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Happy Hour (Instrumental) - Christopher Martin (3) - Chill Spot (Vinyl)

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It definitely seems to be about reluctantly being on a night out with your bosses, and thinking that they're all morons but you've just got to play along As usual for later member s?

Oberon on July 03, Link. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. Peopel who think they are blending in by drinking in a more traditionl pub 'the fire is real and the barman is a she', but they are actually sticking out like a sore thumb with their antics of flashing money to the knowledge of everyone and belittleing chat about women.

General Comment I don't quite care what the song means, because I just love the feel of it. It makes me smile, and that's good enough for me! General Comment I think it's about him being gay and out with a bunch of breeders, and he cant relate to their antics.

General Comment wow. I love this song, real catchy. Some of the lyrics make no sense though, anyone wanna enlighten me? General Comment I think its about being dragged to the pub with your boss and trying to put on a good face while hiding your disgust and resentment.

But maybe thats me. To entice you further I'm posting a Sonidero Cordobestia track not posted! Sonidero Cordobestia is actually the frequently wonderful Frikstailers on the quiet, their remix of Hold The Line from the s most overhyped and underperforming album Mad Decent's dancehall diabollocks has finally returned some dignity to a decent and completely over-remixed vocal from Mr Lexx.

Since we started the show with it tonight, might as well fling the frankly foolish video up too so eyes down for that at the finishing flag. In case anyone's headed up that way my sets for Music Mountain Matakana are at 4. I'll be joined by the his Mightyness The Asterix and that alone is worth a trek in my book, cant wait and am amassing some fresh versions for his perusal and lungulation, there'll be some cumbia sneaked in there for sure!

This may well be the last post for this year so if it is Who knows I may be more organised and blogging like a man possessed next year, but once again I wouldn't trouble the bookies with that waft of potential life-changery. Soundamerica 8 listen on Soundcloud and then download from the mighty Generation Bass. Check all their 'tapes' and releases, this is a treasure chest and they seem like nice and decent people too.

Posted by Stinky Jim at PM 3 comments. Tuesday, December 22, Stinky Grooves Took me a while to get over the autotune addiction, and his duff tunes are as duff as they come but on the right rhythm. Man needs an album, and some downloadable legit high quality files - you would have imagined Peckings would be up with the play on the hempeetree tip. You can't buy these so they're as hi-qual as I have 'em, Xmas and all that. Posted by Stinky Jim at PM 0 comments.

Tuesday, December 15, Stinky Grooves For thems thats around I'm hoping for a bit of 'going post-al' over the Xmas break, but I can't see too much changing before then.

I have another scorching interview on the way, fingers crossed that goes alright with no un-necessary Jamaican intrigue tomorrow morning. Part two of the Jahdan Blakkamoore interview should be appearing soonish, though Mulatu Pt 2 is more likely to be recieving a print welcome before it graces these environs.

Hanyways first a hot tip, head over to the mighty Cabeza! I've been running their gear on the show since release one, and they just keep getting better. The latest couple from Sonidero Cordobestia Frikstailers on the hush and a whole bunch of remixing folk on 'Tributo a Agrupacion Mamanis' are excess essential, this isn't a request To complement here's a track from the hotly tipped for - UK geez Gold Panda. Amongst so much wonky weirdbeard dubious beat science this feller's gear has a certain timelessness that feels like a precious commodity across any style borderline right now.

There's plenty about him all over the net so let your fingers do the walking. This track from very, very limited Before CDR is absolutely superb and for my money this is by far his best material yet, easily justifying the growing hype.

Consume then curate, test then tip. Poster couldn't find a bigger size so apologies for blurry blowupage below.

Tapes, International Observer and Pitch Black at Galatos playing at 10,11 and 12 respectively on Friday with the Turnaround Xmas bash downstairs where it all started in the Basement Posted by Stinky Jim at PM 2 comments. Tuesday, December 8, Stinky Grooves 8. Yes shameless self-promotion again I've been well enjoying the Ginger Minx vibes, the previous two Club Sandwich gigs have been the mostest fun, and a proper divergent trek into tonal terrorism betwixt the 3 of us iffy-ex-pats.

If you're of the Auckland persuasion it would be a reet delight to see you on Saturday night or hearly hevening if you just need your sonic spark plugs buffed and bit of ill timing. There was some right pickled and potent messed up Happy Hour (Instrumental) - Christopher Martin (3) - Chill Spot (Vinyl) tonight, and in all honesty I had to hold back as I could have gone off on a big old wonky one quite easily, but I decided to keep all our nerves reasonably Happy Hour (Instrumental) - Christopher Martin (3) - Chill Spot (Vinyl), and apply a bit of balance, with some sweeeeet early summer evening cumbia and whatnot.

The new Blue Daisy EP only reached me this arvo, and I am already in serious swoon with at least two of them tracks, and for every single track I played tonight there were at least three or four that went begging. It appears the days of the December drought followed by the New Year note negligibility are long gone.

