Funny How Time Slips Away - Various - Live On Letterman (Music From The Late Show) (CD, Album)

Hard Headed Woman I Gotta Know Baby, Let's Play House Heartbreak Hotel Shakin' All Over Fujiyama Mama Funnel Of Love Right Or Wrong Riot In Cell Block No. I Saw The Light Let's Have A Party Hurricane - sept.

Good, Good Feeling - feb. Youngblood - oct. Why Can't We Be Friends? Corns And Callouses Dr. Scholls - feb. Never Gonna Give It Up - march 3rd Low Rider - oct. Tightrope - oct. Instrumental Jam II - sept. Thinking Of You - feb. The Real Thing 2. One 3. Hurts Me Too 4. I'll Be The One 5. Unsung Heros 6. Indifference 7. Patchwork Quilt 8. Glory Road 9. Alison To Lay Me Down Excitable Boy 2. Accidentally Like A Martyr 3.

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner 5. Johnny Strikes Up The Band 8. Werewolves Of London 9. Mohammed's Radio Tenderness On The Block Excitable Boy Accidentally Like A Martyr Funny How Time Slips Away - Various - Live On Letterman (Music From The Late Show) (CD Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner Poor Poor Pitiful Me Desperados Under The Eaves.

Lauderdale 12 songs! Universal Hall 2. The Crash Of Angel Wings 3. Glastonbury Song 4. It's Gonna Rain 5. Old England 6. Love Will Shoot You Down 7. Peace Of Iona 8. When Will We Be Marrid? Steve's Nordic Jig 3. The Stolen Child 4. Red Army Blues 5. Medicine Bow 6. Fisherman's Blues 7. Fuck Off 2. Night Time 3. Putty 4. Rock 'N' Roll Cleopatra 5. Wonder Woman 6. Normal 8. Bad In Bed 9. Cream In My Jeans Stuck On You Enjoyed the sprightlier version of the song when it first appears on Track 2.

Tuesday, June 19, Music on the Road. How do you bring your music along on a long car trip? Depends on what you're driving, I suppose. Our car is a model, so it lacks a port for my iPhone or iPod. Once my wife and I attempted to feed our iPods through the radio, but it was terribly unsatisfying and only worked fitfully. So, as we hastily packed, I included a CD carrier that I'd used a couple of years before and hadn't cleared out along with a handful of CDs either purchased or checked out from the library.

Both Lisa and I found our tolerance waning the deeper that we got into a CD, no matter who the artist. We are still very much in a long-playing state of mind at home, rarely purchasing music piecemeal, but as a captive audience, and with the need for the music to keep us hyper-stimulated on the drive, we found we tired of an artist about halfway into the CD.

The most problematic listens for a long drive are the vocalists. As you know, I live for hearing a skilled vocal performance, but being hypnotized by Doris Day's graceful glissandos on various vowel sounds is not recommended for keeping your eye on the dotted lines of the interstate. Esperanza Spalding sounded terrific, but soon after putting her on I knew that we had to change the selection. Much too mellow for our needs. Instead we took a shot of Fountains of Wayne. Ah, some straight "power pop" that we could sing along to as the miles went by.

I then popped in K. Tunstall's new release. She was completely unfamiliar to me, but I found it terrific for driving. Every song brought a new rhythmic approach, and it was all very energetic. One thing that I love about a vacation is that you wear out the music that you do bring. Sure, I've got my iPod, and Lisa has her iTunes library on the laptop, but mostly we use the old technology: the CDs that I have packed in the carrier, and the ones still in their cases, with their booklets to enjoy.

In a way, I love being a captive audience to the CD that I put in our car player. Every insertion seems like a dive into a pool. How's the opening track? Did it catch your interest? Well, I'm into it, but what about my wife seated next to me? It's fun to also play DJ. While Lisa drove, I pulled out CDs and played favorite tracks from them, prefacing each song with an introduction of some sort.

