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Short Night of Glass Dolls. I will allow him to give it under this circumstance. After that. Cronenberg's The Fly. Cherry Cola though I try to avoid drinking soda these days. Strawberry Jelly I hate strawberry jelly. Five favorite horror film directors. Lucio Fulci. George A. Mario Bava. John Carpenter Jean Rollin.

Black gloved killer or axe wielding madman? Black gloved killer. Name a horror film that you love that most folks don't. Friday the 13th: The New Beginning. How many times have you seen Friday The 13th Part 2? Black Christmas or Halloween? First horror film you loved? Argento or Fulci? To avoid saying shit like Genesis of the Daleks and Caves of Androzani. I'm just going to go from the top of my head The Keeper of Traken. State of Decay. The Daemons.

Enemy of the World. Mawdryn Undead. Scariest horror film you've seen? Impossible, I never declare a -est of anything. Best horror film of ? I heard the Babadook was good, but since I haven't seen it yet, the closest I saw to good was Pieces of Talent, and it wasn't great, but entertaining.

Best horror film you saw last year? Legend of Hell House. Worst three horror remakes? Rob Zombie's Halloween. Did I mention Rob Zombie's Halloween? A horror remake that worked for you. Is there a horror film you'd like to see remade? I used to think if I thought a film was less than good than maybe a remake could make it better. For example, I hated the original Prom Night as a kid, but the Synapse Blu-ray opened that film up to me on a whole other level, and the remake of that was just poor.

I have no guiity pleasures. I will watch most things if they are made with art in mind. Can we skip ahead 2 weeks and say Grindhouse's The Beyond? What is in your bluray player right now? My daughter watched Bridge to Terabithia last night, so that. If you could make me watch any five films what would they be? Withnail and I. Love Exposure. Children of Paradise. Picnic at Hanging Rock. All About My Mother. List a favorite film that might surprise us.

Mary Poppins, I watch it at least once a year. If you could sit down and watch a film with it's director what would it be? What's the best album of the 90's? Brent Rose. Gizmodo Staff. Catie Keck. Ed Cara. Matt Novak.

Natural Disasters. Brian Kahn. Dharna Noor. Environmental Justice. Molly Taft. Climate Change. Extreme Weather. George Dvorsky. Isaac Schultz. Giz Asks. We gotta go now In the collection Prehistory of the Far SideLarson noted that he found the Danish version funnier in retrospect.

In Garfieldreferences to fudge are usually translated to "chocolate" in the Spanish version of the strip. Calvin and Hobbes : In the Danish translation of the in famous arc about the baby raccoon, the raccoon was changed into a squirrel, probably because raccoons do not naturally occur in Denmark, while the squirrel is a fairly common and charismatic mammal that most people have encountered. The Dutch Version did the same thing but with a bunny instead.

In the French translation, a reference to the different varieties of peanut butter chunky and extra chunky was changed to jam strawberry and raspberry.

References to dollars were also changed to francs or euros, despite the characters still mentioning that they live in the U. Films — Animation. The Neil Gaiman novel Coralinein its adaption to filmhas been remodeled from an England-based storyline to one based in the United States. In Fantastic Mr. Foxthe animal characters are all played by Americans - but the setting is still in the English countryside.

Presumably this is a form of Translation Convention for Talking Animals. Interestingly, the human villains are English accented. Lampshaded by Bill Murray in promotional interviews for the film.

The original Hebrew dub of Shrek 2 changes the line "give him the Bob Barker treatment" i. After the singer threatened to sue, the line was changed. In the Spain dub, Shrek and Donkey were voiced by the sketch-comedy duo Cruz y Raya, and their dialogue incorporated some of their running gags. In the Japanese dub, Shrek's original Scottish-ish accent is rendered as a Kansai Regional Accent due to analogous cultural associations between the two accents.

