Non E Tempo - Ensemble Unicorn - Michael Posch - Rafael - Music Of His Time (CD, Album)

The Berlin based indie-folk band comprised of Ian Hooper USClaudio Donzelli Italyand Craig Saunders UK writes honest, authentic and emotionally driven songs acoustic guitars and mandolins at the center of their sound, layers of electric guitars creating space and depth, rounded off through solid bass lines and the heartbeat of a simple drum.

Momoclo are huge superstars in their home country and have recently released a single with Kiss. Includes guest appearance by guitarist Marty Friedman of Megadeth. After 14 years of heavy jams and groovy hooks, the band was recently split up by frontman Tony Reed, with the rest of the original lineup departing and replaced by new blood.

It seems all too fitting then, that the bygone era is commemorated with In Concerta live compilation containing material from five different shows and spanning songs from the band's entire career. Definitely coming into their own in the live setting, this is a fitting end of an era. Nilovic's compositional wizardry encompassed the styles of jazz, funk, Latin, psychedelic, classical and pop.

What Pacific Gold does is manage to take a number of different influences and styles, most notably those of '60s psychedelic and folk pop. The band takes influence from the Beatles and Beach Boys as far as harmonies, and even musical exploration.

From the more modern scope of things, they grab some sounds from Radiohead or a band such as the Postal Service. The unique blend mixes together to create unique and sometimes breathtaking musical experiences. The title track is certified dream pop — probably not too unlike the Jewel-composed Drive soundtrack that never was — and features vocals from Elizabeth Wight Silver Hands.

Their working process involves digital manipulation of musical phrases on the piano, or any sounds that the pair find interesting to sample and process sonically. Given its short gestation, it is striking how far removed the new album is from its immediate predecessor. There is a startling freshness in the songs, both thematically and sonically. After the dark complexity of recent output, Same As You is presented in sharp focus, as inclusive and accessible as the title suggests, while still maintaining the playful experimentation on which the band has made its name.

Harsh neon synths battle with zipline guitars for space above a dark and teeming cityscape. Your guide is always in the shadows, you can't make out his face but you hear his crazed diatribe as he wards off all affronts. Razor-sharp punk at its core, Fight Fire is fleshed out with inventive and catchy synth work-and the floating bits of atmospheric expansion between tracks only heighten the paranoid atmosphere. Beginning his career in the mid-'90s, Project Pat has become a key player in the southern rap movement with classics such as ''Chickenhead'' and his high profile collaborations with Three 6 Mafia.

Let's Go! This box contains the seven albums and one EP that that The Replacements released between and The band's brand of energetic indie pop and emo rock showcases a songwriting depth and maturity that is startling considering their youth.

Like a robot Can-Hawkwind hybrid in a Philip K. Dick future, reassembling disco, abstract electronica, and noise rock into elegant new shapes, Sh! The album is a fascinating examination of the junction where hippie idealism [meets] the cold hard world, says guitarist Lee Ranaldo, where Woodstock [meets] Altamont Death Valley, Charles Manson, Brian Wilson, musicians, murderers, heroes and villains.

Cat was also a recording and touring member of Sharon Album) Etten's band circa Epic. She retreated from Brooklyn, NY to winter in the Sierra Foothills to write and record songs emerging from loops using her voice, synths, and percussion.

With her pedal chain and gear in a small cottage she explored the gamut from ethereal to turbulence. Simple melodies or beats became powerful walls of sound melting through snowstorms, howling winds and stark silence nestled inside gargantuan oaks and the infinite starry dome.

The idea was to collaborate on rough sketches of song ideas and to complete as much recording as possible without discrimination. The session was successful, yielding many vibe-laden Non E Tempo - Ensemble Unicorn - Michael Posch - Rafael - Music Of His Time (CD featuring heavy analog synths, Arabic influences and electronic sensibilities.

They are extraordinarily sophisticated. The band speak French, but use the expression "very rock and roll" quite seriously, implying their awareness that the loud guitars and bewildering rhythmic Non E Tempo - Ensemble Unicorn - Michael Posch - Rafael - Music Of His Time (CD separates them from their peers.

