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Liezen - Various - ECM Music And Words : Autumn 2012 (CD)

Conferencia para los estudiantes de preparatoria del Colegio Helen Parkhurst. Conference for high school students of Helen Parkhurst College. Event aimed at forming new audiences for jazz.

At the end of the screening CDs will be given to attendees. Programa especial dedicado al trompetista fallecido enRoy Hargrove. Special program dedicated to the trumpeter who died inRoy Hargrove. Part of his musical work will be broadcast live. Saltillo Big Band, the largest jazz ensemble in the state of Coahuila Mexicopresents a concert to celebrate international day of Jazz in the heart of the city of Saltillo, in Tiyahui House.

Additionally, an allusive film about Jazz will be screened prior to the concert. In this edition, the FIJ expands its borders and proposes an itinerant agenda, taking jazz for the first time to the best forums, public spaces and cultural spaces of the state of Puebla. La entrada para ambos conciertos es libre. The freedom and dialogue that your notes inspire are part of the values of our organization.

On this occasion we will celebrate surrounded by friends and the most representative musicians of the local scene with a Jam Session night. And because a single day is not enough, on Saturday April 27 as every Saturday of the year, we will have jazz, that night in after Jam at p. On this occasion we can listen to Parzz Trio, our JazzUV teachers in a unique presentation and the special performance of Orbis Tertius.

Avec Liezen - Various - ECM Music And Words : Autumn 2012 (CD) solistes : Billie Jean en entier. Theme: Meet these two styles through a musical journey tracing artists, standards and musical trends that have influenced the history of jazz to the present day. A few years ago, uniquely elsewhere in the world, Ella Fitzgerald was born to be the best musician of the world.

Every song that passed through her melodious voice produced life. All the singers from the GMUB project are excited to share the tidal wave and their voices for her. We are confident that you will arrive. In other words, the most famous jazz artist in Mongolia today is Martin Zenker. South Africa, South Africa, Mongolia, South Africa, the musician of the jazz music genre, and the musician who is the only musician in the world, he has written only his original works for collaborating with three different countries, including English, Korean and American artists.

The main event will gather over jazz lovers. The best of the Mongolian jazz singers and artists will perform at the event. And this year our school is a bit busy around this April 30th, however, I really would like to celebrate this wonderful event with our Kindergarten students this Friday, Apr.

It is a bit earlier but we would like to let you know that we are with you with snapping, beep bumping, di-bopping. Hope you all have a wonderful Jazzy day! You can pre-order the record and get the physical copy when it becomes available in a couple of weeks. Students age 7 to 9 in year 3 and 4 in Knightsbridge school International Montenegro will be listening to Jazz music.

They will be responding in writing adding at least ten descriptive words about music they listened to and draw a picture about it. She translated dozens of jazz standards in Montenegrin language putting them into the play with her own arrangements and band, mixing genres. Embassy in Montenegro. The admission is free. We plan to feature kids, students, of music in order to inspire and motivate them with this beautiful means of creating, and to bring the message of peace to the world, also a few jazz bands and it will eventually lead to a jam session.

We aim to promote and share the love of jazz music at this corner of this world. Thus, we will have performances on 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th April. It will be performances for limited invited people. The event will take place in Matola Maputo. The organizing team has done two similar events in the past two years. Line up is still a work in progress but we expect to have a top figure Jimmy Dludlu. In this third consecutive edition, the organizing team will not do anything different, it will be a time to put on stage young national bands aligned with Moz Jazz Gurus and as a tradition, play our Marrabenta Jazz ….

Pemba, Mozambique has just begun its journey into the Jazz World. Tambo Tambulani Tambo began that journey last January and we are happy again to be a part of the great Jazz Tradition. During the last week of April will begin the Jazz Workshops, Jazz Films and discussions, that will culminate in a grand concert on the 30th of April.