From the Norwegian dub: Shrek, when asked by Fiona what kind of knight he is, alluding to his dub voice actor children's show host Asgeir Borgermoen, who'd jokingly refer to himself as "boss over all bosses" and claiming to be "knight over all knights".

The Portuguese dub gives him an Oporto accent. Their Running Gag of poor grammar comes up near the end. Doubles as a Woolseyism, as there was no way to match the correct sentence, "Eu gosto de ti" to the movements of "I like you". Madagascar : In the original, the two apes learn that Tom Wolfe is coming to New York and plan to throw poo on him.

In the German translation, he was replaced by Hillary Clintonfor whatever reason. In the Hungarian dub, it's simply a "lecture on evolution".

Also, for some reason, Marty wants to go to Miami instead of Connecticut. In the Russian dub, the monkeys want to Inside Out : Riley's distaste for broccoli became a distaste for green peppers in the Japanese version, as the stigma broccoli has among kids is more of a Western thing. Oddly enough, some pieces of merchandise made for the Japanese market still show it. The emotions of Riley's dad are seen watching a game of hockey, keeping to the stereotype of the family coming from Minnesota.

Several international versions such the UK, Australia and Latin American ones change this to soccer, likely because this specific stereotype would be unknown to them. In some foreign versions, Bing Bong reads the warning sign on Abstract Thought from right to Rise From The Dead - Outo - I Wanna Drink Your Cola!

(VHS) rather than left to right. International versions of Toy Rise From The Dead - Outo - I Wanna Drink Your Cola! (VHS) 2 replace the American flag waving behind Buzz Lightyear during his motivational speech to the other toys that transitions to the news channel in Al's apartment signing off with a spinning globe with fireworks, and "The Star-Spangled Banner" with an original piece by Randy Newman called the "One World Anthem".

In the version released in Spain, he picks up a dense Andalusian accent; they couldn't simply swap the language because Buzz's mannerisms are very stereotypically Spanish. In some foreign versions of Zootopiathe news anchorman is different. While most of the countries got a moose named Peter Moosebridgewith real-life Canadian anchorman Peter Mansbridge voicing him in the English versionin the Chinese version he is replaced with a panda, in the Brazilian one with a jaguar, in the Australian one he's a koala, and in the Japanese version it's a raccoon dog wearing a leaf on his head like the mythological Tanuki.

The UK version which, even though it otherwise had the same cast, was already redubbing all references to the city's name had the moose redubbed by BBC sports reporter Vassos Alexander, and named Moosos Alexander. In Meet the Robinsonsthe gag about Wilbur's dad looking like Tom Selleck was changed in foreign dubs, replacing Tom Selleck with whoever is voicing Cornelius in the local dub.

In the original Cars film, the character of Guido speaks only Italian, except for a heavily accented "Peet stop! While the rest of the characters were dubbed into standard Italian, Guido wasn't. Instead, he was dubbed into the very distinctive local dialect of Modena home to Ferrari, which Guido and especially his partner Luigi ardently support in-universe.

This happens a lot in the Disney-distributed English dubs of Studio Ghibli movies. The Streamline dub, in comparison, just has Satsuki call all of her grandmother's food delicious. Their dub of Kiki's Delivery Service has some dialogue changed to reflect modern teenage trends of the time, like calling coffee hot chocolate, calling rice porridge oatmeal and having Kiki talk about liking boys instead of going to the disco.

Their dub of Spirited Away has Chihiro state aloud some details that wouldn't be obvious to western viewers, like the bath house and Haku's dragon form, which is part of Japanese mythology. While castella is a kind of sponge cake, it isn't exactly like the kind most westerners would be familiar with.

While not as uncommon or lame-sounding as the original, it's still a name completely unbefitting of a Disney prince not that Flynn does fit the mold outside of his looks Films — Live-Action. The subtitles are Woolseyed in other areas as well, while the dub is more straightforward, including keeping the reference to Xiaolongnu.

