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It's still a tough lane. Switching to Smite seriously helped against her in particular, as well as the repeated nerfs she's gotten. That being said, you need to respect her and you have one job: not letting her land Q in the middle of the lane. With that movespeed buff letting her keep up with your burnout, you can take up to 5 E's before getting to safety if you get hit in a bad spot, which will kill your lane phase.

Play well back and close to your turret so that she never has the chance to QE you more than once or twice at a time. As long as you limit her damage like that, your smite and beads will outsustain her and you'll scale up just fine.

She is very vulnerable without her ult and you can squish her quickly like any other champion; pounce at first opportunity before she gets it back up. Best bet is to call for help at 6 and hope to burst her within whatever CC your jungler brings. Cass players are typically very bad at using it unless they're mains or onetricks and miss it frequently. Failing that, either roam and look to take advantages elsewhere, or spam ult to farm and poke her Dont You Want Me 97 (Pro-Active Mix) - Various - Serious Beats 24 (CD) a safe distance.

So what do you do? One thing is to play glacial, Dont You Want Me 97 (Pro-Active Mix) - Various - Serious Beats 24 (CD) other thing is to perma shove the lane making it at least a little bit harder for her to farm, and lastly you can poke her and play with jungle.

Try to kill her until you get to the late game. But be aware of her damage when she gets fed. She can melt you away.

As her spell casting range is farther than yours, play around her spells, baiting W shouldn't be that hard also remember that she's unable to W her very near, so it will probably end up on a Petrifying Gaze cast, you should be dodgin' R at this moment to leave her disarmed.

If she bullies you in Early Game just farm and try to roam to get your Teammates ahead! Her W disables your W and E1, which are both of your defensive abilities and allow you to duel. If you get caught in one of these the trade will always go bad unless you are extremely fed and even that doesn't look too good. To counter her W, try E1 before her W and pray you land the E2 onto anything that isnt on the W preferably her.

Post 6 you can also use her ult when she W you to give you time to walk at her and unleash some combos onto her face. If you get Grounded you will not be able to return to your body, so be very careful during trades. Even if she does not land the stun on her ult, generally she'll just have enough DPS and pressure against you. Change is goood Becareful when when she Ults because it will prevent you form killing her.

Basically just try to not let her get ahead. Yone the Unforgotten by Rakgnar Yone Player. This is a personal ban for me as if you miss your ult and don't get help from your jungler, its pretty much GG. Keep your distance and combo her if you hit your knock up.

Her ult will cancel your ult so try to keep your distance when combo'ing her. If she gets on you and you miss your knock up you're probably dead. Fizz guide season 10 by cayden Fizz Player. Killing Machine Pyke by nguyenbautroi Pyke Player. Do not do long skirmishes with her. Watch out for her flash R, taking cleanse isn't a bad idea.

Take comet or conq. Season If you expect her to ult, turn around so she doesn't stun you. She most likely wont recall before she got enough gold for Tear, therefore play aggressive. Mid-late game she will undoubtedly outscale you, especially as she builds Zhonyas. You can't swap places with your W, nor use R when standing in her W.

Dodge her q with your e. She runs out of mana fast early on. Death to all towers by SicKitty Ziggs Player. And always dodge her R. If she hits R and W on u, you are pretty much dead. The thing is most of cassios will probably run exhaust also so keep in mind when exh is on cdr so u can make a play.

When u get your tiamat and dirk you can oneshot her. She wouldnt have her seekers yet. Her W blocks out your E dash or even blink and your ultimate completely. She has much constant damage when she hits her Q's and is super fast, so long trades are basically a death penalty for you. But when you E on her, she won't have the ability to ground you, because of her minimum W range. Additionally, when you have good reactions, you can negate her ult with yours.

Focus on dodging her poison and disengaging with E if she tries to go in to harass you. You can easily kill cassio and take her out of the game if you dodge her poison. Make sure to keep turning your back to her in a fight so she cannot ult you!

But if you die, she will become scary. At lvl 3 you should engage and trade damage or kill her if possible. You can Windwall his W E. Try to e behind her if your engaging you will have a nice chance to dodge her R.

Yasuo but I'm gonna make it detailed might take some time t by henxs Yasuo Player. Not much you can do in this matchup. Take cleanse or teleport. A guide to Karma Mid [ If you get hit with a q and she starts moving towards you back off to avoid getting shred by her e. Her w stops your ult and flash and opens you up to a ton of damage. If she walks up like she might ult you try and turn away in order to avoid being stunned.

If she runs low on mana in lane try and keep her off of minions to deny her mana sustain. Watch out for this champion and never fight her when she has 10 stacks of Conqueror.

Taking Cleanse is a decent option in this matchup. My only advice is to not ult her if she has her w, it's fine to ult her if she has her ult aslong as you turn away after ulting. Galio op op in depth Galio guide by topal Galio Player. Her w is so dumb to play against. The second you get hit by her q you die. DONT dive if she has r, youll die. I have won this match up many times, but i have lost some too. Guide to the Vlad God Patch Kled Mid Electocute!!! Look for opportunities once she uses her W and try to dodge her Q since her E does no damage if she miss her Q.