She seemed to enjoy this approach, as did our young boys. I can't listen to books as I drive because my mind wanders, but music seems just right—after the signal for NPR goes out, that is. It's a deep comfort for me to revisit CDs that I've purchased and to muse upon the passage of time, not only for the artist but for me, the faithful listener. Happy trails and terrific music to everyone who hits the road this summer!

Wednesday, February 22, Making It. So, how does a musician build a career these days now that the getting signed by a record company is no longer the ideal? Well, perhaps you can gain some notoriety by pulling off a stunt like Giorgio Fareira did. Late last month he pulled into a Sonic Drive-In with his friends. As a joke, he pulled out his guitar and sang his order. His performance was captured by a friend's I-Phone and posted on You Tube.

That's the exception, of course. Conventional wisdom nowadays is that you steadily build a fan base and hold them close. Hope that your material gets picked up by a movie or TV producer. Then there's word of mouth. I'm talking a lot lately about Jessie Baylin.

How did I learn of her? Well, it wasn't Rhapsody or a piece on NPR. No, instead I discovered her when I was shopping for music in a store yes, you can Album) do that - and in a music shop, to boot! After listening to her and being gripped by the sound, I once again experienced that sweet tingle I get when I let serendipity rule the day and I stumble on something delightful. In fact, Jesse Harris, who works closely with Jones, co-wrote a couple of songs with Baylin on 's Firesight.

Casting about for more information about her, I learn that she is well-versed in her pop music history, especially in the classic singer-songwriters. It's been four years, but she's still hanging in. I visit her Facebook and find that things are definitely looking up for her. I also learn that she's married to the drummer for the popular band Kings of Leon. So it's clear that Jessie Baylin won't be driving up to a Sonic with guitar in tow. I mean, her latest release earned a review in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

And, when I went to the music shop today, it was available! I'm giving it a good listen now because I also learned that she's coming to Boston next week. This was a really great record but I think it had a couple things going against it.

First, Elvis didn't perform either side of the single on stage. Anyone have any idea why this happened? Then you have a great single such as "Promised Land," which only managed to get to 14 on the Billboard Hot How did this record not make the top ten is beyond me. For the most part, fromElvis recorded some solid but in many cases unspectacular material. The bias that I think Elvis experienced around was in large part due to the sheer amount of great new musical acts coming along.

The thing that insulated Elvis to some extent from that backlash was that he was performing twice a year in Las Vegas for a month at a time, in addition to any gigs in Lake Tahoe or on the road. Add to that a continuous stream of album and single releases.

It was just like how the movies had insulated him seven years earlier from the Beatles and the British invasion. And for a while, that kept Elvis pretty contemporary. What is interesting to me is that two years later, there was a major revival of what we would consider "oldies" acts via films and television with "American Graffiti," "Happy Days" and a few years later, the film "Grease.

Why didn't Elvis work up some popular cover songs or songs he had previously recorded but hadn't done on stage before. Basically they waited until February, when he had enough new stage material that could justify not just the costs associated with recording another live LP but so that it wasn't repetition of the previous live albums. When RCA recorded the "Live On Stage In Memphis" LP, it was pretty much clear that there wasn't much thought put into adding some new songs that he hadn't either performed live before, hadn't recorded at all or had been performed live but hadn't appeared on any of the live albums.

The only new real songs were "Why Me, Lord? Even Elvis himself stated at the June 9, Madison Square Garden press event that it was very difficult to find good rock songs. When "Burning Love" hit the airwaves, it was like he was back. Basically a who's who of the current "classic rock" format, or at least a who's who of some of the top contemporary songwriters.

Elvis could have cherry-picked the songs he wanted to do off those albums. Something weird happened. This may have been in part due to Elvis going through the separation and ultimately, the divorce from Priscilla. They also relegated "Burning Love" to a Camden budget album which featured selections from his motion picture career. However, had this album truly included hits from his motion picture career as the album title suggested rather than just a haphazard collection of songs that previously appeared on various soundtrack albums, I think the album would have done much better and would have been much better received.