The French dub preferred the Rise From The Dead - Outo - I Wanna Drink Your Cola! (VHS) subtle Romeo and Juliet. A rare example in which only cultural references were changed: in the European versions of Demolition Manall references to Taco Bell were re-dubbed as Pizza Hut, due to Taco Bell's relatively small foreign penetration. Both companies are owned by the same conglomerate, and the translation was very simple to pull off because the whole joke in the scene is that the fancy restaurant shown bears zero resemblance to Taco Bell or Pizza Hut both of which have fairly declasse reputations.

In the Russian version of the trailer, his line Rise From The Dead - Outo - I Wanna Drink Your Cola! (VHS) replaced with "You look like Elton John! Apparently, this is done because most Russian viewers don't watch American Idol and have absolutely no idea who the hell Clay Aiken is, while Elton John is quite famous.

But the problem is that this guy does resemble Clay and in fact doesn't look like Elton. The Russian dub of Evolution replaced the song Wayne sings to attract the dragony alien with Alla Pugacheva's song Iceberg. The result was hilarious. The song is basically a love song addressed to a man, to begin with He wants his shirt back.

Monster-in-Law has a scene when Jane Fonda chews out the unnamed pop star for not knowing about "Roe vs Wade". Since this reference would fly over the heads of non-Americans, international dubs had Hartman give Leonard different nicknames. In the German dub, Hartman calls Leonard "Private Paula", because it's both a female name and, presumably, sounds close enough to Pyle.

The Italian dub, meanwhile, turned Leonard's nickname into "Palla di lardo" " Lardass "and also changed "Snowball" into "Biancaneve" or "Snow White". Baleine roughly translate as Whale in French. The Spanish dub more specifically Spain calls him Recluta Patoso.

An early script review has indicated that it is now Manhattan that has been destroyed and rebuilt. However, the setting is kept intact Japan buys what remained of Manhattan Island after the U. The review indicates that the plot itself remains faithful to the manga. The Indian in the Cupboard 's movie adaptation did this with a British work, changing the setting from England to New York and making the main characters all American.

The American cowboy and Native-American action figures from the book remain American in the film. When The Longest Yard was remade in Britain as Mean Machinethe sport it revolved around was changed from American football to association football.

The title change also reflects this, since gaining yards is an intrinsic concept to American football, so it was changed to the inmates' team's name. Countless kung fu movies get dubbed in English with the main character's name changed to something like "Freddy Chan" or "Ricky Lee".

In China, and especially Hong Kong, where many of the films were originally made, it's fairly typical for people to have a western given name for use when talking to western people. For example, Jun-fan "Bruce" Lee.

The live-action film version of Street Fighter made the All-American soldier Guile into the protagonist instead of Japanese warrior Ryu, the franchise's usual lead character. Bison, whereas Ryu's rivalry was primarily with Sagat at the time. Ironically enough, Jean-Claude Van Dammethe actor who played Guile, couldn't fake a convincing American accent if his life depended on it. The fact that the Big Bad is called "M. Bison" is this trope plain and true. They did a three-way swap, giving the boxer the name the masked Spanish fighter had in the original "Balrog"reusing the Big Bad's name "Vega" for the Spanish fighter as a bonus, "Vega" is a Spanish surname, so it does sound more fitting to American ears for the masked Spaniard than "Balrog", a name that is more likely to conjure thoughts of a certain type of creatureand renaming the boss "M.

The Hilary Swank film P. The novel it is based on, written by Cecilia Ahern, is set in Dublin with an Irish heroine. The husband remained Irish, though, but was played by Gerard Butler, whose Scottish accent never ceases to perplex.

Fever Pitch was originally an autobiography about a fan's obsession with the Arsenal Football Club in England. It was adapted into an American movie about a fictional person's obsession with baseball's Boston Red Sox. The ending had to be changed at the last minute due to the Sox actually winning the World Series. The ending actually mirrors that of the British-made first film adaptation, in which Arsenal wins the First Division for the first time in 18 years.

