in between them. Continue moving the cloth back and forth another times.

Continue sliding the cloth back and forth between the 2 cogs. Drag the fabric to the right and pull it back to the left. Every time that you move the cloth to the right, the cassette will rotate. This will allow you to clean every portion of the cogs. Do this times to rotate the cassette a total of times and clean each portion of the cogs.

If you have a pretty good grip on the movement and you can get into a solid rhythm, feel free to move the cloth quickly. Repeat this process on each cog to remove all of the debris. Clean these cogs the same exact way that you cleaned the first set of cogs. Do this for every set of cogs to clean out the gunk in between the individual components of the cassette.

Part 3. Swap your cloth out for a pipe cleaner to get deep into the cassette. Set the cloth aside and grab a pack of pipe cleaners.

The standard pipe cleaners that you use for arts and crafts are perfect for this. A pipe cleaner is perfect for these areas, though. Scrub in between the cogs the same way you used the cloth. Hold the pipe cleaner by both ends and slide it in between the first and second cogs from underneath.

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