10 Mixed Tunes And Blends - DJ Shame (2) - Part 6 - The Real Deal (Cassette)

Who knows what's around the corner? Would you believe i'm feeling anxious about home? It feels good to be coming back. I know alot is the same, but it's also going to be different. It's not about the place, it's about the people. But it's those memories that teach me to be in the present moment and to really appreciate the now. Because you don't get it back, life moves forward, and it changes for everyone. My crew of friends in HK are all doing new things now, the bachelor boy band has found love and the partying has come to a simmer.

My crew in Vancouver has dispersed to different areas of the world, couples are settling down, and now i've almost completely lost touch with my friends in LA. My friend and mentor Nick, has steered my focus around the philosophy of being in the present, and living mindfully in the moment.

Time away and being in different areas of the world have helped me comprehend what that means. So many things are temporary. And being sentimental is good, but it should not hold you back from moving forward.

I think that has been a huge battle for me in the past. Sometimes I think I hold onto memories a little too much. But I am definitely getting much better. Today i had lunch with Jim, who has a short layover in London before flying back to HK. What was interesting about our lunch conversation was that he misses the times of HK, and he's going back knowing that it will never be the way it was when we were all over there. But now the exciting thing for him is that there is no expectations, and he gets a clean slate.

Who knows what's around the corner. He could bump into one person that could take his life around a brand new corner. Isn't that the best way though?

I am thrilled to come home, but anxious about the flight and going thru customs. One thing that bugs me is going thru borders. It makes my stomach clench to the point of extreme nausea.

I have the united states gov't border crossing to thank for that. Ironically, walking into communist china or vietnam was a breeze in comparison to crossing into the "land of the free". I have to get organized tonite and pack it all up. After work i'm heading over to the grocery store to purchase some little bits to bring to vancouver. And then it's just clothes. I dont' think i'll bring much, i have plenty waiting for me at home. And i'll just buy new stuff if i need to.

But, I have too much back home and i don't know what i'm going to do with that. I'm all for simplifying. Today the server has been down all day at the office, which means that we have no Oracle, email or outlook. It's crippled our day sales wise, and it amazes me how much we are reliant on technology to get things done.

AT least 10 Mixed Tunes And Blends - DJ Shame (2) - Part 6 - The Real Deal (Cassette) have internet access. I just started a new book. The one i got is called The Order of the Phoenix. I'm happy that i got into it before flying. Starting a book on a flight is one of the hardest things. But i've retired the ipod for books, and now that i'm in the habit of reading to and from work, i really look forward to it.

It's hard to get up and going, kinda like exercise, and then you get addicted to the routine. This week we went to see Willy Wonka. It was wierd, kinda like Johnny Depp's impression of Michael Jackson. Slightly creepy. The movie was completely tailored for a very young audience. The brilliance of movies like Pixar's always incorporate a kids show with an intellectual level for adults too.

I kinda dosed just for a couple minutes during Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think the kid that plays Charlie is amazing though, the next child actor to win an oscar in the very near future. It's a half hour away from closing time. The windows are open and there's a nice breeze. The weather was shit this morning, and now it's clearing up. Robbie Williams came by Cipriani's again today. And i saw Chef Cipriani this morning in his kitchen clogs peering out the restaurant talking to the window washer.

I found out that Madonna owns a flat above us, and one of her assistants drives her electric blue mini cooper s and parks it just outside. Maybe one of these days i'll catch a candid glimpse of her. Ah, London Well, i'm ready for a dose of the West Coast.

July 30th, am Robbie's Rolls Royce, my first flats sold, and the countdown to canada,Tuesday was a very exciting day. By afternoon, I sold my first two flats. I had been dealing with two clients over the phone for a week, they were cousins. One was an investor, the other, not so much but wanted to get into Dubai and make some money.