I think an album of his film hits may have even re-opened the idea of getting back into making motion pictures, something he never did after "Elvis On Tour. DarylDec 15, Purple Jim and Sammy Banderas like this. Location: Wellies, N.

Last edited: Dec 15, GillyTDec 15, It comes in waves, dude. I take 5 days off and now I have plenty of fresh, interesting shit to wipe with. Hey Porn Valley, is there a toilet paper fetish community out there?

Anon-E-Mouse said I am deeply saddened to see that Lady J has obviously broken up with Flint. I have no idea what this means, but its nice to see you folks amuse yourselves. This is what makes the blog work. Alex Jones and people like him Anyone can say anything they want, so long as they aren't inflicting serious harm to anyone. And they can say it over the air, so long as someone is Album) to pay them for it and others are willing to advertise with them.

Freedom of speech, my brother. Nevermind the waaaay out there conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, take someone like Rush Limbaugh. Now, its probably more for show, but Rush broadcasts out of a top secret, unadvertised location out in Florida. He is on the air 5 days a week for 3 hours a day He's the one host I've ever heard who doesn't need to take a single phone call.

He can just talk and talk and talk and talk non-stop, pausing only for commercial breaks It's quite a feat. And he's been inspired lately. Everyone right wing has run to his show for the promises that their party has not been flushed down the toilet He's never been more popular. And he has been bashing Obama since before the election. Obama has done nothing right.

Obama is failing. It's not working. And the examples he uses are smart, but I'm not sure if they are smart on their own or because of his own viewpoint. There is never any opportunity for a debate with a Democrat with Rush. It's all him, all the time. But we need Limbaugh on the air, just like we need Fox News. There's got to be counter-pointing, especially now since Obama has embraced the media more than any other President before or since. It would be best to have a voice that speaks of the flaws and attributes of both sides fairly and equally but I remember grandstanding.

Not that I read your blog anymore. Do you remember how great things used to be? What happened to you? And where do you stand on rimjobs? Hitler said Get with it. Or just passing the time and having some fun.

Either or. RS said I'm toying with the idea of entering a serious relationship with this girl I've been seeing.

I don't believe a woman can be faithful. Can they? It is NOT in a woman's nature to cheat on their husband. If you're scoring a married girl or one in a relationship, its because their man is not doing something right.

He isn't satisfying her properly or the relationship is not what she imagined and now she's worried, bored, or unsure of things. So she cheats on him just to feel better about herself for a few minutes. That's it. She ain't leaving him for you, they never do. And cybersex is cheating, for anyone who was wondering.

But truthfully, men don't have such a strong nesting instinct, we just want to fuck pretty much everyone.

Now how many of you know a girl who does the same? Oh, we all know at least one guy. Don't we? But then They aren't doing it for bragging rights. Women can be faithful but you gotta work at it. Decide if you can live with her if she screws around on you - if you can weather that storm then you have a shot at making her faithful, if you can't, you won't. It's simple. And don't think you can cheat on her for revenge.

That never works. But if you can parlay this into a three-way with another girl Girls love a man with their hearts, guys love a girl with their bodies. If they give you their heart, they will never leave you, so long as you don't break it.

And keep in mind, you have to kick the ever living shit out of the guy she fucked on you. If he's a big guy, bring friends. But the fucker has got to go down. We all know this. Bret Hart said Have you always been a runner or did you have the late 20's "oh crap the weight doesn't just fall off me anymore" moment? Always a runner? Not really. More like an off and on thing. Almost twenty years ago wow, I never realized how ling ago was until right now I had this great late night route where I would split between running, walking, and high sprinting and also involved sneaking through people's yards and whipping through my old high school parking lot.

I had it down to a 20 minute set, a 45 minute set, and a nice 90 minute set depending on how I felt. I could never do long distance on foot though, I just never could seem to break through the wind and the misery.

I never actively tried for it either. It's also fun to watch the wild life come out of suburbia. Racoons, skunks, opposums - they're all out there. Skunks are always fun to run into. As for your question, it's more like "Ah fuck, Z don't want to stop eating all this shit but I better keep the heart strong and the muscles tight.

