Various - Bits & Pieces II (Vinyl)

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I've picked up a few Rot In Hell odds and ends recently, spread across a number of analogue formats so thought I'd throw them altogether here. First up, I grabbed a red copy of the split with Vegas or VVegas if you are kvltcompleting the set on that one. Excluding a test press, although I do have my eye on one of them. This red one is out of A more detailed look at the innards of this record can be found here. Monday, 3 December Natural Order 7".

Carver's vocal style is markedly different than Deal With It, sounding like a rabid beast. Honestly, this is one not to miss if you like things on the heavier, nastier side.

Pressed on a ridiculously thick, heavyweight vinyl, this colour is limited to and looks like a punched eyeball. So yeah, I was going to henceforth blog about the un-blogged in the order that they are leaning against the wall.

Chamfer Router Bits. Solid Pilot. Ball-End Router Bits. Ball Cut Style. V-Groove Router Bits. V-Groove Cut Style. DeWalt Bevelers. Router Bits. Router Bit. Style Voltage Capacity, amp-hrs. Each Lithium Ion Li-Ion. ID Guards. ID Guard. For Pipe Size Range Each 2 and up Beveler Adapters. Beveler Adapter. Wood-Cutting Router Bits. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Pedestal 35" Ht. Flush Trimming. Corner Rounding. V- Groove. Hard Plastic. Soft Plastic. Plastic Laminate. Plastic Composites. CNC Machine. Hand Router. Router Table. High- Speed Steel. Of course, using the screen tap on the OT shifts the current draw for the screens from B. This may also explain the volume drop. Alternative Power Supply The PDF below includes an alternative power supply which uses off-the-shelf Hammond transformers in place of my own "scrounged" inductors.

It utilizes a tube rectifier instead of the SS bridge--which is why the higher voltage V PT works. I haven't built it, so a little experimentation is called for External Cab I've been using the amp a lot lately with a 2x12 cab. It's definitely bassier and louder, too. I still switch to the internal speaker when I want to drive the amp to the edge of instability feedback, etc. Sept, I continue to refine the amp. It's been several months since the initial build, and it's still going strong.

Any concerns I had-- for instance the power tube cathode bias being too "hot"-- are gone It's there to prevent too much current from frying the screen. It's added only in series with the tap, not with the main screen supply. The main supply already has the current dropping resistors in the power supply. If anything, it's addition has brightened and added gain to that option of the screen supply there are two options available.

It just didn't make a large difference. That would make a noticeable difference. Maybe start with two 10uF, and switch in another pair of 30uF caps I've been experimenting with two cabs. It's pretty freaking amazing how loud this amp is with a 2x12 cab. I literally can't hear myself shouting Of the two cabs, the Eminence speakers have a harder, more aggressive sound. Which you would expect.

It's hard to describe--but a very full, vintage sound that loves single-coil pickups Late Sept. In theory, this should add some compression to the amp. NFB will also extend the frequency response of the amp. NOTE: Just so we're clear: Negative Feedback results in less of the high frequency feedback squeal usually associated with guitar amps that's "positive feedback. So I tried it on the second preamp stage. I really like it! Of course, a NFB negative feedback loop will subtract a bit of gain from the amp--hence it's "optional" nature.

For a bit of a twist, I ran the feedback signal back through the tone stack. Note that the "presence" control still works with the NFB, but has less effect on the sound. Any value from K to K will probably yield results Rule-of-thumb: the lower the resistance in the loop, the more feedback and the more signal loss.

So lower values likeK will have more effect on the tone, but make the amp quieter and less overdriven. Switched in, the sound is definitely sweet and lush. Switched out, the punchy, raw sound returns. The cab back photo shows the switch, along side the screen supply switch. The switch has now been reassigned for different uses--twice. The price of tube amps is just ridiculous these days Reply 4 months ago.

Good idea. Me too. Given an as new condition Tweed 57 Fender Twin went for 25, US last month Various - Bits & Pieces II (Vinyl) is in my opinion the best amp ever made, if you do it yourself you can get one at a quite reasonable price. Fixing it is like changing a car tire. I have a gjibson ga 30rvt guitar amp cabinet and speakers. Can I put a gibson ga 45rvt in it with those speakers? Impedance must equal the speakers resistance and the speakers wattage should be more than the amps x 2 at least and depends if they are in parallel or sequence.

Just played for 50 odd years and picked up bits and pieces. Reply 5 years ago. Tip 3 years ago on Step 4. I bought one of those Blackheart amps a couple of years ago. The resistors you use in the preamp stage will make a difference between an amp that is quiet until you crank it up and an amp that almost no hiss no matter how loud you crank it.

Out of the box the BH is quiet but not quiet enough for recording. Replacing a couple of the carbon resistors in the preamp stage the earlier the better made that amp a studio engineer's dream. Just dead quiet at recording level volume. Dave, I do have a degree in electrical engineering. Amplifier design is something we learn. Solid-state or tube, it doesn't matter. The quality starts in the preamp.