Both had slightly frustrated me all week, and i was unsure if they would actually buy or not, but in the end, they decided to go for it. And i had my first sales, two in one day. I finally made it to the next process, and was able to understand the administrative end and the paper trail. I think that the current system is inefficient, but i know we'll be making some improvements along the way. We had a sales meeting this week and it went really well. I am enjoying all the people i work with, and it's nice to have some new friends.

The bombers were arrested this week in notting hill. Interesting that they've been catching them in all areas of london.

Who would've guessed they would have arrested two people outside my house even! Yesterday they arrested a man and a woman and dragged them down the street. It was really strange. I think the bombings are over now. At least from the muslim end of things. I think i want to pick up the Koran and figure out what Muslims are all about. If i'm going to their country, i should at least try and understand their religion so i don't have prejudice inside.

At the moment, i must admit that my outlook is not too positive. Yesterday, Robbie Williams drove up to the Cipriani's restaurant next to our offices. I saw his huge black Rolls Royce out front the restaurant. His driver had a really big blinging watch on, just waiting for him, chillin. I then found out that Madonna was in the neighbourhood the day before, jumping out of the car and dashing past the papparazzi as she ran into Gordon Ramsey's restarant I have yet to see these stars yet.

Oh well, just another RR on the block. They all have them here. RR or Bentley. I'd love to see Madonna rocking thru London. Today i baked some muffins and cookies for the week. I want to bring some to the office and have some around for tea time and breakfast. Carlo and i went to the driving range and hit some balls. We did a little bit of grocery shopping, and now it's reading time. We have devoted some time outs for reading, since he's feeling like he doesn't have as much time as me. I read everyday on the way to and from work.

So when he's got reading time, i can write out the week. It works out well. Tonite, i'm not sure what we'll be upto. A few people are going to Brighton for the evening, but it's a bit far, and we're both really tired. We're trying to conserve our energy for our big week ahead. It's the countdown to Canada, only 7 days left and then we're off! I'm so excited to see home.

I know not alot will have changed. That's the nice part. It's good to be home and visit and see everyone. I hope some people will be about. This week i was feeling slightly insecure about my trip. I was thinking if it would be weird to bump into old boyfriend's with Carlo beside me. But, he and i talked about that this week and we understand each other.

More than anything, i want to honor my relationship with him. I am so looking forward to going home, and so excited to show him my life there. It'll be sweet.

I have been very tired this week. 10 Mixed Tunes And Blends - DJ Shame (2) - Part 6 - The Real Deal (Cassette) from the amount i am learning all the time. Gotta keep up! What i am enjoying today- cheese and crackers : July 25th, pm One more little step Today, i got a bank account with HSBC. I'm so happy, it's pretty hard to get set up here with a bank account, there's so much fraud and money laundering that they put everyone thru the ringer.

This also makes the bank staff treat you in a very unfriendly tone. When i walked into the bank, the girl who i had to sign in with instantly assumed i was american, and then when i clarified that i was canadian, she brought out a huge long list of things i needed to have with me in order for them to help me get a bank account set up.

The reason that i never set it up earlier was because i was getting so much run 10 Mixed Tunes And Blends - DJ Shame (2) - Part 6 - The Real Deal (Cassette) with banks and no one wanted to service me. But then, with the help of Francis the Damac Accountant, he supplied me with some key numbers and sort codes for Damac, which has an account with HSBC.

This helped me alot and i was able to get my account within an hour or so. I decided to do an experiment today with the bank girl who set me up. She was an indian girl, short and very skinny. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and her name was Sobian. She was not very friendly during my first attempt meeting her. She was very aloof and wouldn't even introduce herself until i prompted her to and stuck out my hand as a gesture.

Instantly, i could tell this girl hated her job, didn't want to be there, and hated me and all foreigners who need a bank account. Stress, Hustle, Time Pressure, and then this chick starts feeding me attitude. The first instinct would be to be a bitch back. But, i slowed my voice, and spoke calmly, faintly annoyed, but controlled. I asked her exactly what i was missing, and then i went back to Damac to pick it up. Thankfully it was just down the street so i didn't have to make any lengthy journey.