They are proud that their members represent the different cultural groups of Niger, some of which haven't always been on the best of terms the group includes Tuareg, Hausa, Fulani, and Zarma. Still, they are aware that Western ears may not fully grasp their self-proclaimed "rock" label, and we sure don't know many rock bands that keep folks dancing in a trance-like state for five hours at a time.

All rhythm tracks performed by Bob Marley's band The Wailers, who were the original Upsetters lineup. Ten years since his first post Million Dead solo gig and nine years since his first solo recordings, this is the latest installment in the series of Frank Turner compilations of non-album rarities.

Although their members have made names for themselves for nearly 20 years in other musical endeavors, the band brings their punk and indie roots to the table, amalgamating these influences with more traditionally heavy rock elements to create their unique sound. Longtime fixtures of the Los Angeles experimental music community, their approach to instrumental rock is unique, stellar, and sweeping.

These sounds are burning, stoked by angularity, mania, and profound mastery of the balance between beauty, tension and release.

As it was being plowed under for "urban renewal" inJames Luther Dickinson -- who had played with The Stones, Ry Cooder and the Flamin' Groovies later with Bob Dylan and the Cramps among othersas well as produced Big Star, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Alex Chilton also, The Replacements, Green On Red, and Mudhoney -- decided to not only celebrate the legacy of great Memphis music, but make it back into the place where both the blues and rock 'n' roll originated.

A camaraderie of Memphis musicians, photographers, artists, thespians and "appropriate weirdos" gathered under Dickinson's direction to record the heart of Beale Street - past and present. It is the first time that this scene, from its inception in through to the end ofhas been documented in its entirety. In their presentation of Colorado's musical reaction to the initial wake of punk rock in the late s, the compilers have set the bar unattainably high for future would-be historians.

O'Brien plays every instrument on these exquisite, melodic songs in a beautifully sparse, spacious, intimate, acoustic-leaning fashion, as well as recording and mixing it himself at home, revealing a single-minded artist at the peak of his already considerable songwriting powers.

Soon after, Tom relocated to Leeds to assemble a full band with an end result that finds the lads playing straight edge, hardcore punk with an obvious oi influence. Dancing In Gold is the first in a projected series of three EPs of original songs to be released over the next two years.

Each EP will feature a different producer, and the artwork for each EP can be combined to form an interlocking piece of large, displayable original art. The soundtrack uses a deliberately limited instrumental palette of piano, percussion and oscillators, twisted, gnarled, and rarified beyond recognition.

Gathering an all-star cast of over 40 musicians inside Sydney's studios, legendary British post-punk producer Nick Launay was brought on board to attempt the near-impossible - record every musician in the room jamming to Nicholls' songs at the same time.

The song "Take As Needed For Pain" is a cover song from the metal band Eyehategod that Hank3 turned into a minute epic for the tribute album For The Sick: A Tribute to Eyehategod released in and recorded under the name The Unholy 3, which is the name of one of Hank3's side projects. Zane Williams is an anomaly in today's country music scene, a modern-day "throwback" that is equal parts barroom entertainer and introspective poet.

The album takes the pioneering honky-tonker back to Warner Bros. Yoakam's distinctive, supple vocals, accented with his Kentucky croon, sound as strong today as they did on his debut, 's Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc. Five CDs are the artist's personal selection from his No Fans releases, all of which were issued in tiny editions copies and only available for sale at his rare shows or at Glasgow's now-defunct Volcanic Tongue shop. In addition, Youngs has included two full discs of material previously unavailable in any form: a recording from predating his earliest widely known work, and a new recording from late Yet the overwhelming speed scattered across the album is expertly applied, never descending into a one-dimensional space where velocity is the sole basis for existence.

Songs are crafted with the care of the elder gods, rigorously refined with a seasoned sophistication, always maintaining a sharply primitive ferocity.

Winners of Willamette Week's Best New Band poll past Non E Tempo - Ensemble Unicorn - Michael Posch - Rafael - Music Of His Time (CD have included Menomena, Starf ker, and TyphoonAnd And And finally are releasing what can only be called the follow-up to that year's blur of output, culminating with the early Lost EP.

