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We Stand Alone - Various - Our Impact Will Be Felt : A Tribute To Sick Of It All (CD)

Explore music. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. Built To Last Ratpack Give Respect We Want The Truth Step Down Cease Fire Good Lookin' Out For the rest of his life, We Stand Alone - Various - Our Impact Will Be Felt : A Tribute To Sick Of It All (CD) would live a minimal, solitary lifestyle and take on odd jobs to pay the bills. His specialty medium was lead pencils, which he would sharpen by hand with an X-acto knife.

The artworks were so dense and detailed that at his show, each piece of art was accompanied by a magnifying glass and a guide with labels and annotations.

He just did it. But Blancas will not be able to fulfill the role she fought so hard to secure to serve the community she loved. I will miss her so very much. According to local news outlets, Blancas was hospitalized for the second time on Nov.

Blancas had more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer in El Paso, where she was born and raised by immigrant parents from Mexico. She also just opened her own law practice in Blancas won the initial election for the municipal judgeship on Nov. Blancas was already sickened by COVID after her initial victory, but was still able to express her desire to secure the position she passionately believed could make a difference in the lives of others. On June 20, he died of complications from the disease in Kinshasa, after spending a week under hospital care.

He was 52 and is survived by his wife and nine children. Bompengo, a year veteran of the Associated Press and a frequent producer for the UN-backed news service Radio Okapi, was a multi-talented journalist who easily shifted from radio to print to video as the situation demanded.

He was a regular presence at any news event, and was always willing to share advice and resources with his fellow journalists, particularly those just getting started.

Many consider him a mentor. Bompengo showed the world that we can do the work as well, that the DRC has good people and talent too. When the coronavirus crisis infiltrated her beloved New York City, Lorena Borjas sprang to action like she always did. Yet on March 30, Borjas, 59, lost her own life to complications from the virus. Borjas had been a prominent community organizer and health educator for decades, working to end human trafficking, which she herself survived, according to the Transgender Law Center.

Her community health work included an HIV testing site Borjas set up in her own home, and a syringe exchange program for trans women using hormone injections.

She died on Jan. Later, she founded The Eve Branson Foundation in Morocco, aimed at supporting the lives of families and communities in the Atlas Mountain. A mother to three, a grandmother to 11 and great-grandmother to 10, Branson says his mom was fiercely dedicated to family, and supported them in part through notes of encouragement.

On March 26, Sandy Brown lost her year-old husband to the coronavirus. Three days later, she lost her only son, 20, to the same invisible foe. She announced the devastating news on Facebook and offered a prayer, asking that the lives of Freddie Brown Jr.

The men lived in the Flint, Mich. He graduated in and, according to his mother, planned to enroll at Michigan State University this fall. Brown, Jr. According to his obituaryBrown Jr. He went on to work as a produce clerk at a shopping center for 32 years. He was a snappy dresser. And, like his son, he also had an enduring habit of greeting people with a smile.

Araceli Buendia Ilagan first registered as a nurse in Florida in and was there, on the front lines, until the very end. According to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where she worked in the intensive care unit, she completed a shift in Miami on March Three days later, Buendia Ilagan died due to complications from the coronavirus. On social media, coworkers described her as a mentor, a loyal caretaker and a fount of knowledge. Buendia Ilagan was a 5 ft.

The Filipina-American trained at a campus of St. Louis University in the Philippines in the late s, records show, and later studied to become a nurse practitioner at Barry University in Florida. Even from her hospital bed after contracting the coronavirus, Lisa Burhannan continued to host Zoom meetings and do the hard work that benefitted some of the most vulnerable members of her Harrisburg, Pa. Burhannan dedicated her life to mentoring young women, helping We Stand Alone - Various - Our Impact Will Be Felt : A Tribute To Sick Of It All (CD) recently incarcerated transition back to life on the outside and supporting victims of violence, among many other passionate causes.

She served as a Harrisburg chapter coordinator for Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice CSSJan organization dedicated to helping victims of violence through their healing process, and was involved with other local and national organizations that helped people in need, including Breaking the Chainzand Mothers in Charge. Kevin Dolphin, founder of Breaking the Chainz, a nonprofit that runs prevention programs to keep people out of prison, knew Burhannan for 40 years.