Doran's shield start. Katarina guide Her ultimate really ruins a lot of your combos, and the fact that she can just spam her Q and do tons of damage is really annoying. If you avoid her Q, take a short, quick trade with E Q. If you're trading and avoid two of them, all-in her, because you will kill her or get really close. You have more range than her so don't be scared to trade. However if you get hit by her r then you're most likely dead.

You can kill him until he don't buy mana if he buy tier you can't win the trade. Just try to dodge his q and stay out of range farm with q. If you go in you can't press w or e in his w go out then w and win.

Look to harrass in the early stages as it is her weakest point, afterwards, just dont get caught by her W or R, as it will mean certain death. Cleanse reccomended. If she lands her Q, she wins the trade, so you have to shove in the wave to avoid trades. Either turn around or use E. Cass is vulnerable to all ins when you have ignite. You can't really abuse her laning phase that much either. Don't charge straight up with R. Go from the side. Makes her ult much harder to stun you.

Climb Ranked Tips S10! When running at her you can take sharp steps back to dodge her R stun. Diamond Akali guide Make sure to take care of your early game edge on her by poking her down and denying her farm. The only time where you can efficiently fight her is in the first 10 minutes of the game or when you have a Trinity Force.

Her kill potential is mainly from chasing you down and killing you with sustained damage rather than burst. The movement speed from heal would be very good against this matchup so you can run away from her. You can also choose to run [[nimbus cloak]] here as well.

You should stomp this matchup since cassio has limited range and you outpoke her. She has no dash abilities so your combo should land easily.

If you get a little bit ahead of her, you should be able to to Dont You Want Me 97 (Pro-Active Mix) - Various - Serious Beats 24 (CD) her every combo. Like Azir, she has no mobility, so try to harass her in lane and deny her kills and CS. Her damage are really good when she's able to get her Q off.

You have to dodge her Qs and try to bait her W, and remember to turn around when you think she's gonna use her R. Carry your allies to the victory by Sloyr Katarina Player. In-Depth Ekko Build Guide!! You can abuse her in the laning phase but be very careful for her W. If you sit in it, you can't dash away and if her jg is around you're a sitting duck.

It stops you from doing any sort of dash or blink. Other than that, she isn't an issue. Don't do any extended trades with her because she will always win those. Make short trades and push lane. Aggressive Azir [Patch However, like most champions, you should be okay. Avoid her R, trade with q's and auto's, you'll be okay. Phase rush is great in this matchup. You have to shove lane and roam. If you don't let her hit you with her Q, and you don't let her trap you with her W, you will win.

She is just like you, a Hyper Carry Mage, but her kit is much more reliant on poisoning you than your kit is on your soldier placement. You can beat the shit out of her if you are better. Her DPS is crazy even with only a tear. Stay back and poke her early game, espeically before she gets tear since she'll run out of mana fast. Try your best not to get hit by her Q. This match up is really difficult if you don't dodge her abilities. Her ult can ground you which means no shunpo so make sure to punish when she doesn't have ult up.

Understanding Katarina: A Full Guide [ She will have control over the lane if she plays it smart. Play this lane to scale and don't give her a lead of any kind. Make sure your Twitch is good enough to dodge her R. Wenn sie nicht gut ist, dann hofft man auf den Jungler und man bringt sie behind. Kata S10 by yoink my r now Katarina Player.

Level 1, play insanely aggro and get her half hp, and shove the wave. Level 2, freeze the wave and W Q AA her from a distance. Make sure you don't get hit by her Q, or she'll run your ass down. Play around your ranged minions when you use Q to harass her. Boom, you dodged her predictable ult, now kill her ass as she's easy pickings past 6 for shuffles.

She is immobile and you will be able to at will. Before the changes to Conqueror, Cassiopeia took Phase rush which made this a skill match up. The additional AP and healing from conqueror just make her far to oppressive to put her as anything but the highest threat.

If she can get on you, she can kill you and it stays like that for the entire game. Watchout for her early game all in and you must dodge her ulti and q to win a fight. Vladimir 1v9 hypercarry by Rider0 Vladimir Player. Sleeper Op ryze build with new conqueror by Sakura69 Ryze Player. Your E cancels her ult so enjoy that at least. How to do everything yourself mid by Tayna Morgana Player. Simple trick is in a all in to e to her and then look away from her and then cast your ultimate, she will try to R you but you are not really spinning in katarina R so she wont stop your R with hers.

Her main weakness is that she has to come at you in a straight line to deal her damage which will allow you to land your combo for free. You can trade relatively evenly early and late game. If in a fight she ever misses a Q, you should win the trade. Top 10 EUW Ori 9. Wukong Guide Basics by minebaby Wukong Player. Keep this in mind when fighting her. Ekko Mid 9. Really annoying matchup if you don't dodge her poison. Also Glacial Augment is really good against her because of her lack of mobility, so don't feel pressured against her.

