Three Dimensions (Video Version) - Something For Kate - A Diversion (DVD)

Vickers out of the country. Kyle learns that Lynn Blake, a old flame, has been given Delly loam' old job, she tells him she has a plan to find faceless. Due to Kyle subversive press coverage, Doran is driven to the edge by ASH Authorised Systematic Harassmenta new PCD programme designed to intimidate its targets through an endless onslaght of official forms.

Home secretary Smith announces that the PCD will be investigated to prevent the masses from rebelling.

Best friends Hart and Robby look forward to graduation until Hart discovers his doctoral status is in jeopardy when he is reassigned to an elite team of ecological technicians EcoTechs due to a genetic flaw. Welcome to the year Common Era CE. Bright with possibility, it is a vibrant new world of employment, clean air and a revitalized emphasis on leisure and recreation.

The 'good life' is available to all. What more could one want? Well, maybe to live longer. The result is a world where youth rule - as med school grads at 16, elders at 22, the driving age is 12! This brave new world has been reclaimed under the name Nexes, a corporation formed by governments, business and the scientific community.

With no apparent escape from the deadly virus, Nexes' young medical team are committed to finding a cure Now, mysteriously reclassified as an Eco-Tech by Maxine Rich Elyse Levesque, Incredible Story Studio, MythQuesthead of Nexes security, his quest for answers leads him into uncharted terrain where hidden conspiracies abound and where the truth, when uncovered, is almost inconceivable.

When Hart learns that his genetic makeup will predispose him to the deadly virus, he is determined to discover the cause of the disease and uncover the true intentions behind Nexes' Orwellian regime. Ultimately, the rebel trio find themselves in a race against time - and a race to save their own lives. In Season With Hart left in a strange condition at the end of season 1, season 2 of CE promises more action-packed adventure with the introduction of several new characters, including Zeus, a leather-clad rogue agent with a dark past who joins Rome, Jakki, and Robby in their fight against Dr.

Rich as they attempt to unravel the mystery of Hart's strange condition and rescue him from Nexes' devious plans. Throuout the second season, the group of teen anti-heroes will join forces with the Storm in their attempt to topple the Nexes empire, while the genetically perfect decide to wage their own war against the normals in a bid for supremacy This series is basically about a semi-post-apocalyptic world in which no one lives beyond the age of thirty.

There is a cliched ongoing conflict between normal people and superhumans which in this series are called 'tubers'. The writing is bad, un-original and reeks of amateurism. And the acting is some of the most disgusting, pathetic, disgraceful acting I've ever seen.

The actors are all teenagers, which is almost always a huge mistake to do in a movie or series that is serious in nature, and they were probably all probably from the same school near the filming location. I can't see anyone enjoying this series unless they are a little kid or some kind of idiot.

During the theme. Humanity itself appeared to be doomed. Science, industry and government united and Nexes was born. A new world. Where no one lives past the age of Dennis Foon. These are the stories of abductees after they are returned to Earth. People dealing with traumatic changes, driven by the mystery of what happened and why.

Some of them have been affected in mysterious ways, and some will have certain abilities, both good and bad. The pilot has a ball of light sailing towards Earth. But rather than the expected catastrophic event, thousands of returned abductees are left with no memory of their otherworldly experiences. Each has been gone anywhere from a few months to several decades but hasn't aged a day. This is an extremely ambitious but well-written and well-acted sci-fi story. The key is that it is not just about weird goings-on but rather, what people might do under weird circumstances.

The answers are touching and thought-provoking. There are drawbacks and potential drawbacks. The show is not over yet; we don't know what it will look like when it is over, but so far, very good. I wish they had a larger budget so they did not have to skimp on special effects.

But then, like early X-Files episodes--which this most closely resembles, the show relies more on the viewers imagination than on special effects. The is a very interesting story that I have not seen before.

What happens after a person has been abducted by ETs and returns a number of years later. They find their loved ones dead. The neighborhoods they knew are gone. Their family had assumed they're dead and moved on. What would the readjustment be like? That is the story of this very fascinating miniseries is about.

I will be sure to watch the rest of this series to see what happens. I'm sure some people will learn how to cope and some will not. But is there something more sinister going on? The is the cure for the summer boredom. I wish the networks would stop putting on one idiotic reality show after another and have shows that are at least have some ambition to them.

Why does junk like The Simple Life and Fear Factor stay on the air and shows with ambition are banished to cable. That's where the viewers should go. Watch this show. Unlike some of the others here, I found this to be a pretty good sci-fi TV movie, and I'm looking forward to future installments. Of course, I don't set high expectations for TV movies, so there's lots of room to please me.

Those who don't like the Star Trek franchise may not find this as enjoyable as I do. And anyone who is looking for creepy crawlies or little gray people will be disappointed. It's clear that while the paranormal plays a key role in the lives of the characters not to mention the key mystery of where they went, why they're back now and in this particular number, and largely staying close to Seattle, with only a few returning to their original homesit's the characters and their relationships with others that take center stage.

Especially when those left behind went on with their lives, leaving the to try to pick up pieces of lives that, to them, were firmly established "just yesterday" before losing the time. To find a place in this new world is bound to be very frightening. Those who have compared this to the non-mythological X-Files eppys always my favorites have made, IMO, an apt comparison. Which is ironic, considering the role abduction played in the "Mulder myth" story lines.

Now let's hope they don't dodge off into Klingon-type mythology in future eppys. When a physics professor Timothy Hutton obtains a police file that seems to chronicle his death in five days, he initially assumes it is a hoax perpetrated by one of his students. However, as other events start to unfold that show up in the papers in the folder, he Three Dimensions (Video Version) - Something For Kate - A Diversion (DVD) that this might be real and he has to find a way to change the future before it occurs.

Everyone around him becomes a suspect, including his girl friend Kari Matchett with a shady past. Randy Quaid is the detective, who initially dismisses the "crime victim" as a quack, but then becomes convinced of the reality of the events.

The attempt to change the future is also hampered by a student who is convinced that the professor could destroy everything if he interferes with time. Contains violence. Timothy hutton plays physics professor JT Neumeyer who while visiting his wife's grave discovers a thin silver brief case.