I'm inspired. I'm going to build one of these. There's a guy in Atlanta that is doing pretty good building high-end boutique amps. I figure the market can handle one more local. Listen to this guy he is right on the money. Its all in the preamp. Even fiddling around with the 12AX7 varieties can make a pig a dream box. Glassy instead of bell like. Question 2 years ago. HiI am just starting out. I want to build a small simple cheap tube amp. What is the best way to start to understand how to build?

Answer 4 months ago. Then you get the the skill to build a 5e8a 57 twin the best amp ever made or AB 65 Blackface Twin reverb arguably a bit better but little in it as all those amps are masterpieces. Fender was a genius; never liked many British amps as much. My 67 50 watt Marshall quad was pretty good, but that Chimey clean sound of a Fender right on the edge of the break is the best sound bar none.

Fender should never of changed them nor stopped making them, but then I think the day we got off the horse we lost our souls and what politicians often call progress I often call psychopathic insanity of greedy imbeciles that love money more than people.

Great blues box, and would probably be ok for jazz with a bit more headroom but for the buzz from mains hum and single pole array. But getting to what you said about death and a Various - Bits & Pieces II (Vinyl), a double probably could easily kill you if you attach a probe or pin to by pass the skin at it redirects the current of less powerful charges and did it close to the heart.

A 9volt for sure with only a little tinkering. On the whole though the amp sounds great. The days of playing amps of watts with rows of EL84s like a platoon driving a Celestion quad are over thankfully.

That much grunt is seldom required and did a lot of damage the truth be known. Heisenbergs theory and Remote Electrons just the start. The entire fabric of the space time continuum is electric; we are electric the mass implied. Question 5 months ago. Hello, I just wanted to ask how to go about creating a tube amp with w power output. I'm new to this but I see diy build kits for amps ranging from 5w to 20w but nothing around what I'm looking to build.

So how would I got about it. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank You. Do you think the principle of parallel tubes couls be used in a stereo amp with 2 6GD6GT per channel or it would not be hi-fi enough? Hi, I read the section preamp supply B2step 6, and you are talking about Ohms and 1K resistors, but on the general diagram we see K plate resistor stage 1 and K on stage 2.

Are there the new values or I am not looking at the right place? Thanks you, that's a lot of work you did! Reply 4 years ago. Those values replacing ohms with 1K are in the power supply itself, which is chained to get different voltages. Look at the PS schematic rather than the preamp. Hi there! I finished the gibsonette project yesterday. Although it sounds good, it has really low volume.

It outputs the same with only one of the 6v6's connected I think the tubes are ok, even tried replacing the 12ax7 with a spare one but to no avail.

I tried each 6v6 alone and they seem to be Various - Bits & Pieces II (Vinyl) ok Various - Bits & Pieces II (Vinyl) well. Really don't understand why the two 6v6's in paralell arent outputing more I can't find any mistakes in the circuit. As you can see, the coupling cap in the second preamp stage is missing. I plugged one in and voila!

Thanks for the inspiration and motivation for this project. I'll post some pics Various - Bits & Pieces II (Vinyl) soon as I can.

Look online for the Gibsonette schematic. The later versions were parallel single ended like this, but with 6v6's. But a 6v6 push-pull topology might be worth exploring, if it's a two tube 6V6 output amp is you want like the classic Fender Deluxe.

It would be louder, and the output transformer would be even easier to source. Introduction: Guitar Tube Amp. By gmoon Redplate City Follow. More by the author:. About: Go sit in the Faraday cage and think about what you've done More About gmoon ».

Want to build your own tube amplifier for guitar? There are many options: build a kit, build from an existing schematic, or branch off like I did, and try something different. Maybe, like me, you'll design and build from scratch Check out the last steps -- information's been added since this guide was first published. Among the goals for this build: --Build an amp with that MMM-good tube sound A whole lot of tweaking later, I've got an amp that pleases me. Oh, and this is a fairly hi-gain amp--i.

However, hi-gain and high volume are not the same It remains a studio type amp, but it is louder than all those Valve Jrs. Availability If we still wanted 50L6 tubes, they are fairly plentiful--lots of radios used these tubes.

Same with 12AX7' s, they're still being manufactured today and are plentiful although not cheap. I already had three for my Ampeg But choosing the 6DG6GT for a power tube was truly a pleasant surprise. The tube was standard in many TV sets, and they're cheap and easy to find. And availability is always a concern. No point in building an amp if you can't buy any replacement tubes. Heater Voltage and Current Requirements The big concern with all 50L6 variants is the large amount of current required for the tube filaments.

I've tried to fix it the best I can But if the 6DG6GT is to have the same electrical characteristics as the 50L6, the heaters must perform in a nearly identical fashion. But 2. Attachments 12AX7. Attachments Winding Toroids. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote. I need a hobby anyway. Don't quite get your question? Are you referring to the 8 in. Weber speakers I'm using here?

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