Valley Style - T-Ski Valley - Valley Style (Vinyl)

But this song no doubt made the Bilingual party people in the place at NYC Hip Hop underground parties very happy, and they were doing their thing on the rap tip, this is not a novelty record at least in my opinion it was actually played by some of Hip Hops very early DJ's as a party sure-shot. Its popularity?? Other noteable releases,a nd I will get these out very soon to you guys. This particular song may sound very familiar regarding its title.

Enjoy this Valley Style - T-Ski Valley - Valley Style (Vinyl) rare gem. Below a pic of the 12" single and the album cover from which this song comes from. I really dig the Disco Rap era from maybe early I am going to swerve to the right with this one, a very very obscure, hard to find, little known gem. I thought this was real unique, its got the classic Disco Rap feel to it and spreads the word of God in rapping poetic fashion.

I heard this record was later remixed and released as "The Gospel Beat". Sounds Of NYC. I feel like being real generous this Valley Style - T-Ski Valley - Valley Style (Vinyl), so I hopped on my laptop this am, while across seas,and said "let me see what I can give away" this has always been one of my early Hip Hop fav's. You have to remember in the very early days of rap music from Valley Style - T-Ski Valley - Valley Style (Vinyl) 82 there were no use of sampling and drum machines yet so the early producers and labels had in Valley Style - T-Ski Valley - Valley Style (Vinyl) bands to "interpolate" music in other words cover or borrow from tunes that were popular and put a Hip Hop twist on, not to say no one was creating their own original accompaniment.

Well I have for you something from my archives, a female answer back version from The same year of Two MC's rocking their own version of rappers delight, peep the lyrics, super dope disco rap, with a sprinkle of toasting flava. This is Hip hop Yall. I do not own the actual vinyl.

I found this online many years ago and forgot all about it, never played it at a party or anything, just grabbed it up for the culture. And now its in your hands Who says DJ's cant share. Absorb and enjoy!! Hey friends, I know its been quite a while since my last entry, I really ought to get the hang of staying up on this blog thing, Valley Style - T-Ski Valley - Valley Style (Vinyl) with so much travel, teaching Breakin' classes and DJ'ing it gets a little rough sometimes.

Ok lets get right to it. I tried to find the very best quality version I could, as I do not own this on vinyl and its a tough song to come across if you do not have it on wax already. A real deal mixtape, and I've preserved it all these years. For 25 plus years to be exact. It has been a long time coming, Visage, was one of the new wave groups from the 80's who happened to cross over to the electro Hip Hop world with this one.

I don't know about you, but I save the dance and main mix for the my 80's rock sets, and then I whip this jam out when I want to Valley Style - T-Ski Valley - Valley Style (Vinyl) some super rare electro at a hip hop jam Whats up everybody, I know it has been quite some time since I have put out anything new on Old school Archives.

A year in fact from my last. New wave was a genre of music that has its root in the punk rock era of sound from the mid to late 's and it is also a precurser to alternative, post punk or modern day rock. Ready for Shipment 24 Hours. Free Return Label within Germany. Join for exclusive deals and news on our product range! We will not pass on your data to third parties. You may unsubscribe from the HHV newsletter at any time.

HHV Records at:. Go to Item. Just trying to help. Wnex Accidentally bought the digital version from her Bandcamp, by the time I realized and went back to buy the 7" it was sold out :. Vutaur As mentioned earlier in this thread, get one from Boomkat. They're still for sale on pre-order. Bumand Still available at Boomkat to pre-order.

Nirn Little Axe has them up for sale on their web site. Limit one per costumer. E-mail owner directly. I have had success in the past. Once orders are full, he may contact you. Worth a shot. Qulcelat I just ordered one from Boomkat. The British Pound has dropped in weight. Dawncrusher Try Boomkat folks! They seem to have a pre-order for the 7". Winn Copies will show up on Little Axe eventually and will probably be available via Mississippi Recs.

Slowly writer I missed it too :- I guess I will have to pay a lot to get it Great songs! Mayno Yup, I missed out too.

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