He opens it and discovers a group of files showing pictures of his death and newspapers clippings. First declaring this as a practical joke, the events in the files play out slowly and now convinced that he'll die in five days, tries to find a way to prevent himself from dying and must change his destiny. The concept is great despite being a bit derivative, and there's plenty of room for tension, suspense, and great bits on philosophy, but the screenwriters miss their chances.

The cast is comprised mostly of second rate actors with the exception of Hutton who tries his best at the lead role but ultimately fails towards the end of the film as he manages to go way over the top with his emotional scenes. There's also Randy quaid who is quite bland and one-dimensional, and Angus McFayden who is the worst of the characters as the over the top mob boss Roy Bremmer.

Watch for his really bad scenes as he attempts to inflict depth into his character but comes off as laughable. Meanwhile the story has the ability to inject tension and sense of immediacy but all of it is loss in the bogged down story.

Rambling and droning at some points it's difficult to understand why this couldn't have been a two hour film instead of a four parter. There's also plenty of room for philosophy and the concept of destiny and fate towards death, but there's nothing here as the story is mostly comprised of uneventful occurances, slim character development, and so much dialogue.

While the film is engrossing at the beginning, it's ultimately lost halfway through as the plot is segued into the benign plot featuring McFayden which takes away from the actual reason why we're watching. But, unfortunately it was all just hype.

I was expecting that Neumeyer's daughter would accidentally shoot him causing his death, and that we never got to see who sent the briefcase, but it's all pretty much explained in the end and nothing of the sort happens. I wanted an ironic, witty, and shocking ending beneath the muddled plot and droning dialogue, but alas we're not given anything but an obligatory and rather disappointing happy ending. Decent performances, a great concept but falls apart halfway through becoming routine and cliche.

The writers never give this story and concept a chance to spread its wings and just keep it down to mediocre level. Nordstrom as John Nordstrom. Five Days to Midnight is really, really good. It really is. But it is seriously flawed. The basic story is widowed college professor finds briefcase from the future containing police file of his murder five days hence. Overall it is well done. Superb direction, photography, acting with the exception of the way over the top performance of Angus Macfayden as a mobster.

The problems I had are several. Still overall I liked it and it is nice to see the Sci-Fi Channel actually using imagination and originality, not their strong point. I was hooked and just awaiting part 4. Timothy Hutton did a great job and Gage Golightly was just outstanding. And she does resemble Drew Barrymore She has talent! Very inspiring to see her with such great strength and intelligence. This character could be a role model for the adults!

Hopefully will see her in other projects down the road if she so desires! Let's face it; this generated the buzz on the bulletin boards. I am just glad there are stories with plot lines that you can still see on TV. I'm not a fan on reality programming so good or bad, it is great to watch something that is rare on TV today.

Sad isn't it! So my thanks to Sci Fi for bring new shows to the public. And on a final note; the music used on this series was great. My overall reaction is that I feel like I completely wasted five hours of my life watching this miniseries. While there were a few red flags in the beginning, the writing seemed to be carrying the movie. First, the red flags: the directory had an extremely annoying habit of throwing in slow motion in places where it was completely out of place.

Actually, there's almost never a reason for slow motion. Directors and writers don't normally write [This scene is done in slow motion] into the script. If the action in the take appears to be incredibly lame during the editing, they'll try a slow motion effect before throwing the scene away.

So the high frequency of slow motion shots is a give away that the director is a hack. It wasn't typical Sci-Fi fare, but a seemly well crafted murder mystery. The twist was that the victim was investigating his own murder. Not bad. But there was no mystery to the ending. It was the equivalent of having the cavalry ride in at the last minute, only dumber. There was no attempt to clean up the loose ends. No attempt to explain how the professor escaped his destiny.

It might have been modestly satisfying if there was an attempt to explain how the future benefactor knew that a single bullet would be needed at the last moment. Not since Steven King's "The Stand" was there a more disappointing ending to a promising story line. On the ten year anniversary of his wife's death and daughter's birth JT and Jesse visit the gravesite and find a sleek metal briefcase with JT's name on it.

Eventually, JT opens the case and finds a homicide case file with photos of him, dead with a bullet in his head. Initially, JT thinks this is a hoax created by a psychologically disturbed student in his class, Carl Axlerod. However, things start to happen exactly as the contents of the briefcase suggest, and JT realizes that his death by the end of the week may be unstoppable.

During the week, JT enlists the help of Police Detective Irwin Sikorski played by the ever spectacular Randy Quaid whose name was mentioned in the homicide file. Sikorski helps JT learn that his girlfriend, Claudia Whitney, is not who she says she is.

Meanwhile, it turns out that JT's brother in law, Brad Hume, a fellow professor at the college who lives a life of luxury, is going broke on bad stock picks and sees the metal briefcase that JT found as his ticket out of bankruptcy. The briefcase, it seems, is made of a futuristic composite of carbon nanotubes and if Brad can back-engineer it he could sell the patent rights for millions of dollars.

JT and Jesse attempt to flee the city to escape destiny, but things go awry, leaving JT to face the possibility that he will end up dead on the stage of the sleazy strip joint Buck Naked, just as the file predicts. If this comes out on DVD, it would definitely be worth a rental, though I hope to purchase it if it is released. I enjoyed the four days of wonderful suspense and time-loops drove me crazy guessing.

The Sci-Fi boards were abuzz with over posts! The whole concept of giving watchers the clues online to begin to make their guesses as to the ending was a brilliant touch of intelligence at work! I won't give any endings away - but I will say that if you watch this you will not be sure until the very ending exactly how it ends.

Timothy Hutton was the star and he handled it with aplomb. The great supporting cast was headed by Randy Quaid and Kari Matchett. She was marvelous in every scene she was in and stole the limelight from whomever was with her. Natural talent like that is to be appreciated. Not to mention her remarkable resemblance to the young Drew Barrymore. It would be interesting to see Drew Barrymore in a prequel-sequel of this mini-series - if she weren't probably overpriced for SCI FI channel?

