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Naija Blog Queen Olofofo March 10, 0. Dino Melaye biography,cars,and Bisi Ibidapo Obe. Is there a Nigerian senator right now who is richer than senator Dino Melaye? I am sure there are many,just shows you how loaded Nigerian politicians are. Maybe i should have taken that career path myself. Dini Melaye comes in all shapes of forms. He is controversial,opinionated,extravagant,loves the good life,but most of all absolutely crazy about cars!

I don't think many people anywhere in the world have a better car collection than Dino Melaye. He is living every young man's dream.

Oh,Dino loves the women too. Dino Melaye biography is a hell of a read. From his rise to Melô Do Dino - Various - Babymania (Cassette) very top of Nigerian politics to his not so private Melô Do Dino - Various - Babymania (Cassette) life,i am sure you all saw the headlines Dino Melaye impregnates actress.

This was a messy period in the senators life,i am sure he did not enjoy his life being spalttered all over the blogs and soft cell magazines. Dino Melaye and Bisi Ibidapo Obe saga played out for such a long time in the Nigerian press,she was the actress who was said to have had a baby by Dino which he denied was his. Then there are the cars, which have been said to be all sorts, BugattiRolls Royce,Ferrari,Lamborghini ,G Wagon Mercedes,rare classic cars,just name it. Dino Melaye wife.

I personally don't know if the senator deserved those headlines,like i said,we don't know what goes on behind the closed doors. This episode led Dinoi Melaye to become a popular feature in Nigerian blogs and soft cell magazine.

It was not unusual to find him in Linda Ikeji's blog every week. Thankfully for him,those kind of stories have been rare in the press lately.

Although only a few days ago,he was involved in a tussle with Governor Oshiomhole who was angry that Melaye insinuated that his wife was an imported wife. Can't stopping laughing about that. But now a days,you are more likely to find Dino in the news for his cars,his beautiful mansion or him raising a point in the Nigerian senate.

Senator Dino Melaye is an enigma,don't be surprised if this man finds his way into Aso Rock as a Vice President in the nearest future. With Don Salieri 's blessing, Paulie and Tommy take revenge on Lou and Dino by trashing the Morello family's cars in the parking lot of Morello's Lounge Barbeating up their guards, and stealing Dino's car.

In he attended the false funeral of Frank Colletti. Mafia Wiki Explore. Mafia II. Playboy Magazines Wanted Posters. Mafia III. Mafia: DE. Explore Wikis Community Central. Bet he must have pumped the latter with enough whiskey to sing his paid praises which unfortunately adds absolutely nothing to progressive human development With high level of poverty among the people he claim to represent as a one time senator, he had the guts to do this.

Imagine a US senator doing this. Good, at least we know what to smash first when we invade that marble handcrafted nonsense that could have built a hospital. Please show us more of these thieves and how they live. We now have the detailed map of this house. Let us see others, all the senators, ministers, governors etc punblic servants that have become public raiders.

They will all be dragged to the street one day and we will make them drink out of their toilets before we beat the creed perfume scents out of their skins Everything in that house belongs to the people. Please feel free to take when you arrive there. Smash it ALL! My first reaction. What nonsense, how disgusting and insensitive.

Pure rubbish. Did Dino and Dele just break the internet today with this disgraceful show of opulence derived from stolen public funds? Awon Alaini ti ju wobia wobiliki, long throats self fish self centered fools. Greedy bastards. May your next ten generations NOT benefit from what you stole and shared from helpless voiceless people that entrusted you with their funds.

Koni da fun gbogbo yin and your families. Horrible worthless piece of human flesh called politicians. Everyday for the thief Please exactly what message is Dele and Dino trying to send to Nigerians? Same Dino go just faint once Police show up. Can he proudly share his source of wealth? After hushpuppy, this man suppose receive wisdom.

Guess he wants to be hushdaddy. He will be hushdaddy when he steals but i never see petition to show that he stole. This is what is called omo ti o riojuola ti? Only if he had taken just two watches to build a legacy and create jobs for his constituents. They are all like that very very stingy selfish mother fuckers. At least his watches seem to be real. What about the ones that gather stolen funds, are superbly stingy and buy and wear fake ass watches.

It takes all sorts these evil people called Nigerian politicians. Day of reckoning is coming and all the mopols in the world will not protect them and their families.

When the people rise they rise. I have never seen a public official out themselves like this in the history of any country. We only see this type of deep display of vulgarity and theft after they have been caught by the criminal investigators or after a revolution.

The middle class in Nigeria are our last hope, they will be the ones to help kick out these bastards and reset the country. I laugh when this administration is asking Nigerians to help brand this years 60th Independence Day. What is going on? Look at us, we are blessed with everything imaginable and we keep letting just a handful of the same people hold us to ransom.

The middle class should stand up and revolt. We either break this shit up now or wallow in extreme shit and have nothing to show our children. It is time! In extreme theft, their entire families should be wiped out. This is the only way to start afresh. Enough is enough. Two loud Agabayas. They should throw in kidwayas father into this group too coz dude is beyond childish.

