Jump - Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any... (Hybrid, Album)

Wyclef Jean possible bonus or hidden tracks "Sweat" feat. Chris Brown available for download "Guarantee" feat. Labels: flo ridapromote. Julien-K - Death To Analog. Posted by Hatorade 1 comments. Labels: cdjulien-k. It is set for release on March 17, Big Block Yung Chris Sean Kingston. Labels: cdgorilla zoe. CD Releases v Geico "Kash". Following the blueprint of Rockpile, the band also featured a second lead vocalist in erstwhile Ace frontman Paul Carrack and had been featured on the Lowe-produced Carrack album, Suburban Voodoo.

Across eight electrified tracks they successfully incorporate synth-heavy bass with polyphonic harmonies and crystalline vocals, which propels the music into trance-inducing territory. Malone possesses phenomenal technique, a warm luminous tone, an innate sense of swing, and his distinctive chording. Time For The Dancers consists of a wide range of songs including funk, ballads, uptempo hard bop performances and even a pop tune and a TV theme. What's more, the quintet's spectacular new album Kinder Versions is exactly the kind of volcanic presence sorely lacking in 21st century rock.

Likewise their unpredictable and uncategorizable shapeshifting sound, like a very modern twist on psychedelia. Everyone has a song inside them and this double album speaks to that -- the Memories making songs about other people's memories. A ninth disc, Butterflyis a new studio set featuring four new songs and six reinterpreted selections from her catalog, all arranged for string quartet.

The final disc is Raritiesa collection of fifteen rare and previously unreleased tracks recorded between andwhich offers a unique view of Merchant's creative experimentation through home studio demos, album outtakes, live tracks, and collaborations with diverse artists like Billy Bragg, David Byrne, The Chieftains, Cowboy Junkies, and Amy Helm.

Flannery's first album as a frontman is a repository of everything he's learned in a lifetime spent on the creative edge of show-business. The songs on the set reflect the breadth of his taste: here he pulls effortlessly and with equal confidence from new wave, punk, island music, reflective acoustic singer-songwriters of the '70s, exuberant electro-funk acts of the '80s, and the willfully obscure and quietly confrontational college rock of the s. Flannery's personality, vision, and distinctive sense of humor, too.

It's singularly Mura Masa's vision of what pop music should look like in David Nance, Omaha veteran of warble and hiss, returns with Negative Boogie, his concoction of chug, throb and greasy swagger. It's a bit like Canned Heat but with Pere Ubu's queasy rhythms and someone playing five finger fillet with Swell Maps.

Their music combines flawless musical talent and infectious pop melodies with the high-energy live performance of an anthemic rock powerhouse. Hits At All Vol. Hits At Allfeaturing Nick Oliveri in various bands. It's one of the most unbridled, most captivating soul albums ever made. And that's right where she wants you: vulnerable, wide open to any-and-everything, ready to have your world tipped onto its head. There's a fury at the core of Yoko Ono's rock opus Approximately Infinite Universe that was not apparent on previously recorded efforts.

Ono has always been a master of turning pain and sadness into art, but here, there's a clenched-fist intensity that sets it apart in her deep, unparalleled catalogue. The entire album adopts a feminist theme, focusing on the plights of women in the s. Blumm, Andrew Pekler, Benjamin Wild and many more. In the spirit of the classic Wrecking Crew sessions for Phil Spector and the Beach Boys, the band was often tasked with recording four songs per session.

While the members' previous works took root in the counterculture zeitgeist of Jump - Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any. (Hybrid '70s UK punk and conceptual art, it was no longer a question of how to rebel against authority, but rather how to carefully subvert it through collective infiltration.

Crisp, interlocking patterns are modulated and mutated with mathematical precision into eight pieces of pristine, post-kosmische sounds to float away to. During two intense weeks in Berlin, Quaeschning and Schnauss — both students of the great, late maestro Edgar Froese — locked themselves in a studio full of vintage synthesizers, analog sequencers and drum machines, and the result is a gorgeous set of purely electronic music.

The recordings were directed December 12th, It's the first live recording ever released on an album where electronic sounds and classical components are merged in such manner. Debut album See Through Dresses reissued on vinyl and also available this week. You can see it happening, but then again, it's so gradual that the next thing you know — it's dark.