All in all - we were kept on our seats for 4 wonderful days of suspense, trying to outguess the wonderful writers. Kudos to all of them! I recommend this highly for mystery and suspense buffs. Not just Sci-Fi fans. It's a winner! A spoof which parodies television shows revolving around the strange and paranormal.

Lee Smart, talented Second City performer and friend of Colin Mochrie, stars in this satire-laced spoof of shows revolving around the quasi-supernatural, the unexplainable, and the mysterious. He perfectly portrays Garland Freewin, an arrogant, snobbish yet likable due to his smile and unassuming manner host of "The 5th Quadrant", where he and his team investigate sightings of mythical beasts, strange human beings, and bizzare occurences.

However, the running gag is that the witnesses or Each episode was split into two separate stories. During the closing credits, Garland Freewin walks up a flight of wire stairs, across a catwalk, down the next flight of stairs, across the set, and up the first flight, continuing the cycle for the entire closing credits.

This is used so that you can see all the episode titles in the series. To this end the first series is counted as 13 episodes, despite 26 episode titles being used. This production is of interest to non-Italian speakers probably for one reason only: it is an Italian remake of the BBC's classic science fiction series 'A For Andromeda'.

It's interest lies in the fact that only about 20 minutes of the original series now remains in the BBC's archives, the rest having been wiped in their purge of old programmes in the late 's and early 's. This is apparently available on video, so perhaps the ideal solution is to first read the book 'A For Andromeda' by Fred Hoyle and John Elliott a great book in its own rightand then sit down and watch this.

Then it might be possible to imagine just how amazing the original series must have been. I don't speak Italian, so I can't comment on the cast interaction, but it certainly looks faithful to the original, and for that we must be truly thankful. How strange, though, that they didn't bother to remake the second part of the series, 'The Andromeda Breakthrough'. Other crew - Marino Bonifacio camera operatorGiuseppe Clemente camera operator.

The first part instalment 1 of 5 of the movie has been telecasted tonight Aug 16, on RAI 3. I saw it in the Italian language which I know perfectly.

The story is very interesting and the movie is typically '70 sci-fi style. It reminded me a bit the UFO series. About the actors job: in my opinion the actors Giampiero Albertini Gen. Vandenberg is excellent here, as ever. For the rest, recitation is sometime too much theatrelike and scenography could be better but both are excellent for the times and quite good also nowadays. The original book by scientists Fred Hoyle and his collaborator John Elliot was published in In Italy the book was edited in In RAI started the production.

The first part was telecasted on January, 4, with a mysterious writing: "This story take place in England Music was written by Mario Migliardi. The Andromeda Breakthrough dramatically upped the tempo of the power politics, set the intrigue against a worldwide environmental disaster, and revealed the purpose behind the original message - that of steering mankind down a less destructive path than the one it has taken.

John Elliot's influence was greater in the second series - as well as scripting it he also produced and directed. The hero of both series is Dr John Fleming, an outspoken, idealistic young scientist. No one-dimensional cipher this one, Fleming is a scientist with a conscience, in the grand Quatermass tradition, who ends up saving the world from a chain of events he himself set in motion.

The character of Fleming has been seen as being based on the maverick qualities of Hoyle himself. Throughout, Fleming finds himself in conflict with most people around him, including his own and foreign governments; a shady, Swissbased business cartel called Intel headed by the villainous Kaufman ; and an amoral biologist, Prof.

Madeleine Dawnay, who sees the Andromeda project as one great research opportunity. A For Andromeda When a group of scientists receive a message from outer space telling them to build a computer, they follow the orders with disastrous results.

The computer is far more advanced than they imagined and proceeds to build a biological robot, Andromeda, from one of their dead colleagues. A radio message from the Andromeda galaxy, over a million light years away, is picked up by a radio telescope, and turns out to be the blueprints and assembly instructions for an alien supercomputer.

When the supercomputer is turned on, it builds a beautiful woman, whose mind is partly alien. There was a sequel, about a second Andromeda computer being assembled in South America, with pretty much the same production team, but with Susan Hampshire replacing Julie Christie. The sequel series' title was "The Andromeda Breakthrough. Scripted by BBC producer John Elliot, from an original storyline by renowned astronomer and novelist Fred Hoyle, they dealt with the impact of an alien intelligence upon life on Earth and with the ruthless pursuit by rival factions of the scientific secrets that could prove the breakthrough of the century.

The machinations of governments and big business were Elliot's territory he went on to produce the power games of Mogul and The Trouble-shooters but the astronomical and scientific concepts were Hoyle's. In his novels such as The Black Cloud, Hoyle, professor of astronomy and philosophy at Cambridge, contended that man's first contact with an alien civilisation would come through radio-astronomy and this idea forms the basis for the series, which begins with signals from space being received by a new radio telescope.

A for Andromeda also marked the TV debut of a glamorous young actress called Julie Christie plucked from a drama school by producer Michael Hayesinitially as the lab assistant, Christine, whose death provides the 'blueprint' for Dawnay's embryo, and then as Andromeda herself, whose ambivalent relationship with Fleming blossoms in the sequel. In this, the part was taken over by another relative newcomer, Susan Hampshire.

Author's note: Although there is some overlapping of cast and production details, for ease of reference the story guides to each series are treated separately, beginning with the main cast, followed by synopsis, supporting cast and production details. This adaptation was written by Richard Fell, and directed by John Strickland.

Because this was a one off drama it does not get a separate entry in this encyclopedia. The story was very well presented, but perhaps lacks some pacing, the first twenty minutes when two quickly and then the middle half was too slow.

But overall the acting was good and special effects good enough for what needed to be achived. He has also executive produced dramas including A Waste of Shame and Fantabulosa!

Richard Fell: After the success of Quatermass, it seemed like a very natural choice when we were looking for another science-fiction.

It was to the s what Quatermass was to the 50s. It really gripped the nation and was massively popular. It was an absolute classic of its time. It's a really interesting story and there are a lot of things about it that will still interest audiences today. It's a contemporary retelling of the story. We haven't recreated a s sci-fi film. We had to strip out some of the stuff about the Cold War and there are whole layers of the original which are specific to the s.