We challenge them. Take whatever you feel is due you inside and burn it is to ashes. When you see him on the streets or he parks his many hundred of sports cars, burn them too. Destroy them, throw stones at him, spit of him.

Vanity upon vanity. Now he won't climb the gate of the Assembly or protest cos Buhari is the President. Coward of a man. Carnal man. How did he make his money if the source is not from being in government. I hope he is allowing his kids access to their mother. Stupid wife beater. Thieving politician. Very unfortunate. Dele was setting a trap for him. This is a total waste of tax payers money, please can some one tell me where and where Dino every worked or which business was he engaged in before joining politics.

Our politicians are our problems especially those who have no other job than politics. This is quite unfortunate Sometimes I wonder the stuffs our leaders are made of. Most of them act like babes. Imaging this one becomes a president hmmmm. Their motives and drives are always funny. Good luck. Nonsense, vanity common wealth of the masses you even have the guts to rub it on our faces can you imagine.

Why not show us the different collection of bibles you have This Dino is so petty was it because someone said that Ehi's new house has overthrown Dino's house,he decided to do this silly video to prove otherwise. Nigeria is completely messed up. This is a man that has never been in the private sector all his life displaying such a stupendous wealth acquired from all the monies stolen from our commonwealth and Nigerians are okay with that. If the government fails to probe the source of his wealth after this display then, even God may have given up on Nigeria.

Please stop using the stupidity of a handful of unfortunate elements to define a whole nation. Are you like this? Why Melô Do Dino - Various - Babymania (Cassette) the majority are? Be careful because you will inadvertently define the environment that you Melô Do Dino - Various - Babymania (Cassette) your household will experience.

Consistency money. I want to see Jeff Bezos' collection someday. Don't know if Mark Zukerberg or Elon Musk will have this much. Zuckerberg probably has 2 wardrobes full of plain white T-shirts: 1 v neck, 1 round neck.

Even Dangote and Otedola are simple and modest. You see the old man with all his spike shoes like say he be Innocent Egbunike Dino Melaye no matter how expensive your wrist watches are Our soldiers are dying fighting to save the country that has been raped repeatedly by these goons that hired mercenaries to divide our country. While looting the national treasurery. Our people are living in fear Too fearful to speak up, widows in the barracks are at the Mercy of their neighbors.

People of Nigeria this is not a tribal war. This is a strategy to kill and steal Dele, you are an disgrace to the press, when "oga of goons" just had his wings clipped FFK Are you that Cheap! This breaks my heart because Our Sons and daughters are at at the warfront, without proper weapons for combat. Abroad, we call every soldier our boys and girls.

Yes, my children are there fighting for a country, that hate to be a Nigerian. As a mother and a grandmother Fellow Nigerian let us pull our selves together. Let us be ready to die for Nigeria. Wake Up my people, we are gifted, talented, educated Let's restore dignity and Honour to our beautiful country. It is Not for Sale!

Dino, stop being so daft Show off the projects you did in your constituency. As a senator and not a hip hop artist, you should be showing off schools, hospitals, roads, basic amenities and infrastructures instead. You're a senator not a playboy magazine supermodel. Uncle Dino. I thought you will be reasonable enough to know that your real real fans ain't expecting this show of luxury from you.

I was worried scared a little for you when you were almost roped in Hushpuppi's saga. Is it mighty hard for you to have arojinle ni? You were singing scornful rhymes over Magu's shit. You forget they keepin' tabs on you? Don't be stupid sir Gently biko!!! See how y'all spent oil money stolen by thieves as politicians.

Thank God it's drying up. Criminals and thieves shiteaters mofos!!! To what end and of what value is this type of brazen display of obviously iil-gotten wealth? Why do we continue to glorify and celebrate nincompoops of questionable integrity and behaviours that add no value to humanity? For how long will we continue to encourage valueless existence rooted in vanity and the love of mammon? Anyone adult that continues this stupidity and did not use the Global lockdown as an opportunity to reminisce on the true meaning and value of life and wealth is an abysmal failure and possibly a fool forever.

Dele is just putting sand sand in Dino political gari. Na my vote give Dino this wealth?! That his most pricesed asset is adding no value in his house but will take care of the tuition of a good number of indigents from his constituency where I am from. I now see how a young lad like Davido will insult Dele. He is an old man still moved with material things. This was how this man was show casing the Wealth of the babangidas at the time. He is utterly shameless. Dele Momodu is a big time pyschophant and as for Dino Always showing off like a rascally youth.

God should help me to like Dele Momodu. I always said that this man is very childish, see our senator behaving like a movie actor, shame on you Dino. For each minute of time the watches tick is how Melô Do Dino - Various - Babymania (Cassette) time left Dina has on this planet Dino pass this na, this is childish na yahoo boys dry flaunt like this Dino is matured for this. Learn from the 'real wealthy ones' like Dangote

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