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Despertanto A La Hechicera = Waking The Witch - Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Enemy Units. Typeless Witch Eva Angel. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Witch Cat Rare Cat. History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Witch Cat. Sorceress Cat.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. Rare Cat. EN Description. Might slow Red enemies. Obtained magic skills from online courses.

Really popular at parties, but doesn't get paid. Used her clairvoyant powers to scry the best way to make it big on TV.

Her star power might slow Red enemy movement. JP Script. Yearn to be a magic girl. Magical cat. Witch cat learned the full-fledged magic in communication education. Self-taught fortune-telling witch who broke and entered an entertainment world. Very occasionally slows down the movement of red enemies that predicts "You will be frenzy. Total XP Cost. I only own the OCs. LP of contents Last updated Album) Before Reading. You may also like. To Those Who Wait.

Ignored and unloved by her parents for her older twin sister for half of her Album), twenty-two-year The Legends Rise. Curse of the High Priestess. I died, but was reborn into my favorite show, as a child with the ability to regenerate fast and no Unconditional Love [Tarzan Fanfic]. After noticing that nobody was near them he grinned at the prince.

It was Marinette's lunch break when Alya stormed into the cottage through the back door. She was about to scream at her friend for scaring her but Alya slumped on the floor leaning onto the door and her face was hidden by her hands. Marinette immediately rushed over and kneeled in front of her friend, attempting to remove her hands. A muffled squeal came out of Alya's mouth and when Marinette was finally able to move her hands away she noticed how red her best friend's face was.

Marinette smiled and led her friend to the two-person table. After a couple of minutes of letting Alya calm down, she began talking again.

Alya took a deep breath "I was running through the castle as a fox and saw Nino in front of the king's chambers. I couldn't help but stare and he noticed me. I was frozen in spot, I was so scared, you know how people get usually when they encounter me in that form. Marinette nodded, she knew red foxes were rare and that their fur was incredibly pricey. And when people didn't know she was human, they would try to catch her and it only made Alya traumatised. Alya was capable of shapeshifting and running around the castle freely because she knew she was small and unnoticeable and could escape quickly in the large space.

However, whenever a guard noticed her which had only happened twice in the past few years she wasn't able to leave her house for Album) few days. I've never had anybody pet me but you. And his hands were so big and warm I didn't even notice he was holding me until I opened my eyes. He even talked as if I was a person and I-" Alya sighed. I don't know I was too dazzled to focus on what he was saying. I'm not sure yet, I would have to see him again.

But if he comes here for Plagg, like he did the last time and the bond is there, he would certainly feel a certain type of way towards me. The bad part is, humans, can't feel it with our animal forms but some can with our human form so he probably doesn't even know.

Alya gave her a weird look before giggling. When Adrien entered her shop about 10 days after the last time she'd seen him Marinette felt something in her snap. She became overwhelmed by the emotion of last week's announcement and practically ran around the counter, into his arms. Adrien's body froze at the touch but he immediately relaxed once he noticed what was happening. His arms wrapped around Marinette slightly and Marinette didn't realise how inappropriate the situation was until Miss Hansen gave them an odd look from the counter.

Not only did she throw herself on a man, but the man also hadn't had time to even remove his coat and it must have looked like they were courting even if they weren't. It was probably a bad thing, too, since Miss Hansen loved to gossip and it would have looked bad if Adrien was courting anyone. Was Adrien courting anyone? Marinette walked over to the counter to finish Miss Hansen's potion while Adrien was taking off his coat. Her break was starting in a few minutes but she was planning on ending it a few moments early as soon as she could chase her away.

When she handed the finished potion to her, Miss Hansen glanced between Adrien sitting on the bench near the door, his feet dangling over her cat's cushion and Marinette standing at the countered, she whispered so only Marinette could hear it: "Young love, huh? And even as she stammered a no when Miss Hansen was leaving Marinette couldn't help but think there was nothing to raise objections on.

It only took hanging out with Adrien a second time to find out about his love for puns. Horrible, awful, disgusting love of puns. And it seemed that every time Marinette groaned in annoyance it would only push him to do it more, to frustrate her further. What made the whole thing worse, Adrien's prefered puns were cat-themed or connected to cats in a certain way and Marinette was not having him ruin something she loved so dearly by creating terrible puns.

Plagg was lying in her lap and Marinette was scratching him behind his right ear in that particular way that made him purr in satisfaction when an idea crossed her mind. The cat raised its paw to scratch at her and Marinette giggled, raising her hands in mock surrender.

When Plagg returned to his position in her lap, nudging her with his tail to continue LP him Marinette smiled and mumbled: "As if I could do anything without the owner's permission. Courting was a regular thing girls experienced in Netswa. As soon as a girl turned 16 it was common knowledge that she was old enough to be courted with an idea of marriage in mind, though parents rarely allowed marriage to happen before the age of It was also common knowledge that courting, aside from holding hands and sharing romantic feelings between each other involved gifts.

Particularly, gifts from the guy to the girl. It was a way of beginning courting in general. A guy would approach a girl with a gift of some sort flowers, chocolates, jewellery or even something hand-made and if she accepted it, it meant that the two could refer to each other as lovers.

Some guys, however, liked to play secretly, leaving gifts first and then introducing themselves as a potential lover. When a girl turned 16, typically she would get gifts from multiple guys and decide which one she would get to court.

If she hadn't received gifts by the age of 18, parents would meddle in to get the ball rolling and introduce her to some families in hope of striking interest by somebody. That was considered normal and girls would usually be married by the age of 20, sometimes a little later. Marinette, however, did not share the normal experience. Since her parents passed away when she was young, she was being taken care of by Alya's parents until she decided to live in her parents' cottage by herself.

When she turned 16, she quickly realised she wasn't seen as a regular girl by the town's men, rather she was disrespected as a witch and it made her blood boil. Though nobody ever tried to court her in the first place, she knew she would have rejected the offer right away if she knew of their opinion of witches and since she had no parents which would meddle and try to find her a companion of sorts — which she didn't think was too likely since the memories she has of them didn't depict them as old-fashioned — she was still single at the age of And even as she lost all hope of ever living a happy married life by the age of 20, she still found herself dreaming of a happy family with three children and a loving husband.

She always fantasized of such a life even if she had no hope of it happening. So with her mind convinced she'll never get courted, you wouldn't believe her surprise when she found a red velvet box on her counter after closing her shop one afternoon.

After locking her door with a mumble she found herself staring at the red box.

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