Godlike Neeko Diamond Guide [ 9. Freelo with the fish by Flakees Fizz Player. Guide Qiyana 9. Farm and play safe, you must ask for help vs. Her W Ability is the most annoying part, as she disables your whole mobility. So the best way to defeat her is saving your W for her W or when it comes to a 1v1 Situation when she bursts you with her E Ability. Look for possible roams stay safe and try to let her behind by roaming. You can't really do much early game she will just bully you, I recommend using fleet into this matchup.

Also try to avoid her q and passive because she can burst you down. Keep your distance early game and rush Banshee's to be able to ult her and not get stunned and damage by Dont You Want Me 97 (Pro-Active Mix) - Various - Serious Beats 24 (CD) ult. Stay away from her and roam alot. Maybe look for all in's but don't all in under turret, beacuse you will get W'ed Grounded and problably cause death.

You cannot ult in her W, look out for that. Highelo In-depth Kassadin guide by schulti Kassadin Player. You can trade with her by Q'ing melee minions once then setting a stun up by positioning around the ball on the ground. Even if she lands q, when she starts running at you to e.

Just hit her with ONE q before you go all in. SepekuAW untapped power Syndra guide! Only jungle ganks pre-6 will give you an edge, but it will all be irrelevant after 6 since you will have no way of getting onto her without being stunned and melted. Best thing you can do survive early, roam after 6, and bring the goons back mid with you. Patch 9. Wait until you have R and cast it on the sides to dodge her R.

She can out-kite you, and kill you mid burst. Reccomend banshees veil as soon a possible. Avoid close range if possible. Use singularity to stack minion waves to farm under tower. Recognize her ult. Make it hard for her to land her poison, and E her when she steps out of line. By far one of the easiest match-ups here. As a melee champion, Diana is incredibly easy to abuse for Cassiopeia especially when she hits level 2. Going up for CS can be dangerous since it makes landing her Q extremely easy where she can just instantly follow up with E spam.

She also doesn't experience mana problems if starting Doran's Ring since last-hitting minions with her E refunds the cost. Ask your jungler for ganks and play it safe. Once you hit 6, you can use your ult to avoid hers if you are close enough to her since Lunar Rush puts you on the opposite side of your target. Try to bait her into your tower and stunning her right under the tower range.

Or wait for ganks. She's never straight up stronger than you though, and there's always room for outplays. Her miasma W can make your Q and E as well as your flash useless as long as you stand in it. It also slows, so it makes you a sitting duck for her jungler to come in and gank you. Hold out for your first back and try to all in her then. If you feel too far behind, just wait for jungler ganks or concede the lane.

Basic Fizz Guide for Season 9 post patch 9. Good Dodge Mechanics required. Sobald Cassiopeia Zhonyas holt. Just dont panic when you can't E.

She probably wont roam botlane because she is slow without boots so play with teleport and scale. Annoying damage, poison, just wait for ganks and farm when possible. Try to poke her with your q, and when is low enough, engage, but look out for her ult! Electrocute Vladimir [V9. I've never played in lane agains't Cassiopeia before. Not in, what, games? I know her kit though, so let's just say, don't get poked, you won't win the trade.

She can prevent your W from even existing, so watch out. Same with your E. Ask for ganks. As long as you consistently poke her and have an idea of where the junglers are on the map. Make sure you can rotate to your jungler quickly.

Watch out for her W ground ability as it will not let you dash around. If she hits you with Q, Q her back for the sheild. After 6 you can kill her if she misses Q, otherwise you're dead. Kassawin by Helnakensbrorsa Diamond Kassadin Player.

Really depends on the Cassiopea player. Could be on difficulty. Look to build a lead and shove the wave in and roam. She has very good waveclear early on, and if you don't harass her enough she will zone you off of csing the caster minions. I have never faced bad Cassio's and all of them space their W properly forcing me into a bad situation. Always fight in Melee range, avoid her W and bait out her ult. Ekko is actually good and under the radar busted by SmokeyEggs Ekko Player.

This is for you brendan by SmokeyEggs Kassadin Player. Her weakest range is up close between her and her pool. Stay away from minions to make her choose CS or harass. She stuns you easily if you ult towards her so ult side to side. Also try to predict where and when she ults and turn around quickly.

ZedThe Master Of Shadows by vukashin. Ready to set the world on fire by xispy Diamond Brand Player. Banshee's Veil is a nice option against her. Try to get the jungler to gank her due to her being an easy target to gank. You outscale her but until like 2 items you she'll do more in skirmishes and teamfights.

It's kind of a difficult matchup but you should be able to burst her at 6, just tread carefully against her ult. Not a bad lane. Sivir in the Mid-Lane by shuckhax Sivir Player. Go in once its on cooldown. Don't go in with W unless you can kill her as Cass can just W where you used your W. Once you are in her W, the only source of damage you can use is your chains and Q. She has constant, painful, damage if you fight her, so make sure you trade quickly.

Usually you're out of her ulti range so you can kill her without problems. Be careful though as this champ puts out insane damage that can easily kill you if you screw up. Tight Fit Fantasy Island 4. Rodney Franklin The Groove 6. Shalamar Dont You Want Me 97 (Pro-Active Mix) - Various - Serious Beats 24 (CD) Night To Remember 7.

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