There will also be smaller events in and around the city of Pemba. Contact: Edward S. Katjazz International Festival is an educational event for musicians that want to build a career in the arts. There are workshops by many international artists, which are open to anyone who is interested. From the participants, a few students will be selected to receive a scholarship to study music for 8 months. Everyone is welcome. The students will be selected from the workshops starting from the 20th of April.

The Louis van Dijk Award is a new award for young composers and arrangers for jazz music. This award is named after the famous Dutch Jazz pianist Louis van Dijk. Hlib Baisha will perform his winning pieces.

He unfortunately passed away in Also during this concert the Peter Guidi Foundation will be announced. A special International Jazz Day Session with international, young and acclaimed talent at the cafe — led by Jasper Blom. In collaboration with the Music Conservatory of Amsterdam. International Jazz Day will be celebrated for the first time in New Caledonia this year! In addition to two concerts, Anita will be meeting with the public during a mini-workshop on Saturday 27 at 10 AM.

All of them are free and open to all. Jazz is new to my music students aged between 12 — 18 but in the 18 months we have been building repertoire and looking at Jazz as a style for them to learn, it has been a journey full of fun, learning, challenges and confidence building. It is to share our students love of jazz with the community which I believe is what music is all about.

Passion, Love, Sharing and Communicating with others. They will lead afternoon student workshops, and invite students to perform at the evening concert that includes local reggae band Roots Provider. An intimate evening showcasing the collaborative exploration of romantic love recorded by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman. Event time is h. As an NGO focus on the local community, we have seen first hand challenges that women and young people go through in developing country like Nigeria.

We believe Jazz can connect to their souls to ease their pains. Like on the UN website, they said: Jazz stimulates intercultural dialogue and empowers young people from marginalized societies. However, we have decided to run a sort of campaign on all our media channels by featuring local Jazz players in our Online magazine to talk about their passion for the genre, especially Saxophone players. We have engaged some who have testimonies to share between their music and the local community.

We believe this will be the beginning of bringing together of Jazz artists from different backgrounds that will spur us to organize a victory concert next year. We intend to commemorate the day by educating our followers how Jazz Music can bring in soothing relief to burdens of millions of Africa and the world at large. The concerts appeal to a broad and complex audience with good music for all age groups!

The evening will consist of performance by our in house Ensemble who will be performing not only their own compositions but also renditions of famous jazz numbers like Take Five by Dave Brubeck. Notable members of the musical community have been invited to join us and to revisit the history of Jazz Diplomacy and the impact of Jazz music in Pakistani society. We have planned to celebrate International Jazz Day in our morning Assembly in front of whole school and Parents.

CONCERT in celebration of International Jazz Day with the group The Panama Sounds and special important Panamanian jazz guests, with the aims of rescuing the values and sharing the message of this universal language, and raising awareness of its history and influence in our country. Organized by Panacultura, an organization committed to promoting art and culture in Panama. Juan de Salazar joins the global celebration of International Jazz Day with two days full of rhythm with film and music.

For the second year in a row, we will be celebrating Jazz Day. We will have the participation of the Mario Cuba TRIO band, who will be giving master classes in the morning and a concert at night. Organiza la subgerencia de cultura de la municipalidad provincial de Arequipa. Se realizara en una casona que reapertura sus instalaciones. Un lugar muy acogedor para vibrar con el jazz en Arequipa. Larga vida al Jazz!!! Lima city will be host of global celebration in In Delfus Bar, Tauro Producciones Culturales presents jam session with musicians of local scene to have a very close celebration of this day.

For the celebration of International Jazz Day in Peru, the legendary jazz musician Nilo Espinoza will perform a repertoire of the great jazz composers to perform the world jazz festival in Peru. The performance features the musical universality of Jazz, which brings cultures together. This last album was recorded in the Dominican Republic and Peru by musicians from both countries. The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Peru will participate at the event.

The closing ceremony will take place in the park El Faro, located in Miraflores. The same district where most of the activities of the Jazz Month will be performed.