Once i had all my papers, i headed back to the bank, and this time i didn't have to wait, she was free to take me right away. When i sat down, the first thing i did was smile in relief. Then i told her how i was slightly stressed because i needed to attain a bank account so that Damac could pay me. The way my checks are sent are thru an overseas transfer, as i am paid from Dubai. They denied my initial request to transfer into my canadian bank account, so i had to hustle to get this one set up.

I could tell she was still treating me like a number. Then all the lessons about compassion and kindness started to kick in. I asked her two questions: "How long have you worked here? Do you enjoy it? She also told me she liked the other branch she was transferred from better than this branch. Then she told me she was out late last nite and felt very hung over.

She then appologised for seeming a little low. She told me normally she's bubbly and had more energy that was hard for me to imagine, but okay. I realised that she was lonely, not happy to be where she worked, and obviously was reacting in an irresponsible manner by getting drunk on a work nite and being hung over the next day to escape from her shitty job. After all that, i couldn't really blame her.

I know i've been in the same boat before. There wer moments towards the end of MINI that i resented my boss, hated coming to the office, and would show up feeling tired from a late nite the nite before. So, how was i any better? Thru the application process, the girl began opening up to me, asking me more personal questions, like where i've travelled, why london, how did i get my job etc etc.

And at the end of my application, i walked away with a couple acheivements. I know she will remember me if i ever come by. And if i do, she will be nice to me again, when i really need the assistance. I also acheived the ever so hard to attain bank account. And, i walked out of that bank without resenting her, without any bitterness in my heart. Maybe it was just something little.

But for women, i think it's especially hard. Young women especially, are very hard on each other. Her customer service actually kicked in towards the end, and i could see the switch in her eyes and the way she looked at me.

I saw her differently too. She extended her hand as we both stood up, and she gestured to shake my hand as i left. We found resonance and that felt excellent. Now if i could only apply the same principles when i'm driving thru traffic. I am not nearly as forgiving. This weekend was fairly mellow. On "date nite friday", Carlo and I went to see Batman Begins. It was the BEST!!! I didn't want it to end. I was gutted when the credits came up. It was absolutely awesome, and a way better movie than the previous batmans.

Saturday we played a round of golf at The Oaks. After 2 solid weeks of incredible hot and sunny weather, the one day we decide to golf and the rainclouds moved in. Literally on the 6th tee, it started to pour. We hid under a tree to wait it out. But, luckily it didn't last too long, and there wasn't any wind so it wasn't chilly. We each parred a couple holes, and it felt good to get out the clubs again.

It's so different from going to the driving range. I love that game! Carlo and I grabbed a couple drinks at the Greyhound before heading home.

Then we made some pizza and watched Meet Joe Black. I couldn't make it to the end of the movie and passed out around midnite. Good movie though, i'd seen it before. Sunday we made bacon and egg muffins, and after some house chores we headed for Blue Water Mall. The weather was really gross and rainy, so we decided to browse the shops and get a bite to eat. Since i am flat broke till my paycheck comes, i didnt' buy a thing.

I think Asia has ruined me from the thrill of shopping. At the moment, walking in a mall does nothing for me. My favorite store there was the Discovery Channel Store. They had globes, binoculars and some other various scientific gear.

Solar powered gadgets and eco friendly toys for children. I love that stuff. Other than that, I saw some dope shoes, but like i need another pair of those! In the evening, I introduced Carlo to one of my favorite movies, Finding Neverland.

If someone feels down and needs a movie of inspiration, this would be the movie. It's beautiful, one of the nicest movies i have ever seen.

The little boy that plays Peter is now playing Charlie in Willy Wonka, and i think this kid deserves an oscar.

He is truely gifted. Harry Potter is back with a new book. Rowling made a million pounds per hour the first day of the book release. This has also been evident as on my way to work i see almost everyone reading either Harry Potter or Dan Brown. Brown is the new Black they say. Puleeez, that's so last year. Carlo is sitting on the couch next to me right now, reading the Davinci Code. He's been reading it over the past year. He tells me that he doesnt want it to end so he reads it slow.