He describes her as selfless, outgoing, endearingly rough around the edges and one who took a tough-love approach to those she pushed to better themselves. People close to her say she survived domestic violence and lost one of her own children to gun violence. Fifteen days later, on April 1, he passed away from complications related to coronavirus. His death has resurfaced a debate over whether the state should have held its primary, which took place just four days before Illinois Gov.

At the time, Gov. Pritzker said he did not have legal authority to shut down the election and instead encouraged people to vote by mail. NBC 5 reports that at least four voters or poll workers, including Burke, tested positive for COVID after the primary although it is not clear when or where they contracted the virus.

A spokesman for the Chicago Board of Elections Commissioners tells TIME voters and poll workers who may have come in contact with positive cases of coronavirus at their precincts are being notified. Burke had worked as a city employee for 15 years, most recently as a parking enforcement aide, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

A place We Stand Alone - Various - Our Impact Will Be Felt : A Tribute To Sick Of It All (CD) Tabla asked diners to forget what they thought they knew about Indian cuisine — standard curries, doughy naans — and surrender to new interpretations. A spirit of celebration and warmth was pervasive; Cardoz was both fearless about expectations and passionate about his heritage, combining traditional Indian cooking with American, Italian and French twists and techniques.

The restaurant is now part of his legacy. At Tabla, a broad, sweeping wooden staircase welcomed diners to a space that was raucous with noise and fragrant with dishes like his take on a clam pizza, or halibut with watermelon curry.

Cardoz, born in in Mumbai, India, trained partially in Switzerland before landing in the U. After Tabla, he worked at two more restaurants in New York before launching the cozy, hip downtown spot Paowalla later reimagined and renamed Bombay Bread Bar and two destinations in Mumbai.

His New York locations are now closed. He became a food celebrity after winning Top Chef Masters inwhere his Indonesian-style short ribs won the day, and also wrote a popular cookbook inFlavorwallafilled with spiced-up riffs on family-friendly classics like chicken soup. His latest venture, the imaginative Bombay Sweet Shop, launched this spring.

He leaves behind his wife, two sons, five siblings and a trailblazing culinary legacy. And while this stereotype might be true in rare cases, for the most part, the traveling pack of sports journalists who type the words and shoot the pictures at arenas and stadiums across the country are passionate professionals who work odd, long nighttime and weekend hours far away from their families.

And in those moments after the games, before they have to head back to another faceless hotel room to rest up for the next event, sports journalists often only have each other to lean on. The pack forms a family. So the April 12 death of New York Post sports photographer Anthony Causi, at age 48 after battling Covid, was a particular gut punch to that Big Apple family, which is competitive in the photo pits and press boxes, but particularly tight off the field.

Causi was a favorite son. He was the person who, before or after a game, would drop his 50 pounds of photography equipment and insist on snapping a group shot of his colleagues and their families, if they happened to be at the field.

But it really was. Causi, who leaves behind his wife and two children, won the respect of his colleagues and the athletes he covered because he combined kindness with sheer talent. Among his colleagues, one moment stands out: at spring training inNew York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes took to arriving at the Florida facility in a variety of tricked-out cars. A Polaris Slinghot one morning, a Black Lamborghini the next.

The photogs took to staking out the Mets parking lot each day, waiting to snap a shot of the next vehicle. Cespedes said yes. So he and Causi went streaking out of the parking lot at about 60 miles per hour. Causi got the shot. He always did. House of Representatives in January. The man known more formally as Avraham Hakohen Cohn died on March 24 after being hospitalized with the coronavirus in his adopted New York City home. Born in in what is now Slovakia, Cohn was just a teenager when his family slipped him across the border into Hungary as those around him were being forced into concentration camps.

Returning home after Hungary started mass deportation, he successfully worked to help Jewish refugees evade the Nazis, supplying them with housing and false papers, according to the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation. After the war, he moved to the United States and became a successful real estate developer on Staten Island. Cohn was also a passionate mohel, a figure who performs ritual circumcisions; he performed some 35, and did so for free.

He also trained more than other mohels, on the condition that they also refuse payment. Max Rose, tweeted upon the news of his death. Sounds dry—as long as you overlook the fact that its system-building dynamics explain, well, everything in the world, including life itself. He studied knot theory, tangle theory, surreal numbers and lattices in higher dimensions.