There will be three groups of local musicians performing:. Manila celebrates International Jazz Day with some of the best Philippine jazz artists in a special concert at The Minokaua in Malate. An annual celebration of Jazz in the Philippines with some of the finest Jazz artists both old and young.

Our 7th year in participating and joining the whole world in rejoicing in the language of Jazz. Founded in Between April we will organize a series of jazz concerts with musicians from Poland, Great Britain, Hungary and Italy. Quintet PL. Katowice JazzArt Festival is a international music event that lasts over a week. We penetrate the young European jazz scene, including such rarely explored destinations as Estonia, Spain or Austria, without forgetting however about the most interesting Polish phenomena.

The program is available on jazzartfestival. Series of concerts between On April 28, in the prestigious CKK Jordanki concert hall in Torun, a well-known Polish jazz band will be playing to celebrate the jazz holiday organized by the Unesco. We invite all musicians and, of course, all music lovers. On the occasion of this special holiday, Vertigo prepared surprises for musicians participating in the Jazz Jam Session. Orkana 2. Great jazz tunes, stunning views and memorable events.

All within Jazz Spring Zakopane. The fifth edition of the Pauta Jazz festival is back in The festival joins as usual to the celebrations dedicated to the International Day of Jazz, which take place all over the world. The Pauta Jazz has a comprehensive program, with different artistic approaches to this style of music.

In addition to the concerts, the festival features didactic and training activities in the jazz area. This trio shows jazz and improvised music as the backdrop to their repertoire, which includes original themes and arrangements of songs from the national and international popular musical universe. At the end of the afternoon of Sunday concert with the musicians coming from Poland for the festival, the trumpet player Piotr Damasiewicz and the vibraphonist Jan Pawllak, an international participation of the program of the Jazz Guide since this edition.

Three giants of jazz in Portugal that accompany the decades with a refreshed sound and present an incredible concert of great musical complicity. The festival maintains its tradition in what touches on emerging names in the panorama of Jazz in Portugal.

There will be no audience, taking advantage of the dialogue between the beauty of the musical language and the strength and monumentality of the Palace, as well as of the surrounding space, the Castle and Saint Mikael Chapel. Miguel Meirinhos, of the new generation of musicians, Marco Figueiredo and Paulo Barros, both teachers, pianists with well renowned credits, will perform their concerts between 18 and The concerts will be transmitted live. This same group will perform at the headquarters of the Convivio Association, after midnight, a Funk Revival concert, with well-known themes by Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, Jaco Pasctorius, etc.

The evening will end with a jam session, open to all musicians who want to participate. Ne manquez pas! The mountain island of Pico, Azores islands, has been home to improv events annually that celebrate JazzDay incorporated in the Visitarte — arts festival in rural homes and streets. The Big Band of the Municipality of Nazareth is a local amateur musicians formation, with five recorded albums; Concerts in Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Germany, with a presence in several renowned Festivals, Venues and Rooms.

The idea is to bring recognized artists from different music genres in this case Pop-Rock in order to entice audiences to attend jazz concerts. The Eixo is focused in programming concerts in places that are not usual jazz places. You will hear new and composed music specifically for the group and more. Semester closing concert in commemoration of international jazz day, with free admission to the public.

The dixieland combo will present a repertoire dedicated to ragtime and the classic theme of Chalier Bartnet Cherokee which inspired multiple compositions throughout the ages. The Concert Jazz Band big band will be making a repertoire dedicated to fusion with classical, Latin, Brazilian and funk music. Contact: Prof. Jazz is spiritual and has graudually evolved From the angst of the downtrodden slaves Love is also spiritual — and is a natural emotion A gift from God a compensation for being Human!

Concert on International Jazz Day. Malik Mustafayev keyboardsShaban Abdullayev drums and Arthur Zaidiev bass will help us celebrate International Jazz Day together with the whole world in Makhachkala.

