Take Me Out - Summer Cannibals - No Makeup (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. First, after my mother-in-law passed away, things were weird. But, we kept going, with my wife attempting to hold her family together. Now, as of August, her father has left us, so Thanksgiving was going to be especially Take Me Out - Summer Cannibals - No Makeup (Vinyl this year. I cannot believe how many people I know who are either positive or have full-blown symptoms. Fortunately, none have been hospitalized, but those that have symptoms say they have never felt Album).

Unfortunately, every one of those people refused to wear masks in public, mocking much of what the science says. So, because of COVID and all the idiots who think mask-wearing is weakness or being a socialist those people were stoned during Government classes!

As a matter of fact, Take Me Out - Summer Cannibals - No Makeup (Vinyl are not even having our little immediate family gathering this year. My dad is 85 and his wife is While he is physically healthy, he is showing mental signs of aging, and she is beginning to have some physical problems.

Therefore, they are staying home. My aunt is staying home as well, even though she does not have any kids. That leaves my younger son, his wife and son to come over. We watch Crosby one or twice a week as the two work different shifts. So, they are included in our bubble. So, Thanksgiving will be so different this year.

But, one thing we can turn to in order to escape the bummer of this coronavirus pandemic is music. Today, I created a Thanksgiving playlist and thought I would share it with you good people.

As if we need more heartache inthe mother of my longest friend passed away a couple of days ago, and it honestly has me back in a funk. Judy was a good woman who tolerated so many shenanigans from Mike and me as we were growing up. Not to mention that she was the mother of my friend, she cut my hair all through middle and high school.

It seemed like she cut my hair whenever she could corral me for twenty minutes or so each month I was there. By getting my hair cut by her back in middle school get me in with the varsity players who went to her.

And, it got you picked in pick-up games. As Mike and I went to college, we drifted apart, mainly because I was attempting to break away from my hometown, and he was splitting too much of his time between the two worlds. I know he regrets this now, but why should he? Aroundwe had a chance meeting at the hometown high school and renewed our friendship as if we never missed a beat. It seems we have a connection that is rare, from our senses of humor to our obsessions with music and sports.

Still, my heartbreaks for him, and for me too since she was another of my away from home moms. Likewise, I mourn with his dad, brother and sister and all the spouses and grandchildren. Now, Monday, I was suggesting a series of seven-inch singles that could be released to spark new interest in Record Store Day.

In all honesty, the record companies could rotate odd releases by the Grateful Dead, Phish and Kiss, and that would awaken giant fan bases every three years. But, what would interest the money from the Boomers and Xers? First, you could due a little series with all the old MTV Unplugged shows. But, there are a bundle of unreleased albums by established artists from over the years that was excite vinyl collectors to get their hands on these albums.

So, here is my next suggestion of vinyl that could be released on future Record Store Days. Either way, just go support your local independent record store. After that epic exercise in daft listing, I thought I would take a break. To be honest, I did not become a big fan of the Hall until my family visited it back during the summer of After that, we were all hooked, though due to my being on the autism spectrum I get a little more hooked than the rest of my gang.

All of which brings us to my favorite economically-driven holiday, Record Store Day. Originally, the day was intended for artists to release limited edition vinyl versions of rare and unreleased material. Personally, I had not heard about it since my vinyl-purchasing days seemed to be a distant memory. But, it seems now that the holiday may have sparked a vinyl revival. But, I also have to give credit to the college-aged millennials back in the first decade of the 21st century who made it hip to listen to vinyl again.

Once my older son moved back from San Diego, he told me about this holiday in So, my three boys and I decided to take an afternoon to see what it was all about. Prior to that day inI had not been bin diving for vinyl since we moved from Oxford, Ohio, back in when the boys were five and one.

Of course, the three of us had a fantastic day hanging out together. Additionally, I picked up a clear blue vinyl version of R. From that day onward, this day, and its more recently added Black Friday version, is an annual event for the Keller boys. Initially, I focused on 7-inch releases, with the occasional album by one of my favorite artists, though, since I no longer have to pay for college tuition for anyone, I now have a bigger budget. Of course, it was all pure Monty Python-esque sarcasm with band member quotes from their VH-1 Behind the Music episode thrown in for good measure.

They had a small crowd around them laughing hysterically. Honestly, it is during those moments when I wished they had become writers for SNL, The Daily Show or some other late-night comedy show because they can create some brilliant bits right on the spot. Lately, though, Record Store Day seems to have gotten itself in a little rut.

Lately, what we have been offered have been first-time offers of vinyl versions of albums that were only released on CD. The creativity and excitement are missing these days. Back inRhino records started a brilliant seven-inch single series of songs by the original artist and a cover version by another on some colored vinyl.

It was a nice change of pace. So, I started to collect that series until it ran out of steam in with some uninspired pairings of newer bands that are way outside of the mainstream. I would LOVE to see all of these released over the next decade on some exciting colored vinyl. And, that 30 pairings is just a start as I have a total of pairings that I would love to see in this series.