There's nothing big and clever about edits Have a nibble on this lo-fi foreword and get stuck into the full chapter and verse at the links below. And just in case there's any doubt, this is a mundanely mid-fi voishun up for 1 week, you need the scrumptiously hifi-files or wondrous wax for the real deal, especially the utterly stupendous, aptly named 'More Cowbell'.

Buy the 12" or digital packagio. Tuesday, December 1, Stinky Grooves Do read on Well that one almost got out of hand with some strangeness, added to some weirdness and mixed up with a little cacophonic culture, at times it felt like driving down the motorway with your eyes shut! Not that I'm complaining mind, there's far worse musical misadventures going on every single minute.

Of articular and particular note this evening was Oogun giving Dub Asylum a right smack-up remix for the debut 7" on Loopy Fruit Records. Props are properly dispensed to Messrs Mclenners and Oogoid for their work on this, it's a scorcher. The 45 will be hitting shops on Monday the 7th but Conch will be copping 'em from Friday, so NZers, show some love and support quality local tackle internationalists not excluded neither This weeks burnt offering and ripped receptacle is from that baddest of bad man of the Roll Deep camp, Flow Dan actually that may not be factual, I wouldn't want to weigh in on the relative badness of them gents hindividually.

The 'Original Dan' disc is somewhat predictably patchy but three tunes give off the impression of standing up and standing out like the proverbial canine seedbags. Obviously the curiously titled and available below, 'Rise The Larma' is a highlight, though Happy Hour (Instrumental) - Christopher Martin (3) - Chill Spot (Vinyl) Mr Dan has got a thing for spelling-challenged Safari Parks is a matter best dealt with elsewhere.

There hasn't been a great deal of grime that has been hitting my olfactory nerve with the requisite slammeration this year, a few MC's have got their head above the average parapet but it generally feels even more inward looking, snarly and surly than it has ever done and let's face it, that's saying something.

Most times in '09 I've listened, and absorbed, and decided life's too short for too much of that. I guess listening to something so irrevocably Londonised and with even more grim in the grime it's always going to be a stretch in our seemingly somewhat more convivial locale on the other side of the world. The divide between the dance-pop frippery that seems to be de-rigeur, and the ruthlessly low-rent and often well bent beats that transport you to an Estate of mind, has become a chasm.

Happy Hour (Instrumental) - Christopher Martin (3) - Chill Spot (Vinyl) predictably I just go for the JA tinged bangers and this is a serious and deadly one.

Been out for a minute, but it's not a race is it? Listening to the Tremor record on ZZK again as I type, what an outstanding album it is, can't wait for the remix 12". The King Coya is awful good too, especially if you don't seem to have half the tracks already as I seem to. Enough of the mindless mitheration, done already.

Posted by Stinky Jim at PM 9 comments. In time honoured tradition a tad tardy with this one, bit of date confusion it's the new black at my end, meant that I didn't get the chance to hoot this out on the radio as I should have done last night. Starting this Saturday, and running for the next four weeks until they close for Christmas, is a brand new'un The Tune Up. I've done this slot once before and even through a slightly enjoyable jetlagged haze it struck me as a nice and decent time to be playing some quality music of a mixed up and most edifying nature.

I've steered clear of anything like a residency for the last five years, but the vibes and enthusiasm of the bar, the fact that it's close enough to home to feel like playing at the local, and the curious timeslot which allows for some musical meanderation in the nation, on the station, keep on adding to this list to you own degradation etc etc all appeal. So Aucklandites Happy Hour (Instrumental) - Christopher Martin (3) - Chill Spot (Vinyl) would be simply splendid and most copacetic if any of you fancied a tip top tune or two in fact I pledge many more than thata beverage etc in Happy Hour (Instrumental) - Christopher Martin (3) - Chill Spot (Vinyl) decent spot with easy-access smoking and all the trimmings.

Posted by Stinky Jim at AM 0 comments. Labels: The Tune Up. Tuesday, November 24, Stinky Grooves I made plans for a bit of a birthdaystravaganza with StinkInc turning one, just as the noughties have almost done their dash The Mulatu round two interview languishes on my hard drive, untranscribed and forlorn - hopefully this weekend. But alas, I am full of shit. This was compounded by the realisation that I had got the date wrong for the 1st post as I had checked when I re-edited it, not posted it.

I believe in the current parlance this is a FAIL. I got excuses, plenty, ranging from the generally worthy to vague mumbles about how Friday night's excellent, opulent Curious Films party and an impossibly timed semi-convincing drubbing of the visionless Twickenhamites the following night mashed my weekend and senses up proper. It's always a rare delight when two local or local once removedtracks rub up against one another, solely on merit not any enforced NZ Muzak Weak palaver.

Points, prizes, props and pats on the back to him. Next was Scalper, a feller who made a big impression on me when he first came over as a relative newbie with long time muckers Fun-Da-Mental many years ago. The track I played tonight 'Black Glory' is available from iTunes follow the link for some Scalperation etc along with another ripper that I haven't got around to running yet 'Zero'.

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