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Blackened grindcore is a fusion genre that combines elements of black metal and grindcore. Blackened thrash metal, also known as black-thrash, [] is a fusion genre that combines elements of black Blac Metal and thrash metal. Folk black metal, pagan metal and Viking metal are styles that incorporates elements of folk musicwith pagan metal bands focusing on pagan lyrics and imagery, Blac Metal and Viking metal bands giving thematic focus on Norse mythologyNorse paganismand the Viking Agemore influenced by Nordic folk music.

Industrial black metal is a style of black metal that incorporates elements of industrial music. Mysticumformed in[] was the first of these groups. And Oceans. Post-black metal is an umbrella term for genres that experiment beyond black metal's conventions and broaden their sounds, evolving past the genre's limits. Blackgaze incorporates common black metal and post-black metal elements such as blast beat drumming and high-pitched screamed vocals with the melodic and heavily distorted guitar styles typically associated with shoegazing.

National Socialist black metal also known as NSBM is a subgenre that promotes neo-Nazi or similar beliefs through its lyrics and imagery. Artists typically meld neo-Nazi ideology with ethnic European paganism, but a few meld these beliefs with Satanism or occultism.

Some commentators see this ideology as a natural development of the black metal worldview. Members of the early Norwegian scene flirted with Nazi themes, but this was largely an attempt to provoke.

It is particularly strong in the former Eastern Bloc. Psychedelic black metal is a subgenre of black metal which employs the usage of psychedelic elements. Raw black metal is a subgenre that seeks to amplify the primitive qualities of the second wave of black metal, by giving priority to its lo-fi production values.

Symphonic black metal is a style of black metal that incorporates symphonic and orchestral elements. This may include the usage of instruments found in symphony orchestras piano, violin, celloflute and keyboards"clean" or operatic vocals and guitars with less distortion.

Unblack metal or Christian black metal is a subgenre that promotes Christianity through its lyrics and imagery. It sparked controversy, and death threats were issued against Horde. Unlike other metal genres, black metal is associated with an ideology and ethos.

It is fiercely opposed to Christianity [16] and the other main institutional religionsIslam and Judaism. Many black metal bands are Satanists and see Satanism as a key part of black metal.

Others advocate ethnic Paganism, "often coupled with nationalism", [] although the early Pagan bands did not call themselves 'black metal'. Black metal tends to be misanthropic and hostile to modern society.

However, it is argued that followers of Euronymous were anti-individualistic, [] and that "Black Metal is characterized by a conflict between radical individualism and group identity and by an attempt to accept both polarities simultaneously".

In his master's thesis, Benjamin Hedge Olson wrote that some artists can be seen as transcendentalists. Dissatisfied with a "world that they feel is devoid of spiritual and cultural significance", [] they try to leave or "transcend" their "mundane physical forms" and become one with the divine.

Black metal was originally a term for extreme metal bands with Satanic lyrics and imagery. However, most of the 'first wave' bands including Venom, who coined the term 'black metal' were not Satanists and rather used Satanic themes to provoke controversy or gain attention. One of the few exceptions was Mercyful Fate singer and Church of Satan member King Diamondwhom Michael Moynihan calls "one of the only performers of the '80s Satanic metal who was more than just a poseur using a devilish image for shock value ".

In the early s, many Norwegian black-metallers presented themselves as genuine Devil worshippers. Benjamin Hedge Olson wrote that they "transform[ed] Venom's quasi-Satanic stage theatrics into a form of cultural expression unique from other forms of metal or Satanism" and "abandoned the mundane identities and ambitions of other forms of metal in favor of religious and ideological fanaticism".

Bands with a Norwegian style, but without Satanic lyrics, tended to use other names for their music. An article in Metalion's Slayer fanzine attacked musicians that "care more about their guitars than the actual essence onto which the whole concept was and is based upon", and insisted that "the music itself doesn't come as the first priority".

Others shun Satanism, seeing it as Christian or "Judeo-Christian" in origin, [] [] and regard Satanists as perpetuating the "Judeo-Christian" worldview. However, with his third and fourth albums, Under Blac Metal Sign of the Black Mark and Blood Fire Deathhe began "attacking Christianity from a different angle", realizing that Satanism is a "Christian product".

Vocalist Gaahlwho considers himself a Norse Shaman[] said: "We use the word 'Satanist' because it is Christian world and we have to speak their language When I use the word 'Satan', it means the natural order, the will of a man, the will to grow, the will to become the superman".

Many black-metallers see "Christian black metal" as an oxymoron [] and believe black metal cannot be Christian. Horde called its music "holy unblack metal" [] and Antestor called theirs "sorrow metal". I really don't think they understand what true Black Metal is".

A wide range of political views are found in the black metal scene. The vast majority of black metal bands are not openly political, although there is said to be an undercurrent of romantic and ethnic nationalism in black metal.

Albeit still being a small minority within the genre, [] [] Neo-Nazi artists gained some notoriety throughout the years. Some time later, a movement promoting Marxist and anarchist ideas was born in the genre, mostly as a reaction to neo-Nazi movements.

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Second edition. Brooklyn, NY: Bazillion Pointsp. Kill Yourself!!! Magazine 4. To some extent, the 80s was about discovering the black within metal and like many of the entries on this list, one could interpret a lot of early Sodom as simply evil-sounding thrash. Call it what you will, this record is a devilish, violent and catchy metal assault with plenty of high-paced battery and mean-sounding riffs. The first efforts by Kreator and Destruction are similarly recommended for a further Teutonic first wave fix.

Importantly though, the crude aural violence here is thoroughly satisfying, containing a suitably infernal atmosphere and a ton of nasty, memorable riffs. I'd rather be selling Judas Priest than Napalm Death, but at least now we can be specialized within 'death' metal and make a shop where all the trend people know that they will find all the trend music.

This will help us earning money so that we can order more EVIL records to the evil people. But no matter how shitty music we have to sell, we'll make a BLACK METAL look on the shop, we've had a couple of 'actions' in churches lately, and the shop is going to look like a black church in the future.

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You're cool! Then you were best friends. So when eventually he got to be unfriendly with Varg, he threatened him like he did everyone else. Until you die.

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After the release of their Dopamine EP inthe band split — but came together once again in to record this proper full length — with re-recorded versions of the moody, inquisitive instrumental tracks seen on the debut along with three more songs.

The band know when the sound of a shriek is appropriate — and they take their sweet time before the first one is heard at 16 minutes in. These are finely constructed songs that provoke a kaleidoscope of emotions within the listener. With Lake of Solacethe band conjures scenes of the Chinese countryside and the tranquil beauty of a still lake. This is one trek into the Deep Mountains worth telling future generations about.

The eponymous member emerged in and after some prep time, Winter Requiem was released two years later.

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