Sdractsop - Various - Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 6 (CDr)

LoveMachineFeb 22, This is actually a thread I look Sdractsop - Various - Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 6 (CDr) to following. Delving deep in the human psyche is not easy and often wields genius results. Here are a few songs that spring to mind. I look forward to discovering more. These are not strictly Sdractsop - Various - Insane Music For Insane People Vol.

6 (CDr), but here goes. Eric Generic likes this. I think this conversation between two spouses - one of whom is dead - qualifies pretty well:. KamikazeHeartFeb 22, Sprockrooster likes this. Popjustice forum vocabulary icon:. BeginnerFeb 22, MinaFeb 22, Coconut Records.

I apologize in advance for the upcoming challenge of reading while acting like you're trying to shake a beetle out your ear. Haddaway's stuck in a dark castle with three lovely ladies, one clearly a vampire with the Party City Dracula cape to prove it and the other two They're not vampires, and they serve no purpose but to dance and deal with asshole trick-or-treaters throwing chunks of garlic all over the lawn.

As for the story, Vampira bites Haddaway on the neck, but does he die or become a vampire? He simply gets electrocuted, mildly shakes like he's trapped on a s fat jiggler, and magically changes his clothes from a blue suit to leather stripper gear. Why yes, this is the worst vampire ever. Even Edward could draw fucking blood. Because the video's editor clearly cared more about cutting at ludicrous speed than continuity, Haddaway constantly alternates between dancing and trying to escape.

The latter at least gives us the strangest, most unnatural bit of stair climbing I've ever seen. He's lying on his side and scooting up, like a half-paralyzed dog trying to scratch its ass.

Shortly after his stair theatrics, Haddaway is gliding along the floor -- with his blue suit appearing and disappearing like a strobe light made out of JCPenney's fashion -- and moving none of his body while doing so.

And, because this editor should've been tarred and feathered, using whole, live chickens, Sdractsop - Various - Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 6 (CDr) immediately reverts back to his Chippendales vest, like he can't decide if he wants to interview for a job or simply collect tips from the CEO's bachelorette party. Actually, there's the power to dance. Now in double-speed, just like old-timey slapstick!

For not even a second! Finally, at the end, he shows off a cool vampire power: setting a fireplace ablaze simply by singing near it.

Which, of course, they show for maybe one-tenth of a second, before cutting to more dancing. Because, obviously, watching this awkward douchebag dance is definitely more interesting than the power to control fire. Sadly, Haddaway didn't film any sequels in which he sets everything on fire simply because he can, preferring to disappear and live off Lorne Michaels royalties instead.

It's too bad because insane sequel videos can be even more than the original. Beserkley Records. Greg Kihn and his Greg Kihn Band had a huge hit in with "Jeopardy," and, when it came time to video that shit up, they created an adventure so sanity-mocking, it took two additional songs to wrap it all up.

In "Jeopardy," Kihn's ready to get married, but gets cold feet upon seeing the bride's parents argue.

Because true love never has down times, dontcha know. At the altar, he sees sad couples with their hands literally sewn together, an awfully creepy visual for a song named after a quiz show. Also creepy is when Kihn lifts his bride's veil, and she immediately transforms into a living skeleton.

Everyone then sheds their human skin and becomes flesh-crazed zombies. I'm guessing Kihn doesn't think highly of weddings. Kihn panics and runs off, grabbing a plank of wood to fight off the zombies.

While strumming it like a guitar. Because if you can't kill the undead, you might as well confuse them. Then, we learn it was all just a dream. Except for the squabbling in-laws -- that was totally real. And the part where the fucking horror-flick nightmare was enough for Kihn to run away for real, ditching his poor bride at the altar. But, not to worry -- a bride just ditched her wedding across the street, and the two selfish pricks quickly lock eyes and drive off to be terrible together.

And thus ends "Jeopardy," unless you count the new couple collecting Weird Al in his parody video Sdractsop - Various - Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 6 (CDr) probably dropping him into a pit of starving, crazed weasels. Kihn drive through Kansas, get swept up by a tornado, and wind up in Oz. It's also why they're perfectly content to toss the very few ballads in their library -- like "Ride On" and "Love Song" -- into an old cupboard like a chord-driven Harry Potter and forget about them.

Especially "Love Song" though, because while "Ride On" is a Sdractsop - Various - Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 6 (CDr) sad treatise on the loneliness of road life, "Love Song" is a super-silly love song:. While we've already covered Bon Scott's teenybop pop pastI would have absolutely bet your life savings that he got all that shit out of his system by the time he started paying the liquor bills by bellowing about T.

Unfortunately for your bank account and credit scorehe did not. And while mature love songs certainly exist, this wasn't one -- "Love Song" is every bit as goopy and sappy as the artery-clogging gunk NSYNC put out in their ladyparts-pleasing heyday:. For some reason, Bon's paramour only smiles during that brief early-morning period when Sol enters stage right, but the night sky still hasn't wrapped up its performance.

The whole song's like that -- just five minutes of bad poetry that might well have been ghostwritten by Bon's 6-year-old niece, backed by snuggle-soft guitar that Angus probably needed a tranquilizer in order to play.

Worse yet, the song's a tease. Bon concludes verses one and two with the lines " And you know what I want to do " and " And I know how you want it to be. This is Mr. Big Balls, for Christ's sakes -- if men think about sex every seven seconds, it's only because he single-handedly skewed the average into the damn exosphere.

The Australian "I think she fell for it. Scott continues blueballing the listener during the final verse, by begging his lover to never leave, despite her never threatening to do so. If she had, it probably would've been the first thing he brought up. Please do! Lulu and St. Anger were sludgy messes that you will never, ever hear Metallica jam on ever again -- even during the St. Anger tour, they busted out as few of those dong-dong jams as possible before slipping back into the comfy lounge pants that are "Master of Puppets" and "Enter Sandman.

The band was trying new things and failing miserably at it, but at least they were still writing hard metal riffs and Lars was still slamming into his drum kit like Animal crossbred with the leader of the Lollipop Guild. The same cannot be said, however, for that time in when guitarist Kirk Hammett discovered the "twang" feature on his pedal and the band wrote themselves a country song.

Sadly I thinkthey didn't go the chugging-Bud-Light-and-creeping-on-blondes-in-daisy-dukes route like so many do today, and instead channelled their inner Hank Williams with a weepy ballad called "Mama Said. The message is pretty simple: James Hetfield grew distant from his mother for this reason or that though " apron strings around my neck " implies that getting regularly choked out might have been one of his turn-offsand now that he's older and needs her love, she's too dead to do anything for him.

And despite a video where Hetfield frays his jeans and wears the shit out of his cowboy hat, it just doesn't work. Elektra Save a horse, ride the lightning. The Nashville twang just feels so tacked on too, appearing mainly in the chorus and sprinkled over the final verse. This was the album that would mark Syron Vanes comeback. All the songs were mixed and mastered in February The final release medium was on CD.

Musically this album has a more modern approach than the albums from the s. The band decided that there shouldn't be any guitar solos on the songs, although "Black World" and "Keep me Up" do have solos.

A video was made of the song Insane.

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