As I close in on 40, I Album) I'm gonna have to lay off the shit. And the booze. Booze doesn't look good on you at I can't do much night running anymore. A 21 year old kid doing it at 3 am is fine. A 30 blah blah man doing it at means an on-sight full cavity search. Actually Hy8 - I sent the Rim Job question in when I was really drunk and at the time it seemed funny - wasn't anyone from the Scotsmen board.

Sorry dude. Gee, a lady won't let you stick your tongue up her ass but will do it to you? Buy a ring, son Yeah but You can't eat on rim job night. All you can do is drink, and on an empty stomach this means you'll get drunker faster She can eat, but only a little Then pre-tumble, you need to shower and JAM that soap up there, get it nice and clean. If you have a hand held showerhead, it needs to go on pulse and you need to give yourself a colonic. The area needs to be clean.

Then you have to get her drunk ass in the shower and have her do the same. Actually, this could be fun. Really, love is love but nobody is going for seconds if they see brown stuff in there. And nothing ruins the mood more then a good fart. Sure, it's funny Hey Chris, Never thanked you for a book that you recommended. You wrote about Monster, which was a biography of a gang member in LA.

On my job, it's actually helped me to connect with a lot of the kids we have to arrest for various gang activities and I've even passed it along to a couple of the kids that really do want to change.

Just wanted to say thanks, bro You never know who your words are going to reach. And thanks to YOU, my friend. You're out there every day dealing with some straight up slingers.

And its a losing battle. It's when Dick Cheny defends it is where we get all huffy. On the streets, its applauded. And when I posted that review, a few people from L. The guy wrote a very, VERY important book and I can't help but assume he's still sitting in solitary, completely unaware of its impact. I wonder if they let him keep the money the book made.

They want you to come join the rest of us in wonderful ! How was that Skynard concert anyway? Brother Love said If u had to fuck a male wrestler who would it Funny How Time Slips Away - Various - Live On Letterman (Music From The Late Show) (CD A tough "bear" like Arn Anderson or a smooth dude like Randy Orton?

Answering doesn't make u gay. Maybe just a bit curious. Trish Stratus, of course. Jesus, I thought it would be obvious by now, after all these years. The first day of Summer was yesterday, which also happened tpo be the longest day of the year AND Father's day. Literally, a gray cloud of suck is on top of this region and its getting all nice and comfy. Global warming Global cooling Global Our Fucking Planet is Pissed at us. Oh, and North Korea is about to nuke someone, possibly us.

If John Lennon had lived he would've shot himself by now. And he would have divorced Yoko. Better believe that happy crappy. BUT, the hip hop stations are the only ones who'll also add "and Happy father's day to all the fathers in prison!! We haven't forgotten about y'all!!! Possibly because I'm the only person on the planet to notice this. And what ever happened with your neighbor who complained about you walking around your place naked? Yeah, so with the amount of beer I drink, as we all know, there is a lot of peeing that comes with the deal.

And sometimes, late at night, because I live in a second story apartment and there is a shrub bush right below me and a sidewalk almost within reach I like to piss out the window. Now, all that beer makes me wake up sometimes to piss I've dreamt I had to piss and actually pissed in a toilet, then spent my dream wondering why I still have to piss before waking up, needing to piss. And one morning, after pissing, I heard someone say, "Put some fucking clothes on!! I made up some excuse about my parrot and his cage I'll let you use your imaginations here and promised it wouldn't happen again.

Funny thing is I'm not sure which is worse Anyway, I've been careful to keep my window pissing to the wee hours of the morning, but while still night out One day, I will reach that fucking sidewalk!

Chrissy Whissy, Any bitterness that you never made money out of this? No one gets paid out of this. How many times will you people ask me this question?

And do you really expect me to say yes if I was? Damn, Cornette goes APE. Yeah, why is he so angry? Some chick fuck with his head too? Here we are, 10 days later and I have my answer. Then you saw the special message. Be pissed at yourself, not at me.