BBC Four: What are the key themes for a contemporary audience? Richard Fell: I suppose the big questions are, firstly, 'How complex does a computer have to be before we consider it to have some kind of human qualities? Computer technology is so advanced and we are now getting some very sophisticated thinking machines. This, as well as advances in biology with cloning, raise all sorts of issues that are as pertinent today, if not more so, as when it first came out.

BBC Four: Science fiction obviously has greater production demands than some other types of drama. Did that make for a difficult shoot? Richard Fell: In a way, but the kind of science fiction that appeals to BBC Four's audience is much more the kind that is intelligent, ideasbased science fiction.

It's not necessarily about monsters and space ships. There are more 'what ifs? It's also not particularly set in the future, it's set now but it needed a kind of sheen, which I think we've brought to it. Is the same thing going to happen for your cast? Either way the vow of celibacy prohibits the priests. Melanie Donovan sexual tendencies should not be ordained. The dow. This three year unable to solve. Instead of pointing the finger at homo- Nicole L Barry reversed.

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We do not take issue with Christianity as a religion. We take issue with people who use that faith, or any faith, as a sword to cut down those they disagree with, to smite those they find anathema to their beliefs. We take issue with those who use religion to justify curtailing our freedoms, our freedom of speech espe- SHU Student Page cially.

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Christianity is a religion of love and grace, yet there are those who would debase and defile it by using it to promote their own petty and unholy aims. We take issue with the perversion of the reli gion and we take issue with those who would per- AA! In other words, we take issue with those who hide behind Christianity and use it to justify their evil, un-Christian deeds. You claim that you are in favor of our freedom of speech, yet you would have us censor.

To put it mildly, this reeks of the hypocrisy that runs rampant among those who use their faith as a weapon. We, as a paper, refuse to silence ourselves because we offend. It is the duty of a newspaper to advance ideas, to foster debate, so that the status quo can change. If we were to censor ourselves so that no one is ever offended in any way, shape, or form, our issues would c onsist of nothing more than photos of cute fluffy bunnies nibbling on the grass.

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This is important because the status of the next generation for another tion, there was an enclave of emo kids skating I mean it in the most literal sense when I say rant. The rink of dark, sad, depression. Yes folks, gays and lesbians can be carriers of AIDS. There are aganda. Given that place ourselves into little conformist boxes; you Many people argue that homosexuality sexuality is a fluid continuum, we can see how must be either left or right wing, logical or emo- is a choice, to which gays and lesbians answer, this myth is definitely false.

There is no fence. Yes, some bisexuals may be more pre- when people pressure others to choose one side. This myth boils down to nothing but a of my individuality. I choose to recognize that intensity than do heterosexuals. Bisexuality glaring non sequitur.

I personally would rather be true to makes many gays and lesbians uncomfortable. The logic is that bisexual men who is about radical individualism at its core, a impression that homosexuality is a choice. Billie Holiday, Hendrix, side. Talented artists, who are Stony Brook stu- some Italian folk tape I found that makes me d e n t sh a v e h a d t h e i r w o r k d i s p l a y e d i n t h e u n i- 3 What artist of the past do you relate to or are laugh and dance around.

One such artist, TJ Maher, influenced by the most? Candiria when I really need to wake up. Its easily debat- on a spoon and eat it. Complete devotion to s ,dada? As for art movements; out of it. If you think it is on the wall going. By Marcel Votlucka Rep. At a out a certain sniveling rat by the name of Rep. Yes, they were lied to. But if I and others of anti-war sentiment tries instead of American soilmoney that goes i.

So it should come as no fascism and Communism as an evil and immoral Courtesy of www. Schmidt, her own lack of principle aside, is par- troops. It was a small but ultimately cowardly in voting irrelevant difference—withdrawal is needed no for this war in the matter what. U n l i k e dient to voice his the GOP chickenhawks he has seen the evil face outrage. Indeed, of war, yet he still endorses it when it serves his there is nothing more ends.

Likewise, he rejects it not on moral prin- cowardly than ciple, but only when it serves h i s e n d s. In fact, he may yet redeem himself for it. I can out of Iraq in the face of the powerful pro-war think of few things GOP opposition, he recalls the kind of bravery more despicable than he showed in the jungles of Vietnam.

Murtha further Courtesy of www. Page 12 Yes. Disney wiseasses. High-publicity free agent signings and alongside the field for the national Legend Seaver were part of the national dia- t r a d e s h a v e n e t t e d t h e M e t s s t a r s l i k e n e w c l o s- anthem, Delgado has sat in the logue on foreign policy and war.

This tra- e r B i l l y W a g n e r a n d s l u g g i n g f i r s t b a s e m an dugout—a quiet exercise of dition continues in their modern day Carlos Delgado, and the rumor mill is swirling conscience. But at the peers, like controversial retired about the potential acquisition of World insistence of the Mets, this Argentine soccer legend Diego Series MVP Manny Ramirez, one of the best hit- is coming to an end.

If Maradona also the subject of a ters in baseball. But the Mets have also made these clowns running recent column by sportswriter the most distressing news of the baseball off- the Mets could Zirinwho join ed in the mas- season. A generation ago, Tom Seaver, maybe the erase the memory sive South American demon- greatest Met ever, spoke openly of his opposi- of the antiwar Tom stration against a visiting tion to the Vietnam War. The war is wrote a column recently about George Bush trot- F a m e w i t h t h e s u p- wrong.

Zirin thought it was a particular- deciding baseball they believe and to participate in the ly sick joke that the incomparable Ali, famous writers on his first public dialogue, regardless of their not only as the greatest fighter in the world in ballot, would they?

Empire, nationalistic distractions whose only their headline-grabbing roster additions, the Delgado, who has also spoken up about effect is to preoccupy and pacify the population.

New York Mets are a disappointment to this the use of his native Puerto Rico for environ- But the games have merit, and for many of us baseball fan. And so is Carlos Delgado, who mentally dangerous military exercises by the they are a valuable part of our culture. The knows better. Boo, motherfucker, boo! This through while traveling on a routine business Where should I start?

Perhaps I should caused his clothes to catch fire, and in a venture. They kept him in the airport for three start from early this morning. Instead, Console, actually, is the word former he was a happy fellow with a happy job. He died. It is truly spectacular. When he let Cornelius in his car and Spectacular, incidentally, is what many to go out of business.