I should read it again. I bought harry potter, but i've been hooked on non-fiction lately I find it fascinating and it consumes my thoughts. I love it. Kelsey Grammar of Frasier was being interviewed on a show i watched yesterday.

He was confessing that he is a Christian, but not in the fundamental traditional sense. After listening to him speak, i can understand where he's coming from.

I believe in God, and i believe that in my lifetime, alot of the mysteries of our spirituality will become truths for us thru science. I think this will be an age where spirituality and science meet in magnificent splendor.

And i think that new and radical ideas will begin a mainstream of thought and awareness. It's already started. But i think there will be more proof to come. I only wish i had more years in my lifetime to fully appreciate it, and to fully embrace and understand it to a higher degree.

We have finite thinking, finite brains. We can't even begin to wrap our minds around God. He will be a never ending journey, and the most fascinating and exciting one. In the candles and classical music, i lay on the couch with my laptop, sipping my detox tea and feeling very thankful.

The house smells like blueberry muffins that i've baked for tomorrow morning breakfast. I like it when the house smells like baking. Smells of baking smells like love to me. The highest and most powerful vibrations within living things are Love and Gratitude. It is my focus this year to meditate on those two things. To wake up, to love, and to be grateful. And whether it is raining or sunny, with those thoughts in mind, i can always wake up smiling.

Tonite- i am very excited to come home. July 21st, am The Second Bomb Attack on LondonI don't understand what is accomplished by blowing up a bunch of tube stations and a bus except pissing off the londoners who end up having to interrupt their work day, have to evacuate their buildings and walk to the edge of the city to catch an overground train home.

It's shit. The only positive thing i can say is that it happened on sunny days of summer. Had this been winter, the faces would be looking even more grim. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, bright blue skies, sunshine, and blooming hanging baskets along the city streets. London is so picturesque, there are areas that breath romance.

It's out of a novel. But today, after the second set of bombs, the streets became very quiet again You could hear a pin drop on some streets that would normally be bustling. I work in the heart of it all. For the first two hours after it happened, everyone stayed indoors, waiting to hear more on the radios and tv.

Then, around pm, people started to flood the streets, trying to catch any bus that would stop there were none, they were all overflowing with peopleor taxi every single one was already taken. So, i decided that the worst thing to do would be to worry. I thought, i'll eventually get home, i'm safe so far, so i'm going to take it one step at a time. We packed up at the office a couple hours early. I left at 4, there was no point in staying, and i thought it might be a horrible journey home, so i paced myself and walked thru Green Park, past Buckingham Palace, and all the way to Victoria train station.

I was remembering to walk mindfully, thinking good thoughts, and being thankful for being safe. It was only a half hour walk to the station, and then i caught a train that was hot and sweaty. The music is often upbeat and celebratory. The last song from the album Media Luna, which was also released as a single, features a duet of Syrian and Spanish singers Abed Azrei and Ana Torroja. The duo collaborated with Joe Zawinul on the song Deep Weather during the recording of the album. Also Jorge Reyes late Mexican musiciancollaborated in this album with percussion, vocals and the flute.

Although all the songs featured in the show are from the previous three albums, they have new often-longer arrangements and all the chants are performed and reinterpreted by live performers.

The album, entitled Pacifique, is a return to a more ambient and melancholy sound, with piano themes riding above moody synth textures, Pacific Island chants, scratchy synth-leads and electronic drumming. Music Detected was the title of their fifth much-anticipated official Deep Forest album which saw the duo turn its attention to the Far East and the Orient for inspiration.