You can call me anytime you want. Someday, you will ache like I ache! Loverboy said I was trying to find some of your Canadian jokes with Google and somehow I came upon an old thread at asking where you were. Someone referred to me as a well-known Hyatte nuthugger, which begs the question: what do I receive for being a Hyatte Nuthugger?

So, someone over there thinks my balls are big enough for someone to hug them? Listen, Loverboy See, as you WELL know Everybody's waiting for this weekend!! You also get a nifty waffle iron, while supplies last.

I was on vacation. Did I miss anything? Yes, some moron posted a comment in an older post and got mad at me because he thought I deleted it. I pointed out the error of his way and we all had a good chuckle at his expense. Then Greg Dillard did the same thing but I just moved the comment to the proper place. Oh, and I'm on the outs with Patricia Reddy said Yes fbintx.

If that's your real name. It's been all go here. That was less of a surprise. Nice thing about Hispanic assplay is you save hundreds on astroglide and other lubricants. Very greasy eses June 15, PM Ah schucks! I caught up now.

Hyatte - do you really like the Black Eye Peas? I saw them "performing" on the View yavavava my wife was watching!!! It's like the formula to a new soda. It's worked up in a lab and introduced to the public. Well my old Roland D has drum hooks and it's not that hard to come up with variations of "Boom boom uhg uhg cracka lacky boom".

The BEP's specialize in club thumpers. And don't front, bitch. You watch The View alone and in your underwear. When you are a 33 year old former meth head, this is what happens. Plus she covers up her bad face and gonnagetfatsoon body by wearing HIGH end designer clothes and a rigorous beauty therapy regiment. Am is aso going to try to hook us up after she leaves that BoyToy husband loser of hers I think. Fergie can sing AND rap. She's pretty fly for a white guyurl.

Look at it this way You be rockin' NO beats. That's no way to talk about your wife, sir. Gray said The black eyed peas were around before "Fergie. Joints N Jams is probably the best known song from their first album, and you can hear a woman other than the queen of Crystal Meth in the background.

Tattoo, ear piercing, etc- My guess, 30's. The Peas were around for a loooong time, actually And Fergie is just And you know As for your question Harrison Ford ruined earrings as a mid-life crisis cure for all older men, and don't forget, George Clooney was around 40 when he started a whole new hairstyle It ain't what you got, its what you do with it.

Juan said It is true, Amigos! Christopher iz my one true love. He penetrates me like no other I so glad our secret is revealed. He also loves to piss on my face! Ay caramba! Thank you for supporting mi liitle bald fajita! Juan xxx Ahhh Papi. Mi amore.

I knew it was true love after I gave you the Dirty Sanchez and you walked around for a week with it and no one noticed. Ironically, you showed me more affection with that one comment then the last girl I loved had for a full year.

Will have to post more often to catch up. All new, all different, gay as all hell! Any opinion on Chickenfoot? Joe Satriani is one hell of a player. He and Nuno Bettencourt may be the best of the players from this general era.

Wonder where the the next guitar prodigy lies Any summer concert plans yourself? Nuno Bettencourt? More Than Words?? Get the Funk Out?? Sammy could sing fine, but his lyrics were so goddam unimaginative. How many times did you listen to "Panama" before it dawned on you that David Lee Roth was singing about a fucking hot rod?? Me, I had to let Dave himself clue me in on it in an interview.

Dave wrote FUN lyrics, twisted, pun-filled, creative stuff. Sammy wrote about some slut he bangs and called her "Poundcake". That said, OU is the best Van Hagar record of the bunch. Then they went to shit. But as I said, I'm older now But I almost went anyway, because Sammy Hagar was a special guest performer.

I was like, "Awww, its Sammy!! Why not?? I get bored pretty easily at these things. And I'm old. But I thought about Sammy Hagar and decided that he always came across as happy and kind and cheerful in interviews And he's always had brilliant white teeth.

And there is nothing wrong with keeping Michael Anthony working. He always knew his role and had the coolest male back-up voice in all of rock.

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