Conway might actually be more notably remembered for co-developing the Free Will Theorem of quantum mechanics inpositing nothing short of the idea that if humans have the freedom to choose which experiments they will run with elementary particles, then the elementary particles have similar free will, able to choose their rate and direction of spin.

Doubt that? OK, prove he was wrong. His wife had recently given birth to their first child, and the young family had moved west after Cordero accepted a role in a play in Los Angeles.

The pandemic changed all that. Cordero, who according to his wife had no preexisting health conditions, contracted the disease in March. He spent the rest of his life in the hospital, facing secondary lung infections, mini-strokes and an amputation—and, as his wife Amanda Kloots shared his daily progress on social media, became one recognizable face of a global crisis. Friends remembered Cordero, who was nominated for a Tony Award in for his portrayal of a tap dancing gangster in Bullets over Broadwayas a vivacious performer, and family recalled a devoted father and husband.

But as states press forward with reopening, close friend Zach Braff also had a message for the public. Wrapped in the arms of his husband and encircled by about 20 hospital staff members wearing personal protective equipment, Dr.

Costa, the Division Chief of Critical Care at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, worked more than two decades at the hospital, specializing in critical and pulmonary care. Fluent in both German and Italian, he spent much of the last three years engrossed in Italian literature.

Costa was also a pianist, and had recently learned to play the mandolin. But more than anything, Costa loved being a doctor. Even Hart admitted his husband was a bit of a workaholic, always putting his patients and colleagues first until the very end. Hart told the Sun that his husband was the bravest man he ever knew.

The day she heard about the Columbine mass shooting inJulie Davis decided to become a teacher. Davis had been teaching third grade in person at Norwood Elementary School in North Carolina—one of her favorite activities in the world—until she got a headache on Sept.

Only ten days later, on Oct. In addition to her daughter, she is survived by her grandson, husband, son, sister, two brothers and parents. And Davis adored her students right back. AshLee DeMarinis loved to teach—and felt a special bond with the seventh- and eighth-grade special education students who needed her help the most. DeMarinis was a little nervous about returning to John Evans Middle School in Potosi, Missouri, this fall to start her eleventh year teaching, Heissenbuttel says, but she planned on still teaching despite the potential risks associated with the pandemic.

She died three weeks later at age DeMarinis touched many lives as an educator and will be missed dearly by our community. Heissenbuttel says her sister helped her students and the community in ways large and small. James Catholic Church and she would also buy groceries for low-income families around town.

While she grew up in Queens, N. She also loved to travel. As one half of the open-hearted couple who famously welcomed a random teen into their Arizona home for ThanksgivingLonnie Dench was renowned for helping give rise to one of the most heartwarming holiday traditions known to the internet. On April 5, the husband of the grandma who went viral for accidentally inviting the teen to celebrate the holiday with her family in died from complications from the coronavirus.

Jamal Hintonthe now year-old who spent every Thanksgiving afterward with Lonnie and Wanda Dench since Wanda mistakenly sent him a text meant for her grandson four years ago, announced on Twitter on April 1 that Lonnie had passed away.

People looked forward to their meaningful connection each year. Wanda is under a two-week quarantine, Hinton and his girlfriend, Mikaela Grubbs, said in a YouTube video. Hinton also recently shared a brief video of Lonnie with Wanda, which demonstrated his fun and generous spirit.

He was my hero. Through her painstaking translations, she brought examinations of Russian folk tales and Austrian psychoanalysis to France. Now, her work is part of her legacy.

Marguerite Derrida, a prominent French psychoanalyst and translator, reportedly died of the coronavirus on March 21 in a Parisian retirement home. She translated the books of Melanie Klein, an Austrian-British psychoanalyst studying children, as well as Russian authors like Vladimir Propp, a scholar focused on the structure of Russian folk tales—bringing their works to a wider audience.

She also worked as a clinician after attending the Psychoanalytic Society of Paris. From the beginning of her life, Ms. Derrida was surrounded by intellectuals. Born in Prague, her father, Gustave Aucouturierserved as editor-in-chief of Agence France-Presse, an international news agency. Her brother, Michel Aucouturiereventually became a renowned French expert in Slavic studies. It was Ms. Four years later, they married in a non-religious ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Mr. Derrida was studying at Harvard University.

