悲しみのテーマ 2 - Various - SaGa Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack −Premium Box− (CD, Album)

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Membership has its privileges. Learn more. He serves as the main antagonist of the story, believes might makes right, and will threaten, use brute force, and sacrifice others to get what he wants. The first generation of Adventure club was almost disbanded when he used a female member as sacrifice in order to get a Nanana Collection, causing her to become physically crippled, and left the club with the collection. He came into conflict with the present Adventure club when he threatens Saki as she knows the clue about the treasure; the club fought him inside the treasure room.

His Nanana Collections are a bell that can summon cloud and rain, a pair of shoes that allows the user to dive into shadows as if swimming, and a ring that allows the user to give strong mental suggestions to others. He is also the previous resident of Nanana's room, but was kicked out as he rarely stayed, did not pay the rent, and often left Nanana alone. Shiki is Nanana's best friend from when she was still human, and they use to go on explorations on the island with the Great 7 group.

She hopes Juugo could properly help Nanana cheer up and keep her company. However, Shiki does tend to drink alcohol a lot. She was a member of Great 7, but was banished.

Her Nanana Collection includes an eye patch that allows her to see from nearby people's eyesight, an arrow which can point to an item's location for the user, and a large white tiger. He is fervently devoted to protecting Saki, and will do anything and fight anyone for her sake, though he denies any romantic involvement. Kurosu nicknamed her 'Yun' because she 'looks like a 'Yun''.

She suffers from a minor case of androphobia, though Album) is generally able to accept men once she knows them. She took a job request by Ikusaba to enter a particular ruin and retrieve the treasure inside, but failed and was severely injured. During this time she was missing for several days, and when she returned she did not remember anything about what had happened. Yurika is aspired to become a novelist, and 悲しみのテーマ 2 - Various - SaGa Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack −Premium Box− (CD seems to have interest in Juugo.

He arrives in his apartment he rented only to be greeted by Nanana, a ghost who resides in Juugo's new room. After playing some games with Nanana to determine who's the master of Juugo's room and breaking his arm in the processJuugo did some research about Nanana and even asks her landlady, Shiki Maboro, about her time with Nanana before her death.

She reveals that Nanana was once an adventurer and part of the Great 7 group and even learns about Nanana's treasure that has been scattered around the island.

At night there's been a report that the Album) thieves by the name Matsuri have stolen an item in one of the buildings. Meanwhile, while Juugo is on the way back from a convenience store, he notices a small parachute holding a small box.

In another area, the members of the Matsuri group, Yukihime and Shu were arguing that their plans didn't go as planned as the jewel was stolen and can't be found. The next morning, a young detective by the name Tensai and is deducting the scene of the crime with her assistant Daraku and leads right back to Juugo as the culprit after reviewing the security footage.

After showing proof that he's the thief and a pervert as the footage shows him reading adult magazineJuugo gives back the jewel to her only the following morning, she was charged as the thief who stole the jewel. Soon, both Tensai and Daraku transfer to Juugo's school. Later, Juugo was invited by Isshin Yuiga, the president of the Adventurer club to join his club as he even knows about Nanana.

After Yuiga's visit with Nanana, Nanana reveals to Juugo that the killer who murdered her has a dragon mark on the back of the neck and Juugo decides to help her find the killer.

With the help of Tensai as she tags alongboth pass Yuiga's test and both are officially members of the group. After getting inside the puzzle room and obtaining the treasure, Yuiga betrays Tensai and Juugo and leaves them stranded in the center of the treasure. Thankfully, two police officers come to help them and Juugo tells them to arrest him instead. However it turns out that the police officers are the Matsuri gang. Back at Juugo's place, Nanana reveals that Yuiga obtained a Wizard's cane that can grant him any wishes he likes while Tensai messages Juugo that she found Yuiga's location.

Both groups clash and Juugo was badly injured after taking damage from Yuiga's spells from the cane until the cane's power suddenly deactivates. Juugo reveals that the cane's power is limited and tells Yuiga that he didn't think of the flaws as he assumes he has the most powerful artifact. 悲しみのテーマ 2 - Various - SaGa Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack −Premium Box− (CD was loss for words and was about be punched by Juugo but somehow he didn't punch him; only to be knockdown by his other assistant, Kagetora.

Yuiga's group manages to escape only to be surrounded by an army along with Tensai as Ikkaku's messenger as Yuiga was supposed to give Ikkaku the cane with a very high price. Later, Yuiga secretly meets with Juugo and apologizes for what he has done as Juugo leaves, warning him not to betray them again. Back at the apartment, Juugo sees Tensai waiting for him. To his surprise, Tensai knew his relations with the Matsuri group after he hack into his phone the day she first entered his room.

However, she doesn't capture him as she needs a rival and decides to live near his room. She even makes up her mind that she's going to be living near his room. After she leaves, Juugo receives a call from his dad and they discuss about Juugo's selfish ideal of not helping others even he has the talent.

Furious, Juugo retorts and hangs up. Returning to his room, he reveals that he gave the fake jewel to Yukihime as he seems to cherish it. Nanana seems okay with it as she entrusts him in finding the killer for her. July 11, Retrieved October 10, December 12, Retrieved December 12, March 22, Retrieved March 22, December 26, Retrieved June 28, Super Sonico: Hot Limit Ver. Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore final products may vary. Supplies from Ultra Tokyo Connection will not have the Japanese licensor sticker as it is part of the manufacturer's North American supply only and not for sale within Japan, but will include proof of distribution by Ultra Tokyo Connection, a subsidiary of Good Smile Company, on the box.

Revolution's debut is Super Sonico, who has just celebrated her 10th anniversary! The figure is based on an illustration by Tsuji Santa Nitroplus that was included in Takanori Nishikawa's book distributed at Comic Market.

The figure has been sculpted in a dynamic pose as if in a scene from one of T. Revolution's promotional videos, and the contrast between the texture of the outfit and her soft-looking skin has been captured with intricate detail!

Be sure to add the sexy Super Sonico to your collection! Shipping InfoWhere Can it Ship? This product can be shipped worldwide. This product is eligible for Free Standard Shipping. You can check where your product is shipping from on your Cart page. The release date is subject to change. In such an event, customers will be notified. About Pre-OrdersPre-orders are charged immediately upon checkout. Products sometimes sell out prior to their release. Therefore, a pre-order is recommended because it guarantees you that you will receive the product once it releases.

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