Imbued with the energy and ideas from all the creative embers floating in the atmosphere like fireflies, Shabazz Palaces recorded this entire album over the course of two weeks with Blood in Seattle. New gear and new equipment disintegrated comfort zones into dust and a new path appeared in the rubble.

Herein the Palaceer continues the tale of Quazar, a sentient being from somewhere else, an observer sent here to Amurderca to chronicle and explore as a musical emissary. For the Palaceer, that sense is all about how the groove is moving, and the supernatural telepathy that occurs amongst his cohort.

Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines is a second, fully-realized album of new material that expands the Quazarz universe, and tells the tales of Quazarz, that sent sentient from some elsewhere. A wave warrior wielding his sonic sword. Posted to the turnt-up states of Amurderca here on the Gangster Star to chronicle, explore and enjoy as a musical emissary.

He discovers a world where humankind's relationship with their tech-devices has become weirdly sensual, seducing a sedentary seamlessness with humans, while capturing and incarcerating the results of their imagination. The Jealous Machines finds our protagonist with his dazzling cohorts rising a collective Nah to the device and the guilds that proliferate them. These influences have been channeled into an impressionistic burst of varied creativity: Shimmering VSTs; monolithic noise; euphoric blocks of colorful sound; trance stabs and the citrus rush of hardcore; towering drones, and skynet math rock — all rendered against cold, sinister space and nostalgic synth melodies.

The album reveals the artist's Scottish roots, viewed at a hazy distance from his Berlin home — a series of memories of Glasgow's experimental psychedelic underground, its DIY rock scene and defiant club hedonism.

These genre relationships are blurred and at times they contrast with audible brutality; the result is a hybrid, sculptured way of rendering music — minimal specifics, maximum emotions.

Six charming vignettes explore friendship, romance, and the daydreams populating the space between them. Sun Seeker has climbed into broad daylight, into blessed dynamics, and every song blossoms as a result of it. Founded by Stephen Lawrie inthe band has been through various phases and a long list of different members and associates.

New album As Light Return maintains the balance of its predecessor, setting a parallel course between song-based noise structures and freeform impressionism, while containing some of The Telescopes' most crucial listening so far. Their first four albums have been reissued by Fire Records. The album showcases a new force in Americana: four versatile players and singers writing and improvising across forms in bluegrass, folk, funk, jam, and vintage radio pop.

In allowing its home in bedroom ambiance to work in harmony with high fidelity studio prowess, Full Flower is a rock album viewed through the morning haze of half-open eyes.

His knack for the musical and emotive side of things characterizes both cerebral mixes he has put together here including versions of tunes by Pole and Frank Brettschneider. All in all it's a thoughtfully composed mix that's subversive yet seductive in equal measure. All of these artists used electronic advancements in music technology as a means of exploring not only space and the idea of the future, but also of looking inwards to the soul and of creating music in harmony with the natural world.

Her most autobiographical and honest album to date, it is a self-reflective anchor in the story of both Katie Crutchfield's songwriting and her life. The album tells the story of taking control of a volatile situation, embracing flaws, and exploring a new sonic freedom. Crutchfield's voice oscillates between effortless grace and commanding righteousness, taking the listener with her on an explicitly personal journey.

But it is on the atmospheric "Sparks Fly" where we feel an essential redemption. The track acts as an inner dialogue and marks the first time since the inception of Waxahatchee that any semblance of self-love has shone through. This moment is a perspective we've yet to see from Crutchfield: it is a rediscovery of herself, and the realization of a full life she is completely worthy of. Deluxe includes a poster.

It started when Dilla passed February of 06'. I've shared some of the music with others, in which they would constantly ask me to hear it, so I decided to put a lil sumthing together and make it official. Great cinematic atmospheres in a selection of fantastic mellow tunes inspired by ancient melodies.

Limited pink color vinyl pressing. In Three Lobed Recordings was ecstatic to dedicate one of the albums of the Parallelogram collection to righting this cosmic wrong. New release from the progressive rock outfit. The Second Brightest Star is a companion album to Folklore and Grimspound and features seven new songs about 40 minutes which "explore landscapes, rivers and meeting places and take the listener on voyages of discovery Jump - Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any.