They're known for truly epic live shows with no clear delineation between stage and offstage or audience member and musician. Recorded over ten days in San Diego with Rafter Roberts between skateboarding and drinking sessions, the record is fiery and urgent. It evokes classic grunge-era sounds from the Northwest think Mudhoney and early Nirvanabut bleeds melody and passion all its own.

With only the bare minimum at their disposal, the duo's massive, crushing soundscapes are executed with just bass, drums and dual-vocal pummel. Uniquely sorrowful, their debut full-length Longing is an hour and ten minutes of doomed desolation, sadness and sorrow-a time-stretching journey through darkness, pain and suffering.

Longing has since become an influential sorrowful doomed classic. Inspired by discordant chords and Rainier beer, Blood Drugs has compiled a musical sound in the likes of bands such as Rites of Spring and the Monorchid with lyrical and vocal influence from bands such as Hot Snakes, The Murder City Devils, and Jawbreaker. Diagrams is a project by songwriter and producer Sam Genders.

His previous album was pretty good fun. Here on Chromatics Gender's voice sounds a bit like that of an annoying priest who waters everything he says down a bit with a sickly smile and finishes his sentences with "God be with you and your family my dear.

Silver vinyl. Whereas their self-titled debut album was the flashpoint of inception -- frenetic, fists up, and teeth bared -- II settles into a landscape that is more linear than before -- the language and history are based in metal but they've been rearranged. The narrative has changed.

It's heavy and instrumental but the stream of collective consciousness that moves through the tracks is nuanced like a conversation. New release by this project led by South African innovator and pioneer Spoek Mathambo.

Fantasma is a five-man collective which weaves together electronica, hip-hop, traditional Zulu maskandi music, shangaan electro, South African house, psych-rock and punk to form a unique, original and fresh hybrid. B-side, "Mixed Feelings," is exclusive to this release. Born in the tiny town of Centralia, WA—about midway between Portland and Seattle—Gundersen has honed his craft through a series of albums, both solo with his sister Abby, an expert string player and with their band The Courage.

Latest album from the best-selling DJ, producer and artist. Instant Funk's sound was new and exciting, solid street funk fused with rock and soul, as their first Salsoul Records album Instant Funk soared to the top of the soul and dance album charts.

Kid Rock's tenth studio album was self-produced with the exception of two songs which were co-produced by Dann Huff and was recorded at his studio in Michigan. Tracker features eleven new Knopfler songs inspired by a wide range of subjects including authors Beryl Bainbridge and Basil Bunting. Over the course of its two-decade existence, Lightning Bolt has revolutionized underground rock in immeasurable ways.

The duo broke the barrier between stage and audience by setting themselves up on the floor in the midst of the crowd. Their momentous live performances and the mania they inspired paved the way for similar tactics used by Dan Deacon and literally hundreds of others.

It is their first album to be recorded in a proper studio. With FrootMarina and the Diamonds' first new noise since the death of alter ego Electra Heart inMarina Diamandis has made a grand statement of intent.

It's a cathartic rebirth in nearly every way, and sees her veer away from the last LP's stylistic and thematic intentions, instead returning to basics for a new chapter in her career and life. From the existential tribulations of "Immortal," harking back to her days as lithe ivory-tinkling balladeer, to the relentless funk of "Better Than That," to the wit and juxtaposition of "Happy" to the '70s-flecked "I'm A Ruin", this is all Marina And The Diamonds.

Nun's unrelenting aesthetic sense penetrates every aspect of this record, resulting in a remarkably cohesive work of art. The music is danceable and poppy, yet sad and inclusive, aggressive, and heavy as hell. Solo electric guitar performance recorded at the Brooklyn offices of Triple Canopy magazine, as part of their annual marathon reading of Gertrude Stein's novel The Making Of Americans. Explores the rhythms and repetitions of Stein's language using Fender Telecaster, Music Man amplifier, and the acoustics of a very small room.

Durham is now not quite 43, the year he thought a man "gets handsome. Things are good. Then, after ten years, he picks up a guitar again, and songs come out: a song about memories of a home invasion "Slow Dancing"a song about an affair with a married man "Non-Fiction"a song about the Octopus Project "Die Young"a song about ghosts rising from the floor and young families hanging by their necks from trees "The Afterlives"a song about a cat named Thurston "Weird Weather"songs about childhood, secrets and desire, songs of the sounds made in the wilderness.