Unlike the Sox win, the Arsenal win was, at that time, historical fact. Since the release of the movie, the comic book character of Constantine has stated that there's another guy with his name and a similar job in the US.

High Fidelitythe film version of Nick Hornby's novel, moves the setting from London to Chicago and changes the central character's name while otherwise remaining fairly faithful. The Broadway musical shifts the location to Brooklyn. They dealt with this by making it about the male dance taboo in American i. This gets reinforced as all the characters are paired off at the end except J. The film is set in LA and stars Jim Carrey. The film bears almost no resemblance to the original book.

When Godzilla: King of the Monsters! Interestingly, this version was later dubbed back into Japanese and shown under the name Monster King Gojira, and it was a hit, with future kaiju films including reporter characters inspired by Burr. The makers of Godzilla were suspicious of the poor dubbing of the time and thought American audiences wouldn't watch a subtitled version. Plus, they probably felt that more Americans would get the message about atomic weapons if it was in English.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens was adapted into a film in the early s, changing the location from 19th-century England to 20th-century Southern California.

The War of the Worlds by H. Wells is set in Victorian England with the narrator traveling to London. In the filmthe invasion begins in New Jersey and the narrator travels to Boston. The earlier film adaptation similarly moved the story to southern California, while the famous radio version by Orson Welles took place in New Jersey.

Insomnia is a remake of a Norwegian film with substantially altered plot and characters from the harder, more cynical Film Noir original. The constant daylight of the Scandanavian summer was a crucial plot point and symbol in the original, so the American remake was located in Alaska in order to preserve that aspect of the story, while still managing a US location. The Birdcagea remake of the French film La Cage aux folles the American a direct translation of the original French.

Unlike most American remakes of foreign films, it is not set in New York, but rather in Miami, Florida. The contrast between the LGBT-friendly South Beach and highly conservative and religious politics more closely reproduces the contrast between the Saint-Tropez nightclub scene and ultraconservative politics of the original.

The original featured locations in both France and Italy, while the American version remained entirely within the continental US, albeit moving from Washington D.

The scene in which a famous TV evangelist tries to exorcise the ghost from an unfortunate victim was based on a similar scene with a Buddhist priest. Norwegian film The Bus suffered this fate when being remade in Denmark. The main idea of a revolting people who gets their way against their own elected representatives were smoothed down, and the fact that the Beadle actually worked against his own superiors on behalf of the people, was arguably too Norwegian to fit in a Danish environment.

To this, add some Hotter and Sexier elements, well fitting for the Danish spirit, and gloss out a more strict morality code, fitting for a traditional rural Norwegian society like, for instance, the way you regard booze and drinking.

Dark Water. The Japanese movie was based on a book written by the same author of The Ring. The constant raining which is a major element of the movie and book made more sense in the Japanese version, since Japan is a very wet country and it's not strange that more than one heavy rainfall occurs there daily. But in the American version, it takes place on an island in New York.

While a lot of rainfall does occur there, it's not enough that it would permeate the entire movie. Speaking of The Ringits American adaptation handled this more successfully by moving the setting to Seattlea city that's nationally famous for its rainy, constantly overcast weather, instead of New York.

The second film adaptation of Lord of the Flies changes every British reference into an American one. Inverted with Run, Fat Boy, Run! In the movie, he was made into an American. Matilda has its setting transferred to the United States, and all the characters are Americans — except the evil headmistress, making her an Evil Brit by default.

This may be a borderline case since the cartoon series based on the original book was crammed with ethnically and racially ambiguous characters, but it's quite remarkable how populated The Wachowskis ' big-screen version of Speed Racer is with Occidental actors mostly American and British as the characters.

An odd case with Straw Dogs and its remake. The remake will take place in the Deep South, swapping the negative portrayals of rural Englishmen for negative portrayals of American rednecks.

