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Recueille-Toi (Devoir) - Jean-Louis Victor - Mélodies Médiumniques (Vinyl)

Out of the depth of waters smiles Regret. The sun sinks moribund beneath an arch, And like a long shroud rustling from the East, Hark, Love, the gentle Night is on the march. Rest still, lie quiet, be chastened, O my Grief, Who summoned evening.

Lo, it falls! The air Deepens as Recueille-Toi (Devoir) - Jean-Louis Victor - Mélodies Médiumniques (Vinyl) receives the town in fief, Bringing content to some, to others care. While the base herds of mortals seek relief Under the lash of hangman Pleasure where Timeless, Remorse crowns passions that are brief, Grief, O my grief, your hand; let us repair.

Far hence, aloof. Behold the spent Years press On Heaven's high balconies in old-world dress; Regret rise from the waters, smiling bright; Under an arch, the sun die somnolent, And shroud-like, trailing to the orient, Hark, Love, my love, how softly steals the Night. La doctrine spirite. Ces points sont les suivants :. Prenons successivement ces trois points :.

Il sert de moule, de substratum organique pour toute nouvelle incarnation. Ce sont :. Hugo, Balzac, Lamartine…. Le hasard? Sur les souffles haineux…. Le vent arrache au front du nuage qui passe. La douleur, ouragan aux terribles rapines. Sois confiant et fort…. Paiement du rude effort! Il attendit. Cria-t-il, tu la vois! Par quel amer dessein Mis-tu le mouvement, non la vie, en son sein?

Poussait le sentiment: exprimant son amour. Ce n'est pas une illusion Le marbre devient chair! Elle vit. Traduit du latin Recueille-Toi (Devoir) - Jean-Louis Victor - Mélodies Médiumniques (Vinyl) Georges Lafaye. Baudelaire's poems are a large enough universe to allow different people to interpret the same poem in different ways. Recueillement translated by C. MacIntyre Be wise and calm yourself, O my Despair. You prayed for evening. Even now it's here: the town is veiled by a black atmosphere.

And while the wretched horde of human beasts, scourged by Pleasure, merciless torturer, gather remorses from this servile feast, my Grief, give me your hand; let us go far away from them. Behold how the dead Years lean, in old robes, from balconies of sky; smiling Regret arises from the deep; under an arch the dying sunlight sleeps, and from the east, with long shroud trailinghear the soft footfalls of Night as she walks by.

Here comes the Evening into sight, As you wished, drifting down and drawing near, His shadows wrapping all the city tight, And bringing care to some, to others cheer. While servile throngs of humans, taking flight From Pleasure, iron-handed overseer, Eat slaves' bread, tasting gall in every bite, Take my hand, Sorrow, and come with me here Away. In antiquated finery, see The old Years lean from Heaven's balcony. Regret surge smiling from the watery deeps, The Sun's eye close in Recueille-Toi (Devoir) - Jean-Louis Victor - Mélodies Médiumniques (Vinyl) beneath an arch; And, as enshrouded from the East she creeps, Listen, my dear, to Night's soft-footed march.

The lines just seem too short for its elegiac mood and its lulling rhythm. Vincent Millay nor Lappin see references to translators and books in my last post attempted to translate this poem as it would have been interesting to see how they handled this poem with a 12 Recueille-Toi (Devoir) - Jean-Louis Victor - Mélodies Médiumniques (Vinyl) line.

The following is Geoffrey Wagner's translation, Selected Poems of Charles Baudelaire which is not encumbered by rhyme]. Midi audio. Mets ta joie dans le Seigneur.

N'aie pas peur. Pain Recueille-Toi (Devoir) - Jean-Louis Victor - Mélodies Médiumniques (Vinyl) merveilles. Jean-Luc Naouri. Texte et musique : Raymond Fau. Sans Toi Seigneur. Paroles pdf 1 page Partition pdf 2 pages Partition pdf voix-choeurs-accords 4 pages Partition pdf piano-voix-choeurs-Accords 9 pages. Partition pdf. Seigneur, Tu viens. Te prier Recueille-Toi (Devoir) - Jean-Louis Victor - Mélodies Médiumniques (Vinyl) ceux.

Partition 3 voix. Trouver dans ma vie Ta presence. Paroles Extrait de partition. T : Claude Bernard. Extrait de partiton. Midi 2e Voix Audio.

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