It also signalled a change in musical style for Deep Forest, from dance to a more rock-influence. In the duo composed a soundtrack for the Japanese film Kusa No Ran. In Eric Mouquet collaborated with Josh Groban, he composed and produced 2 songs on the album Closer. Sanchez has two solo albums out and produced Wes' successful debut album; while Mouquet created the group Dao Dezi, collaborated with Catherine Lara and arranged Thorgal, he composed and produced songs for Ana Torroja MecanoJean Sebastien Lavoie, and composed and produced songs for Josh Groban.

Inwhile Michel Sanchez decided to run his own career as a singer, Eric Mouquet decided to continue to compose and to keep Deep Forest alive. All these albums are grouped under the generic name of Deep Projects.

Posted by Rho at Sunday, March 25, No comments:. Mar 23, RhoDeo Grooves. Hello, Friday night coming up, time to chill from that working week and shake loosen those rusty limbs from chairduty, a nice big spliff to free that mind and have that ass follow.

He was involved in quite a bit at the time of this one and the time represented a pivotal juncture in musical paths and careers. Several genres were on the verge of taking off; from underground to electronic to nu-bossa and break-beats, Patrick was in the middle of it all - and then some. Also spinning with Gilles Peterson and the radio shows, to various other projects that existed and would soon exist like Batu and Da Lata, these were truly exciting times.

And meshing with a general musical sentiment, you had this series in a time when acid-jazz and music from all over the world was kind of coming together. The rebirth of cool collection is a series of albums that include music that is not easily defined in one musical category.

If you are interested in music that isn't easily categorized pick up the rebirth of cool collection. The Rebirth of Cool series will round out any acid jazz collection nicely.

If you like gettin' into a groove, than this is for you. An excellent grab. Posted by Rho at Friday, March 23, 2 comments:. Mar 22, RhoDeo Goldy Rhox Hello, today the 64th post of GoldyRhox, classic pop rock.

As a multi-instrumentalist, he plays the electric organ, synthesizers, bass, drums, guitar, mandolin, violin and other strings. A star performer for nearly fifty years, he has also done notable work as a producer. He has won numerous Grammy Awards in the United States.

At the age of 14 he joined the Spencer Davis Group, along with his older brother Muff, who later had success as a record producer. At the end of the group had their first number one single with "Keep On Running" and the money from this success allowed Winwood to buy his own Hammond B-3 organ. Weariness with the grind of touring and recording prompted him to leave Traffic and retire to sessioning for some years.

Under pressure from Island Records, he resurfaced with his self-titled first solo album in Both albums were recorded at his home in Gloucestershire with Winwood playing all instruments. Posted by Rho at Thursday, March 22, No comments:. Mar 21, RhoDeo Aetix.

Which band am I talking about, well Felt and in two posts I will honour their existance xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx The first Felt single, "Index," was produced by Hayward alone in his bedroom on a portable cassette player; released inits primitive, impressionistic sound stood in stark contrast to the sleek solemnity of the new wave as did Hayward's much-discussed "new puritan" stance, a rejection of alcohol, smoking and drugsand as a result the record became the subject of lavish critical praise, leading to a contract with the Cherry Red label.

Hayward then set about assembling a band, although Felt was clearly his project and his alone; in fact, his control was so absolute that according to legend, original drummer Tony Race was fired primarily because he had curly hair. After a series of roster shuffles, a steady group including guitarist Maurice Deebank and drummer Gary Ainge began to take shape. The first string of releases through Cherry Red Records featured soundscapes dominated by the playing of classically trained guitarist Maurice Deebank and audible influences by Television and the Velvet Underground.

For some reason despite critical acclaim and a 1 indie single 'Primitive Painters' they never made it big but even were denied major support from Wea Records through Blanco Y Negro. While the album received little notice commercially, it received high marks from the independent music press.

Despite the critical success, the band underwent personnel changes. The Splendour Of Four sound is mellow, melodic, understated, lovely. Deebank, like Gilbert, did not like to be directed by Hayward. Their relationship as Felt group members had always been difficult because of their musical differences. Deebank decided to produce the solo effort to allow an outlet for some of the music he was forced to hold back while with Felt Ignite the Seven Cannons was the follow-up LP to "Primitive Painters.