Kelvin Gilbert III has only commented Hanson, Simple Plan, and everything Aerosmith At exactly am, he was killed when that the spectacular element in the show is d i d a f t e r 1 9 8 4.

This hall of fame was White man, apparently, is just what buyers of the product. The Native Americans, however, did J ul i o M a rque s once hi t an A us t r a l i a n m a n w h o dev oted exclusively to making fun of pathetic not have a big problem with Jesus.

Neither do I. You know. From back in the day. What a waste. Jessica Simpson Sufficient numbers of police cruisers and Willie Nelson round out the Duke clan as were outpaced and destroyed. Land was seized, Daisy and Uncle Jessie.

Nobody here really threatened and restored. Hotlanta showed us the joys of going to college. It falls flat in the half-assed attempts at Life Sciences rules! They could at least have tossed choice and inquire there. But do. Koechner, appearing as Hazard. J e n n y a n d P h i l l i p itself a work of art, a sexually graphic work of her MFA graduate project. To Evelyn the point of art is to change real and three-dimensional.

Evelyn makes Adam fall completely in ence and laughed hysterically while covering interest Evelyn Chelsea Stern who he met when love, makes him give up his friends for her, and their eyes during her big make o u t s c e n e. She refuses his Nelson Diaz directed the play, which sculpture, drawing a penis on it.

Pocket Theater has a reputation of more possessive, a real bitch excuse my lan- T h is play was upsetting. These plays surgery on his nose. This play was to make it look bigger definitely had to go! The yet real. People lie, cheat, and use others all the worthwhile to see. It left me thinking and enter- make-up made me think he was sick. Art is often meant to provoke.

The acting tained. It was a good length that very easy to sit Adam cheats on Ev elyn with his room- b y E v e l y n actually made me hate her character, through. Josie Vitetta. J a k e n er an d t ogether they both lapse in and out of silenced by the actual grim reali t i e s o f t h e G u l f Gyllenhaal is cast as Swofford, a War. The theme of chemical warfare young but intelligent marine who was widely reinforced throughout joins the corps because he got lost this movie and many horrifying on his way to college.

We all fell in images stuck to the audience. The love with him in Donnie Darko a s victims of the chemica l weapons in the kinda creepy yet adorable main the movie no longer resembled c h a r a c t e r. T h i s t i m ei n J a r h e a d, h i s humans as their skin and flesh was boyish good looks have evolved into burned to the bone. The first Gulf a smoldering hot, rugged marine.

As they try ready for the role, and he put on 25 to advance on their enemies, each lbs of muscle. Damn did he look time they find that the fighter planes good. I mean really good.

Everyone have already gotten th e r e a n d t h e w a r should go see how good he looks. They are both bred to be one of the back home. All that waiting, all that p r e p a r a t i o n w a s enough to bring my attention back to the screen. You see Troy and have seen in a while. It revealed a lot about what the whole time they never get to see them. Their Swofford beg and plead just to let them shoot was going on behind the scenes of war without sergeant is played by Jamie Foxx, who is a com- that one guy because he is going to get a bomb taking too much of a political stance on the actu- p l e t e h a r d - a s s o n t h e m a n d h i s s o l e p u r p o s e i n dropped on him anyway.

That is one of the al Gulf War. You gotta go see this movie. Just life is the marines. His character, Sgt. Ha ha. There is one to use. Each displayed a prowess in their specialty on interacts and reacts to and with each other. Saturday December 6 — Music. The musical This orchestra displayed that characteristic Sometimes the piece would require a slower, pieces performed were Masonic Funeral Music very well.

Each individual musician played so more melancholy mood, and other times the in C minor, K. Mozart, Piano that the entire first violin section sounded like music would be boisterous and powerful.

The Concerto No. For exampl e, at one point by Johannes Brahms. Each piece displayed a The orchestra featured Jonathan Korth on the in the song, the melody was carried by the cello different face of the orchestra. Their musical piano. Needless to say, he performed section. The seven cellists played as one. Both the phrasing was flawless and moved smoothly. For those that play an the entire orchestra put into each movement.

The first piece allowed the musicians to instrument, the way Korth played the piano was I was very impressed wi t h t h e f l a w l e s s- exhibit their ability to make the notes their full of that emotion and passion we all aspire to ness in which these musicians played their own.

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No, no. Thats the big mistake. Its not you. The world is that crazy, that stupid, that, well, clinically insane. I would say that we need an army of psychiatrists to sort it out, except that whenever I have encountered psychiatrists it has struck me that they were themselves in need of help from their own profession.

But then they do say that the best place to hide a tree is in a forest. Imagine that you were born into a lunatic asylum and you grew up into adulthood behind walls that disconnected you from the rest of the world. You would think that all the madness going on around you was normal because what we call normal is really only a word for what I have always thought and known. Nothing is more subjective than the concept of normal.

If someone came into the asylum and said that what went on there was crazy and insane the inmates would say he or she was crazy for. We are the normal ones its you thats mad.

The fact that so many think that I am crazy is very comforting, really, for that very reason. Who could challenge the contention that the world is an asylum when you observe the place for even a few minutes? Theyre mad; we have genetically-modified food that is geneticallymodifying us and yet most people never even consider the possibility or the implications Fig 8.

I mean, genetically-modified food helloooo ; we have a media with no idea what is going on in the world telling us what is going on in the world; we have our freedoms constantly deleted to protect our freedoms; and we have civilians pepper-bombed from the sky to protect them from violence.

We have reached the point where multi-millions of people are taking to the streets around the world to protest at their economic plight as the gap between rich and poor becomes a chasm as calculated chaos in the. Vast numbers are losing their homes and livelihoods while austerity programmes slash or delete government taxation support for the poor and they are left destitute with no safety net to protect them from this calculated heartlessness and contempt.

Parents in countries like Greece are selling their children or giving them away because they dont have the money to feed them. Others are committing suicide because they see no hope, no way out. Thousands of disabled and elderly people are losing state-funded taxpayer-funded support in Britain as the rules on qualification Three Dimensions (Video Version) - Something For Kate - A Diversion (DVD) what constitutes being unfit to work are changed.