(Hybrid the world and to the stars. New concert album from the German progressive power metal pioneers, recorded at various shows during their European tour in Blockhead originally intended Jump - Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any. (Hybrid the album to be more upbeat, contrasting the introspective production of his previous two releases. Over the years the album gained a cult following, one that grew substantially after Blockhead made the album available digitally in The demand increased for a proper vinyl release of the album and after over 10 years it's finally here.

The vinyl box set The Complete Boney M. More than a musical star, he is both a religious and secular phenomenon for the masses. Chicha music is neither a replica or a copy, despite using Western instruments, such as the electric guitar, bass, drums and organs, and mixing them with cymbals, congas and tropical Guiros.

This vinyl reissue is part of the ultimate audiophile Prestige stereo reissues from Analogue Productions — 25 of the most collectible, rarest, most audiophile-sounding Rudy Van Gelder recordings ever made. Candy Queen hones in on Hartzler's knack for pop hooks layered with sounds that can feel somewhat classic yet modern at the same time. Guitar licks and melodies that pay homage to classic rock or the Nashville country of old, yet never retreading over already worn down or recycled territories.

Deep Marble Sunrise was sculpted from a series of brain-fried studio sessions in NYC taking place in the summer The manic ramping-up and the inevitable come-down intertwine here. The party and the empty vacuum that follows. The cuts follow their impulses freely, coming up with a strange combination of hard funk, jazz, noise, no-wave, free improvisation, and dub.

The record extends his palette considerably, stretching away from the hypnogogic flows of his master piece Rayon Hula, into a more oceanic setting. Spending the last few years out of the limelight and in his Berlin studio, Dauwd's music has continued to ripple through clubs as his singular, sometimes thrillingly uncertain process of experimentation has continued. Running for two, long minute sides full of fake?

Seventh album from the Polish metal band. The music -- sometimes a bit of a timbral, but often deliberately descriptive and overwhelming -- pin of synths and analog machines, capable of defining the desperate plot of the film. Limited red colored vinyl pressing available. This first recording as a leader brought comparisons with Ornette Coleman, but the two were really parallel figures in the then-emerging avant-garde style.

Dolphy did not eschew "changes," as Coleman did, but he used them in new ways. This LP was significant not only for his alto saxophone but introduced his individual approach to the flute and, particularly, the bass clarinet.

It is a soft music, delineating echoes of sacred geometry in the emotional balance between oscillations, frequency modulations, and rhythmic pulsations. The result is Norwegian proto-doom with a back-to-basics sound, from Pentagram and Witchfinder General to Quicksilver Messenger Service. In his harmonic concept, slashing attack, and broad Texas sound, Ervin demanded attention and constantly built improvisations of searing drama and epic sweep.

Perverted By Language hints at the band's shift towards a distinctly pop approach, one that they would perfect via their Beggars Banquet output that immediately followed. The unique violin playing of Elaine Reynolds glides sparingly across the record, tempering the constantly shifting arpeggios and accentuating the human elements within the record's machine-like core.

City Of Fear showcases a band comfortable with their punk roots and delivers some classic sounding snotty hardcore jams. Reminiscent of early Career Suicide, this album blends the high velocity in-your-face sound of first era hardcore like The Germs with a good dose of melody to keep things catchy and infectious. Includes guest features from Drake, R. Vocals from the source squished, hacked, and splattered across an infinite horizon of vaporous, funereal string-pads. The new project is as rugged as the name implies and features artists like Diamond D, Homeboy Sandman, Roc Marciano and more.

Dreamy melodies, heavy basslines and acid grooves blend beautifully with jazz vibes and Detroit techno. Includes features from Kaytranada, Wale, Shy Glizzy, and more. Blue colored vinyl pressing. That previously ornate and limited title is now released in a non-limited format standing along and outside of that prior collection. The two artists, originally connected by mutual friends and geographic proximity, have long pushed the other's continued artistic development.

Despite sharing many live stages over the years, this collaborative album represents the first time that the two have worked together in the studio. Both M. Taylor Hiss Golden Messenger and Jump - Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any. (Hybrid Chapman have consistently won praise for possessing a certain songwriting prowess and earnest delivery.