Next time, I have a list of shelved albums that I would love to see be released on vinyl for this holiday, all of which would make record collectors salivate in anticipation of getting their mitts on these. In each case, these artists broke through to the masses on their third albums, propelling their careers into legendary status. In all honesty, most rock artists make their artistic and commercial marks on their first three albums. So, the pressure was there to perform while still given time to develop their talents.

Today, it seems that an artist is given three songs to create a hit before they are dropped. Plus, generally speaking, albums are not important to Millennials and Gen Z-ers due to streaming and downloading. But, to the Boomers and Xers out there, the album Take Me Out - Summer Cannibals - No Makeup (Vinyl the ultimate musical artform.

And that wraps up my mini-series on the best of the first three albums of an artist. I hope it triggered some thoughts. If you have any, please let me know.

The dreaded second album — will that new artist grow or will they flame out? The bottom line is can they be as good as they were the first time around? The guy was a folk hero with some strange on-mound antics, such as getting on his knees to clean off the pitching rubber, and a terrific win-loss record for the then-hapless Detroit Tigers.

After being name Rookie of the Year and influencing a group of pre-teens in my neighborhood to recreate his antics while playing baseball in the one of the many empty lots, Fidrych dealt with a serious of injuries that truncated the promise he showed that rookie year. On the musical side, in there was The Knack, who released one of my favorite albums that year. Unfortunately, the band made a series of stupid, self-caused errors during what should have been a triumphant rookie year.

Then came the requisite backlash, reliance on cocaine, the inflation of egos AND the dreaded rushed second album, which was just the rejected songs from the debut album. Second rate songs meant a second rate album, all of which translated into a shortened career. And that was too bad for such a talented L. Unfortunately, the sophomore slump is more common than one might think.

However, there are a number of artists who created better seconds albums, or at least one that was nearly as good as the first. And, it is those terrific sophomore albums that I am celebrating today. So, on with the countdown once again, I will eschew the synopsis since many of these albums appeared in my favorite albums series. Roadmaster — Sweet Music Unfortunately, musical tastes were about to abruptly change, leaving my boys wondering what had just happened.

See you next time with the best third albums list. Recently, a friend from way back in the day we met in sixth gradeMark Kline, suggested that I should write about my favorite second and third albums by artists that I loved. And, I thought that was a fantastic idea, but why not take it a step further and do a list of debut albums? His suggestion allowed me to put the stupid election on the back burner and waste time on researching these topics.

Debut albums have always been a curious proposition for artists. As all of them will tell you, they have had their whole lives to write for their first album, while every subsequent album has far less time for preparation.

While many others tried to follow the very same formula that brought them success or simply used recordings that had been discarded while making that debut. On the other hand, many artists had the ability to transcend that rookie season and build a solid career on it. During this brief research, I discovered that the debut album thing is nothing new. Second, or sophomore, albums were a path a little less traveled.

While, the third album was a topic rarely touched. So, this whole mini-series is the brainchild of Mr. Kline, once again, the opinions are all mine. Now, I am sure you will be happy about this, but since most of these albums were part of my sprawling album waste-of-time, I will forgo my silly synopses and just print my countdown, beginning at Let the countdown begin!

And, that wraps up my favorite debut albums. So this playlist is dedicated to David Owen Jones, with fond memories of Sunday night taping sessions and endless hours of driving listening to the results. Join me again soon for another Singles Night!

With the aid of some alcoholic beverages, of course! Greeny has a jukebox. The Jack Billy Paul — a. Your Song Blind Melon — a. No Rain b. Rapture b. Walk Like Me Blue Swede — a. Hooked On a Feeling b. Never My Love Bob Dylan — a. Subterranean Homesick Blues b. Part Man, Part Monkey Catatonia — a. Road Rage b. Wicked Game Album). Bad Moon Rising b.

Lodi DNA feat. Suzanne Vega — a. Acapella Duran Duran — a. The Wild Boys b. The Killing Moon b. Do It Clean Elton John — a. Tiny Dancer b. Daniel Elvis Presley — a. Suspicious Minds b.

Cough Cough b. Faith No More — a. Be Aggressive Fleetwood Mac — a. Oh Well Part 1 b. Rabbit Heart Raise It Up b. Are You Hurting Franz Ferdinand — a. Take Me Out b.

Truck Stop Glen Campbell — a. Wichita Lineman b. Patience b. The Power of Love b. Do You Believe in Love? Lust For Life b. Home Jimi Hendrix — a. Purple Haze b. Foxy Lady Joan Jett — a. The French Song Johnny Cash — a. A Boy Named Sue b. Folsom Prison Blues Journey — a.

Natural Thing Julee Cruise — a. Falling b. Twin Peaks Theme Kate Bush — a. Running Up That Hill b. Walking On Sunshine b. Going Down to Liverpool Kiss — a. Rock and Roll b. Four Sticks Lemonheads — a. Despite the ambiguity of some of her lyrics, Boudreaux's ire is rarely in dispute across these songs thanks to her Album) delivery, though the moments where she makes it explicit are particularly good.

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