Afterwards, Deebank left the group, but Hayward found another skilled musician to replace him. Martin Duffy had filled in on keyboards for the album and joined Felt full time in While Felt played a few shows in support of Ignite the Seven Cannons, Cherry Red was busy releasing a compilation album. Duffy's organ added a '60s sound that worked well with Hayward's songs. The album was released in fall 86 on the Creation label.

Hayward had to move to Mike Always' El label because Creation was not able to release the album before Hayward's self-imposed deadline of ten years, ten albums. There is a stripped-down psychedelic feel to certain tracks, with drums pounding out a tribalistic, rolling beat beneath Deebank's complex guitar runs and Hayward's obtuse vocals.

Later in their career, particularly on 's The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories, Felt would finally curb all that minimalist atmosphere into three-minute pop gems while maintaining their skewed, unconventional palette ; here, however, the pieces are in place but the overall vision is still rudimentary.

Posted by Rho at Wednesday, March 21, 4 comments:. Mar 20, RhoDeo Roots. You'll need these Posted by Rho at Tuesday, March 20, 3 comments:. Sorry about that but I couldn't find the rest. C louds Of Smoke:. Top Quality - Magnum Opus.

Mike Zoot - Live and Stink. Edgar Hoover. Supernatural - Buddah Blessed It. Rubbabandz - Purple Rain. Finsta Bundy - Feel The High. Diamond D - Never ft. P reviews:. Download Compilation Here. Download Instrumental Supplemental Here. Back-Up Compilation Link Here. Don't sleep on the links. There's some bonus downloads, videos[besides the 2 above], information, and overlooked posts. Labels: best of vlslord diggaroyal flushself scientificsupernaturalvarious artistsvergevideo. This volume contains Guru guest appearances from between the years of and Ini Kamoze - Who Goes There 3.

Buckshot Lefonque - Black Monday 4. Afu Ra - Trilogy Of Terror 8. Everlast - Guru 9. Group Home - The Legacy Group Home - Be Like That AG - Weed Scented Choclair - Bear Witness Masta Ace - Conflict Masta Ace - Conflict Remix Masta Ace - Conflict Illmind Remix D-Flame - Universal Gang Starr Month is still in effect, and this week will be densely packed with Gang Starr related posts.

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So, without further adieu, I'd like to direct the readers to these purveyors of that ol' blog bap:. Thanks, duns, and we got your back when you return. Cocaine Blunts - One of the most respected music blogs, period, and also among the most thought provoking.

I rarely agree with Noz on contemporary music taste, but I fully support his notion that blogging should be about new ideasfirst and foremost. OhWord - My first home as a blogger.

Rafi, if you're reading this, bring it back in full force. Grandgood - If it wasn't for Ming-Tzu and co. I'd be even more clueless about contemporary rap than I am. Wake Your Daughter Up - One of the first blogs out there to place a significant emphasis on throwback material 10 Mixed Tunes And Blends - DJ Shame (2) - Part 6 - The Real Deal (Cassette) do it well.

Props to all. Labels: announcementthun. Original Flavor. Jimi Hendrix: Godfather. Touring The States: Chicago, Il. New Jersey Underground Part 5 Who Flipped It Better?

Gang Starr vs Kwame. My first summer in Chicago and one of the first things I purchased. The guy at the record shop The Beat Parlor wouldn't let me leave the store without buying it. It came packaged in a jewel case, no cover, no notes, no nothing but shrink wrap. While this cd is full of great freestyles, some of my favorites are the Mad Lion one and the beginning of the Channel Live track tracks 25 and Scan of cd included.

And yes, that is blue paint over Doo Wop's contact number. It actually came like that. And since it is Gang Starr monththere is a nice Guru freestyle in there. So I always give it my all. No matter what. Tomorrow is promised to no- one. He seems to trigger a very spiritual and emotional response in people.

