The Fairy Dance / The Breakdown - The Yetties - Keep A-Runnin-Its The Yetties! (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Swaine Buckley —who was the lead banjo player for the troup Buckley's Sereneders [1]one of the most successful minstrel organizations. The tune is associated with a traditional dance in the village of Askham Richard, which lies a few miles from York, England. The famous 19th century Dorset novelist Thomas Hardy, himself an accordion player and fiddler, mentioned the tune in The Fiddler of the Reels :.

Then another dancer fell out — one of the men — and went into the passage in a frantic search for liquor. To turn the figure into a three-handed reel was the work of a second, Mop modulating Album) the same time into 'The Fairy Dance,' as best suited to the contracted movement, and no less one of those foods of love which, as manufactured by his bow, had always intoxicated her. Scott Skinner's variations [Cranford]; the music manuscript of Joseph Kershaw, a musician from Slackcote, Saddleworth, North West England who began his entries around the year [Kershaw].

Printed sources : - Ashman Ironbridge Hornpipe; No. Bain 50 Fiddle Solos; p. Brody Fiddler's Fakebook; p. Buckley Buckley's New Banjo Method, p. Ford Traditional Music of AmericaAlbum) p. Galwey Old Irish Croonauns; No. Honeyman Hornpipe, Strathspey and Reel Tutor; p. Joseph Kershaw Manuscript; No. Kerr Merry Melodies, vol. Martin Taigh na Teud; p. Merryweather Tunes for English Bagpipes; p.

Kenyon Lees Balmoral Reel Bookc. When she sat down they all pressed her to eat the food and to drink the wine; and as she was weary after the dancing, she took the golden cup the prince handed to her, and raised it to her lips to drink.

Just then, a man passed close to her, and whispered—. So she laid down the cup, and refused to drink. On this they were angry, and a great noise arose, and a fierce, dark man stood up, and said—. For example, earth fairies might be named Hazel or Buttercup, fire fairies could be Amber or Ashley, and water fairies could be Marina or Brooke. Choose a fairy name which you feel best reflects your personality, or use a random fairy name generator on the internet to provide some inspiration.

Once you decide on a fairy name, you may wish to keep it to yourself, or share it only with those closest to you, as it is said that a fairy's name can be used to control her and make her use her magic unwillingly. Protect yourself by only revealing your fairy name to those you trust. Make your own unique fairy dust. Now, what would a fairy be without her fairy dust? Your fairy dust, like your name, should reflect your personality and talents and should be completely unique to you. You can buy some glitter at the craft store to form the base of your fairy dust, but you'll want to add some additional ingredients to it, to make it magical.

You'll also want to make sure you always have it with you, so people see that it's needed and very special to you. Make sure the glitter is fine and not coarse. Chunky glitter is a fairy no-no. Pick a color of your choosing, one that matches your fairy type. Next you will need to add in some elements that match your fairy type.

For earth, try dried flowers or leaves. For water, add some small sea shells or sand. For fire, add some flint, charcoal or wood. For air, add some cotton, or a small feather, for music a bell. Shake your fairy dust well to combine the ingredients. Pour your fairy dust into a cute necklace container, which you can wear around your neck. Then you can access it whenever you need it.

Alternatively, you can put it in a jar which you can decorate and keep it in your room or somewhere safe, for fairy trails, etc. Find your individual fairy signature. A fairy signature is not the same as a human one though. A fairy signature is a physical item which best represents your personality or talents. For instance, if your fairy talent is gardening, then your signature can be little dried pansy flowers. If you're a water-type fairy, you can use little pearls or seashells.

If you're an air fairy, consider using a single feather. Do you get it? Something small to represent your talent, and you. You can use your signature whenever you make something or complete an activity. For instance, if you plant some flowers in the garden, you could leave your fairy signature beside them.

Or if you bake some cookies, you could use your fairy signature to show it was you who baked them. For added effect, sprinkle some of your unique fairy dust over and around the signature. Part 2. Fairies wear clothing specific to them. For a guide: Water fairies favor dresses that remind them of lakes and oceans lapping at their feet, fire fairies love tight clothing in their selected clothing, and wind fairies tend to love breezy, airy clothing.

And Earth fairies love the feel of denim-like cloth, t-shirts, actual denim, and hardy clothing that is suitable for being outside all day while getting messy. If you do decide to make your own fairy costume, find fairy-style patterns at a craft or big box store, and then buy the fabric. You can use a multitude of different fabrics -- velvet, tulle, sheer, iridescent, etc. You can also get used dresses and skirts at thrift shops which can be altered and decorated to your liking.

You should mostly wear flowy clothing items, so they remind people of the beautiful, flowing wings of a fairy. To make a fairy skirt, you can simply take ribbon or an elastic band the Album) of your waist or hips, depending on where you wear itand then take pieces of tulle or mesh fabric the length depends on how tall you areand sew them to the ribbon or elastic. Make sure you give the skirt enough layers so it's not see-through.

To wear the skirt, you can simply tie the ribbon, but if you used elastic you'll need a way to fasten the back, either with Velcro, or a snap button. To decorate the skirt, you could make large flower petals, stars or other shapes out of felt or fabric and attach them to the tulle. For a fairy-style top, you can create one if you're good at sewing, or find a renaissance style shirt which can be dyed if need beor a top that's airy and isn't too heavy.

Have long, healthy hair. Fairies are famed for their fabulous flowing locks, so taking care of your hair is a priority. The color doesn't matter -- fairies are all about individuality! The most important thing is that your hair is in good condition, so make sure to keep it well LP with a good hair conditioner, drink plenty of water and maybe even apply a homemade hair mask from time to time.

In terms of styling, most fairies will let their hair grow long, letting it reach as far as their waist if possible. Never tie your hair up, always let it flow freely down your back. However, if you prefer to mix things up with a cute pixie cut, that works too!

Think about curling your hair, or even doing a few small ringlets just to frame your face. You can use a curling wand or a flat iron, use hair rollers or do pin curls to achieve this look.

Alternatively, you can simply scrunch your hair for a more natural look. Fairies shouldn't be too concerned with getting their hair perfect though -- they have more important things to think about! You'll often spot a fairy with bits of twigs or flowers stuck in her hair from all of her outdoor adventures! Get glowing skin. Fairies must have perfect, luminescent skin, so make sure to take care of yours well. Wash your face twice daily no more, no less and moisturize with a hydrating, brightening moisturizer.

Zap any pimples or blemishes with an over-the-counter cream. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to drink between 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Also, you might want to work on enchanting your magical powers. Meditating helps so does keeping in touch with your inner soul. In terms of fairy make-up, use a light-reflecting foundation or powder which will add a healthy glow to your skin.

Use a highlighter across your cheekbones and under your brow bone to add extra definition to your features. And if you really want to sparkle, a little facial glitter on your cheeks will Album) the trick!

Other make-up you could use to enhance your fairy features includes a light pink blush and lip gloss, a little mascara applied only to the top lashes and some eye shadow in a color which matches your fairy type and clothing. Regardless of country of origin all tracks are sung in English, unless otherwise stated in our description.

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