At the same time the government is closing workplaces for the disabled. A young man with cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and little vision in one eye who cannot shave, wash his hair or tie his shoes was denied his just eleven hours of weekly care by his local council, which cited lack of money.

But, to the hidden networks manipulating global society, these people are just useless eaters and therefore irrelevant. We have had people in the UK with advanced cancer forced back to work by threats of stopping benefits only to die within six weeks and others, similarly forced back to work, suffering from seizures and dying within months.

Others have committed suicide, including a mentally-ill teenager in fear of being made homeless by benefit cuts. Martine White is a year-old victim of the morning sickness drug, Thalidomide, which caused severe birth defects. She is suffering from a brain tumour, shes blind in one eye and has deformed arms, she Three Dimensions (Video Version) - Something For Kate - A Diversion (DVD) to walk and was facing spinal surgery which could put her permanently in a wheelchair; but the sick, cruel and merciless UK government ruled that she had to seek employment or face losing half her benefits.

Martine said: It is impossible. I cant walk properly, I cant stand, I cant pick things up, I get dizzy with the brain tumour and Im blind in one eye and deaf in both ears. It is depressing. What am I going to do? They dont give a damn, Martine, because they are heartless, soulless automatons.

More than half of Britains children and young people are projected to live in homes with incomes below in the breadline by because of welfare cuts, tax rises and wage freezes. The people doing all this are mentally ill and yet they are running the country. Amid economic mayhem and plummeting employment opportunities in the UK the callous Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith was appointed to government to pummel the poorest and most vulnerable onto their knees.

This professional prat added the middle name Duncan to make himself sound more double-barreled posh. Foreign Secretary William Hague, who my mind always pictures in short trousers and a school cap whenever I see him, said that people must work harder to overcome economic hardship. Both of these pampered politicians are filthy rich compared with those they lecture about the need for austerity and working harder, and the same dynamic can be found all over the world because in the end virtually every country is dictated to and directed by the same global web.

Puppets like Smith, Hague, Cameron, Blair, Bush and Obama are just gofers to their hidden masters that the public never see. We are clearly heading into the world of brutal mass control that I have so long predicted if we go on allowing the evil few to dictate to the bewildered many. Those behind this outrage dont suffer regret or guilt at the mass suffering they are causing they are orgasmic for reasons that I will be exposing. Incredible numbers of small farmers in regions like Asia are killing themselves in the wake of their financial destruction at the hands of corporations like Monsanto.

A major reason is the financial consequence of Monsantos terminator seeds which have only a single season before having to be bought again when originally one seasons crops provided the seeds for the next. Farmers in North. America have been ruined by being taken to court by Monsanto for using its genetically-modified seeds without a licence when the seeds arrived on the wind or from passing trucks carrying genetically-modified crops and contaminated farms that had no wish to grow genetically-modified organisms GMO.

The fact that Monsanto has been winning these cases is confirmation of how the corporations control much of the so-called justice system which is rigged against the people in every country. The American President can now order the murder of any US citizen anywhere in the world on the basis of his say-so no evidence, charge or trial required; any American can be jailed indefinitely without charge or trial.

If you think Im exaggerating look it up. Its the law now. Thousands of civilians and children are being killed across North Africa and the Middle and Near East by unmanned aircraft, or drones, flown by joysticks at Air Force bases thousands of miles away in strikes ordered once again without producing evidence, charges or any justification except we decide who lives and dies.

Children are being stolen from loving parents by a fundamentally corrupt social services, child protection and family court system, using fabricated excuses, because the hidden networks behind global affairs have an insatiable desire for children for reasons I will come to. The world is very, very sick because we have allowed a parasitic cancer to steal and feed off our life-force.

Whats more, this is only a very partial list of global craziness and horror. The world is not clinically insane?? Are you kidding me? It is the planetary equivalent of Hannibal bloody Lecter Fig 9. This quote by author Michael Ellner sums it up:. Figure 9: Hannibal Earth - the world is mad, but y ou hav e to be sane to see that.

Just look at us. Ev ery thing is backwards, ev ery thing is upside. Doctors destroy health, lawy ers destroy justice, psy chiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroy s inf ormation, religions destroy spirituality and gov ernments destroy f reedom. There is a callous, calculated and collective reason for why this is so, which I will be revealing in dot-connected detail throughout the book.

The world is upside down because it is made to be. Increasing numbers of people can now see that what is happening is not random and coincidental, and they are awakening to self-realisation and world-realisation in the sense that they are seeing that the world is not as it is by accident or through incompetence, but by design.

Oh yes, there are incompetents throughout system, but they are the oil rags, not the engineers of what is going on. They carry out orders, they dont give them, except to those below them in the hierarchy; but even then the orders they do give originate from levels of the structure that they dont even know exist.

Everything is compartmentalised, need-to-know and smoke and mirrors. What we see is not random chaos, but organised chaos, organised incompetence, organised depravation and suffering. I will be explaining the how, why and by whom, but enough to say here that world events cannot be understood unless we realise that they are orchestrated to the calculated end of mass planetary human enslavement.

The more the world changes ever-quicker. People talk about conspiracy theorists as if to even utter the word conspiracy is to confirm your imbalance and paranoia. But the definition of conspiracy is merely this: An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act and an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.

Under those definitions the world is clearly drowning in conspiracies. And who can be more delusional than the coincidence theorists who say that its all a coincidence that the same Orwellian police state in all its multiple manifestations is being rolled out in virtually every country at the same time using the same excuses?

Now that is denial and self-deceit of breathtaking proportions. The world is mad because it is made to be that way. There is method in the madness. It is still madness in that you have to be loopy and deeply imbalanced to do what they are seeking to do, but the point is that they know what they are doing.

They are not crazies who thrash out in all directions for no reason. There is cold calculation at work and the apparently random craziness all around us is the essential cover to hide the orchestration behind gathering human slavery.

I was like Neo in the Matrix movies for most of my life until my awakening in I looked at the world and knew. I could see that it was crazy, cruel and unjust, but why where did the crazy come from? As Morpheus said to Neo: Youre here because y ou know something.