I have seen it, felt it and know it to be true. I believe that he is a conduit, through which the divine passes when he performs. A middle-man of sorts. I think he is looking for the source of that power, and that is what compels him to keep going. Either that, or he just loves being on the road. My Delta Airways flight is leaving shortly. I have seen some amazing performances by an extremely charismatic and talented performer but more than that, I have made good friends with Lee and Jackie.

Sit down with him to discuss music, and Post will soon sweep you off to a distant place, far from Port Angeles, far from his home town of San Diego.

Southern California never felt much like home, Post says. The son of a Castilian Spanish mother and a Cherokee father, he is a troubadour in the truest sense. He's a traveler who finds refuge in rhythm and melody. Growing up, though, Post played sports, not music.

Then he heard Bob Dylan. Some said that young man from Hibbing, Minn. And Post didn't see himself ever becoming a singer, especially not one who performed in public. He did want to write songs full of passion, though, like Dylan's: songs as journals of the heart. As a young man, Post was a construction laborer, working long days in the San Diego County heat. He figured this would be it for him. But then, he remembers, the muse came to visit. That's all. No guitar lessons. No desire to sing cover songs in a fern bar.

Just a thunderbolt, essentially, that struck one day. Post has been on the road since, unleashing his own brand of lightning. Music By Any Name Some call it soul, or blues. Maybe some country. Which is what this singer does, whether in a honky-tonk joint in Georgia or Wine on the Waterfront in Port Angeles. The latter is luscious, adds Post. The delicious acoustics, the warm colors inside the wine bar: they create an ideal environment for the up-close-and-personal music Post pours out.

Post has a fistful of albums available via his website www. He's not inclined to sign any record company contracts, since that could mean marketers telling him what and how to sing. No Cover Songs And though Post pulls some powerful inspiration from singer-songwriters like Morrison and Henley, he has never played a cover song. Post, naturally, never lacks inspiration.

He sings songs that come from the life stories he hears from people he's met all over the country, from Port Angeles to Santa Fe, N. The Posts also lived in Sequim from late to summer Jackie's line of work, medical transcription, allows her to be as mobile as her man. He and Jackie love going on the road together. But then they decided to return to the North Olympic Peninsula, to get away from the distractions of a big city.

The title isn't autobiographical, but "everybody seems to agree: 'Wreckage of Love' could be 'the story of their life'" as well, Post says. It could be a couple of years later that he composes the musical tale.

I just hope it comes out honest. Though Post doesn't call himself a religious man, he says he feels closest to God when he is making music. Breaking In Songs Jackie goes to every gig, and though she is shy by nature, she's grown used to talking with her husband's fans. She takes care of CD sales at his performances, though sometimes she can't fulfill requests for particular songs. I first met him in San Diego at the Acoustic Alliance XI where he performed with 11 other performers in a round robin rotation.

Four players would go up on stage at once and each take turns singing three songs each. Each rotation of performers increased the experience and level of talent so when Lee went up with the last batch he was in good company. Sitting last, he sat quietly as the other three performers each did one song each. The crowd of was all milling about between the music; the bar and the back of the room where the artists merchandise tables were set up.

When Lee started his first of three songs, the whole room stopped, turned and listened. His voice was masked by his kind and quiet demeanor but only until he sang. And that is Lee Tyler Post. An amazing performer and king and gentle soul who is on a journey many of us wish we could experience. So when Lee contacted me out of the blue saying he was passing through D.

By the time he arrived in D. Acoustic Underground DCAU up and running so I took the opportunity to steal a performance with him and decided to open up his show myself. What happened next was really amazing and a true testimony to Lee's music. His wife, Jackie, was setting up his CDs for sale when he was starting his first song and by the time he finished his first song, she had sold three of them.