On new album Machinekissmicro particles of guitar chords, organ sounds, and drum elements reappear in new contexts and are fused with contemporary synthesizer and bass motifs. He's released music on Kanye West's G. Translucent yellow wax. I just grew up in the generation of rap, so the two styles just fused together naturally. I started writing poems around eight or nine years old, then songs, and then raps.

I eventually put it all together It is more or less electronic music, generated through long processes of editing and sampling. It's experimental in terms of that its shape and its meaning were not planned, were unclear during its creation and still now are not evident, but somehow hard to reveal. Two pressings: Regular and Deluxe. Night Shiftfirst released in the fall ofboasts its original track line-up with added bonus cuts of alternate mixes and some rare or previously unreleased tracks on LP.

The Durham, NC trio make music that brilliantly splits the line between art and commercialism, all while maintaining their fun-loving hip-hop purist stance. The second side of this record turns back in on the artist herself with an associative monologue, in which an understanding of her own artwork is examined.

It is fair and honest and walks through the whole house leaving windows open. During a short break in touring with APTBS, Lunadon had a rush of inspiration in the form of a Dion Lunadon creative spasm-a neurotic impulse to make a batch of songs and do it right then and right there.

It is, in all intents and purposes, a short, cautionary story about love. It is also a folk-tale, a science fiction, a suicide note. A pure creative expression that meshes hip-hop, psychedelic, jazz and funk. The latest salvo of blasphemous brutality from the French black metal heretics. Clear vinyl pressing. Three Lobed Recordings was honored to capture all of these artists within the confines of a single album for this raucous and boundary-free volume of their Parallelogram series.

Debut album from world-class bassist Miles Mosley. Miles has toured the globe with jazz superstar Kamasi Washington, and played and recorded with artists including Christina Aguilera, Kendrick Lamar, and Jeff Beck. It eventually ended up as the play Begynnelser "Beginnings" ; directed, designed and dramatized by the independent theatre group De Utvalgte based on a new text written by Norwegian author Carl Frode Tiller.

Commissioned by Erik Drescher and Natalia Pschenitschnikova, Niblock again delivers an almost stripped, uncompromising one-way sound monolith. InIleana Sonnabend commissioned Charlemagne Palestine to create a limited edition, double LP in conjunction with a performance to celebrate the opening of her new Soho gallery at West Broadway. These ecstatic Swarthmore recordings, recorded late at night in the big empty theater space, represented the original elements on which Charlemagne Palestine later created the piano pieces for Four Manifestations On Six Elements.

Both designs were created using sudoku puzzles and comprise various shapes of different colors whose structure was derived from the number sequences present in individual sudokus. Any emotional content perceived herein is borne of its listener, and is in no way intended by its author.

Any sounds resembling speech are not intended to convey meaning. It's hard to know how much of the narrative, which includes tales of unemployment and police brutality, is based on the band's inner-city west Melbourne existence and how much is fiction. One thing is certain: this debut is very near to rock and roll perfection. Fourth record The Fabrication Of Silver Dreams is a typically wild torrent of sounds and styles, all whipped up into a frantic groove.

These Space Age recordings — and specifically the tiny, iconic communication beeps known as Quindar Tones — form the basis for Hip Mobility 's electronic compositions. Quindar manipulates these archival recordings beyond recognition, samples and plays them as unique instruments, blends them with Jorgensen's vintage analog synths, and sometimes simply plays them back verbatim.

It began in earnest upon moving to Oslo, Norway from Auckland in 's twilight with impending fatherhood tapping him on the shoulder. A slowly ripening thing, it was made amidst child rearing and touring with NZ pals Lawrence Arabia. YOU, dont give up keep your head up, its hard but we you always need to fight knows how to preciate some things we see the world so diffrent but we know how good it feels when you fight for something that you every wanted.

People who dont need to fight doesnt know it how to feel this. Every single life is it worth it to live and you are worth it to breathe an be on this planet. When you need help ask your family or friends or just talk to a stranger i mean a professional its not bad to search for help and this doesnt mean that you are weak or anything else it means to fight for something. So i dont give up so you also dot give up. Yes here im Talking about a Band called Linkin park, sadly ive never had the chance to saw them live the Tickets are so fast always sold out.