The participants are Jazz enthusiasts, people of different generations and professions — Vladimir Sorokin — guitar Sergey Kuzmin — guitar, synthesizer Gazinur Safiullov — guitar Gleb Grinevich — tenor saxophone, synthesizer Daria Nechyporenko — vocals Alexander Telegin — drums Alexey Shelmin — drums Antonina Budigina — jazz-dance. The songs tell about love and friendship, the stories taking place in St. She worked on this album for three intensive years together with musician and composer Dmitry Semenov.

April 30 at The best examples of traditional jazz music, masterly performance of incendiary standards, modern jazz, enthusiastic premieres, stunning improvisations, emotional jazz vocals and the incredible atmosphere inherent only in this amazing style await you at the celebration of International Jazz Day in the company of the pop-jazz orchestra of the City House of Culture.

Let yourself fall in love with jazz! This is an annual concert which includes different ensembles playing dixielend and big band. What can be a better way to comprehend the very concept of jazz, as a kind of music and a way of living? Andy Garcia Welcome everyone! Join free and witness the power of spirit, the will to live on, and the love through a broken heart, the love for Country. Concert of original music by saxophonist Seamus Blake for jazz orchestra.

Vadim Eilenkrig is an extraordinary jazz musician, pioneer of collaborations with electronic artists, TV host, educator, sportsman and finally, first tattooed musician to appear on Moscow International House of Music posters. Jazz club Esse has been a part of International Jazz Day already for 5 years and this year the greatest jazz marathon more than 8 hours long will take place in our space!

The legends will be honored by the bests of Russian jazz music stage. Stay in the center of the International Jazz Day celebrating with us! Famous Russian younger big band! Signature theme composed by Conservatory student Yakov Filin will be premiered at the concert which brings together students Vadim Yampolsky, Alexander Devyatko, Tung Dao Thang, Maria Maksakova, as well as Conservatory academics and Petrozavodsk jazz musicians.

The event is being coordinated by the History of Music sub-department; coordinator is Antonina Maksimova, associate professor of the sub-department. Musicians of the 3rd biggest agglomeration of Russia will unite for concert and jam session at the beautiful public space — Art Campos, a square that unites art, sports and education. Master-class on jazz design and translation of Jazz Day events is planned as well. The program which includes an introduction to jazz, its history, its impact and its future, will run throughout the day with the different levels attending their music classes.

In the evening, the film will again be screened at The Home Cafe where there will also be live jazz music by local musicians.

In honor of IJD declared by Unesco, a huge Jam session will be held to celebrate the cohesion between people, the friendship, love and peace that this music can evoke. This year features two gigs for Jazz Day. For 30 April, International Jazz Day, Belgrade Youth Center presents a very special, double music experience, showcasing all the diversity of jazz as art, exiting and true to prevailing 21st century trends, close to all generations.

Ulrich Drechsler, one of the most important contemporary musicians from Austria, will exclusively present the Azure program. Belgrade audience will witness the creation of this project, scheduled to be completed for the Belgrade Jazz Festival Ulrich Drechsler tenor saxophone, electronics and Peter Zirbs electronics together in Azure scope explore the boundless world of sounds, beats, electronic atmospheres and melodies blending them with their musical roots.

With their personal rendition of jazz through electronics, they bring a new dimension and a fresh view on the future of this music genre. The concert for the International Jazz Day is only a first of many events scheduled to mark the anniversary, 35th edition of the Belgrade Jazz Festival, organized by Belgrade Youth Center and under the City of Belgrade patronage, from 22 to 27 October As every year, the audience will have the opportunity to listen to more than 20 performers and meet the top and latest achievements on the international and national jazz scene.

Jazz Crawl is a festival concept that involves the movement of both performers and audiences from one venue to another. Unlike the big jazz festivals whose program is conditioned by the music market, Jazz Crawl is an intimate musician story in which jazz artists are incorporated by organizers into exclusive small combos only for that night. An additional dynamic of the event is obtained by exchanging artists between two concert blocks.