The German comedy Bella Martha American title: Mostly Martha tells the story of a gourmet chef in Hamburg who after the death of her sister in a car accident has to look after said sister's daughter and who also falls in love with another cook.

Both the cook and the child's father are Italian and the ending of the film is set in Italy, the epilogue showing that Martha marries her colleague and lives with him and her niece in Italy, where she sets up a new restaurant. In the American remake No Reservationsthe story is set in New York, the inconvenient father of the niece is removed from the story, and the chef and her love interest are both white Anglos, removing the immigration subplots the Italian cook in Bella Martha having difficulties communicating in German, Martha moving to Italy in the end.

Which is all the more remarkable considering that the United States usually prides itself on being a nation of immigrants. Before dubbing became the method of choice, early sound movies were sometimes produced in several versions simultaneously on the same sets.

For instance Laurel and Hardy did a German and a French version of Pardon Uslearning their texts phonetically and interacting with different supporting actors. In some cases this led to cultural translations as well, e. Ditto for the Italian dub. The German dub of the second part of Back to the Future translates the Ronald Reagan reference to "It is morning again in America" even in the afternoon is translated as "Amerika erwache!

In the German version he makes sure no songs about beer and wine are played for the Coca-Cola boss. Furthermore, many details were changed in order to mirror the story of the notorious Boston mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger. The taxi driver who also changes both ethnicity and gender was a bicycle courier rather than a scooter-riding pizza delivery boy before. The Peugeot taxi turning into a mean, lean rally machine is replaced by a Ford Crown Victoria turning into a kind of streetmachine with even more useless Rice-style body modifications.

Now speaking of the lead cop, while Emilien Coutant-Kerbalec is simply untalented at driving a real car, Jimmy Washburn has to be completely clueless about automobiles, maybe because Americans were thought to be unable to grasp the concept of simply not being able to drive a car. Also, the original villains were two stereotypical German men like the French see the Germans in two Mercedes-Benz E.

Perhaps also since the American stereotype of Germans, lederhosen etc. In foreign editions of Captain America: The Winter Soldierfour points of Steve's list of things he missed while being frozen note More precisely, the ones that in the US version are covered as I Love LucySteve JobsDisco music and either the moon landing or the Berlin Wall, depending on the version are replaced with popular stuff from the country the dub comes from, chosen via polls on the various international Facebook pages.

Also, in the foreign versions of this list, Star Wars is not penned out like in the US version. Other countries' versions can be seen here.

In The AvengersTony Stark at one point refers to the fact that Steve Rogers alias Captain America has been frozen for 70 years by calling him a "Capcicle", a pun on the superhero's name and either icicle or Popsicle an American brand of ice pop that has become a generalized trademark.

It seems that the creators of the German dub have chosen the latter interpretation, even though this brand is unknown in Germany. This time the setting was shifted from Dublin and Boston to a generic English town and Boston for no particularly obvious reason. In the English subtitles, however, he's called "the Duke" for some reason. For the French dub of Scary Moviein the opening where the girl originally said Kazaam is a scary movie due to Shaq's bad acting, she instead says Space Jam and Michael Jordan.

Bean " instead of "Basil Fawlty", since Fawlty Towers is almost totally unknown there. This is because both songs were used to test speech synthesizers in their respective countries. In Cold Pursuita character discusses giving a hotel a review on Yelp. Candyman was based on a Clive Rise From The Dead - Outo - I Wanna Drink Your Cola! (VHS) short story, "The Forbidden", about a malicious ghost haunting the slums of Liverpool. The film moved the story to the notorious real-life Cabrini-Green housing project in Chicago and turned the story from a metaphor for British classism to one for American racism, with the Candyman now a black man who was lynched for sleeping with a white woman.

The bonfire featured Rise From The Dead - Outo - I Wanna Drink Your Cola! (VHS) the finale is retained, though the connection to Guy Fawkes Day celebrations isn't. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

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