In the late s, the couple moved to a modest home in the Parisian suburb Ris-Orangis where Ms. In the decades that followed, Mr.

He became known for deconstruction theory—the notion that language and ideas carry contradictions and thus, should not be embraced wholeheartedly. He died in He was 73 and had previously been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in No obstacle was ever insurmountable for him and he was a great source of encouragement. His first wife, Lorna, died of pancreatic cancer when Jamie Dornan was He also leaves behind his second wife, Dr. Samina Dornan, and two daughters, Liesa and Jessica.

The veteran doctor delivered many babies over the years, published numerous research papers on maternal and fetal health issues, and chaired the Health and Life Sciences department at the University of Ulster. Helen Etuk greeted nearly everyone she met with a smile.

On track to graduate inshe planned on continuing to medical school to become a pediatrician. But Etuk never had the chance to reach those goals. Even to her last breath, she was always telling us to be strong, and just continue to love and believe in God.

But she developed a bad cough in October, Ayisire says, and returned home to Arlington, Texas, to be safe. Her condition soon worsened, and she lost her sense of taste and smell. She then became unable to walk down stairs without being carried. Etuk was hospitalized in early November, and never returned home. Etuk is survived by her mother, five brothers, and three sisters.

Her family is raising money for a scholarship to UNT in her name, to honor her love of learning. Her mother also hopes to create a nonprofit to help support people suffering from lupus, Ayisire says.

Even when life was a challenge, Adeline Fagan chose to focus on the good things to happen each day. Although Adeline was endearingly uncoordinated, they would sing and dance together to Disney songs to blow off steam, Maureen says. But their ritual ended for good on Sept.

On July 8, Adeline came home from work feeling sick. By Aug. On the morning she died, her parents were there to hold her.

Thirteen religious sisters from the same convent have died from the coronaviruswith twelve passing in the span of a month. By the end of April, eleven other sisters had passed. A thirteenth sister, despite an initial recovery, passed away in June. The sisters, all of whom were longtime members of the convent, lived, prayed and worked together. Prior to their retirements, the women had worked as school teachers, college professors and principals; librarians, nurses and organists.

For many sisters, who normally pray alongside those who are dying, having to socially distance during a time of grief was difficult. Alan Finder wore many hats during his three decades at the New York Times. As both a reporter and editor, he covered New York City government, international news, sports, higher education, labor, transportation and much more. But no matter the subject, Finder approached his stories with the same even-keeled work ethic and attention to detail.

He challenged power structures and gave voice to the disenfranchised; he was beloved by colleagues and served as an essential mentor to several generations of budding journalists. He died at 72 on March 24 after battling coronavirus for several weeks. Finder was born in in Brooklyn and started his career as a local cub reporter for the Bergen Record in Hackensack, N.

After a four-year stint at Newsday he joined the Times inwhere he distinguished himself for his diligent approach to covering highly technical and corruption-plagued realms like housing, labor and transportation.

Over the next decade-plus, Finder would prove his flexibility, serving as a sports editor, then an education reporter, then an editor on the international desk. He took many journalists under his wing, offering them invaluable advice or just an open ear.

When Finder died he was still working editing shifts at the Timesbut was spending more time with his wife Elaine, daughter Lauren, and son Jacob. When Jet magazine asked the photographer Theodore Gaffney to travel with the Freedom Riders in to document their journey to Birmingham, he agreed without thinking twice.

Gaffney ended up with a front-row seat to one of the most significant events of 20th-century American history. The Freedom Riders, who traveled the American South to challenge the segregation of buses and terminals, revealed American injustice to the world, charted a course of nonviolent action that would lead to the Civil Rights Act of and galvanized a new generation of civil rights leaders.

Along the way, they were met by vicious mobs and eventually federal intervention. War of Attrition. Greatest Hits. Gangsta raphardcore hip hop. Bad BoyAtlantic. Five Score and Seven Years Ago. Christian rockpop punkalternative rock.

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Compilation album, containing unreleased original songs, B-sides, and cover versions Last release on Fat Wreck Chords. Our Impact Will Be Felt.

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