We are the animals there. Thomas Episcopal Church in New York, which he had daily access to between Part Chimp turn in two scorchers, "Dr. This is a remastered reissue of their EP, now regarded as a seminal deathrock release largely due to the dark, heavily flanged guitar work, morbid imagery, and anti-religious lyrical themes.

Deluxe gatefold packaging also includes guitarist Mark Ferelli's horror zine I Pyramids emerged seemingly out of nowhere with their self-titled debut LP released by Hydra Head Records in A Northern Meadow is Pyramids' proper follow-up to their lauded debut. Dark, dreamy and lush while at the same time claustrophobic, mechanically crawling and surgically cold. White vinyl. Rooted in an electronic nightmare set to overlapping Throbbing Gristle comparisons, it all starts with a nervous little throb that evolves into a poisonously aromatic nightbloom, drowning in an inescapable whisper, as each song emerges and hovers over you.

New album from the Australian musician, activist, and surfer. Xavier Rudd's voice is soaring, plaintive and deeply emotive. There's a poignancy, intimacy and gravitas he achieves with each utterance that makes nearly every moment worth remembering. German instrumental duo Sankt Otten, founded inconsists of Stephan Otten drums, programming, synthesizer and Oliver Klemm guitar, synthesizer, piano. The duo has been releasing albums on Denovali Records since Their eighth albumEngtanz Depression "close dance depression"expresses a significant progression from the preceding album trilogy Gottes SynthesizerSequencer LiebeMessias Maschine.

New drum sounds and acoustic instruments such as harmonium and piano may be found, and some pieces emerged from free improvisations, which is a completely new approach for this band. There's no doubt that both of the artists on this split release are influenced by that sound.

Majeure, the solo project of Zombi drummer A. Paterra, has received a lot of attention via two albums on Temporary Residence, a remix record released inand a split with Steve Moore, while German duo Sankt Otten is equally well known after releasing six albums and several EPs. Features the hit "Baby Got Back. Features a limited edition lenticular cover of an animated joint that lights up and smokes. This is the first time Boogie Nights has been available on vinyl.

New album from the Christian band. On HumanThree Days Grace re-teamed with producer Gavin Brown who produced the band's platinum-selling self-titled debut album. An LP for "the kids" and about "the kids," Purple Skies, Toxic River captures the electrifying, agonizing, alienating, turgid miasma of youth.

Perfect for the ears of every kid out there with tattered jeans and badges on their jackets, reassuring them that though it will take long than they'd like, it will eventually all be fine. Limited edition color vinyl. Some of the most feral, bleak, burned-out tape music from Dominick Fernow; includes drum reduced to scorching blasts against harrowing darkside chords, haunting chorales and chiming percussions, and scything techno roil, and draws aesthetic lines between ambient black metal, Coil, and early Autechre.

Katie Crutchfield's southern roots are undeniable. The name of her solo musical project Waxahatchee comes from a creek not far from her childhood home in Alabama and seems to represent both where she came from and where she's going. Waxahatchee's latest record, Ivy Trippdrifts confidently from its predecessors and brings forth a more informed and powerful recognition of where Crutchfield has currently found herself.

And yet, despite its homegrown Gypsy wanderings, the songs taken together offer an undeniable and undeniably cohesive chain of charm. For over fifteen years, Zu's modus operandi of straddling and abusing musical genres has resulted in over fifteen unique album releases across labels such as Ipecac, Atavistic and Headz Japan. Their experimental amalgam of metal, math, no-wave, noise and electronics, led acclaimed composer John Zorn to describe their sound as "a powerful and expressive music that totally blows away what most bands do these days.

The last of these was 's Big Manthe score for a musical play based on the John Henry "the steel driving man" American folk legend. As the story goes, the musician in question grew up in Glasgow and later moved to Manchester, where he met his future wife and eventually followed her stateside to get married. Here in the US, he started recording on a Tascam 8-track with pawnshop instruments, and American Wrestlers was born. The band formed in and have since been surgically carving their path in the modern death metal scene.