Looking at her I knew she was used to it. That night, Lee sold 14 CDs to people who had never heard of him before that performance. She told him she was changed and reinvigorated after hearing him. Another regular told me just recently she emailed him a thank you for recommending a movie and everyone wants to know when he's coming back. I am wondering too. Lee's music is a powerful blend of soul and heart delivered in haunting melodies on an incredible voice.

The lyrics hold your attention as you wait to see where he is taking you. Every song is different. Some have happy endings and some sad and you feel all of it. Recently I got a short email from Lee asking how I was doing. Sitting here, typing this and listening to one of your six records, I can tell you Lee; I'm doing just fine.

Thank you brother. Acoustic Underground. Yet, his grassroots approach to making music and his relatable lyrics are what keeps listeners a part of his down-to-earth sounds. His fifth full-length album, Emancipate was written, engineered, mixed and produced by Post in at Miracle Something Studios on Winidian Records.

Post and fellow band mates constructed a powerful contrast throughout Emancipate by combining a rhythmic acoustic style with twangy electric guitar. Likewise, he never strays far from his own grassroots—the album was recorded on an analog machine using two-inch tape—while he draws from poetic and musical influences such as T. Net - By Belinda Humphries It's rare you'll find that I venture too far away from featuring 'true blues artists' in this column, then again, I keep finding this connection and reawakening among the music of our pop culture that ties back into root music and that's exactly what we have for this month's Upstate Blues Report featuring Lee Tyler Post.

Lee told me he can still recall the day he personally and emotionally felt moved as he was driving to his blue collar job 18 years ago, listening to the radio when he heard Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door".

He said to himself 'that's the most brilliant artist I've ever heard"…It was an awakening. He knew at that exact moment he had to buy a guitar and forevermore sing, write and play from the heart, as if he had found his purpose in life at the early age of 22, no matter how good or not he was…and yes, the universe smiled upon him and said 'you're good, do it'.

And so he has, traveling from town to town ever since, like a gypsy troubadour daring to pull in strangers, word by word and note by note. And somehow, the bills get paid and life is good, those fantasy existents we all like to dream about but are often scared to pursue.

That's why I must feature Lee this month, as not only a musical genius but an inspiration to everyone reading this article, going through 10 Mixed Tunes And Blends - DJ Shame (2) - Part 6 - The Real Deal (Cassette) on a path you think you have to be on versus one that you dream about and wish you could be on. But there's more to the story, oh yeah, I dug a little deeper…because I am always curious who and what influenced music in all of us, from our very earliest childhood memory.

Was it your what your parents listened to or allowed you to listen to, was it your church or choir music, what your older or younger siblings were into, your school friends, musicals at your school plays or your first theater experience, your first vinyl, 8-track, cassette or CD? So allow me to introduce you to Lee Tyler Post. And make a note: you heard it here first at Industry Mag because this guy is THE next big thing, the real deal as the talent scouts like to say.

Ok, I'm sorry to gush on here, but I must! How did I find Lee Tyler Post? Well, while he's a "SC" artist, he's not from 'here'. And yes, I found him on the notorious myspace where there are some incredible musicians and Indie labels just waiting to be discovered. But ironically when I hit him up on myspace, I had no idea of his plans to move to Asheville. Divine intervention? Because, guys, really, you gotta trust me on this and check him out either on myspace and at a live show. And now that he's officially relocated to Asheville, he'll be more local-club accessible and will be entering the Greenville music scene, especially if I have anything to do with it…… Let's just say I go to bed every night with Marvin Gaye ok, ok, ok: 'listening to', not 'with' ; and now I am sharing this musical night with Lee his wife Jackie completely understands!

Lee's music has the ability to intimately connect on a one-on-one personal level in each of his songs…where the listener almost feels guilty, like they're eavesdropping on extremely private moments…whether you want to rock, to just 'feel', to cry, or to allow a stranger to express that which you feel but can't express-- listen to Lee's music.

I challenge you to feel, really feel. His lyrics convey stories of everyday people and especially heart-wrenching ballads that are guaranteed to hit a personal note. He calls it "Rock N Soul.

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