Besides Jazz Crawl, we are also planning other projects that affirm the jazz culture in Belgrade and communicate with cultural centers in the region and beyond.

We are also having them do a research and present a paper on African jazz to the school. Come join Music Improvisation Collective M. This event is open to all ans admission is free!

Join us and jam along with us to celebrate Jazz! The event will be hosted in partnership with Kult Kafe, a renown local arts supporter and event space provider. Admission is Free! UNESCO International Jazz Day highlights jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe to celebrate and learn about jazz and its roots, future and impact, and its role in promoting peace, dialogue among cultures, diversity, and respect for human rights; promoting freedom of expression; fostering gender equality; and reinforcing the role of youth in enacting social change.

The winners are chosen by public poll and international professional jury. The awards ceremony will be accompanied by an exclusive concert of three finalists and will be broadcast on television.

Bye Ler Bye is a trio from France, the meeting of Florian Demonsant, Wassim Halal and Laurent Clouet around the same interest: to play improvised music that diverts the codes and colors of the music of the Balkans.

These three improvisers go off the beaten path, take risks and push their instruments beyond their limits. A music that does not try to please orientalists, but lets anyone curious to discover a singular universe. This year is the third time we have been participating in an International Jazz Day celebration. In our town and in the neighborhood the mozi. We would like to introduce and endear jazz to our audience, and the International Jazz Day project is a great help for us to achieve our goals.

Li Xiaochuan. Free admission. Kaleidoscope Cafe — where we Honour the Legends in Music and create a platform for the young, upcoming musicians! Tickets are available through Quicket or at the door: R adults and R90 for students and pensioners. Refreshments and CDs will be on sale.

LOMK has a menu but it is advisable to bring your own wine should you choose to do so. Liezen - Various - ECM Music And Words : Autumn 2012 (CD) Avzal and New Vintage for an evening of jazz, fusion and latin jazz. A showcase concert that features jazz soloists and ensembles from local primary and secondary school in Durban, as part of the Twosday concert series hosted by the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music at the University of KwaZulu Natal.

The concert will also feature jazz ensembles from the jazz program at UKZN. We will be hosting a few Jazz artists from the record label who will showcase some of their work, in-front of a live studio audience, whilst streaming it on social media and the you tube channel. Jazz is a foundation of many music genres and with that being said, we will explore how Jazz can also be used in life and business. We will go through the tools that are used in jazz but also apply in life and business — demonstrate how jazz is not lost but rather not noticed as it passes through our day to day activities and eventually a bigger picture.

Limited space — so reserve your seat and send your details to info 4everjazz. We have declared April jazz month, we plan to host jazz art exhibition, workshop and main day performance of 3 jazz bands on Tuesday 30 April Our venue hosts art events and live music events in Soweto. Wednesday nights are called Mofolo Jazz nights, to promote local upcoming jazz artists. The aim of the event is to develop the culture of jazz and jazz music appreciation by the community.

On 30 April we plan to celebrate our jazz legends and young jazz musicians. Students of saxophone, electric guitar and electric bass will give a concert on Thursday April 11th at That same day at there will be a Jam Session with the students and professors of these instruments.

With these musical activities we want to pay homage to Jazz day. Contact: Official Website: Click Here. As some of you may know, it is Liz Vallet who made Alicante aware of this wonderful UNESCO celebration, and she also volunteered for the aecc for a couple of years, so we are tremendously excited about this event!!!

The best musicians in the region and foreign masters meet in the weekly jam fusion more consolidated in the country. Su esencia tiene mucho que ver con los ritmos de la naturaleza. La vida misma. The pianist and composer Joshua Edelman pays homage to the oceans of the planet in his space for teaching, research and diffusion of jazz, Jazz Cultural Theater of Bilbao in a concert in which jazz, poetry and underwater images will be the protagonists.