For fans of Monarch! Disc One contains the newly remastered audio of the original album while Disc Two features previously unreleased alternate takes and mixes and new mixes based on recently unearthed original multi-track tapes. Vinyl versions are HQgm pressings. Such is the case with Jessie Baylin, whose Non E Tempo - Ensemble Unicorn - Michael Posch - Rafael - Music Of His Time (CD voice shoots the opening notes of Dark Placeher fourth album, into instant emotive territory — it envelops in a mysterious gauze, setting the stage for what is her most raw, personal work yet and also her most thrilling.

Once again pairing with Shins keyboardist Richard Swift as producer and writing partner, Baylin recorded Dark Place at Swift's National Freedom studio in Cottage Grove, OR over a slew of stirringly prolific days—a characteristic that has come to define the duo's collaborative process.

Full of string Rickenbacker jangle, Day Breakaway may look back to the sounds of old but it has a bright and contemporary new sonic attack and is packed with cool harmonies. The garage influences add a bit of fuzz and a touch of psychedelia, while some songs have a pure pop edge. An album five years in the making; Broken Bone Ballads was produced by Canadian beatsmith Factor and features some of Ceschi's most raw and viceral lyrics to-date. Captain Of None is a collection of delicate, otherworldly pop songs incorporating dub-inspired techniques and is Colleen's first album for Thrill Jockey following previous works on the Leaf label.

Coryell is known. Her somber acoustic tunes have been described as grieving and sparse, with a nod in the direction of Townes Van Zandt and Gram Parsons, whose "Rake" and "A Song For You" she covers on her debut album.

Dust Clouds May Exist is flawlessly crafted, featuring catchy hooks and memorable riffs, exuberant and melancholy. It's also an experimental opus, utilizing mellotrons, crumhorns, and portatif organ, alongside guitars, drums and piano.

Hushed whispers, damaged screams, sax, flute, searing guitar, unhinged drums, bent circuitry, and more careen within hypnotic freakouts, poetic songs, and crushing feedback. Their combination of musical prowess and blindingly fast songs landed them a contract with Combat Records home to such heavy hitting acts as Exodus, Circle Jerks and Megadeth at the time and put them at the forefront of the crossover movement of the mid-'80s which merged the raw power of hardcore punk with the complexity of heavy metal.

Starting Over. Things A Man Oughta Know. My Soundtrack. Country Heat Radio. My Likes and More. All Hits Radio. Divine Sound Radio. Ultimate Classical. Smooth Jazz. Pop Culture Radio. Disney Sleep. Classical Piano. Country Stuff. If I Know Me. Greatest Hits. Fine Line. The Ultimate Hits. Ruth Goodman. Singer: Ann Drummond-Grant. Librettist: Gilbert, William Schwenck. Singer: Richard Watson. Conductor: Isidore Godfrey. Singer: Victoria Sladen.

Singer: Thomas Round. Singer: Leonard Osborn. Singer: Jeffrey Skitch. Singer: Irina Kataeva. Orchestra: Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Mark Fitz-Gerald. Add CD to basket. Add download to basket.

The rich-hued Mozarabic liturgy, peculiar to Iberia and rooted in ancient middle-Eastern and North African traditions, is thrilling. This is a compelling, richly ornamented account of the earliest known polyphonic mass by a named composer; exquisite, otherworldly harmonies and eternal words, delivered with clarity, passion View full details Listen Album) samples.

A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms. A Swingin Christmas piano. A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald. A1 - One last song. Accept - Metal Heart. Accept - Russian Roulette. Adam Carse - Jumping. Adrian Gurvitz - Classic. Aha - Take on me. Aimee Mann - Wise Up. Ain't No Sunshine. Alabama - Angels Among Us. Alain Barriere - Tu T'en Vas. Alcatrazz - Disturbing The Peace.

Alessandro Safina - Luna. Alex De Grassi - Guitar Collection. Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone. Alien Ant Farm - Anthology. All 4 Love - Color Me Bad. All Saints - Never Ever. America and The Star Spangled. America, The Beautiful. Andrea Bocceli - Time to say goodbye.