What y ou know y ou cant explain, but y ou f eel it. Youv e f elt it y our entire lif e, that theres something wrong with the world. You dont know what it is, but its there, like a splinter in y our mind, driv ing y ou mad. It is this f eeling that has brought y ou to me.

So many people today are at that stage where they can see that something is seriously amiss with the world, but they cant put their finger on the what and the why. This engineered bewilderment was referred to in a document that came to light some decades ago called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, an instruction manual for agents of the conspiracy explaining how to mass mind control the population.

The document was dated May and was apparently found in July in an IBM copier bought at a surplus sale. The quiet wars it talks about are the unseen wars on the human mind and the silent weapons are mental and emotional manipulations based on manufacturing situations to which the mind and emotions respond.

The document describes the diversion strategy which includes: Media: Keep the adult public attention div erted away f rom the real social issues, and captiv ated by matters of no real importance. Schools: Keep the y oung public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law, and real history ; Entertainment: Keep the public entertainment below a sixth-grade lev el.

Work: Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think; back on the f arm with the other animals. Anyone recognise that world today? The document says that a silent weapon system operates with data obtained from a docile public by legal but not always lawful force.

Much of this information is made available to silent weapon systems programmers through the tax system, it says, in the form of the enforced delivery of well-organised data contained in federal and state tax documents, collected, assembled, and submitted by slave labor provided by taxpayers and employers. It also made the following point all those decades ago and this is precisely what is happening today: When the gov ernment is able to collect tax and seize priv ate property without just compensation, it is an indication that the public is ripe f or surrender and is consenting to enslav ement and legal encroachment.

A good and easily quantif ied indicator of harv est time is the number of public citizens who pay income tax despite an obv ious lack of reciprocal or honest serv ice f rom the gov ernment. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars describes how it is necessary in pursuit of collective enslavement to achieve the consent of the people to labor and consequently assume a certain rank, position, level, or class in the social structure, i.

The document says that then each class, in guaranteeing its own level of income, controls the class immediately below and hence preserves the class structure Fig This provides stability and security, but also government from the top.

It identifies a threat to the sovereignty of the elite of the lower classes becoming more educated and demanding more of what the elite have, but if this rise of the lower classes can be postponed long enough, the elite can achieve energy dominance, and labor by consent no longer will hold a position of an essential energy source.

In other words, they replace the labour of the people with technology and then the people can go fuck themselves. We are heading to that point so fast today. The writers of the document say that until such energy dominance is absolutely established, the consent of people to labor and letting others handle their affairs must be taken into consideration, since failure to do so could cause the people to interfere in the final transfer of energy sources to the control of the elite.

They say that it is essential to recognise that public consent was still an essential key at the time it was written to the release of energy in the process of economic amplification stealing the world.

So, as I have been urging for more than 20 years and even before that: it is essential that we withdraw our consent to all this en masse. The document said of this. It makes no obv ious explosiv e noises, causes no obv ious phy sical or mental injuries, and does not obv iously interf ere with any ones daily social lif e. Yet it makes an unmistakable noise, causes unmistakable phy sical and mental damage, and unmistakably interf eres with daily social lif e, i.

The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and theref ore cannot believ e that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon. The public might instinctiv ely f eel that something is wrong, but because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their f eeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence.

Theref ore, they do not know how to cry f or help, and do not know how to associate with others to def end themselv es against it. Theref ore, the silent weapon is a ty pe of biological warf are. It attacks the v itality, options, and mobility of the indiv iduals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their phy sical, mental. This is exactly what it has done and is doing today more so than ever before.

They thought wed never crack the codes of their game or even realise there was a game; but in this book I am going to reveal what is wrong, why its wrong and who and what is behind this war on human perception. I am also going to explain how people can associate with others to defend themselves against it. All this has been shown to me in the nearly a quarter of a century since I walked into the house of psychic Betty Shine and the clues began to be put before me in the most incredibly synchronistic way.

I have been led to people, documents, books and personal experiences that have guided me deep into the rabbit hole of human control and connected an endless stream of apparently unconnected people, events and situations, ancient and modern, across so many different cultures and subject areas.

I was to realise that all were strands in the same tapestry and the same web and pieces in the same picture. Most importantly, I have been shown the nature of reality itself and only then was I able to see this crazy world in its true context why its cra zy, how its crazy and to what end. Humanity is basically unconscious and there is a reason for that which will become very clear. I have had to delete all preconceived ideas about life and reality and let the information be my guide, because once you break free.

But what are these political, scientific and academic norms? They are merely what society the Control System that directs society has told you are the norms. They have nothing to do with truth, for their goal is the enslavement of mind through ignorance of the truth. This is why I say its all bollocks. The bollocks are the norms designed to keep us from the truth and, as our society is founded on those norms, it therefore must be founded on b ollocks.

If you try to understand human life from any other perspective then you will be chasing your tail forever. Its all bollocks, thats the first thing; and the second is that it doesnt have to b e. So why is it? The answer, with a heck of a lot more detail necessary, was given by Morpheus in The Matrix: The Matrix is ev ery where. It is all around us.

Ev en now, in this v ery room. You can see it when y ou look out y our window or when y ou turn on y our telev ision. You can f eel it when y ou go to work It is the world that has been pulled ov er y our ey es to blind y ou f rom the truth.

What truth? That y ou are a slav e, Neo. Like ev ery one else y ou were born into bondage. Born into a prison that y ou cannot taste or see or touch. A prison f or y our mind. Oh yes, absolutely right. But what is the Matrix? How does it affect us? How does it make the world so utterly bonkers?

The world is like it is insane because of what I am about to tell you. The information comes from nearly 25 years of following the clues full-time on a journey that has included more than 50 countries and so many amazing experiences. But you will have to decide what to make of it and what it challenges you to encompass. As Morpheus also said: Im trying to free your mind, Neo.

But I can only show you the door. Youre the one that has to walk through it This is as it should always be: the free choice of a free mind. The Dogs Bollocks There are three classes of people: those who see; those who see when they are shown; those who do not see.