But i still hope that someday i get the chance to see them live. I bought they first album Hybrid Theory and it gave some songs i start listen on repeat like, Papercut, Crawling, a place for my head forgotten and In the end. Well i didnt stopped listen to them and it was good to listen to them when i was sad or angry. In my Parents go to a lawyer for the divorce and at this time a really start to listen to them pretty often they helped me a little bit to get over all this, i could move Jump - Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any.

(Hybrid my own world away from the problems. Im so thankful for Linkin Park. But unfortently sure they brought some more albums out now but after A Thousand suns ins not the typical Linkin Park sound anymore and the new Record Living things i didnt listen to any of the songs i dont know it sounds so weird so much technical music so i cant really describe and i dont know what happend with Linkin Park ….

I Hope they know that this music is not the best music in my view, i hope the get back to the old sound of Linkin park this would be brilliant i really ove the old sound. Im kinda shocked about the story from Amanda Todd, im really shocked when you wanna know what exactly happend heres the story.

They compliment her, then they asked her to flash. About a year later somebody messaged her telling her that if she didnt give him a1 on 1 show that he would send her boobs out to all of her friendsfamily ect. A fw weeks went by and it was christmas break, 4am the cops were knocking at the door.

Her boobs were sent to everyon- she was depressed and her anxiety was off the charts. She lost every friend.

So she moved diffrent school new beginning. Not too long after he found her and sent her boobs out again. She got into drugs and alcohol, Started self-harm. She became so depressed she didnt go out, so she moved with her mom on a completly new place she started to talk to an old guy friend that was now leading her on saying he liked he. She went they hooked up. She later got a text saying leave your school now. Everyone surrounded her. Two girls came up to her telling her to look around and nobody likes her.

A boy screamed out, ust hit her already. They threw her to the groundand hit her several times. She ran to a ditch and her dad found herlater, When she went hom eshe chugged bleach attempting suicide, She was rushed to the hospital and they flushed.

She gets homeans sees posts all over facebook telling her to drink bleach again saying nobody likes her and telling here to die. She cried every night, Everyone hated her because of on mistake.

One little Mistake She started cutting again. She attempted suicide and failed. On October 10th. That is the story about the Sucide of Amanda and first of all before i start saying what i think i wish the Family just the best and alot of power to get through this bad times now.

I feel kinda ashamed to be a human right know a human who live in a world who get people like amanda bully just because one stupid mistake seriousy im sure all these poeple who are a part of this should better think about that what they did and im sure they also did mistakes in their lives.

For all people who destroy Amanda you should be ashamed about your behaivor. Every Single one of you killed her with every thing what you did you are all the reason why shes not here anymore. Im getting sick about that fact that people start bullying to people. I dont know what goes in the head of these people, seriously you all killed a wonderfull and beautiful girl, i didnt know her but to heard these story makes me sad. Really Sad these bullying should stop in every single country every single person is it worth it to live and to get love.

It doesnt care how do you look or act or whatevery it doesnt care really, for me its hard it respect myself how i look like and all this but i say since a couple days to myself you are worth it to life, to get loved and everything. This here is now something im actually really scared about cause it could happend each day, in every single minute it could be post by the Band Page or somewhere else. Well today i read the message that the Livingston Drummer leave his band to go his own way, sure im happy that he went to try somthing new but its kinda sad cuase he was and always will be a part of Livingston, im not a really big fans of them but this shows me how fast this could happend that someone could leave a band or a band broke up.

Honestly in life theres just 3 Bands they really mean a lot to me, somehow more as my own life cares myself. Its amazing how the times fly i grow up with these amazing Bands. And they helped me in so many ways wheres no one really could helped me but these both did it. And since last Year September i found a band who i neer thought that these could change my life in so many diffrent ways, i talk about Sons of Midnight. I saw them as a Support Act from Simple Plan and was Impressed, then i saw them after this one time in cologne and 3 month later again cologne and Berlin in the last fe month its grow all up like a friendship.

Through these 5 Boys i ve met the most special girls ever in my life, they mean to me all more as my life and i wanna never miss these Girls. The Girls was there for me, when i need someone to talk with.

Well i had in the last past month probertly the hardest time in my entire life and i was glad that i had them. But otherwise aslo SoM was there for me in this time specially Conrad the Singer and Mitchell the Bass Player, i never thought that people would notice me or cared about me.

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