Andy Gibb - Desire. Andy Williams - Close To You. Angra - Fireworks. Angra - Rebirth. Anita Baker - I Apologize. Annihilator - The Best Of. Aqualung - Good Times Gonna Come. Arlen Roth Everything Blues Guitar. Ashanti - Foolish. Atlantic Star - Always. Auteur inconnu - Ritmo ray B. Big band Arr pour trombone. B-witched - Cest La Vie. B-witched - Rollercoaster. Powell - Hallucinations. Back in Black Badlands - Badlands. Badlands - Voodoo Highway. Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty piano.

Bakker - Ding-A-Dong. Barry Manilow - Copacabana. Barry Manilow - Mandy. Basie Two Boogies. Bass Lines - Bob Cranshaw. Basslines by Joe Hubbard. Bb Blues Walking Basslines. Be True To Me Carnavalito. Beautiful South - Rotterdam. Benetar Pat - Best Of. Best Of Victor Wooten. Beth Orton - Anywhere. Beverley Knight - Shape Of You. Beverley Knight - Shoulda Woulda Coulda. Beverly Craven - Promise me. BHackett In The Mood. Big band - Lately score.

Big Band Arrangement Nous Blue. Big Band Drumming 2. Big Band Score - Closing Time. Big Band Score - Gattovolpe. Big Band Score - Just in time S. Biggest Pop Hits Biliy Swan - I Can Help. Bill Bailey goes vaudeville. Bill evans plays standards OK. Bill Withers - Lean On Me. Billy Crawford - Trackin. Billy Hayes - Blue Christmas. Billy Myers - Kiss The Rain. Billy Ray Cyrus - Busy Man. Billy Ray Cyrus - Deja Blue. Bjork - New World. Bjorn Json Lindh - Brusa hogre lilla a. Black Crowes - Guitar Anthology Series.

Black Label Society - Selections. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Blind Melon - Soup. Blink - All The Small Things. Blondie - Heart Of Glass. Blondie - The Tide Is High. Blue - Breathe Easy. Blue Chip Big Band parts. Blues Saraceno - Never Look Back. Blunt - Back to Bedlam. Blur - The Greatest Escape. Bob Carleton - Ja-Da. Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses. Bob Marley - Nowoman No Cry. Bob Marley - Ten Greatest Hits 50pp. Bob Seger - We've Got Tonight. Bobb Sharp - Unchainmy Eart. Bobby Helms - JingleBell Rock.

Bobby Russell - Honey. Bonny Rice - Mustang Sally. Boogie In C easy. Brandy - Almost Doesn't Count. Brandy - Have You Ever.

Brandy - What About Us. Brian Setzer - Orchesta. Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire. Bruce Willis - Respect Yourself. Bud Powell - Celia. Bud Powell - Tea For Two. Bud powell - Tempus fugit. Bulletboys - Bulletboys. Bush - The Science Of Things. Busted - Year California Here I Come. Cat Stevens - Father and son. Cecil Mack - The Charleston. Charles Mingus Big Band - Moanin'.

Charles Strouse - Tommorrow from the movie Annie. Charles-Henry Trois Plus Trois jazz duet. Charlie Parker Omnibook Chetatkins - Jakety Sax. Chinese National Song. Christopher Cross - Arthurs Theme. Chumbawamba - Tubthumping.

Let Me Make Up Your Mind - The Penguins - Earth Angel (CD), Vi Äro Musikanter - Hasse Tellemar - Jul Med Hasse Tellemar - Gästtomte Sven-Erik Wikström (Cassette, Šou Pre Primitivou (Skit) - 2H+ - Premium (CD, Album), Minha Mulher - Silvio Cesar - A Minha Prece De Amor (Vinyl, LP, Album), Down River - Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison (2) - The Last Puff (Vinyl, LP, Album), Smells Like Heaven? - Mutantum - Sonic Sideshow (CDr, Album), Lemmennosto - Värttinä - Seleniko (CD, Album), One (Restaurant Version) - U2 - U218 Videos (DVD), It - Barrabas - Watch Out (Vinyl, LP, Album), Trippin On Sunshine (Play Boys Fully Loaded Dub) - Pizzaman - Trippin On Sunshine (Vinyl), Voices - Dream Theater - Once In A Livetime (CD, Album)