Its essence has a lot to do with the rhythms of nature. It is the source of inspiration in which I grew up. A company continues. Life itself. Now the sea needs us to empathize with it, who has given us so much and who continues to give us. Jazz and poetry for the health of the Oceans. Infants thru 2nd of Primary: -Brief teacher presentation of the History of Jazz definition of Jazz music, place of birth, famous performers, the evolution of Jazz music from its birth until today.

Best known for being the leader, composer, guitarist and keyboardist of the acoustic jazz group Oregon, Ralph Towner also has a rich and varied career as a soloist, in which he has had productive and memorable collaborations with great modern musicians such as Gary Burton, John Abercrombie, Egberto Gismonti, Larry Coryell, Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, and Gary Peacock. Ralph Towner is an innovator in the modern music scene, plenty of fresh ideas, despite his long thirty years career.

In the unusual setting for listening to jazz as a municipal market, we can enjoy the traditional jazz of this fantastic marching band. In a day of celebration of this universal music, the guarantors of their future could not miss it!

Aquest drama musical narra les complicacions de la vida del trompetista Bleek Gilliam, i compta amb una banda sonora impressionant signada per Branford Marsalis i Terence Blanchard. Sens dubte un dels millors films sobre el Jazz! Film director Spike Lee is a great advocate of Afro-American culture, and undoubtedly Jazz is one of his most unique expressions.

This musical drama tells the complications of the life of trumpeter Bleek Gilliam, and has an impressive soundtrack signed by Branford Marsalis and Terence Blanchard. Without a doubt one of the best jazz films.

The Barcelona Street Parade will perform at night wandering around the Old Quarter by stopping at the collaborating establishments. Two Horses is the first CD of this duet with compositions ranging from ballad to percussion with a more animal character, going through zones of great improvisation. Fabrica La Isleta, multidisciplinary center, always at the forefront of the main events, also organizes a series of events to commemorate this date. We will celebrate concerts, jazz marathons, masterclass, swing parties, wine tasting with jazz….

Madrid is a city with strong historical and cultural bonds with Jazz. The International Jazz Day Madrid will be celebrated from April 26th to May 5th thanks to the support of the City Council and La Noche En Vivo and will flood the streets and various spaces of the capital with concerts, jams, master classes, dance classes, conferences and exhibitions designed for the lovers of everything related to the jazz universe. In this second edition will participate:. Live music venues Public music and dance schools.

Specialized stores Street stages Dance schools. To celebrate the International Jazz Day that is celebrated every year around the world, we have thought of making a collaboration with the music s of the Musical Bar Sinestesia and the BCN Jazz Cycle for a concert full of surprises!! For the formation we have the great pleasure of having the following artists:. Tribute to Joan Miro, the surrealist painter. His relationship with jazz is the inspiration he gave this musical style.

Jazz Day in Mallorca, in its eighth edition, organizes conferences, screenings, master classes and concerts, the most important, at the Miro Foundation in Palma de Mallorca, with a performance by the Small Jazz Band, a group of children under 15 years of age in Majorca. A repertoire of classics of a lifetime, which will vibrate both the initiate and the neophyte. On this occasion, unlike the monthly Jam that takes place in this jazz club, instead of a quartet, the base group will be made up of six musicians from the highest level and with a long career who work in Santander.

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Wilson Gonzalez* - NYC (New York City) (CD), Andante Frazioso - Allegro - Ludwig van Beethoven - Wellingtons Sieg Oder Die Schlacht Bei Vittoria, Another Me - Trizzy Beats - Let Me Introduce Myself (File, MP3), Baby, Dont Change Your Mind (Stones Ultra Dub), Around The World - Kam Moye - Self Centered EP (File, MP3), Desafío. - Lola Beltrán - Cucurrucucú Paloma (Vinyl, Album), Jet-Propelled Photograph - Soft Machine - Soft Machine (Vinyl, LP), Ill See You In Cuba, Langeleiklåt - Various - Norske Klassiske Favoritter (CD, Album), Fanfaronade - Suolo - Fanfaronade EP (Vinyl), We Dont Get Along - Go-Gos - Vacation (CD, Album)