In the same way, bollocks has the slang connotation of nonsense and stupidity, but put the dogs in front of it and the meaning is transformed into something to be admired, welcomed and sought after. The dogs bollocks see also pooches privates and mutts nuts is a slang phrase meaning excellent, great, top class.

Go figure. No one seems to know why, but apparently it comes from a list of terms involving the joints, bed-wear and dangly bits of animals and insects that include the cats pyjamas, cats whiskers and bees knees. I dont care where it comes from. I like it and I am using it to head the sequence of chapters which I contend reveal the cutting edge information essential to understanding why and how the world is as it is and what we can do about it. This dogs bollocks information is about the nature of our reality and without this knowledge our view of the world will remain forever distorted.

This is why the Control System that I will be exposing in detail has worked so long and hard to suppress it especially within mainstream science because by doing so they keep the information out of the mainstream media which perceives the bewildered scientific establishment as allknowing and so out of. Heres a question: how many television programmes anywhere in the world have you seen that have explored the nature of reality?

There are now reams of channels in every country covering almost every subject you can think of and yet those that seek to explain reality itself are virtually the Big Zero. Dont we want to know what this reality is that we are experiencing?

Isnt such an understanding rather crucial to how we determine the nature of that experience and how we live our lives? Yes, it is, and thats why it is suppressed at every turn. Once we know who we really are, where we really are, and how one creates the other, we have the power to dictate our daily experience.

This is the last thing the Control System wants. Dictating our lives is its job, or so it believes. We have to be kept in ignorance of our true nature or the house of cards comes a tumbling down.

The Control System has therefore become expert at suppressing this awareness so much so that how often do you ever hear people in mainstream society even talking about the subject or asking the key questions: Who are we? Where are we? Where do we come from? Figure A condensed portay al of the inside of what science calls an atom.

But the distances are massiv ely greater than this - If y ou take an atom to be the size of a cathedral the nucleus would be the size of a ten cent piece. It is hilarious to watch mainstream science at work.

They go about their business as if we live in a solid reality of buildings, cities, forests and mountains when they know if they read even a basic synopsis of quantum physics that this is nonsensical. There is no such thing as solidity, only the illusion of it. Quantum physicists have proven this and in doing so confirmed. The world is not solid. No, not even the wall you might be looking at or the book you are reading.

Mainstream science tells us that solid matter is made of atoms when quantum physics has long established that atoms have no solidity. Each atom is made of empty space with electrons flying around a nucleus which itself has no solidity Fig Scientists say that Solidity is nowhere to be seen. One description said: If you take an atom to be the size of a cathedral the nucleus would be the size of a ten cent piece.

But the nucleus and electrons are also only packets of energy with no solidity, and atoms with no solidity cannot a solid world make. I know this is stating the obvious, but sometimes you need to.

Mainstream science and its white-coated, song sheet repeaters of the official narrative overcome the rather revelatory fact that the world is not solid by looking the other way, putting their hands over their ears; making a loud noise to drown out what they dont want to hear and cracking on regardless within their own discipline as if nothing has changed. Now, given that human society in all its facets is founded on the belief that the world is solid you can see how everything which emerges from that in terms of how we do things, organise ourselves and go about our lives must, by.

Distort the foundations of something and you distort everything that follows from it. This includes the widespread belief that the human body is solid, or physical. No, its not. There is no physical. From this distorted perception of body solidity comes the solidification of belief that we are the body; the name that we give to the body; the job the body does and its colour, creed or culture of origin. Implant the prime distortion and you tip over the dominoes to impregnate everything else with knock-on distortions.

Smack a mirror at the centre and the cracks break off in all directions. So does bollocks. The smack is a belief in a world of solidity and the whole of society becomes cracked or crack-potted from this prime distortion.

A belief in physicality and solidity is a belief right from the start in limitation. There is so much that cannot be done and isnt possible if the world is solid. I cant, you cant, it cant and its not possible are built into the very illusory solidity of perceived solidity. The entirety of mainstream society is founded on this fundamental untruth and thats why we can rearrange the words bollocks, all and its, into a well-known phrase or saying to pretty much sum it up.

So if the world is not solid, what is it? Who are we? Whats going on? The Control System is designed to stop us knowing this, so we have to. When the penny drops on who we are and where we are the current state of human society will be understood with instant clarity.

Life on Earth is based on a gigantic lie, an enormous and fundamental hoax, and from this Big Lie comes all the many and various expressions of the lie that together create what I shall call collectively The Bollocks Distortion.

Figure We are like the crest of a wav e we may seem dif f erent and indiv idual but we are all an expression of the Inf inite Ocean of Consciousness So who are we? Okay, heres a new starting point, a new foundation for perception, although it is not new, it has just been systematically forgotten: What we are is Consciousness.

What is Consciousness? Awareness the state of being aware. It has no form in and of itself, it just IS. But it can t a k e illusory form. Awareness or Consciousness is infinite and eternal, but when there is no time another illusion, explained later how can anything b e anything, but eternal? Indeed, within a reality of no-time even the word eternal is superfluous as is infinite within a reality of no space also explained in due course.

I will.

Theme: Adagio - Alexander Scriabin* - Scriabin: The Complete Works (CD), Im Landhus - Seldwyler Dorfmusik - So Isch Rächt (Vinyl, LP, Album), Confidence - Rhonda Jones (2) - Christian Affirmations: Confidence And Making Right Decisions (CD), Beat Box - Roni Size / Reprazent - New Forms (Vinyl, Album), The Bells Of Rhymney - Pete Seeger - Pete Seegers Greatest Hits (Vinyl, LP), Tijuana Lady - Gomez - Bring It On (CD, Album), Mason vs. Princess Superstar - Perfect (Exceeder) (CD), L7 - Live-Omaha To Osaka (CD), Absolution - Ghost (32) - Homebound (Vinyl, LP), Spaceship Revenge, Bomber Über Premnitz - Various - M 59 Sampler (Vinyl, LP), Rebel Rebel - David Bowie - Rebel Rebel / Diamond Dogs (Vinyl), This Is Dirty - Various - Mega Dance 2014 Vol.2 (CD), Hiromi* - Place To Be (CD)